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Robert Scoble
I wish Twitter would sell to Google so it would die like Jaiku and Dodgeball. But I won't post this over on Twitter. I really don't have much love for the service, even though I know I'll be stuck using it for the indefinite future. Jesse Stay has it figured out. It's a horrid place to try to communicate anything other than a bit of self pimping.
Here I can write the equivilent of an entire blog post. And even make changes. And even have a conversation. And use it as many times an hour as I want (Twitter rate limits my apps after a while cause I'm too heavy of a user). - Robert Scoble
werd. - imabonehead
I can sense already that FriendFeed is slowing down now that it is joining Facebook, while Twitter still has the best flow (and best system for following people and best mobile clients). So, we're stuck with Twitter, which is too bad, because the technology here is a ton better. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is a piece of crap - BUT it's where the audience is (currently). - Jim Connolly
Now it is starting to feel like FF again with you bigging it up again Robert ;) - travispuk
Twitter is the new MySpace. - imabonehead
Maybe google wave will change the way we use twitter, etc. again. Haven't tried it yet, but it might succeed where friendfeed "failed" - getting enough people to use it. - Frank S.
Travis: I had to go and clean out my Twitter and Facebook accounts and spread out my usage. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'm thinking of setting up a facebook account for my Marketing blog - what do you think? - Jim Connolly
@Scobleizer I don't think Friendfeed would be quite so popular if it weren't for twitter - Prolific Programmer from IM
Twitter is the new Myspace - HAHA - this quote made my day. For me it is just becoming a multiplicator for my friendfeed but it is important for that! - Sascha Pallenberg
Prolific: I'm not so sure. Blogs made Twitter. So, what if there were no Twitter? We would still talk up something else. But maybe FriendFeed wouldn't have thrived anyway. Twitter hit a sweet spot with its easy to program API, it's easy to use interface, and its cute name and branding. - Robert Scoble
Twitter works extremely well on mobile devices. I constantly see people tweeting whereas it's more difficult to do with FriendFeed's interface for a typical user. - imabonehead
Really think that Twitter is annoying it's users too much. There's some problems out there that are really being ignored. Here's an example of a problem that could be solved very simply, but no action is being taken (if it was solved it'd create a lot of goodwill) http://getsatisfaction.com/twitter... - Edd McArdle
Robert, now that FriendFeed's people are working for Facebook, and since Facebook has already been making changes to make it more "open socially", do you think eventually that Facebook will become the best place to have serious conversations? - Carlton Hackett
Carlton: yes. - Robert Scoble
I've been thinking so too. Although, I wonder how the non-Soc/net junkies will respond to that? - Carlton Hackett
Robert, two thoughts. #1 - do you think Google really would let it die? Acquiring Twitter would be more like its YouTube acquisition than Jaiku (in terms of price and # of users). Secondly, what would Twitter have to change for you to change your opinion? - Ben Parr
I really, really, really want Twitter to work out is the thing. It's just a pain in the neck to communicate without either losing the conversation or spamming useless banter over multiple Tweets because you can't fit it in 140 characters. That's just my experience. Those still spending most their time there don't mind it I guess. - Jesse Stay
I like Twitter. The conversation flows pretty well for me, and to be fair, I get more @replies there than I get replies here to my posts. - Chris Nixon
I think a combination of the Retweet API and a true threaded replies architecture and UI could change some of my opinion on that though if they do it. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: It's NOT just your experience. Twitter is getting less valuable the bigger it gets. The spam / porn / bots issue is insane and ruining the experience. - Jim Connolly
Chris: I have a twitter account with over 20,000 followers and get ten times as many replies here as I get there. Here I only have a small following. The calibre of people I connect with here is better too. - Jim Connolly
Jesse, have Twitter improved their communication with developers since you wrote about it in April? - Edd McArdle
Edd, over the last week I have noticed a difference, yes, but it's hard to tell if it will remain that way. They now seem to have a project manager over the API dev team (Ryan Sarver). He seems to be putting a filter on some things and keeping devs updated elsewhere. They're still learning though, much slower than FB or FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
agree on spam and bots, but it still is a nice little thing, if it remains what it was made for! marketing and reviewing thing isn't/shouldn't be there, true friendfeed is more effective as a tool for sending your message across, it is simple and strong - testbeta
Testbeta: ... and FF works. - Jim Connolly
Jim, Jesse, Robert: Value varies. For me, Twitter value continues to increase. I use it to find out what's happening, meet up with people, get random insights into how people are doing, find new people. It all works well. There are many different use cases and one tool does not have to do them all. - Rachel Clarke
i couldn't agree more! - lilian
Rachel: "It all works well"? Really? Twitter? - Jim Connolly
Rachel, I agree with you. I just don't think Twitter works well for conversations, that's all. I use FriendFeed and Facebook for that. I use Twitter for different purposes, and I agree it does still have value. - Jesse Stay
sometimes i think of Automattic's intense debate, but well friendfeed is intense debate, such a experience was never had on blogs, the commenting, liking, and so fast it propagates, even disqus commenting systems can't achieve what we have here on friendfeed, but i can't just throw away twitter, twitter still is good, true for the serious types it's word limit, reply system is a bit of... more... - testbeta
I would love to have FriendFeed as the commenting system on my blog. - Chris Nixon
Chris, there are a few plugins that do that. I haven't tried them though. - Jesse Stay
Chris: Check out what Scoble's doing with FF on building43.com - Jim Connolly
Jim: yes. It works well for what I want it to do (I'm ignoring the ongoing issues with the DDOS). It's a free tool that adds far more value than it costs me to wait for odd outage. - Rachel Clarke
Just checked your Twitter account and now understand exactly what you are saying. - Jim Connolly
Jesse: agree, I use Facebook, Friendfeed, blogs, comments etc, all for different things. I even use the phone as a phone occasionally to talk with people ;-) But the assumption that one tool/service can do everything - and should do everything - is something I have a problem with. If something does not work for a person, don't use it. - Rachel Clarke
The twitter ecoverse is cool, can do Psychological Profiles, can do Social Network Analysis. All those services that spawned as a result are amazing. I am also amazed at how dense Asians Languages are on Twitter, think about it they get about 60% more per tweet. - Robert Higgins
Ben: at this point I am not sure what Twitter could do to win back my love. I will use it just like I use AT&T and United Airlines. I have very little love for those even though I use them frequently. Twitter wins because it is simple and flat and has great clients. I wouldn't cry if it disappeared, though. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
So why do you hate it? - Raanan Avidor
You want it to die? Such an odd statement. I have met so many great people through Twitter, and the news information I can find through search or news agencies or even people who are newshounds are amazing. I know it's not perfect and the last few weeks have definately proved that, and the spam is just awful. But to want to kill it, what a strong statement. - PC Easy from twhirl
Twitter is not abot writing blog posts or having conversations, its about small pieces of information being communicated to anyone who wants to listen. You do not have to listen, if you want a conversation use a forum or FriendFeed, use WordPress for blog posts. Stop trying to make Twitter into something it is not designed to be. - Darren Rollett
