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Here we are.
The cyclone is up near the top right - Johnny
Where's the Western Australia FF contingent? - kendrak
...good knowledge JW! - .LAG liked that
So all of you live in separate provinces/states/kingdoms/???, except for you, Rachael, Melly, and Josh. Oh and Georgia and Josiah. - NOT THE CRICKET
I love this map, thank you Johnny! - Heather
i think Perth hates FF. - Big Joe Silence
Jimminy, yeah. we are all in different states - Johnny
We in Western Australia are a little slow on the uptake ... lol. - Christopher Lau
Sorry Christopher :) - Johnny
Penny is from WA, so it's got some more representation that way - Michael W. May
*waves at neighbors* - Glenn Slaven from iPhone
*waves* - Johnny
Such friendly Australians! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
My sister in law is about 2 centimeters north of Johnny & co in Makay, which is at the southern edge of Yasi - Glenn Slaven from iPhone
Glenn, is she ok? - Johnny from iPhone
we ship a lot of comics to your fine country - hopefully the comic book buying public will survive, best of luck and our best wishes. - Comics Forge
Thanks Johnny. I was wondering about this just yesterday. We went through quite a few typhoons when we lived in Okinawa. Those things are no joke. I'm glad you guys are safe. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Johnny for a moment I was wondering, why did you move to Texas :-) I guess North American bias everything is about us. - Shakeel Mahate
Basically, we mostly live on the right hand edge :) - Johnny from iPhone
Where is Crocodile Dundee on this map? - Mike Nayyar
Up the top, in the middle - Johnny from iPhone
Good to know! I knew you and Melly were in Brisbane but that was about it. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
This is awesome. Thanks, Johnny. - Micah
Sister in law is ok, seems it didn't hit Makay too hard, they lost power and had a pretty wild storm but they're ok - Glenn Slaven
Good news sir :) - Johnny from iPhone
Love the map. Al an I are considering an Australia trip in a year or two. Hope we make it by your way. - SAM
Please do sir. - Johnny from iPhone
Wow, I missed this! WA does look lonely, but I think I was indeed still living there when I started FriendFeeding :) Awesome job J-Wo. - Penny
I'll be sharing some specifics soon, but general heads up - on April 1st, Instant Watch is scheduled to lose almost all of the Fox TV series (including all Whedon series), and basically every Woody Allen film, along with some other misc MGM titles. April 3rd loses a handful of Criterions. Full list starting here:
noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's half of what I have in my tv watching queue - Sir Shuping is just sir
April Fools??? No??? - Kevin L
Criterion is probably due to the deal with Hulu Plus, no? - James Ferguson
James, likely yes, although there are still Criterions being put on Instant Watch. I don't know if those are part of deals made pre-hulu that they're honoring, or if they are going to keep a few on Netflix after all. - Jandy
Kevin, with most everything being either Fox or MGM, there's still hope that Netflix is negotiating renewals. I have seen that happen before (a large group of films from a single company ended up not expiring when expected), but not with enough consistency to bet on it. - Jandy
NOOOOO! I haven't finished streaming Arrested Development yet! Arrrrgh! - Corinne L
Better stream fast, Corinne! You have...tonight. :( - Jandy
Starting Season 3 now...will I make it...f***ing studios and their deals... - Corinne L
I made it through episode 5 of Season 3 and I think if I'd kept going I could have watched everything - I think they grandfathered in anyone who started watching stuff before midnight. Still pissed at Netflix. - Corinne L
Haggis I thought it might be april fool's but I don't think Netflix is that cruel. Jandy normally Netflix puts up next to it that its dropping off, but I'm not seeing that on any of the Fox stuff - Sir Shuping is just sir
The expiring message has never been on the Netflix site for the Fox stuff, but it's been on the Xbox interface that they're expiring April 1st for about a week. They're still streaming on Netflix, though. Can't check Xbox right now - I know there's some stuff (but mostly Starz stuff) that's not available on third-party devices, but I don't know if that's what's going on here. More likely is that they reupped the deal at the last minute - I've seen that happen before. Expiration data is really unreliable. - Jandy
The MGM films due to expire today have done so. - Jandy
