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RT @jordanrcrook: Just to clarify, @ohheygreat is the coolest cat on twitter. And a stone cold fox.
it's just the right amount of warm out and the stars are so bright and I hope everyone is about to make out with someone wonderful right now
writers are the worst and I really love that about us
I love you guys for letting me break your hearts (and sometimes make you laugh) every week. Thank you for sharing my stories.
RT @linecook: A beautiful essay about things that could've been, two people passing in opposite directions by @ohheygreat
The @goodmenproject followed me so maybe they should read all my Wednesday essays and then have me start writing Ask Leah again.
for anyone who’s ever emailed me: I apologize I was too busy playing the Beyoncé version of 2048 and making stupid jokes on twitter to reply
Bay Area, I have a teak breakfront (hutch) from 1959. It is gorgeous and it can be yours FREE if you come get it this weekend in Berkeley.
RT @bijanstephen: :o, via @ohheygreat: "A ghost plane that landed, filled with people who never boarded."
I'm in bad traffic can u guys b more entertaining
the thing I love best about my car is I can still listen to cassettes
RT @linecook: A beautiful essay about things that could've been, two people passing in opposite directions by @ohheygreat
RT @colindickey: Team, @ohheygreat's Year of Wednesdays project is truly superb and wonderful.
Year of Wednesdays: "Heart, Heart, Lose." Sometimes the story just writes itself.
psst: if you’re up, here’s this week’s Wednesday. “Heart, Heart, Lose.”
siri how do you hug a gif RT @darth: @ohheygreat
siri how do you hug a gif RT @darth: @ohheygreat
Tonight feels like a good time to revisit this.
The reason I moved to California is because I grew up in Colorado and once it snowed on my birthday, which is in June. We all make choices.
RT @CoreyRobin: Herbert Marcuse and Paul Baran dish the dirt re Irving Howe, Arthur Schlesinger, Eric From, and "Teddy" Adorno.
RT @FuckTheory: The Internet revolutionized writing by allowing authors to communicate directly with readers. #theorizingtherabbi
RT @substitute: @takeo @ohheygreat NOT ALL EAGLES!!!!
seriously if I had a golden eagle and could hunt with it it would go MAN: “No that’s not sexism. What you experienced is…” EAGLE: SKREEEEE
Thank you @mallelis for giving me the gift of Ashol-Pan, 13-year-old eagle huntress of Mongolia. SHE IS EVERYTHING.
RT @danavachon: "It's too bad that the love of books brings you into contact with the people who write them."
RT @thisisjendoll: For health, spend 30 minutes every day checking your yoga studio's class calendar and deciding you don't have time to go to anything.
free porn dialog: "Let's get started on anal...ysis." "Yes baby, I want you to do a deep dive into"
RT @richhumofair: Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain— am feeling this essay by @lsjamison hard
“All emotions and abstractions It seems we all live so close to that line and so far from satisfaction”
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