I really used to like Twitter, still do sometimes. What I don't like is the Twitter hype. I don't seem able to turn on any media channel these days without reading/hearing or watching about it. Even the BBC reported that Twitter was under attack recently on the main BBC news. FFS come on, there must be more happening in the world than a micro blogging site with a few million users... more... - Nick Bristow
If you owned twitter would you sell to google? - cheapsuits from iPhone
Robert, Atleast something positive could come out of it. If Twitter sells to Google they might(though its not guaranteed) make it opensource and then a federation of twitter server(ala wave servers) can co-exist happily and that way we'll own our stuff(as Anil Dash and other points out). Or they might integrate it in Wave framework. Not that people are not gonna complain about it but thats a different topic. - Abhishek Sharma
Surely an improvement in the service would be a more positive wish? - Chris Nixon
Say what you want but something with the architecture of friendfeed is far more conversational then twitter could ever be. - cheapsuits
I don't know why people think Twitter is the place to converse. It's really not built for that. I find myself enjoying the flow of conversations more on Facebook and FriendFeed. - Naomi Williams
Self pimping? Hmmm... Perhaps not for all of us. And besides, self-pimping isn't limited to twitter. - @JonAston
PS - Maybe it's just me, but you seem bitter lately. Hope you turn that around for yourself. - @JonAston
Jon: You are right. People pimp on FriendFeed too; as I say in my new book.... :-) - Jim Connolly
@jim, they will do anywhere, this is human nature, they do even in real life, so why not in virtual one? - abdellah
Abdellah: Absolutely. - Jim Connolly
Personally I wish Google would buy both Facebook and Twitter so they could both die. - Brian Sullivan
@brian, hey where could I read to you then?!! - abdellah
@Frank S. Google Wave will only be valid if you actually have other friends/collegues who use Google Wave. Otherwise you'll be using it with the *crickets* - Naomi Williams
Oh yeah -- forgot that due to circumstances beyond our control FF is now Facebook. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
oh yeah , they share the same vision, they got the same perception... - abdellah
I hope the FaceBook people will take comments like these to heart. I do like twitter but the functionality FriendFeed brought was the next generation in stream notification. - Chris Jackson
Mark: Yeah - all I need is a title. Oh, and a book....and the time to write one....then I will be pimping like a pro! - Jim Connolly
Wow Robert, I was thinking this the past few days and could never bring it to words...well done - Braden Douglass
I was gonna call the Funky Phantom. (That really dates me.) - Jim Connolly
Robert, I challenge you to stop using Twitter for a month and then blog about the experience. And that includes hiding all Tweets in FF. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Lets face it, Twitter was built as an update service - a big Internet megaphone. The natural transition has been from update service to marketing service. Big Internet Megaphone. It's good at that, but it's not at conversations nor at discovery. The larger problem is people still approach Twitter like a true social engagement tool - and it's simply not. The disconnect between perception and reality results in the poor adoption numbers and other soft metrics. - AJ Kohn
twitter is noise. filter it and you can find some gold. imho, that's beyond mere self-pimpage - Rob Schieber
i'd love to meetup with fellows and see what api scraping is going on - know where threads are for that? - Rob Schieber
Idk, This seems so much better then twitter. - SeanParnell
It does have a lot of noise, granted - but if it went away now, I'm not sure where everyone would run to. Facebook is too silly, Linkedin is too stolid, and everything else is too fractured for me to communicate with all the people I want to in a single shot. Guess I'd end up doing everything through ping.fm after all. - Ciaoenrico
Wow, Isn't online chit-chat such a fuss? :) - SeanParnell
Robert, just a week or two you were saying that Twitter is beating FriendFeed because of scanability http://friendfeed.com/scoblei.... And you had lots of complaints about the FriendFeed user interface. You also talked about how Twitter was much better after you un-followed everyone and hand picked who you're following. I have to ask, what has changed in the past few days to make you say that the service should die? Feels like you're flip flopping. - Mike Doeff
Can't you apply for extended API limits? - Tristan Seligmann
love the single post/status page, i mean like this: http://twitter.com/twitter... - testbeta
I noticed that in the past two weeks, the tweet intensity has greatly decreased from all my follows in Twitter. Granted, I'm not following too many, but the ones I do follow have traditionally tweeted a lot each day. Is this a trend (has Twitter become a has been) or is this simply a coincidental anomaly? - Jeff Sayre
Robert I find myself on friendfeed more these days - (jeff)isageek
@brian would you consider myspace if both facebook and twitter die?!!(ps: sorry I forget the LOL) - abdellah
Myspace -- don't know. I haven't really tried or paid attention to it. But probably not -- isn't it Facebook like? Maybe usenet? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
brian, let forget all those techie and go irc :) - abdellah
Well said Otto - Chris Nixon
Jesse Stay: you should stop complaining so much about twitter when you build an entire business based on their lack of functionality and other issues. - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai, I'm not complaining - they can do what they want. As I said I really want them to succeed. It's a matter of fact that they do have their flaws - I'm hoping to help them fix those, assuming they're listening at all. What are you doing to help Twitter get better? - Jesse Stay
it is like twitter if for what,where, when and friendfeed is for why, how - testbeta
Mike: just because I use a service doesn't mean I love it. I use ATT and United all the time and they suck too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
And yes Twitter has some good things about it. Doesn't mean it is all good. Personally it is overused and overhyped and YES I am partially responsible. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Apostol I get value out of Twitter. You aren't listening. I get value out of AT&T too but it COULD be so much more. Chris I tried to be positive but Twitter just doesn't respond to positivity. Plus they are cynical AT BEST about their users. Read the Twittergate documents to see just how cynical they are. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Twitter was just there at the right time. It's not the best solution to the problem (microblogging), but it's good ~enough~. - Trent Hamm
You seriously think Twitter will die once it gets bought by a 'bigger' company? - Mike Shields
Mike: do you use Dodgeball? It was bought by Google. So was Jaiku. - Robert Scoble
Trent: did you just call Twitter the Microsoft of microblogging? Yeah, that's sorta what I was trying to say too! ;-) - Robert Scoble
I just find it amazing that all the early adopters get really snobby about Twitter now it is getting more mainstream. There is something snobby about people's attitude to Facebook as well. I'm not a fan of Facebook but I know more people who use Facebook than use Twitter or Friendfeed combined. Even my mum has a Facebook account but she'd never be on Twitter or Friendfeed. Twitter... more... - Paul Nash
I liked Pownce. I wonder what SixApart has cooking up for them. So there's really no chance for Plurk to make a comeback and take back the community? With all the outage problems Twitter has, I would think Plurk would try to capitalize on that. Guess not. - John Wang
now if the Google Reader team could just get their new commenting system streamlined and real-time ... :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Paul: it's not hard to understand if you are in our shoes. Here's why. When a company is young and struggling to get noticed, they love having early adopters. After all, that's the ONLY WAY a company gets to the next stage. I've never seen a company go straight to Oprah stage without getting early adopters excited. Then once the company gets enough traction they usually start mistreating the early adopters. In this case Twitter stabbed them in the back. Leo Laporte, for instance ... - Robert Scoble
...got me excited about Twitter and was THE REASON it was the big huge deal at that 2007 SXSW. He had more followers than Mashable last year. But did he get put on the Suggested User List? No. So now Mashable has more than a million and Leo has a knife in his back. And you think it's amazing that early adopters turn their backs on Twitter? Really now. - Robert Scoble
