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If you too had A Day, I recommend looking at all my @ replies because it’s ALL CATS
Today was a long day. I’m currently in the market for cat photos.
I can’t tell you how glad I am tomorrow’s already Thursday.
that should be @nybooks but whatever
Came home to Lillet Rosé and Hilton Als on Flannery O'Connor in @nyrb and was reminded again why leaving the house is overrated.
RT @kitabet: in which @CoreyRobin, @das_kunk, and twenty-odd other people are arrested by the NYPD "Disorder Control Unit"
RT @kitabet: Civil disobedience action protesting the assault on Gaza outside the Israeli consulate in Manhattan today.
RT @EmilyGould: I wrote about the best gf pasta and being diagnosed w celiac on my <strikethru>lifestyle website</strikethru> tumblr
RT @sarahrich: Thrilled to be at the helm of @ReadReform, a new design publication @Medium, launched today!
Related: Please dear god let Yeats come back from the dead and write my biography.
I somehow made it to July 28, 2014 giving people the benefit of the doubt without realizing how selfish they can really be, AMA.
RT @LAReviewofBooks: "DeLillo and the Triumph of Solitude" - Contributor Woody Lewis on solitude & visual imagery in the works of DeLillo.
RT @rachsyme: Some days you just have to be like, what would David Geffen do. The sort of Jewish mentality where failure just isn't remotely an option.
nothing in this world is currently more satisfying than sending a really good baby photo to @silviakillings
If Ovid had written the story of Echo and Narcissus today, he could have just called it Twitter.
Just know that when the internet gets annoying this week, this is what I'll be doing in my mind.
I made these soul playlists and they make Monday better. Spotify: Rdio:
The guy ahead of me at Whole Foods convinced the cashier to buy bitcoin so if you'll all excuse me, I'm going back to the lake now.
Bob Dylan's most underrated talent may be turning "babe" into the most sneering insult imaginable.
I haven't opened my computer in over 48 hours.
I'm standing here watching a blue heron do absolutely nothing but sit perched on a dock railing. I love you all but I'm never coming home.
Thank you to @NinianeK for being an amazing hostess this weekend and for taking the best portrait of Caftan Summer.
wait sorry I meant this
Five stores and not one had postcards so we have to make them. This means you only get one if I really like you and/or think you're hot.
so it turns out "content" is an adjective RT @NinianeK: @ohheygreat lives in our hammock now
guys I forgot there were so many stars
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