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.@mollycrabapple @tejucole also I forgot I took this of you reading to us about Gabriele d'Annunzio
One does wonder if the last two retweets are related, doesn’t one.
RT @silviakillings: new fashion column coming at you from me and @ohheygreat
RT @mollycrabapple: Me and @ohheygreat by @tejucole as we listen to something terribly serious off camera
When it comes to martinis, the only thing that will ever matter is that you shake a dry one to waltz time.
If someone makes the "what's that smell" app that lets you know what neighbor is cooking what delicious thing, @mallelis and I will buy it.
If The Purge were real, I would go around pushing people who slowly walk up or down subway stairs staring into their phones.
I've had a headache for 10 hours straight but @mallelis is coming to my house with sour cherries later something something all balances out
RT @luxlotus: Stellar overview of @foliosociety's evolution includes fact that Patti Smith will pen intro to new Wuthering Heights.
Oh. THIS is what they mean by garbage in, garbage out.
RT @CiaoSamin: Brigade de Cuisine, by John McPhee, 1979--still some of the best food writing I've ever read.
RT @silviakillings: My favorite profile from the last seven years' worth of the @NewYorker is Larissa MacFarquhar on Derek Parfit:
RT @katienotopoulos: RT if you're a sack of inert flesh just counting the seconds until the moment you can finally decompose
I'm very grateful for Instagram because now I know what the back of everyone's heads look like.
RT @jackhealyNYT: @ohheygreat I like how the big action sequence in TBC consists of Kevin Kline jogging in absurdly short 80s shorts.
There's never going to be a movie like The Big Chill again, with four wildly attractive men hanging out together not blowing up buildings.
I guess I might as well confess to all of you that I accidentally set a blanket on fire in yoga this morning.
I am eating fruit from my own yard while drinking coffee from a friend's sister in Senegal. Sometimes the world is small in the right way.
Holy mother of Christ it's raining, just the tiniest bit. Nothing has ever smelled or felt so good.
Of all the advice I’ve received in my life “NEVER GOOGLE BUTT WORMS” is probably the most important and valuable.
RT @phyllisstein: @ohheygreat The Stanford Encyclopedia is also quite excellent—readable and discursive, not too encyclopedic at all:
New fave site: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Note there appears to be an opening for Law, Philosophy of.
RT @Ali_Gharib: Goddamn I love this essay. A melancholic tale about favorite undies (and more) that'll bring a smile by the end.
Most interesting thing I've read this week: @danavachon on dreams, beautiful hotels, and an epic financial battle.
RT @danavachon: I wrote about the Irish, dreams and money for August's Vanity Fair;
Please enjoy a Wednesday about heartbreak and underwear. Mostly the latter.
attn @LisaMcIntire here is a shrink-wrapped to-go wine glass with wine in it
this is very useful, thanks
A man on BART asked the woman one his left, the man on his right, and me if any of us wanted the seat that opened up. Now I marry him.
Thanks to twitter, I know more about New York weather now than when I lived there.
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