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Oleg Shilovitsky

Oleg Shilovitsky

CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM... for more than 15 years. Blogger and consultant.
RT @AutodeskPLM360: Sign up for tomorrow's webinar at 9AM PST and see what's new in the #PLM360 Mobile app:
Thanks @ToIncrease for mentioning Beyond PLM in the list of top 5 enterprise resource planning blogs. #PLM #ERP
At #MIT tonight to attend cambridge semanticweb #meetup to listen about semantic data federation. #boston
RT @rtara: Netvibe will be able to connect smart objects on the Internet, will announce in couple of weeks, says @Dassault3DS CEO Charles at #3DXForum
RT @DS_Alyssa: Today's challenges can't be met just by understanding the past, we must rethink our future perspective - Bernard Charlès #3DXForum
RT @JackHayes: 3DXCITE acquisition can bring visual simulation that integrates with Product data. Think "Visual BOM". #3DXForum
RT @jim_techclarity: Charles: Biovia = virtual biosphere and materials, Geovia = model and simulate the planet. DS has clearly gone beyond "products" #3DXforum
RT @jonathanpscott: Dassault's ambitions are not small - the goal is to model the world. Not graphical model, but fully model. #3DXForum
new blog post: PLM Vendors and Tunnel Vision
new blog post inspired by #3DXForum morning presentation - PLM Vendors and Tunnel Vision #PLM #competition
RT @JackHayes: New 3DEXCITE platform provides visual product simulation at point of customer decision like at a car dealership. #3DXForum
RT @MWmDenis: Elements missing from @Dassault3DS #3DExperience are Content #CLM and Service Lifecycle #SLM / #IoT - #3DXForum #PLM
RT @develop3d: The @Dassault3DS 'New Organic Architecture' portfolio platform: #3dxforum
RT @jonathanpscott: #3DXForum Monica Menghini telling scary stories about Apple's Lazarus strategy of bringing dead product categories back to life #reinvention
RT @Axendia: Apple resurrects walking dead with Lazarus strategy. Reinventing already marketed devices @3DSNorthAmerica #3DXforum
RT @bryankramer: Go to market is engineering says Monica Megnghini #3DXForum
RT @jim_techclarity: Menghini - Apple resurrected dead markets by practicing the science of experience management #3DXforum
Monica Menghini of @Dassault3DS made me think again about @pmarca 's "you want to be last to market" #3DXForum
How to outthink the competition every single day? @practicallyrad #3DXForum
Interesting hint to PLM companies about innovation and tunnel vision from @practicallyrad at #3DXForum
RT @msbubbles3: @practicallyrad via Prof Jerome "Real innovation is the act of using what u already know to get beyond what you currently think" #3DXForum
RT @KennethwongSF: Bill Taylor, Fast Company editor: In the era of hyper-competion, you can't do big things by being a little better than the rest. #3DXForum
RT @DS_Alyssa: "The only sustainable form of business leadership is thought leadership" - @practicallyrad #3DXforum
RT @josephflaherty: MIT’s Crazy Materials Could Make for Self-Assembling Ikea Chairs @Wired_Design @SkylarTibbits
RT @ogewell: "PLM should take over ownership of the mBOM too", says Siemen’s CEO, Chuck Grindstaff >
RT @monica_schnitge: Just discovered that #3DXforum is live streaming — try
PLM vendors’ fight over BOM will require to solve data synchronization problems
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