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Re: Review: 'World War Z' is scary good fun -
"I loved the book, and I love the movie. For very different reasons. The book is thought provoking and vaguely terrifying but told as disconnected snippets, whereas the movie follows a more coherent narrative with some real roller coaster moments. I laughed, I jumped, I wanted to hide behind my seat and I cheered ... and I'd happily go see it again!" - offbeatmammal
"#28 - ... darn, I wanted one to get to work ;)" - offbeatmammal
Re: Following Twitter and Evernote, LinkedIn beefs up security with optional two-step verification via SMS -
"shame that LinkedIn, like Twitter decided to go with an SMS solution when deploying something that could be used with the Authenticator app (as Google, AWS, Microsoft and others do)." - offbeatmammal
Re: Microsoft Windows 8 criticism response: not like New Coke | BGR -
"oh, silly me. it's perfect. From the very first glimpses of Win8 people were having issues with basic things linke the lack of a start button in desktop mode, the jarring and forced use of Metro etc and the obvious focus on making it right for touch based devices even where it meant sacrificing experience for users. On my Samsung slate Win8 isn't bad (and tablet apps come to iOS first, Android second and maybe Win8 last), but 90% of the time I live in desktop mode. I appreciate the tuning and stability work but I don't have a touch device so it's a frustration and I am glad they are at least rumored to be looking how to fix some of those issues." - offbeatmammal
Re: Senators formally file immigration bill -
"I'm not sure where you get that figure for. Right now for Green Card EB-3 process Mexico is exactly the same as ROW (and EB-2 processing is current). If you're talking about Family Sponsored then yes it looks like Mexico is really getting a rough deal but I wonder what the history behind that decision is." - offbeatmammal
Re: Microsoft Windows 8 criticism response: not like New Coke | BGR -
"While I love the fact they're listening and hopefully making Win8.1 more usable/approachable on non fondle-slab devices it's sad that they chose to totally ignore the feedback they got during the gestation and beta of Win8 and went down this path alienating users and detracting from the very real positives that Win8 has brought (it's amazingly stable, and performance even on older hardware shows how much tuning they have done)" - offbeatmammal
Re: A stunning concept of what Apple’s iOS 7 could (and perhaps should) be like [Video] -
"some things like the slider don't seem like an improvement. the UI looks cleaner and fresh but still doesn't go far enough... JellyBean has added some great little touches (slide to dismiss notifications, active items in the notification area - though the widgets seems close) and Windows Phone with LiveTiles has really raised the game... sticking with the little numeric indicators just doesn't seem to meet the bar these days. I'm no iOS fanboy, so I have no problem with it changing... but it needs to improve, not just re-paint" - offbeatmammal
Re: Senators formally file immigration bill -
"so... I've been here 6 years wading through the EB-3 Green Card process (while on an H-1B) and my wife and daughter on H-4 (neither can work) and potentially got several more years ahead of us... but ... if we'd come here illegally then for a mere $500 each we could all three get work visas?! This isn't about reform, it's about appeasing voting blocks" - offbeatmammal
Re: How is Fargo Working? -
"I realize this is about Outlining, and I hesitate to try and turn it into something that it's not (maybe there are better tools, or a niche offshoot) but I can see myself using this as a smarter To-Do list, so I'd like to be able to add attributes to items (done checkbox, progress percentage, due date) and be able to assign/share at item (or items) with someone else to work on or evolve collaboratively (but not share the whole hierarchy) While the UX in a "proper" PC browser is awesome I'm curious what the plans for mobile is - limited screen real estate, virtual keyboards etc as well as more flakey internet connections will probably add to challenges of online/offline and sync. I see the potential for this to very quickly replace Evernote for me. Lightweight, function-forward and a delight to use" - offbeatmammal
Re: Get even more from your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7.8 -