I don't see how Leo has a knife in his back. There was no preconceived notion that anyone would be added to that list. Who cares? He was fine before that list was created, and he can be just as fine now, and just as engaging. - Andru Edwards
Andru: when he was hyping up the service and telling his users to use it, he was getting something in return: being at the top of the follower lists. When Twitter artificially put its own people at the top of the follower lists, and handed out grants of followers (worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, by the way -- Mashable has changed its entire business to be Twitter centric) they specifically dissed Leo and many others. Most of whom won't point it out in public. - Robert Scoble
Sadly true. I'm in much the same boat -- Twitter is a necessity for professionals and bloggers to stay on top of things, but other socialnets like Brightkite and FF are light years beyond it, which doesn't look to be changing any time soon. Don't even get me started on the spammers and the get-rich-quick'ers. - Ryan Meader
But before the SUL was released, didn't Leo abandon Twitter in favor of Jaiku, due to Twitter having "Twit" as part of its name? Just saying, if I owned a list that I had complete control over, and someone showed that behavior towards me (whether it was right or wrong, I am not judging), I would think twice before putting them on a list that will result in many people seeing they they... more... - Andru Edwards
I can't agree with you more, Robert. - Jon Ursenbach
Scobe: I very much disagree that it is about self pimping. Perhaps your senses are mush because you follow too many? I absolutely love getting that link to a new article or research, or to get a tweet from that celeb that makes me think and provides insight into a new world. I also use it as a research tool, for exploratory purposes. Twitter, as you know very well, is about what you make it, and that is a tenuous notion that really is influenced by who you follow. - Chad Gesser
Andru: again, the list did NOT exist in the days when we were hyping up Twitter. So, there was a "promise" to early adopters that if they invested time in the service they could be at the top of the follower lists. Sort of how PlayFoursquare is today promising users that they can become mayors of places they frequent more than anyone else. What Twitter did was the equivilent of PlayFoursquare telling everyone that their "mayorship" doesn't matter anymore and that Oprah is now mayor of everywhere. - Robert Scoble
Chad: one thing you have to remember about me is that I see that Twitter has 1,001 uses. Stop seeing the world as black and white. This is one post I'm making about Twitter among thousands. Translation: I already agreed with you. But you have to admit that many people use Twitter for self promotion. - Robert Scoble
Andru: and anyway, the SUL is hardly the only reason to diss Twitter. Twitter still goes down all the time, it still has stupid rate limits. It still can't block spam effectively. It still has no friend management. It still has no features that didn't exist a year ago. And it is, in many respects, behaving worse. I'm hearing from developers that Twitter is becoming more closed, not more open (to monetize) and we're seeing them pick winners before the marketplace is done (bit.ly anyone?) - Robert Scoble
The nice thing about Twitter is that it keeps your message short and to the point. Friendfeed is great but it doesn't lend itself well to an external app out of the browser. Also FriendFeed and any of these services you don't own your content - Seth Goldstein
Seth: bing! So, back to the blog we will go. Except, why are we still here? ;-) - Robert Scoble
Awww Twitter the "me" network :) - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Anyone tried Streamy? - cheapsuits
because the interraction is in real time - abdellah
Wayne: retweet me. :-) abdellah: I thought it was because of all the sex. ;-) - Robert Scoble
that was my expectation too ;) - abdellah
Robert: But what do you want from these companies ? Chaps like you give them the oxygen of publicity they need and they court you and then when they become successful you suddenly start to criticise them. Friendfeed has become successful (in great part to your endless plugging of it) and the founders will now go on to make money through their company being taken over by Facebook. You,... more... - Paul Nash
Scoble: no doubt....I can deal with the self promotion, the e marketing and spam garbage though to me is what has gooootttt to go - Chad Gesser
Paul: my role in life is to use what will be, not what is. I don't turn on many companies, but Twitter isn't one that dealt with early adopters on good faith. - Robert Scoble
nick: I explained why above. - Robert Scoble
Is there a "social media" company that has dealt with early adopters in "good faith"? Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr I suspect don't qualify ? Any that do? - Brian Sullivan
all platforms seem to have self pimpering styles, why so passionate against twitter? Objectional question, not one of rhetoric. - nick tadd
Brian: I didn't know that any of those have actively dissed their best early adopters. Facebook kicked me off, but only because I broke the TOS. It's always been straight up with me. Same with Flickr, although I do watch Thomas Hawk's talk about their censorship. - Robert Scoble
none as brian says, they all deal with them, and "the earlier adopter" contribute to their evolution until they sell (sorry) - abdellah
nick: because it's so prevalent there. "Look at my blog post about xxx" is almost a staple on Twitter. It's a new RSS reader. Which is fine, I use it too for that! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think you may have the makings for one of your future blogs here. Perhaps you do it for that reason? ;) The thing about Twitter is always going to be its LBE. It's a mainstream LBE to Social Media. For that very reason its perfect for business, government, and non profit to take public temperature and promote. The other "noise" is the "MV", the "mainstream voice". The conversation is 4 way.(and yes sometimes only 1 way) but there it is and its not going to go away any time soon. - Melanie Reed
Yes, indeed, Twitter is the Microsoft of microblogging. It's good enough, but not the best - but it has the huge advantage that everyone is using it, so you have to use it for compatibility reasons. - Trent Hamm
DAMN Robert I HATE that you are right on this one!!!!! - Arleen Boyd
Hopefully you use it for positive self pimping and not for negative pimping... which is inevitable - Kevin Burrell
Alex, they are taking mobile seriously - they sold to Facebook. :-) - Jesse Stay
What makes people think Facebook or Twitter is all-conquering? There's a new generation coming through, and they aren't using these services. It's very important not to get sucked in by the hype of a service you use. Fanboys will talk up the positives and ignore the negatives, giving you a skewed message. The truth is somewhere in the massive grey area in between. - Chris Nixon
The new generation uses Facebook a lot, but not Twitter. - Steph (sh_skew) from email
Let me say that it is not twitter per se. It is the population of twitter to make it the place it is at the moment. Whenever there is a (free entrance) place crowded of people, there will be spambots to pollute it. - funkyboy from Posty
Twitter is just a temporary solution for a quick mixture of instant messaging + status updates + chat forum. - Bora Wiemann
Just having a discussion today that Twitter will eventually go bankrupt when the hype is over - Khuram Hussain
I don't agree with you Robert. Twitter is easy to use, succinct and versatile. I've made multiple very meaningful connections through my use of twitter. I do like friendfeed's threaded conversations which are great but in a way it only helps those who have big followings like yourself, because people are more apt to comment on your thread than say mine because they know the conversation... more... - Lon Cohen
For example - how do I message you directly so you know I'm speaking to you (i.e. Twitter @ reply) but all your followers and my followers know that we're having a conversation in Twitter back and forth so that they can follow and interject when they want. Everytime we do that we have to start a brand new discussion thread and I have to "tell" you somehow that I'm talking to you. Twitter is like email/phone conversations and friendfeed is like collective blogging/commenting. - Lon Cohen
Amen, Robert. - Lindsay
The power and beauty of twitter originate from limitation. Think of it as conversation haiku. - Brendan
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April Buchheit
Note to self: Don't 'friend' your boss on FB and then bitch about your job.
