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Dear @Yahoo, if your *dev* site has marked up images in a PDF showing how to get to the support link, something has gone horribly wrong.
In the crazy land of startup reporting, raising $6mil and selling for $100mil is a "moderate win." via @davidabloom
RT @StreetsblogNYC: Grey market apps for street parking aren't screwing over the public. Local governments are:
I'm curious if @coin exists past Oct next year when EMV becomes standard?
Amazon v. Authors -> I suspect the truth is somewhere between Amazon's and Hachette's stance. As always.
RT @ryanqnorth: Why Gendered Pronouns Are Dumb And Stupid And We Should Kill Them
RT @transalt: "These Are 10 of the People Killed by Cars in NYC This Year" @TransportNation @NYC_SafeStreets #VisionZero
In case you wanted to read a sad story about E.G.Gygax, TSR & the mixture of creative and business, I'm here for you.
I need to be able to use @imojiapp in @SlackHQ. Just saying.
On a scale of 0 to Ridiculous, how ridiculous would it be to get one of them fancy Mio Links for my 20 minute bike commute? #bikenyc
Anyone know any reliable geocoding APIs besides Yahoo & Google? (and I use "reliable" loosely in relation to Yahoo).
Billion dollar biz - app that listens for phone #'s in voicemails and makes them dialable. Go!
How do I get my own TLD? With all the one's I'm seeing, I assume that's possible.
So @yahoo boss api's are not the most reliable. #sigh
I can't believe we ate the whole thing. #watermelonday care of @poviro & @SagnewShreds
No seriously - does @googleapps really not care if an account has been hacked? Anyone have any procedures/contacts?
That time I emailed seth and barry @HonestTea (because they asked and instead of an answer all I get is spam. #sigh
Phew. The rumored delay of the rumored launch of the rumored iPhone 6 is solved by a rumored new battery to fix the rumored battery issue.
Remember when daring fireball and cringely were required reading?
Am I the only one who doesn't usually use the user@host format of ssh and instead uses the -l flag?
I've probably said this in the past, but @charlesproxy, guys. It's the best.
Guys. @BKBoulders AND gladiators? Not like roman gladiators, but like Nitro and Diamond and nerf balls? SNAAAAP.
Firemen totally got it handled. #fdny #ftw @ Sweetleaf LIC - Williamsburg Espresso Bar
This fire is happening now. @ Sweetleaf LIC - Williamsburg Espresso Bar
Crisis averted. For a second I thought that iMessage didn't distinguish it's iconification of smilies between :) and :D #phew #tooclose
I feel like Google Finance's "portfolio related" news is market cap weighted because really - all it is is an $AAPL news feed.
Everyone in NYC should follow @VisionZeroNYC - just to understand the scale of what's happening on our streets. Daily.
Gotta go with continental pride! Go Argentina! :) Also - because I watched that tearful Messi video.
RT @JonathanAmes: before today's game this messi video is a tear-jerker worth watching (hit cc to get english subtitles):
We're gonna have a TV party tonight. Alright.
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