interesting...I only look at the Netflix page, I didn't know other devices gave that it was expiring or that you couldn't get some stuff off of 3rd party devices. What were the MGM films that dropped? - Sir Shuping is just sir
A bunch of Woody Allen films, and some others. Down in the middle of that there's a bunch of cover images of stuff due to expire. Everything except the Fox TV shows did (and the Criterions, which expire on Sunday). - Jandy
....ok this is weird. on roku all of the fox shows, gone. but I can still get to them through Netflix's website. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Update on this - all the Fox shows are still available on Xbox as well. Reports are that they went down for an hour or so, then came back. I suspect Fox re-upped the deal last minute. Did they ever show back up on the Roku? I don't think I've heard of things being available on some third-party devices and not others. - Jandy
Steele Lawman
w h e a t u s . c o m via @solobasssteve I don't know anything about his music, but I love this paragraph below from Brendan B Brown. -
"I am wondering a lot what is to become of the music industry lately. I think and hope that it will stop resembling an industry and start resembling a farmers market. No more middle men. No more people getting involved who bring nothing to the table. No more 200%...No more Doug Morris, fossilized baby boomers, holding on so tight you'd never know any other generation was ever even born. Jars of jam songs made with care at home and sold on the websternet....That I can do. Marketing plans, CD's and lawsuits replaced by access to music people like." - Steele Lawman from Bookmarklet
This is how I think about publishing. I don't think that it can be replaced, but I think the more the "farmers market" can be a viable alternative, the better. - Steele Lawman
Ah yes, it's the baby boomers who are to blame for EVERYTHING, right? Nobody wants to buy your music? It's those fossilized baby boomers fault! I wish whoever this is well, and I applaud the move toward more independent music production (and, yes, lots of little publishing houses, with the Big Six suitably diminished). But I'm guessing Us Old Folk will still be to blame if things don't work out... - Walt Crawford
Which is to say: I'm agreeing with you, Steve, but man, even as a Silent Generation member (already dead by all popular reckoning), I am just so damn tired of the standard "it's THEIR FAULT for not liking our music" stuff. - Walt Crawford
I think that it's probably a much bigger problem in the music industry, where the music of the 60s and 70s just won't die. - Steele Lawman
I also think it's the prerogative of the young to want the old to get the hell out of the way. Now this guy isn't exactly young anymore (according to The Usual Source, he's 37), but still, I support his irritation with the baby boomers as a class, if not as individuals. - Steele Lawman
Yes, it's the prerogative of the young. It's also the prerogative of us old farts to continue to listen to music we like, and of other old farts to keep making it. I have yet to hear of Baby Boomers informing younger generations that They Are Not Allowed To Buy their generation's music. If it hasn't swept away James Taylor and the Stones and Elton John and ..., well, maybe there's a reason. - Walt Crawford
Dude. He's talking about the people who hold the levers of power in the music industry, not the general music-buying public. - Steele Lawman
But these days, given many channels for releasing music, the real power is the music-buying public...and as I read the statement (maybe from my grumpy old perspective), he's pissed at old farts in general. Again, I applaud efforts to get past Big Media; the four big record companies -- or is it three now -- are no better than the six big publishers (and worse in some minor ways). - Walt Crawford
I'm not sure the music-buying public has all that much power. You might be an amazing un-signed musician with a massive fan following built up from releasing free tracks on various music share sites but unless you're independently wealthy there's going to be a point where you can no longer afford to continue making music and still pay your bills. Artists pretty much live and die at the whims of a music industry that, for the most part, serves as the only way of monetizing music in a livable way. - Soup in a TARDIS
Also, Walt, I'm not sure but it looked like you suggested above that Baby Boomers have never informed younger generations that they can't buy the music of said younger generation. Baby Boomers produced the Parental Advisory sticker (now an icon) and placed national restrictions on what music younger generations could purchase. There was even an attempt to make those restrictions... more... - Soup in a TARDIS