El. Oh. El. You gotta be some sort of stupid to friend your boss before your probation period is up. Fired in front of friends and family? PRICELESS. - Anika
She's a f*ing idiot. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine at an ad agency, who accidentally texted "my boss is a fucking cunt" ... to her boss. She didn't get fired or reprimanded, but she freaked out about it. - LANjackal
It floors me how much people openly vent about their jobs on public feeds like FriendFeed. Even if your boss isn't a direct contact, how are people so sure that a boss or co-worker won't stumble across it? - Mike Doeff from iPhone
If I have complaints about work, I try to mask them as much as possible or make them more about me personally than the job itself. At the same time, I really try to stay mum about any job I have.. - Jonathan Hardesty
Mike and how are you so sure that other people don't know who you are talking about? There's a person here on FriendFeed who complains about their coworker. Even though I live in a different city, I know that coworker. - Anika
+1 Anika. I generally refrain from talking bad about my employer/coworkers ANYWHERE online. Even on anonymous accounts. You just never know who might freak out and file an unmasking court order. It's happened before. - LANjackal from IM
Maybe the more general rule that comes into play here is to never say anything about someone you wouldn't tell them to their face. - Ken Sheppardson
Well said Ken. - Benjamin Taylor
What an idiot... When people claim we don't need guidelines for employees using social media, I just have to point out cases of extreme stupidity like this... - Badger Gravling
this is huge! - Loic Le Meur
OH those lessons learned the hard way. - anna sauce
This is great! Don't bite the hand that feeds especially if you're friends on FB. - Gabe Diaz from iPhone
Why friend your boss in the first place, especially if all you do is complain about the job? - Adrian McMillan
Ouch… :P - Daniel Schildt
Well someone has to make room for other people! From the sounds of it, she was probably already canned anyway. - Robert Fisher
Well that was a bit dumb. The thing about social media is it's just so much a part of our lives. We are encouraged to pour our views and feelings into it but we have to remember who is going to be reading it. In the end we have to censor ourselves so as a result our lifestream is a watered down stream. There are no directors cuts. - Parvez Halim
Absolutely priceless! - Robert Couture
Oh and I forgot the LOL. - Parvez Halim
this is something that may occur very often. More than we think! - Rui
@Rui I remember a colleague of mine did a similar thing. Luckily they got away with a written warning and no pay rise for that year. - Parvez Halim
HUGE! - Nathan Guetta
Interestingly, every time I consider complaining about my job via any social media platform, I stop and think "how can I make my job better? how can I improve myself?" and then end up writing about that instead. It has made me a much happier person. Really. - mike fabio
OMG ! this is awesome - Franck Nouyrigat
OUCH! - Retno Nindya
.. and that's why I'm private. I'm pretty good about not talking about work, but never know when I may say something completely stupid - Rodfather
I think there is a serious point here: Your on-line social network pals will be supportive of you regardless of whether you are right or wrong. That's what friends are for, kind of. All the boss does is let in a bit of reality. - sjjh
Maybe she wanted to be fired by her boss? Just questioning... - Torsten Eckert
Splendid. Too bad the story isn't real. OR IS IT...? - Francesco Balducci
haha! - orionstarr
Where did you get this? I'm trying to verify that it is actually a real event. Looks too 'perfect' and to generate this much hype I believe it is just two friends that wanted to laugh about how stupid the world is... - Brian J. Reeves
I wondered the same myself. The language suggests it's from the UK - LANjackal from IM
... or somewhere else where the British style of speech dominates - LANjackal from IM
April - you can't imagine how many people e-mailed me screenshots of this :) - Charlie Anzman
I wish I was here in order to press the "Like" button. - Clément Cailly
social media and your boss don't mix well :) - Dave Q
Zing! - Nick Mutton
dave mcclure
How the FUCK does Google let Facebook acquire FriendFeed for any amt of $? GOOGLE U R A BIG FUCKING LOSER. Absolute #FAIL.
Funny. - Louis Gray
Maybe they wouldn't sell to google... seeing as they are ex employees... who knows.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Great question. Guess the kings of search just couldn't confront the fact and reconcile that they'd have to acquire better search technology from outside their doors instead of growing it within? - Mark Krynsky
Hey, glad to see you're feeling better, judging from the vim/vigor. :) - Matt Cutts
Dude, google has failed many time at buying companies, or bought the wrong ones. I agree, frienfeed was a huge mistake letting it go away. - Bryan Thatcher from iPhone
Why would google want FF? - dthree
Possibly because the caffeine update might be the first step to them building their own system? - Jamie Brown
they already have their system. Google Reader with recent innovations. - Tambu from twhirl
Tambu.. not even close. The API, advanced search, embeds, groups and real sharing..are all missing from Reader. Even Reader comments/likes are only available within Reader.. uggh!! - Chris Myles
give them a bit of time. I suspect Reader will be integrated with Wave protocol - Tambu from twhirl
Let me get this right: are you rooting for absolute world domination by Google? I'm not - Paola Bonomo
Robert Scoble
Twitter is down. Oh, what will the SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts do?
