Someone build this app - morse YOde. The easiest way to send morse code notifications to your friends.
Dear Internet, please kickstart an iPhone case that's effectively passbook for RFID cards. #kthxbai
Just paid for my SBUX with an Apple Passbook notification swipe. And it was good. Except the geofenced area for my sbux is ridiculously big.
I did not authorize today's thursdayness. Please roll back to wednesday.
The @AmericanExpress push notifications when something gets charged are amazingly fast and only slightly creepy. Wish all my cards did this.
The problem w/ every email client that isn't gmail is that search sucks - so you end up still having to log into gmail to search.
Jawbone's UP3 doesn't quite make it to the continuous heartrate monitoring club, but they give it a valiant try w/ some good ol' vapor.
RT @femmebot: You *are* what you make time for
I think I'm going to have to pull the plug on (it says it's raining heavily now in w'burg). Any suggestions?
Wonder when they're going to launch Operation Safe Drive. #bikenyc
How could I have just now learned about --line-buffered in grep? How is that possible?
Snap - just heard from a barista my nephew knows - Apple is having issues sourcing magnetic reels, so they're going back to regular phones.
Oh - I just heard from a guy who knows a taiwanese guy that iPhone 6 is going to be mainframe size with actual diamond covering the reels.
Guys! The rumored iPhone6, which was rumored to be delayed till Oct, is now rumored to be back to its original rumored release in Sep. #phew
Wow - if even S&P says income inequality is bad in the US...
Calling @SagnewShreds RT @ZacCoffman Push for Pizza is cool and all…. but where is the BurritYO?
RT @ZacCoffman: Push for Pizza is cool and all…. but where is the BurritYO?
Mmm... Yo for Pizza! @PizzaTheApp You have to watch the video /cc @ordrin :)
Must be profoundly hard to pick the *stupidest* patent monthly, glad someone's taking up the challenge. Thanks, @EFF!
This restores my faith in humanity a little bit.
Dear @Yahoo, if your *dev* site has marked up images in a PDF showing how to get to the support link, something has gone horribly wrong.
In the crazy land of startup reporting, raising $6mil and selling for $100mil is a "moderate win." via @davidabloom
RT @StreetsblogNYC: Grey market apps for street parking aren't screwing over the public. Local governments are:
I'm curious if @coin exists past Oct next year when EMV becomes standard?
Amazon v. Authors -> I suspect the truth is somewhere between Amazon's and Hachette's stance. As always.
RT @ryanqnorth: Why Gendered Pronouns Are Dumb And Stupid And We Should Kill Them
RT @transalt: "These Are 10 of the People Killed by Cars in NYC This Year" @TransportNation @NYC_SafeStreets #VisionZero
In case you wanted to read a sad story about E.G.Gygax, TSR & the mixture of creative and business, I'm here for you.
I need to be able to use @imojiapp in @SlackHQ. Just saying.
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