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I knew the editor’s draft for Beacon.
I'm at Moon Factory Coffee (世田谷区, 東京都)
I'm at Starbucks Coffee 東京ミッドタウン コンプレックス スタジオ店 - @starbucks_j (港区, 東京都)
RT @mojombo: Thanks for all the support, everyone, it means a lot. It's been a rough month, but I'm still full of optimism and ready to move forward.
Project to migrate from YUI 2 to YUI 3 for Bugzilla was accepted for Google Summer of Code. #yuilibrary
YUIDoc 0.3.50 is out.
RT @caridy: if you use #yuidocjs, a new experimental option to support custom preprocessors was released:, try it and feedback!
RT @mnot: Apache @trafficserver now has a patch for @HTTP_2
RT @basarat: Is it node.js or Node.js? #nodejs
Docs for ES6 modules with YUI has been merged. It will be deployed in the future release.
Patch to bring HTTP/2 for ATS.
Wow, it’s just small commit but my name in ESLint change log.
RT @geteslint: ESLint v0.5.1 released:
RT @Flickr: @okuryu Hi there, it should refresh and be available soon for iOS. It's currently available for Android though. Thanks.
You know @Flickr for iPhone isn’t still available on Japan App Store.
RT @ericf: @okuryu all launched on :)
Landed using Broccoli for #purecss site.
Alright, trying out Slack alone.
RT @SlackHQ: @okuryu You can still sign up to try it out! Put anything you want as your company name: 🙋
I just want to try @slackhq, they requires company name to sign up. :(
RT @elisechant: Pleased to find code comments in YUI.js comparable to some of my own code: "//@todo fix this shit". v.3.16.0 line 766
Weekend podcasts time. #rebuildfm #mozaicfm
RT @yaypie: The artist formerly known as rawgithub now has a Twitter account! Follow @rawgit and you might hear some exciting news soon…
Improving the dom module’s dependencies is landed. You don’t need the color-base module for the future.
Bower 1.3.2 adds YUI module type.
RT @_andrewrn_: Thanks @okuryu - a nice surprise this morning. Wearing my new YUI LIbrary shirt today too :)
YUI 3.16.0 is out, and congrats to @_andrewrn_.
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