"still waiting for the magical "time to upgrade" notification. Bored of the finger pointing between MS and Nokia on twitter and elsewhere about this ... the process is totally opaque and disappointing - Apple can deliver an update to every device worldwide in 72 hours, yet somehow between you rolling out an update to the thousands of Lumia owners seems to be a challenge. First it was "be patient, we're doing it in waves", now it's "be patient we're fixing a bug" and now it feels like "oh, just go and buy a new phone because we really don't care any more". I am sad because I think the 800 (apart from the annoying USB flap cover) is probably the best phone hardware I've had in the last few years (in fact, if this was running Android 4.2 I'd be a very happy camper) ... sadly the way Microsoft and Nokia are treating customers shows that rather than learn from Apple's lead (and even how Google handles the Nexus devices) they're taking the opposite and aping the worst of the Android..." - offbeatmammal
Re: I do outliners for the thinking -
"awesome news about sync :) ... native experiences for devices where the Web isn't the best UX (eg a Kindle Fire or Nexus7 where an Android app would be more managable)" - offbeatmammal
Re: I do outliners for the thinking -
"I love how the new outliner is so lightweight and "transparent", yet powerful. It's a great mind mapping tool sans the cognitive load of layout and "making it pretty". I would love to see native experiences and sync to cloud (Evernote and the like are IMO becoming too heavyweight and start to get in the way of quickly taking notes or thinking)" - offbeatmammal
Re: Mobile design: 4 common user experience fails -
"Mariya is spot on, and yet we see so many of these problems turning up - I had a bit of a rant about lazy developers requiring the user to do too much so it's been on my mind a lot recently (http://offbeatmammal.wordpress... but there are times when the effort to use an app just outweighs the utility" - offbeatmammal
Re: Judge to deliver verdict Sunday in Ohio rape case -
"so if you jaywalk then some driver should feel fine about running you over?" - offbeatmammal
Re: Judge to deliver verdict Sunday in Ohio rape case -
"'"No pictures should have been sent out, let alone been taken," he said.' ... so he has remorse for being caught, not the act." - offbeatmammal
Re: Cardinals convene for 2nd day of conclave to pick next pope -
"How is "natural family planning" any different in result from birth control? In both cases the participants are making a choice (with some degree of reliability) as to the outcome. The Church only wants new fodder for the mill no matter what the cost to the planet... let's see them take care of the people who are already here before getting all holier than though and birthing more kids into misery, starvation and abuse." - offbeatmammal
Re: What comes after Facebook? -
"certainly not dissing Diaspora (or acqui-hire unless that leaves folks in the lurch). I've been playing with Diaspora and App.Net but, unlike G+ which has the weight of Google behind it and will succeed the challenge is getting momentum that will enable the switch. I was a very early G+ adopter but only now am I seeing enough folks active there for it to become a regular stopping place... Diaspora and AdN simply don't feel like they have the trajectory (though I would *love* to be proven wrong)" - offbeatmammal
Re: What comes after Facebook? -
"Isn't that what diaspora promised and ... So far has been underwhelming. I like the idea but at the same time fear the fate of niche platforms that require time and creative investment and then pivot or aquhire (posterous I am looking at you!)" - offbeatmammal
for UX nerds (and I include @rainypixels @MossyBlog and @mattmay for different reasons) this is cool
Looks like Seattle PD are finally updating their cars ;)
Hey creepy guy in the restroom... I don't know if you are reading texts or livestreaming your wiener but I think I would prefer you didn't
RT @develop3d: 'Only real competitive advantage a country has is an educated and innovative workforce,' says @VivekKundra #techfrontiers
Looking at this and thinking "MIX Redux" ... wish I could go cc @TommyLee @Anyware @Ritzy
RT @TheDailyShow: #TDSBreakingNews #Sequester furlough notices sent to hundreds of federal employees. Unfortunately none have an (R) or (D) after their names.
March 4th is "Hug a GI Day". My thanks and best wishes to all deployed troops - Brit, Aussie, Kiwi, American, & K9. Hope they come home safe
RT @Launch: Learn more about @metacert from @paul__walsh at #Launch2013 & stop by their booth to chat (& get a shirt!)
RT @danielfe: Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with JavaScript (Channel 9) via @ch9
"@UNlTEDSTATES: RODMAN 2016" wonder if I can vote by then... More tattoos in da White House
Some say "knowledge is power"... Wise men realize it usually just means more work!
RT @morgan_murphy: Stop asking God why bad shit happens. God hates FAQs.
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