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RT @MossyBlog: Avoid @Namecheap i cannot stress that enough.. modern secure ecommerce is still a fucking mystery to these clowns.
Sitting on my deck, using my smartphone to dictate a document in Word that is being saved in OneDrive. I love living in the future.
RT @stevefaulkner: the @CSSWG approves addition of 'rebeccapurple' color to CSS Color Level 4
RT @FearDept: Gallup asked, which country is the biggest threat to world peace? via @sasha031
Before the US marches back into the Middle East it needs to read this.
RT @OfficialMeshell: Tix for US-tour dates available now, grab your tickets for Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, SF and LA
d=$(./adb devices) read -a l <<< “${d}” for ((i=4;i<${#l[@]};i=i+2)) do for v in $(ls ./bins/*) do adb -s ${l[$i]} install -r $v done; done;
Writing shell scripts to control ADB. Because it's cheaper than hiring an army of monkeys to push buttons (and less poop to clean up after!)
Interesting. I tweet mentioning the NSA and less than 24hrs later my LinkedIn profile is viewed by an "Intelligence Analyst" from Maryland
RT @jackbrewster: Jerk move by IKEA. “@ikeahacks: Big changes coming to IKEAHackers #ikeahack” Hey @designbyikea, get new lawyers.
If you want me to do anything this weekend ease ensure I can continue to watch Le Mans 24hr while I do it. Thanks
RT @GSElevator: “Guns don’t kill people. Muslims don’t kill people. Assholes kill people."
Re: Here are 6 killer features Android fans want Google to add the most -
"adb backup -all -f ~/Downloads/backup.ab grabs everything except SMS. adb restore ~/Downloads/backup.ab should put it back (I've not tried moving to a new device that way). I use this whenever I'm travelling to take a snapshot of the phone before I leave, just in case" - offbeatmammal
RT @shanselman: I'm in a meeting right now talking about a possible future for Windows Live Writer. I think 20k RTs of this would help.
Re: Boehner Says Obama 'Taking a Nap' on Iraq -
"Team America - World Police. How about we just stay the hell out there? Sending troops or spending billions of dollars to try and get the kids to play nice in a sandpit has *never* worked out well for the US - in fact the only "winners" are the companies supplying the military who will be lobbying like crazy to get the US back in the thick of it (Boehner no doubt amply rewarded). How about we - and the GOP - actually focus on the problems within the US's borders" - offbeatmammal
RT @respimg: `color: beccapurple` has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you all agree? #663399Becca
Say hello to Amazon Prime Music - #fb
RT @MossyBlog: because a 6yr old girls is more than worth the 140chrs i'm spending right now #663399Becca make it trend.
Hey @JohnLegere will the un-carrier let me have two SIMs for one number?
Why can’t I have one number, but two SIMs?
Really wish @SynergyDev had non-rooted iOS and Android clients so I extend desktop onto my tablet. Would prefer to pay for that
RT @datachick: All She Said Was No. < this makes me sick.
Really enjoyed @micsolana's "Citizen Sim" this weekend. Ignore the YA label, it's a good SciFi romp
On any given day I would fail a Turing test
RT @ronaldopatrizio: This is - amazingly - for real!
RT @BarackObama: Retweet if you agree that working full-time for only $14,500 a year isn't enough.
Sasha not feeling quite like running around :(
Indicate. Help me keep rule #2
If you thought Angry Birds was frustrating... Try this - you only get one tap! my best score 19200
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