Come to FF! - Simon Wicks
Give Friendfeed a shot? - Rubin Sfadj
Hopefully they don't come to FriendFeed :) - Robert J Taylor
Hang out on FF - Roberto Bonini
they will spam friendfeed instead? - Denis
They are so freeeking out. - SolidSmack
I couldn't tweet about it, so I told my wife instead. - Patrick Lightbody
Big ups to the FriendFeed massive! - Josette
I tried retweeting that. *sigh* - Andy McIlwain
Call them to join friendfeed, and make - Madhav Tripathi
Hopefully FF won't get killed by the Tweeters flocking over here. - phil baumann
ok.. here ya go..twitter being down has forced me here. Haven;t tried FF yet so... - cheapsuits
I suspect the bots will rejoice.... - walidmREALTOR
just like ya possibly twiddle their thumbs... - Baba
Let's see where these so-called "social media experts" go to fill the void of Twitter. - Christian
I can't open twitzap.com - ybs
Can FF servers manage such a massive movement? - Samuel Goëta
since bots supply at least 25% of Twitter traffic, should we feel the worst for them right now? - Kevin Norman
write a post about twitter being down as a threat to humanity, may be?:) - Nikos Anagnostou
Twitter down... can't post on Facebook,,. so it's FriendFeed! - carrotmadman6
So your're not responsible for that ? Strange... :-) - Enikao
lay on the floor and spin in circles - SolidSmack
Maybe the SocMedExperts will go back to Plurk since Scoble likes Friendfeed. :) - Jay Gilmore
thank God, now we can get back to work - E.P. Scott
if they are the experts they claim to be then they should be here! - Mark V. Fusco
Facebook seems frakked too. - Gregg Le Blanc
I get tweet trough tweetdeck... - Giorgio
I need serious help with FF. For an idiot like me this isn't so intuitive really. Help section is nice but I need someone to hold my hand ..bleeech. Don't get me wrong I am sorry I was reluctant to try FF before - cheapsuits
I blame Scoble. It's always his fault :-) - Keith Barrett
but how am I going to tell the world I need a cup of tea???? nooooooo - Rachel Clarke
Giorgio - I'm seeing some activity through the Twitter API, too (that's what TweetDeck uses, I believe); not a lot, but some - Robert J Taylor
I thought it was just my connection. ;-) I'm also having problems with Facebook today. - Timothy Federwitz
yeah, it seems the web interface is down but the api is working.. - Giorgio
I think the social media experts are going to spend the next hour talking about Twitter being down - Keith Barrett
Maybe read a book for a change? - Yiorgos Adamopoulos
Scoble's followers where the glue keeping Twitter together! now that he's 'pulled the pin' and released them all, Twitter has fallen down and can't get up. - MikeAmundsen
I'm so lost this morning without my cup-o-Twitter - frank barry
They'll comment on it, much like I just did. - Marlin Forbes
Man imagine if this had happened on #followfriday... - Rob Paller
Facebook is copying twitter too closely...even to going down at the same time - Robert Littlejohn
Yiorgas: read a book for a change? I do that anyway, but only about 10/month. need more twitter time to balance it out - Rachel Clarke
Does Twitter have what it takes to be a big player? We've been working with their API on a project and every time there is something out of whack. Anyone else have the same issues? - Chris Nadeau
twitter is really down, I think twitter itself should have a site that tweets when it's down :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
They will use FF to inform their friend that twitter is down - Didier Girard
Show up here I'm thinking. :-) - Dion Hinchcliffe
Huge exodus to FF! - akihito
We will start feeding friends and keeping up our identi.ca 's - JuneM
What's been the longest twitter outage on record thus far? - Dusty Edenfield
hmm at least they found a solution with a blog :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
I don't understand why you maintain an account when you have such contempt for Twitter & those who use it. - Liz
they will cry in their soup - Bobby Griffith
holiday - Ronald
Well Robert, where will you go when they all come here? - Tokyo Dan from iPhone
it's back up. made ya look - Kevin Norman
Strangely, search.twitter.com is up. - Marlin Forbes
Tokyo: I already have a private group setup. Sort of like a bomb shelter in case the rats take over. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
i noticed that twitter is down... anyone know how facebook is ssOOO slow 2...???? - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Just noticed it... - k00pa
twitter outage and news of the PubSubHubbub feature in Google Reader (http://is.gd/24YvH) make FF look pretty good right now. - Dusty Edenfield
friendfeed is having some issues but for the most part is still up and going :) - (jeff)isageek
find another medium such as friendfeed ;). - rick
Roger, Mr. Scoble! - akihito
@Sebastian they connected somehow... ahhh scary :) - Dani Martínez
good. so not the only one with issues with FB.. wel atleast is FF is going strong.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
what we all are going to do??? =) but if seriously i remember this video on youtube - trouble with twitter: http://www.youtube.com/watch... - obolonskyi
They will all sit in their chair and stare at their monitor! - Gabe Diaz
@Dani, who knows... the might merge or something... explain the strange twitter is pulling fb down 2.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Did Scoble bring Twitter and FB down as he unfollowed everyone ? winks -) - Del_
This is very interesting that it is impacting more than one social network ... can't even speculate what the cause is yet. Not getting much work done today I'm afraid, going to be following these conversations.. - Joe Magennis
I haven't been on twitter for days. I guess I picked the wrong morning to jump back in. - Jeff Stannard
Robert: The most important question>> How many new sign-ups for FF today? - K.N. Ajit Narayan
...and who wins? FF great :) - Dani Martínez
Was just able to post to Facebook but took several tries. Wow. FF FTW! - Tom Guarriello
so!! - abdellah
The smart ones will go to FriendFeed ;) - Helene
The spammers should go to MySpace... - Dennis Bjørn Petersen
Tweeple will come to FriendFeed! - LauraLee Dooley
That's why I joined FF a while back. Then I found all the useful features- and the bonus is having Scoble here to show the way. - Brenda Young
No, the smart ones are ALREADY on FriendFeed :) - Susan Beebe
and? - abdellah
@obolonskyi nice. vid.. ROFL... never seen it before... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
GUILTY ! I have had a FF account for awhile just never used it-- - cheapsuits
What the celebrities like you do. Talk about it on Twitter. - Tad Chef
This actually made me laugh out loud, because I was thinking the same thing! - Dan
Could this mean that CNBC was right??? Nooooooooooo! - travispuk
I was planning to unfollow a bunch of followers due to Twitter's follow limit rule kicking in at the ~#2000 user level. I have to wait with that then... ;) - Martin Lindeskog
FF FTW - Eran Even-Kesef
Let's see how well Friendfeed handles this Twitter outage :) - Rene Silva
Re previous comment of mine, 'Nooooooo!' was for CNBC being right, not that twitter is dead. ;) - travispuk
life goes on - Eran Even-Kesef
Hey don't tell anyone about this FF thing, its our little secret - Jeff Wiant
Twitter better be back up by the time Rick Sanchez is on CNN this afternoon or he won't know what to talk about ;) - cjcubs
telnet 80 twitter.com ? - Gordon Joly
@gordon wont work - k00pa
FF was down for me for about 10 min just now. - Dusty Edenfield
Blogger's having some trouble as well - Crispin Heath
No address associated with nodename (twitter.com) - Gordon Joly
If friend feed ever gets as popular as twitter were will everyone go to to avoid the popular crowd? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Panic? - Dean Clark
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Panic? Aren't we all used to this already? :) - Sasha Kovaliov
if this is the North Koreans with a coordinated attack I WILL laugh - cheapsuits
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Robert, please follow back 106,000 and everything will be ok))) joke =) - obolonskyi
I can not play 140mafia!!! This sucks sooooo bad :( - Sam Beckett
Twitter outage is causing issues with both facebook and friendfeed. I guess we know where everyone is going instead of twitter. - April Russo (FForever!)
