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RT @SwiftOnSecurity: "Get into computers," they said. "You won't have to deal with people," they said.
Huge solar spill in the Pacific Northwest today. The EPA says no-one's to blame and just saying "have a nice day"
I got an ice bath today. On my @harleydavidson of course!
Hey @cartoys someone stole the Zune from my Mustang so I need a new head unit with Bluetooth. Any amazing deals?
RT @thatpita: Giving homeless people free homes saves US taxpayers $1.3B/year. First housing, then code. #jshomes
End of an era. Some jerk stole the Zune from my car today and cut the cable. #fb
RT @gtmcknight: I've unfollowed every person & page from my Facebook newsfeed. Now there are only ads and it feels more authentic.
I worry what @emojidoll will make of my twitter history...
so... Android@Work is happening ... but without fixes for things like this will it really work?
If I have a bootable USB drive, does anyone know how to convert it to a @VMwareFusion VM so I don't have to reboot to run it? (cc @VMware)
Who needs immigration reform in the US - just share this and watch the border crossings drop!
How do you feel about the #TSA adding to the cost of your flight to pay for their theatrics? Comment here!docum... #fb
I wish @BarackObama would spend some money and effort on speeding up the process for legal migrants
it's fair to say the Terrorists are winning when security theater runs amok
RT @PURPLESSENCE: If YOU follow @PURPLESSENCE - RT and tell others 2 too! @drfunkenberry tell 'em!
RT @PURPLESSENCE: WHO likes this??? Did you go to this concert?
Hey @EFF point#4 may be true in the US, but not Austria and we need nodes everywhere
To convey one’s mood In seventeen syllables Is very diffic.
RT @javachik: Here is Tucker again. This time with phone number. Missing in #oakland, spotted in #alameda too.
RT @jdunck: I like that idea. I'll also give $10 to for each retweeted, up to $1000. 12 hours left.
America needs to annex a few more places. With only 50 States they're not exactly indivisible...
I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 2)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Independence Day (2014)' badge on @untappd! #hoppy4th
RT @GeorgeTakei: Battlestations! If you follow me, I ask you RT this. Donate $3 to take back our democracy from the super wealthy:
So, to celebrate America day I have just had some guy who spoke not a word of English trying to sell me something on my doorstep. Confused!
Coz only Americans can help America, please help @migueldeicaza help fund a SuperPAC to get the $$$ out of politics
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