As a Baby Boomer, STFU Soup! I, me, did none of those things. In fact, I bought music for my child(ren) with those ridiculous labels. Overgeneralizations are wrong, for one, because they induce people to make clearly asinine comments. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer from iPod
Hey, Mark. Cool it. - Steele Lawman
If we're speaking in terms of generations alone, Mar₭, which we have thus far, then you have to take the good with the bad. Everyone does. Believe me, there are a number of things I wish weren't associated with my generation by which are and will always be. *shrug* - Soup in a TARDIS
And you know who caused the Baby Boom? That's right. - Steele Lawman
This is all Adam's fault. He just HAD to have a wife... - lris
Damn creation. Damn evolution. - laura x
SO ANYWAY. I find this farmer's market immensely appealing, though I fear in the long run it will have the same relation to the music and publishing industry that farmers markets currently have to corporate farming and food retailing. - Steele Lawman
It's definitely an appealing metaphor, although I don't know enough about music production to figure out whether it's even minimally practical. At the same time, I do know that farmers' markets are bigger in some places than others--there's a critical mass of both farmers and consumers needed to get a really good market culture going. One or two seasonal farmers on a corner might do ok... more... - Kirsten
My guess is that it's the costs of recording that are prohibitive--studio time, studio musicians, if you need them, mixing, etc.--or the costs of editorial work in book publishing. Music labels and publishing houses have, in theory, the upfront money to sink into that stuff in the hopes that they'll make it back. If you're going it on your own, you don't have any bestsellers to cushion the risk. - laura x
I think Kirsten's making a good point. Around here, there are enough successful farmer's markets every week (either year-around or much of the year), attended by thousands of people, to make a workable alternative structure. There are and have been non-RIAA record labels for a long time. (Soup: Not only are you overgeneralizing, but the stickers never carried the force of law. Nor did all "non-boomer" music carry them.) - Walt Crawford
And, Steve, it's not a matter of replacing the giants, at least not initially--it's a matter of providing economically feasible alternatives. Farmer's markets are clearly feasible around here and some other places. Small publishers (by AAP standards) are clearly feasible. Small record labels are clearly feasible. Most of them don't make the same monster profits--but people can and do make livings that way. - Walt Crawford
[This is also known as "Just because I've been a dismal failure at self-publishing isn't a generalizable situation."] - Walt Crawford
The original poster would like to see the music industry "stop resembling an industry and start resembling a farmers market." So that's why I brought up how I didn't think that's likely to happen for either music or publishing. - Steele Lawman
That's probably true. If seen as an "industry," things just don't change that rapidly. A generation from now, some subset of the current RIAA will still be around, as will some subset of the Big Six book publishers and some subset of MPAA. I'm hopeful--nay, I believe--that in every case The Industry, as in the Big Players, will be smaller parts of the small-i "industry" for that medium,... more... - Walt Crawford
Come hang out in the Twin Cities & see this future of the music industry in action. The Current (public radio w/current music), major venue scene, incredible artist/fan interaction & cross-fertilization. (On the abstract side, music is much riper for this kind of setup than text publishing, since live performance has been the cash cow for anyone getting money out of music for quite some... more... - N. Ansi
Steve, you are right. I apologize to all. Thanks for calling me on my overreaction. I was led into it by my despair at typing on my Touch and needing to report to work; nonetheless, it was an overreaction. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
Thanks, Mark. Thanks Soup & everyone else for not escalating things. - Steele Lawman
No problem, Steve. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. :) - Soup in a TARDIS
Dan Cohen
It's official: due to the immense generosity of 100s of donors, @CHNM will become the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media on 4/15.
We're struggling to get committment on a weeding process. Is teaching faculty involved in weeding? If so, how?
