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On a scale of 0 to Ridiculous, how ridiculous would it be to get one of them fancy Mio Links for my 20 minute bike commute? #bikenyc
Anyone know any reliable geocoding APIs besides Yahoo & Google? (and I use "reliable" loosely in relation to Yahoo).
Billion dollar biz - app that listens for phone #'s in voicemails and makes them dialable. Go!
How do I get my own TLD? With all the one's I'm seeing, I assume that's possible.
So @yahoo boss api's are not the most reliable. #sigh
I can't believe we ate the whole thing. #watermelonday care of @poviro & @SagnewShreds
No seriously - does @googleapps really not care if an account has been hacked? Anyone have any procedures/contacts?
That time I emailed seth and barry @HonestTea (because they asked and instead of an answer all I get is spam. #sigh
Phew. The rumored delay of the rumored launch of the rumored iPhone 6 is solved by a rumored new battery to fix the rumored battery issue.
Remember when daring fireball and cringely were required reading?
Am I the only one who doesn't usually use the user@host format of ssh and instead uses the -l flag?
I've probably said this in the past, but @charlesproxy, guys. It's the best.
Guys. @BKBoulders AND gladiators? Not like roman gladiators, but like Nitro and Diamond and nerf balls? SNAAAAP.
Firemen totally got it handled. #fdny #ftw @ Sweetleaf LIC - Williamsburg Espresso Bar
This fire is happening now. @ Sweetleaf LIC - Williamsburg Espresso Bar
Crisis averted. For a second I thought that iMessage didn't distinguish it's iconification of smilies between :) and :D #phew #tooclose
I feel like Google Finance's "portfolio related" news is market cap weighted because really - all it is is an $AAPL news feed.
Everyone in NYC should follow @VisionZeroNYC - just to understand the scale of what's happening on our streets. Daily.
Gotta go with continental pride! Go Argentina! :) Also - because I watched that tearful Messi video.
RT @JonathanAmes: before today's game this messi video is a tear-jerker worth watching (hit cc to get english subtitles):
We're gonna have a TV party tonight. Alright.
Remember the outrage and derision Apple got for not having Flash in mobile Safari? Yeah.
Just in case you thought our congress wasn't the worst.
I'm not watching the world cup right now but wtf? Does 0-5 even happen in soccer? excuse me, futbol?
I know you hate cyclists and think they're out to kill you. But you're wrong. Like not even a little right.
Just gave my 3rd pledge. Come on. Support @MayOneUS! Let's end the corruption of money in politics. Pledge now:
Molly Ringwald, in a Frank Gehry building, singing jazz. It's a thing.
So - based on my super scientific survey - @RAVPower Deluxe usb batteries give you the most power (mAh) per ounce. Just sayin.
RT @BarackObama: Throwback to last week when a woman—not her boss—made her own decisions about her health care. #TBT
Lovely night to #bikenyc - cool breeze, empty streets, excuse to ride shirtless and a free shower for the bike. :)
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