oh christ I can't stop laughing
josh hasn't liked the flan one, I'm holding out until he does
immediately after my last tweet about how scary life can be I came home and set a corn tortilla on fire
Man, being alive and human is scary as shit sometimes.
RT @mollylambert: hugging a cat solves most things
only seven more Wednesdays left in the year, so you should read last week's (maybe my favorite) before tomorrow's https://t.co/VURO2o759l
::whispers:: I have no idea who dapper laughs is ::disappears into the ether::
also, every time @WQXR tells me to "Bach out! for Bachstock I shout back "you bet I will!"
especially because my mother, a doctor in Steamboat in the 1980s and '90s, took care of descendants of people in that story
this, on two school teachers who moved to Hayden, CO in 1916, made me so happy http://www.newyorker.com/magazin...
none of us are punk enough RT @Lahlahlindsey: *NEW JAWBREAKER MUSIC VIDEO SIREN* http://www.sfweekly.com/shookdo...
RT @danavachon: Fuck You Guys So Hard: All You Guys, I Mean It, by Jonah Lehrer.
wow, banner week on the internet for white men
"welcome to The 2 Cents Store where all opinions are second-rate, highly flawed, broken, and otherwise junky, please don't look around"
I wish people would say "this is just my 2 cents" at the BEGINNING because then you could stop reading a lot earlier
we are now in a band together and it is called Thermidorian Reaction
when @DeepOmega was in high school he was in a funk band and played guitar and FUNK CLARINET which I did not even know was a thing
couldn't figure out why this was so popular then realized @johngreen retweeted it https://t.co/FNIm2YJEeL
only one is the right size
decided to replace my beloved million yr old felt clogs (shut up) so I ordered some from Germany and they sent me two right slippers
Thanks to @piersmorgan and @billcosby we have learned some valuable lessons today about men and tweeting.
irony : 1990s :: nostalgia : 2010s excited for post-nostalgia / less excited for post-nostalgia thinkpieces
Only gonna share women's writing for a while BUT I will make ~select~ exceptions: @bijanstephen talks to @anildash http://www.vanityfair.com/online...
wow if the internet is this bad on Monday what's Thursday gonna be like you guys
fun fact: Piers Morgan is English (American) for "human trash fire"
My current favorite genre is "I haven't read it but I'd like to offer some thoughts."
twitter: no good deed goes unpunished RT @fd2190: @ohheygreat That was a really awkward tweet for your balding or fully hairless followers.
good morning, just wanted to say I hope everyone has a wonderful day and also your hair looks great
RT @nathanheller: @ohheygreat 2001 was probably the last time the unemployment office was visited by a Web designer.
please, tell me more about how tech wants to make a difference and close that digital divide
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