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$AAPL. Wow.
Wait. So disc brakes won't stop my #bicycle from squealing in the rain? And there's *no* way to stop that? WTF, #science?
Is it true that people will switch smartphone platforms to play a game they love?? ⇒ #seemslikealie
RT @felixsalmon: You shouldn’t be a Silicon Valley startup founder. My take on Gideon Lewis-Kraus’s new book:
Is there really not a small, lightning connector, AAA powered speaker/mic for iphones? #comeon
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go! ⇒ #gladsummersover
It amazes me how many kinds of "hacking" the startup community invents in order to not say "marketing." It's ok, guys. Marketing. Breathe.
RT @SamEwen: So my @reddit social experiment yielded 952 comments in about 2 hours and cost less than $300. WIN.
Google Fiber Job Listings, don't tease me! ⇒
Spring, we hardly knew ye.
I have the nicest census bureau agent.
RT @eringriffith: *click* How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained) via @techcrunch
RT @thinkprogress: New rule prohibits voters in Miami-Dade from using the restroom, no matter how long the line
RT @felixsalmon: Paul Krugman is 100% right about HFT
RT @NYCTSubwayScoop: Be alert! A skimming device & hidden camera were uncovered at a MetroCard machine inside the Columbus Circle station
If you hate @startssl because the world is less safe since they charge to revoke. Do you hate others because they charge for *SSL certs*??
RT @kleinmatic: It is frightening to think what “teaching to the test” would mean, given the nature of the test.
I don't think I've ever regenerated ssh host keys before. Huh. #openheartsurgery
"EPT called." hehe. RT @kristalberg Hey Amazon Dash: EPT called. They'd like their product design back.
I don't want to say that Agents of SHIELD got incredibly awesome. No wait. I do. It got incredibly awesome. Go watch it.
I got a smoothie. Just sayin.
Today I remembered Matt's Script Archive. #goodtimes
Somebody has un-ironically posted an article entitled "20 Best jQuery Lightbox Plugins". I just don't know. I just don't know. #javascript
RT @imgur: @felix That will never happen, Felix.
Imgur raises $40MM, how long before we get pre-roll's in animated gifs??
Honest question. Is there a better (lightest punishment) way to kill in NYC than hitting them with a car? Is there data to look at?
Why are businesses upgrading from XP to Win7 and not Win8? Seriously.
Tesla's april fools post is surprisingly not funny and missed the obvious pigeon joke. #huh
RT @saladinahmed: DuPont heir rapes his 3-year-old daughter and gets probation. Homeless woman goes to jail for leaving her kids in car during job interview.
:( Affluenza strikes again. - ronin
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