facebook? no way :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Twitter being down is a a relief to me this morning! Now I can stay OFF it rather than fitting it into every 30 second change of task! n - Arleen Boyd
at this rate they will have to start sending out junk mail via the post office again... oh the humanity - Terry Bruce
Nothing seems to work, I think it will be the Friend Feed greatest traffic boost ever - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
guys, is it Ddos attack? or smth like that? as I understand twitter is hosting somewhere and this datacenter is down. am i right? - obolonskyi
FriendFeed traffic is rocking now... - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
social media "experts" might need to actually find other work to do. - Luis Sandoval
thanks God, Youtube is working - obolonskyi
More info needed. Where is there an alternate feed to real time news? - SenderOK
seems unlikely I'll do anything productive in the interim - WarLord
Hopefully they will move to FF :) - Martynas
it could be ff provocation - obolonskyi
I feel like we are all stranded on a tropical Island together - Jeff Wiant
was afraid for a moment that out IT blocked all social networks or something horrible like that. Thank god FF came back up quickly. This might have gotten me to use FF more. I often neglect it. - Ryan Cummins
Wondered why tweetdeck wasn't loading anything. actually got some programming work done. lol - Justin Long
friendfeed rules! - Kevin Dolan
twits will move, but only until twitter is back online, then there will be a mass exodus. Remember during all of the 2007/2008 fail whales users still flocked back to it regardless. - travispuk
Twitter, Facebook, now Posterous... 4chan organize an attack or something? - Sam Harrelson from IM
Thank goodness FF is still working. :) - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
Friendfeed + Facebook :) - Rafa Lacerda
From status.twitter.com: "Site is down 1 hour ago. We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly." - Martin Lindeskog
Touché Robert, Touché - Jeff Woelker from twhirl
"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly." from Twitter Status - Kurt Jarchow
North Koreans I tell ya.... - cheapsuits
took inordinate amount of time to get into ff today as well - A Zmaj
Hmmm DoS attack...someone wanting a ransom from Twitter? - Mike Gargano
Guess they'll have to either pick up the phone or do some work :) - Graham Bunting
Can someone with 94k followers really mock the the celebs and experts devoid of Twitter? - Augie Ray
Hey, no bogus follow messages in my inbox for a while! ;-) - Julie Barrett from twhirl
This is teaching us something about the framework of the current Internet traffic patterns. We're watching cascade scale problems from one major Internet program going down. - Melanie Reed
Facebook is giving up the ol', "Transport error (#1001) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/inline_comments.php': A network error occurred. Check that you are connected to the internet" message now. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
I think this is bigger than Twitter and FB... I think it's some interweb routes or something. I had a VoIP call going with a party local to me and two across the country and I lost the two across the country, but maintained the local party. And others are commenting on other sites showing signs of outages. - Timothy Federwitz from Alert Thingy
Twitter is Down....panic..run.,,SOS! - Veetrag
What will they do? Use FriendFeed! - Chuck Huckaby
It's official. Twitter's problem is a DoS attack per twitter/status. - Roger Jennings
shhhh they'll come here - andy brudtkuhl
The real bummer for me is, now I actually have to listen to the radio to get the word of the day! - Travis Owen
is twitter connected with FB or Friendfeed? I am having page errors with both, Ajax issues with FB intermittently , I am no tech geek so I have no clue whats up and come here to learn - lisa coultrup
Maybe Ev's interview on the BBC last night didn't go down well with the Iranians! - Andrew from iPod
Status Blog says "We are defending against a denial-of-service attack." Mmmm... http://status.twitter.com/post... - akihito
Friendfeed it is then. - Aren Grimshaw
Now, It's up! - Martin Sliacky
Posterous isn't working properly either, at least for me. - Steven Melfi
What does DoS mean? - Kimberle Kelly
denial of service - Justin Long
I meant what does denial of service mean? (dumb blonde here sorry) - Kimberle Kelly
If it's true..or is it propaganda? - Alex Schleber
It's down, again. - Martin Sliacky
Thank you :o) - Kimberle Kelly
Ev coming onto the BBC last night and saying that they were asked by the US Goverment to keep Twitter up and running during the Iranian protests cannot have gone down well in Tehran! - Andrew from iPod
DoS on large portions of the internet. Is this 4Chan... Chinese... N. Korea... durkadurkastan... - Ryan Cummins
now having trouble getting to Friendfeed - Justin Long
look, few days ago Clinton back home with two imprisoned american journalists from North Korea and today Korea is attacking twitter? it is revenge))) - obolonskyi
maybe Robert's great unFollowing crashed the servers... no loss! Go FF - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
some government is DDOS'ing the real-time internet to cover up something :-) http://leeprovoost.posterous.com/the-twi... - Lee Provoost
hmmm - abdellah
As I said, I predict a baby-boom in 9 months... wait and see! - Jordi Soler
SEO Experts can analyze their charts, celebrities and wannabe's can entertain us with video (maybe some cool Twitter Whore like stuff) , and social media experts can quickly become Fail Whale Experts. - Michele Lorito-Chase
@Lee Provost don't you thing you're going to be a little apocaliptic ? :-) - Filippo Ronco
Twitter downing has to be a lesson for all of us. if sometimes gmail or even google will be down. what we all are going to do in that situation??? - obolonskyi
@Filippo i've been suprised many times that reality is often more wacked up than the conspiracy theories of geeks :-p - Lee Provoost
I'm hoping the social media experts go away and do something useful. - Parvez Halim
@Lee this is true too :-) - Filippo Ronco
@Jordi LOL, considering that there are a vast amount of single male computer geeks out there in the twitter community, baby boom effect might be negligible :-D - Lee Provoost
what is bad here? here doesnt exist reply button =( - obolonskyi
@Lee single male computer geeks - LOL)) - obolonskyi
Go back to MySpace? - Juliana
The twitter bots are rebelling - Charles
@Flynn, go check out this Greasemonkey script, solves it: http://userscripts.org/scripts... - Alex Schleber
Come here and moan about it! - Kami Huyse
Read post on 100k unfollow - I love how people are commenting and blaming Twitter being down on that! lol - Helene
AAANND.. it's back. At least for a moment I guess.. - Alex Schleber
AAANND it's GONE! ..Again. At least I managed to send out a quick FriendFeed SOS, as in: "Still think you shouldn't have all of your favorite tweeps in a "backup system" on FriendFeed? Join here: www.friendfeed.com/alexschleber " - Alex Schleber