We shelved all our 'proposed' weeds together and gave the faulty 4 weeks to review. 2 faulty showed up (both from history). Then we pitched those not "rescued" into the recycling yard's dumpster. The collection was much improved by the removal of such outdated tomes as "Electroshock Therapy: Hysterical Fixes" etc. - Aaron the Librarian
Did you solicit faculty as to whether they wanted to review proposed weeds? - Kathy
Huh, earlier comment didn't post... we emailed all faculty with the LC classes under review, we emailed all potentially affected departments when we started and again when we got everything collocated, with a 4 week deadline for review. - Aaron the Librarian
Speculation is that many of our faculty (entire departments) will opt out of reviewing, which could eliminate the wait on the 4 week review period. - Kathy
*paging Colleen Harris to the Courtesy Cod* Colleen's working on a massive weeding project and they had faculty in to review. - Hedgehog
We don't ask. If faculty were to start using the library collection in any significant numbers, maybe they'd have a vote. (Not a research library.) - barbara fister
Thanks for the link, Abigail! We haven't weeded in nearly a decade, so it's a huge project that needs to be a process. The last time we weeded HPERD requested (and was given) all the related withdraw items - they made their department collection out of this material. My feeling is that the first round will be mostly outdated and severely damaged items which faculty won't miss or want students to be using. - Kathy
laura x
See, y'all, sometimes I rise above my semi-drunk tweets and frat boy dalliances. ;)
:) WoOT WOoT - sofarsoShawn
Well damn. Just got my midterm back for my reference class. 100/100. #popschampagne
Yay! Go, D-Love! - Larua Boats
Yay! - Anne Bouey from iPhone
so there's that. congrats, D! - jbrotherlove
Way to go! - Anika
That's a smart man right there. - Mike Nayyar
Awesome! Nice work, D! - Jenny from Android
Thanks, y'all. Reference is my favorite class and I really do think that it's where I'll try to work once I'm done with school. - Derrick
Awesome, D! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Congrats! :) - CarlC
I curtsey before your awesomess! - MiniMage
Conga Rats! - Just another Bubba
I knode you was gone crush that. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Gratz! - Absentee
This is my shocked face ;-). Good job, D! - Mary Carmen from iPhone
*blushes* Thanks so much everyone. - Derrick
Go Derrick, GO! - #cryptic
Woohoo! - Shevonne
Woot!! - Alix May
Well done my man :) - Pete
Alright!! - Hedgehog
Yes! Congrats, Derrick. - Rachel Walden
Adam Helweh
"Today I went on and searched 'ninjas'. The computer told me 'ninjas cannot be found' Well played, ninjas, well played."
Victor Ganata
Criticism of a text need not be argument against the content of the text. Ad hominems against the author may not be productive in terms of arguing against the content of the text, but they're not necessarily invalid criticism.
Mark Kille "Evidence summaries reveal more weaknesses than strengths in the library and information studies research. In general, evidence summary writers tend to remark on weaknesses relating to validity and reliability, yet paradoxically point out strengths with respect to research's applicability to practice."
AJ Batac
Yes. You can use the cat as a pillow. <3
pillow cat.jpg
adorable! - Georgia
But only if it really really likes you and is cold. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
So cute!! - Christopher Durin
Not for kids with asthma and allergies to furs. - AJ Batac
Affected only when one's immune system is severely weakened and/or if the mother became infected with Toxoplasma during pregnancy. - AJ Batac
If you substitute "affected" with "severely physically damaging", I agree with you. If you consider something that may change your personality traits and or mental health as "affecting" you, then I'd have to disagree. - Ruchira S. Datta
Jason Pollock
If you are looking for love maybe you should stop looking. True love normally pops up when you least expect it.
I've found that to be pretty true. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hrm. - Derrick
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
SQUEE! Just had an article accepted in Library Review. SO EXCITED!
congrats! whats the article on? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Congrats! - Megan loves summer
University of Florida catalogers are awesome. They are putting a CC0 license on all original catalouging records.
wow! - Marie
fantastic! - Mary Carmen
i don't know the background, but i suspect it's a response to OCLC's earlier claims on MARC records. anyone here know the backstory? - tara
Don't know much, but I've heard some abt this. I question the copyrightability (& hence the CC-ability) of _any_ cataloging records. But openly sharing is for sure a big step forward over claiming a proprietary interest, whatever abstract copyright theory says... ETA: (& yes, I think this was at least in part a response to the OCLC ownership claims.) - N. Ansi
Catherine Pellegrino
Hey, everyone, let's wish Griffey a happy birthday today!
Merriest birthday!! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Birthday :) - Pete
May you be blessed with all the gadgets you have ever desired. - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday, indeed! I'm so lucky to be able to count you as a friend. - lris
Happy birthday, JG! - Jason P
Happy birthday! I hope it is a fabulous one. :) - Laura
Happy birthday, Jason!! - WebGoddess
Happy birthday, Jason! - Rachel Walden
Happy b-day! - Joe
Thanks, everyone! Much appreciated! - Jason Griffey
Happy birthday, Griffey! - Steele Lawman
Happy Birthday Jason!! - Hedgehog
happy birthday! - Mark Kille
Happy Griffeyday! - Marianne
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
Go March birthdays! Woo! - John: Thread Killer
Happy Birthday, Griffey! - Mary Carmen
Happy Birthday! And thanks for coming to Minnesota in a few weeks! - maʀtha
happy bday, griffey! - holly #ravingfangirl
Happy happy Birthday! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Dan Cohen
New citation engine, new Word & OO.o, run Z in a tab, Ffx 4 compatible RT @stakats: Zotero 2.1 is out. Easily our biggest 1-pt release ever.
