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What lovely human being sent me a copy of Sarah Manguso's The Guardians?
I guess now is a good time to tell all of you I’m finally watching 30 Rock for the first time.
RT @das_kunk: If you had a time machine, in what year would you choose to kill U2?
RT @Dan_E_Solo: What foods are for: Each of the careful @ohheygreat sentences is a Wednesday in itself.
RT @LarkinQuotes: Everyday things are lovely to me.
RT @johnlingan: Geez, if you want some intense, gorgeous writing then get on this @colindickey piece abt a Carlos Castaneda acolyte:
lifehack: don’t tweet ever
Can we just agree that adults saying “nom nom” to other adults was a huge mistake and pretend like it never happened?
RT @DailyYeats: “Too many things are occurring for even a big heart to hold.”
RT @HarryElephante: Hedy Epstein, the 90-year-old Holocaust survivor who was arrested in #Ferguson, wore a shirt that read "Stay Human"
I want to keep believing there is good in everyone, but it’s so hard right now. At any rate, there is a lot of good in @bijanstephen
I am staring at this world of ours and sitting at my desk crying.
Today I tried to type the word “paradise” and instead typed “paragraph,” so I guess Sexy Writer isn’t just my Halloween costume anymore.
RT @IkeMoses: White folks about to realize their neglect of our human rights has also been the neglect of their own human rights all along.
I feel pretty stupid right now for believing any amendment besides the 2nd ever mattered. And even that one only for white people.
RT @HalBrownNBA: This. Is. A. Planned. Attack. RT @Bipartisanism: BREAKING: Police are turning out street lights in #Ferguson and using night vision goggles”
RT @katelaurielee: .@ohheygreat (who can be found here on the numbers game of online dating in @nytopinion
pretty sure some people in a car next to me took video of me dancing to Bruno Mars while I was driving. good job ruining fun, internet.
finding really wonderful friends is probably the smartest thing I ever did
RT @jamiattenberg: this week's modern love is great if you are super into people busting other people for their bullshit which i am.
RT @siddhmi: Tell folks in #Ferguson: French reporter @Gil_Paris ran a straight-up anonymous-sourced, no-interview hit job on @AntonioFrench. Stay woke.
How many times in a row can you listen to the Traveling Wilburys before you turn into a dad?
Guy across from me in yoga kept reaching out to give his wife gentle pats. Is that a thing now? As a single woman, how do I screen for this?
RT @elongreen: Well, look at that. It's @ohheygreat on the front page of new york's local paper.
Sitting in my backyard with @mslopatto drinking champagne and she's playing me "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" by ZZ Top because she's the best.
RT @iJesseWilliams: .@imomi12598 Please disabuse yourself of the notion that my purpose on earth is to tuck ignorance in at night. #ViolenceIncites #Ferguson
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