Either collapse or back to use their phones in voice only mode, do some shopping, get eye to eye contact ... Blame god, and then. Give a serious try on FF ;p - Marco ILLESCAS from iPhone
I hope everyone will be ok...lol - April Mendez
Hey, can I hang out here on FF while my Twitter is down :) - Kevin Krewell
Welcome to FF Kevin! You can tweet from here too! - Arleen Boyd
Thanks Arleen. I hear all the kool kids hang out here now - like Scoble and you! - Kevin Krewell
I'm glad I joined FF yesterday, great timing! - CodeSamurai
I also micro-blog or create my own Twitter, but in more than 140 characters. - polou/indigo_bow
FF and Tumblr are working fine! :-) - Tim Moore
A good FF day- new familiar faces on this thread. - E-Advocate Network
What will the blackhat SEO experts, the SM spammers, and the social media experts do during a widespread outage? The answer is obvious: While sitting out the crisis they're fine-tuning their methodology. Seriously, your question offends me. There's a gazillion of SEO experts out there who do not abuse social media. - Sebastian
Sebastian there can't be a gazillion SEO experts! What's 10,000 keywords times 20?? (and that's being generous!) - Arleen Boyd
Would a social media expert consider it to be a crisis? If they rely so heavily on just one or two tools that it's enough to throw them into a tizzy, their expert status would seem to me to be ... questionable, at best. - Gord McLeod
Agreed. - Greg
Arleen, 10,000 keyword phrases times 20 is a tiny fraction of the search terms that are worth optimizing for. Think of the long tail. Also, consider lots of webmasters and even publishers / site owners / bloggers / Web developers ... SEO experts who are able to optimize their stuff quite successfully but don't sell or publish their expertise. Many of them, and even many SEO consultants, do make sensible use of social media, as plain users. - Sebastian
Gord, in a social media spammer's book 2 hours of outage, IOW 2 hours w/o sales from sneakily distributed links to questionable sales pitches, can sum up to way more than a good day's beer money. ;) However, "crisis" might be a term too strong for this potential loss. - Sebastian
+1 Sebastian - Bill Sodeman
I'm hung up on hop 12! - bev
I love FF! - John Giglio
come to Friend Feed? Not - Rob Cairns
You must be dying of laughter now Robert! - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: yes, reading this is fun. Sebastien SEO types are so easy to wind up. ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert, admit it, you broke Twitter by massively unfollowing people. The DDoS attack reports have just been a ruse to cover up the fact that you were the backbone of Twitter all this time. - Louis Trapani
Louis: that is true. I pissed the bots off. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Keep running into the wall a few times then find alternate outlets such as ff, linkedIn, etc... - Kirsten Mitchell from iPhone
Looks like the devious plan to move everyone to FF is working well. LOL :) - Geer
Ha! The whole Facebook Twitter slowdown may have been just people clicking on spam (not a DDoS botnet). How funny! Manual DDoS. See Bill Woodcock's theory at CNet, AP, SF Gate, and The Register http://ff.im/6gLmO - Mitchell Tsai
There you go again implying the only ones that use twitter is SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts - This is definitely SPIN. Perhaps you should join CNN also LOL - RetiredTeacherD
Ironic, given your status as a celebrity social media expert who constantly spams about bots... :-P - David Kettler
Now they'll have time to shower and do their laundry! - Summer Fling
Bjoern - Hamburg, Germany
Steve Jobs on why Apple doesn’t do market research - Bokardo - http://ognibeni.posterous.com/steve-j...
Posted via web from Wenn 140 Zeichen nicht reichen. - Bjoern - Hamburg, Germany from Posterous
Guy Kawasaki
This is literally the first time I've used FF
no way!!!! - sean andersen
Real Time! - Stephen Pickering
What took you so long? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
That's just wrong. - Michael McKean
Once you try, its hard to see the web any other way. - sean andersen
Twitter is so dead! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Best App on the web I think - Stephen Pickering
Will your ghost writers try it too? ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Zing! - Michael McKean
Grins.. - BairdWilliamson
LOL. Aloha! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Which browser do you normally use? :-) - Todd Hoff
It's about frickin' time, Guy! You're the guy who handed Steve Balmer a Macbook Air as a symbol of good design and yet you've been using Twitter all this time? Either start using friendfeed or switch to using Dells. You can't have it both ways. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
You missed out on the earlier days of FriendFeed, but then it's never too late to start using it. - imabonehead
I don't think Guy understands he can write comments to his posts, instead of new posts to conversate - Stephen Pickering
Welcome, we arent experts here but we manage to muddle through some how - Robert Higgins
Alex: Can I get a Dell through you? - Guy Kawasaki
Guy you just can't resist that Windows 7 can you :-) - Stephen Pickering
LOL, Guy, I've helped many a person get a Dell. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Oh and welcome...and now I'm going to faint...Guy Kawasaki commented on my comment on friendfeed. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm a social media expert, too. Like Glen. Honest. - Brett Kelly from iPhone
It's just the heat Alex :-) - Todd Hoff
Alex, YFTE: you faint too easily - Guy Kawasaki
Ah now he's gettin the hang of it ;) - BairdWilliamson
Guy, it must be the heat. ;) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hi Guy welcome :-)) - Johni Fisher
Howdy - Rodfather
I have always wondered why a social media guru type like you would be solely on Twitter. FF offers a lot. - Stu Rich
About time! - Chris Spizzirri
Welcome. Twitter's for Quitters. Its FriendFeed indeed. Ok, I've embarrassed myself enough now. :) - Lindsay
Welcome to the world of Mobs - Michael_techie
brinnnnnng it sugar!! - sofarsoShawn
Seriously? I thought you would have been lurking over here the whole time! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
hi guy - sean percival
nice work... don't know if you really need it? - Jeffrey T. Sooey
Just had to comment on Guy's first FriendFeed-originated post. I'm so excited! (yet not as excited as Alex it would seem) - Jesse Stay
Welcome, sir. - Louis Gray
Hello and welcome to FF :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
nice to see you post here. - Ronald S
Welcome, indeed - Brett Kelly
Welcome, Guy! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I use Both Twitter and FriendFeed and I'm happy with it. - Svartling from iPhone
Enjoy the ride, pun intended! - Toby Graham from iPhone
u like it? - Alemsah Ozturk
@ahsan you surely mean Wild Wide Web ;-) - Yann Leroux from iPhone
welcome Guy. I hope you use it frequently. It will be nice to see you around here. - AlpB.