Stephen Francoeur
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alright...time to go to make sure that I'm at the interview on time. Wish me luck.
go kick some asses, dude. - Big Joe Silence
good luck - Pete
Knock it out of the park, Alex! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Don't argue with them, and good luck. - NOT THE CRICKET
Good luck! - Shevonne
Do it to it - Eric - ill subliminal
Good luck! - Josh Aaron Willis
Good luck, Alex! - vicster from iPhone
Good Luck - Harold
Good luck - Rodfather
Good luck! - Kevin Johnson
good luck, - Walt Crawford
Thanks all...made it here but forgot resumes, hope I don't need them! - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
I hope it went well, Alex. - CarlC
I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. Thanks all. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
Yayyyyy, Alex. Wish I could be a fly on the wall....and buzz in their ears if they are not nice to you. - Liza + = ?
Laura Krier
I'm starting a new job in three weeks, at the California Digital Library! Wheee!
Woohoo! - Hedgehog
congratulations! - Mark Kille
Oh cool! Congratulations. - Molly Westerman
ooh exciting! they do some good stuff. - kendrak
congrats lady! details? - jambina
Thanks for all the congratulations! I'll be working as a Metadata Analyst on a few different projects with the Discovery and Delivery team, including WEST and HathiTrust projects. I'm equally excited that I'm finally moving back to CA. Whoot. - Laura Krier
Congratulations, Laura! :) - Laura
neato - Meg VMeg
I am so excited about WEST. Really. (And Merritt, w00t!) Congrats again. - kendrak
awesome! - Marie
Andy Powell
Super Full Moon - NASA Science -
march 19th... a super "perigee moon" - the biggest in almost 20 years - - Andy Powell
Kenley Neufeld
I’m honored to have been elected as President for California Community Colleges Chief Librarians for 2011-2013.
Congrats, Kenley. - Derrick
Wow nice work - Steve C Team Marina
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Season 1 [EXPIRING 3/30] -
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Season 1 [EXPIRING 3/30]
"For wit so wry and dry it makes Death Valley look like a rain forest habitat, look no further than these episodes of the animated adventures of Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose, from the febrile mind of creator Jay Ward. The collection will transport baby boomers back to the days when they watched the groundbreaking cartoon on television. Boris and Natasha make dastardly appearances, and expect a liberal dose of "Fractured Fairy Tales."" - Jandy from Bookmarklet
:( on it expiring... - Jonathan Hardesty
I'm going through the expirations for April 1st right now. I'm extremely :(((((((((((( - Jandy
AJ Batac
New Research Confirms ADHD Caused By Food -
New Research Confirms ADHD Caused By Food
"A study published last month in the British medical journal The Lancet indicated that in at least 2/3 of all ADHD cases, food sensitivities were the cause. Pause for a moment and think of what this means. 64% of the kids out there being dosed with toxic pharmaceutical drugs to treat ADHD simply don’t need them! This number is monumental. In the U.S. alone, that represents an estimated 5 million children." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Food has a noticeable impact on behavior - RAPatton from iPhone
When i stopped eating gluten i've been more forgetful and more distracted. I guess since i didn't start out ADHD I'm now just slow. - Steve C Team Marina
Apparently, I have an entire Annoyed Librarian column devoted to Big Tent Librarianship today. This would explain some of the tweets and messages people have been sending me.
wait...she/he/it actually wrote an article that didn't seem belittling or backbiting (or at least not as much as normal). how did you manage that one? - Sir Shuping is just sir
*Hides thread in interest of keeping blood pressure steady* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Drinks on Andy! - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
C&RL (the main journal) is going OA, starting with the next (May) issue. See:
They were already open access after a six month embargo, but it's still good to see a library journal walking the walk. - Kirsten
Here's the resolution: "On January 10, 2011, the ACRL Board of Directors unanimously passed the following resolution: Whereas ACRL supports open scholarship and access to scholarly work; Whereas ACRL publishes C&RL, the premier journal for academic librarians; Whereas ACRL has made successive changes to increase access to the research found in C&RL; Whereas ACRL member groups support... more... - Kirsten
Must admit, I thought this had already happened. I tried on ITAL (LITA's journal), which also has a six-month embargo, but, well...I failed. (I should have received a plaque for my year as PubCom chair: "He failed.") - Walt Crawford
You were merely a little before your time, Walt :) - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron: One can only hope--but, you know, that was only two years ago. Raising OA got the same response as raising questions about the LITA/Neal-Schuman relationship: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.....end of conversation. (Hmm. Also why I'm no longer a LITA member.) - Walt Crawford
Is it me? I am still getting blocked trying to access a March 2011 article in the new issue. When does this go into effect? For example, this is asking for $10 - Joe
Joe: It hasn't started yet. I'm a little confused, though. The editorial to which I linked says OA will start with the next issue (May) but the resolution they passed says they'll "provide open access to the electronic version of College & Research Libraries journal as of April 2011." So somewhere in the next two months.... - Kirsten
Though I understand a lag time, I am not sure why this wasn't announced when the resolution was passed. It seems funny to wait until the next issue goes to the printer. Not sure, by the way, if I really had anything to do with it, but I have been nagging since joining the board. I think the idea was already on the table and it just took a while to work out the financial impact. And as... more... - barbara fister
Barbara, I'd be interested in what the financial implications are (off line if necesary - aaron at thelibrarian org) - sitting on LITA Board, maybe we can make Walt's dream a reality (but don't hold your breath, everyone knows that ACRL is rolling in $$$$) - Aaron the Librarian
Oh, there I see the word MAY in the title of the post.... duh. - Joe
interesting - this is good news but the preprints were already OA before the announcement. Since many of them were in prepub form for up to a year, for the newest stuff was already available. - Elizabeth Brown
Aaron, I can't lay my hands on the financial models we looked at, but basically when you are not making much money because subscriptions and advertising are both down, you have less to lose, so the OA decision gets easier. We also talked about digital only, but I gather a lot of people like getting the paper. - barbara fister
Elizabeth, yes and I've been reading the preprints that I'm interested in, so when the issue comes out it's like - what? I read this ages ago. Oh, right... The one thing to bear in mind is that they have been peer reviewed, but not copy edited (or is it line edited?) so there will be some changes. I had a paper accepted last September that won't be out until July and I'm not sure when I'll see proofs. Or if I will be able to add to the literature review since stuff keeps coming .... - barbara fister
well I'm glad they closed the loop on coverage - I would think most of the subscription $ comes from the individual members with advertising in second place. - Elizabeth Brown
Well, there are $0 subscription dollars from members--it's part of divisional dues. The divisional peer-reviewed journals used to have (and may still have) fairly significant subscription revenues from libraries and other nonmembers, even at the very low subscription prices. At one point (for ITAL, another divisional peer-reviewed journal), ads & nonmember subscriptions paid for all or nearly all the costs of the journal, even though they were VERY inexpensive subscriptions. - Walt Crawford
thanks Walt - I should have phrased that as member dues (I'm not a member of ALA or ACRL.) I agree with you that the library subscriptions are declining sharply. Our library lit budget has been hit hard by the last serials cancellation projects. - Elizabeth Brown
Radio blackout. The midterm begins. See you on the other side.
All the best, D! - Larua Boats
Do this thing, D. - Micah
Crush it, Derrick! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
You can do it™ - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Good luck! - John (bird whisperer)
You got it, D! - C to the A to the J..Hey!
Good luck, D! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Good luck - Rodfather
Best, D! - #cryptic from FFHound(roid)!
Good luck! - Halil
Best of luck with your studies and the tests - Martha
All done! - Derrick
Dan Cohen
A philosopher's noble quest to own his own data (email/tweets/etc). Great idea. RT @boone: Blog: Project Reclaim
OH HAI. Guess who's speaking at the state library conference?
Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 1.48.46 PM.png
Um... Melanie Sims? To whom do you refer? *feigns cluelessness* - Aaron the Librarian
hint: Derrick is a "project recovery scholar" - DJF
D is part of a "select group of scholars"! :D - Larua Boats
but is he a "gentleman"? - DJF
Only on occasion. I'm so over this presentation, I can't even stand it. I'm grateful for the opportunity (there's about 15 of us scholars who are speaking), but our organizers aren't very organized. I'll probably be at the bar. - Derrick
Andy Powell
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