at last... welcome Guy :) - Goktug Gedik
well welcome to friendfeed Guy! - (jeff)isageek
Yes Welcome Guy, it's a good thing! - Allen Harkleroad
After twitter of course again Guy :) welcome :) waiting for your great comments and sharings :) - Taylan Demirkaya
How do you like it? - Randy Allen Bishop
collectors item.. :-) - John Serra
And that sums up FF"s problem: you can have a presence on it without ever being actually present. - Ian Betteridge
but being present w/o watching/reading along to see comments makes it kind of a waste - Susan Reynolds from twhirl
Most excellent, welcome. Literally. - DGentry
and it's about time.....! :) - Charlie Anzman
wait, so this whole time the alltop twitterati were chosen by...who? - David
I really didn't notice much because your twitter feed is included on my FF list - so its like you were already a FF user. - Chris Jackson
Welcome! Check out ways to sync content here back to Twitter (bookmarks, google reader, etc) but also network in here :-) - Courtney Engle from iPhone
Welcome Guy. Hope to see more from you in FF.. - Murat Buyurgan from iPhone
Welcome aboard! - funkyboy from iPhone
Welcome. Let's knock of twitter ! - Krishnamoorthy
Welcome to the feeding frenzy! Just wait till you discover Micah's great tools. :-D http://friendfeed.com/ffhacks - April Russo (FForever!)
congrats Guy! I think you'll like it :) - Glenn Hilton
This is """literally""" the first time I commented on your feed. As always, welcome to new users such as yourself. Self + for my improper use of air qoutes. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPod
Welcome. - Pete D from iPhone
as you can see, it is comment oriented. We expect you to read comments and reply. - denizoktar
Welcome!!! Big hugs for u!!!! <3 - Magdalena Day
Aloha! - Virtually Ready
that's funny. - DanielthePoet
Glad you have you on FF. Welcome! - Chris Gardner
Welcome, Guy- make sure to leave the door open behind you, there's a nice breeze!... - Thom Kennon
welcome to the dark side. we have conversations here ;) - BEX
No turning back now. The only question is what took so long? - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
WOW! welcome dude! - Jason Pollock
you are going to love it here! watch out! Its great to have u here! - Jason Pollock
Welcome, you'll have a lot of work to do setting things up but once you do you will realize it is an awesome tool! - Brian
Yeah, FF rocks! - Janice
Welcome Guy! Please introduce yourself. j/k - AJ Batac
Welcome aboard. Enjoy your new status (AKA: Friendfeeder). - Nir Ben Yona
Finally :) - Özkan Altuner
Guess you passed the 'new adopters' torch. Welcome to the jungle~ - Liza + = ?
woohoooo! stick around :) - Frankie Warren
Guy, at least you don't have someone posting for you like other "celebrities" ;-) Good on you sir! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
@Guy - welcome! FF is a great place to follow discussions and threads. - Valeria Maltoni
welcome to FriendFeed Guy! - MB Linder
Welcome :) - Fatih Küçükbaltacı
It can be crazy at first but it's more robust than something like Twitter IMO - David LaMorte
The water's fine, come on in ;) - Clare Dibble
Welcome Guy... - Mitchell Tsai
Welcome. Add some more stuff to your feed so we can really get to know you. - Amani
Except Ed, it was via the bookmarklet, not directly into ff like this one... - Janice
congratulations! - Steve Borgman
welcome on board :) - MugeCerman
Welcome aboard! FF rocks! - dhamza
welcome to 2009 ;) - Lee
Dive in, the water is churning! - LauraLee Dooley
Welcome to the party Mr. Kawasaki. - David Damore
Bit late in the day aint ya? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
lmao @ J Deakins. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Better late than never! - Donna Payne
A marketing master - cool ; ) - Mark Harai
welcome - Jeremiah Owyang
Come on in, the water is fine! - Sean Powell
Howdy! - Jesse P. Luna
Welcome - Peter Kelley
Welcome Guy - Jose Luis Santos
I think you'll like it, Guy. Just stay away from that Robert Scoble character and you'll be fine ;) - dougcoleman
ようこそ、FFへ。コメントしないと!と思いまして、コメントしました。 - Carloe Stamp
Welcome aboard. - Richard Leiter from iPhone
Invading FF now are ya? It is obvious everyone is excited about your entrance. Love ya on Twitter! - Brady
I only hope this results in something positive. Welcome, etc. - Evil Librarian
Interaction is good! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
@Janice oic - Edward Zwart
It's about time! :P - Joel Lovato
Meh. ya rookie! - Robert Kenney
me too.. don't know what i'm doing. - leslie mills
let the addiction begin - Monique
twitter not enough visuals and too much clicking , i love ff! - Wsvdesign
Funny thread and yes I read it! - Myrna
I'm listening to Howard Dean and Bill Frist discuss Healthcare on Charlie Rose after hearing John Bolton on Jon Stewart destroy my mood about Iran, nuclear and WW3 - Myrna
You know there are always laggards. - Myrna
you'll get addict'd - Goktug Okan Oguz
Don't worry Guy - you can spam links in here too :) haha, I mean welcome to Friendfeed :) - Brian Wallace
Welcome! - Fer Isella
Next you're going to tell us that you switched to Mac last month - adam garrett
about time...welcome to FF! - Freddie Benjamin
Welcome here, maybe it takes people like you to bring the finesse of FriendFeed to the world! (can't let @scobleizer do all the work on his own, can you?) - Ruud van Wijngaarden
now figure a way to have my friendfeed autopost alltop content, maestro! - adam garrett
I was slow too :-) - Marco Raaphorst
hi! who are you? - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
welcome - Jacob
logically that's impossible, because i follow you on FF for quite a while now. - adam garrett
@llort threadkill, not directly on FF, over twitter or somthing else - MugeCerman
congrats :D - Ezgi Ceren
have you ever tried siberalem.com ? :) - Yalcin Parmaksiz
That is classic! I actually just got started a little over a week ago myself. - Chris Denker
I'm with ya.... just started this afternoon. So far, so good. :) - Ben Daugherty
late to the conversation, but I do notice that this appearance by Guy was only a cameo *sigh* - Susan Beebe
What take you so long ? - TiTi
Still learning the ins and outs :) - Boreal Water
Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I want to do that on my exercise balls. - Anika
How many tries (and broken bones) did that take? - Johnny
Homygorsh - Martha
I just don't know how you figure out you can do that. - That's So CAJ!
I'm sure if I tried it I would be in traction right now. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Really Awsome! - Pierotaglia
süper :) - Göksel Şirin
O_o - Bluesun 2600
wow. gotta reshare that! - Nicķ
very cool...perfect landing too - Jeffrey Marsh
Are you serious? No way! - Andrew Trinh
I seriously just bought one of these today. but I'm with pea♥ fierce as a woozle. no attempts for me. - Nathalie
wow that is sweet - (jeff)isageek
Dude! - BEX
Usually stomping on balls makes me uncomfortable, but this is pretty awesome. - Phronk
I expect this move to be all the rage in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the next Olympics. - Jeanine W.
Very impressive :0 - Adval
totally awesome!!! wow! how fun! - Susan Beebe
Was waiting for the neck snapping moment....was pleasantly surprised - Toby Graham
If I taught Physics, I'd show this to my students for open discussion - Bwana ☠
wtf :)) - Batu
Thought he was going to munch it, clearly, he's not human. - Will Higgins™
How many times did he try that until he got it right? - Louis Gray
Not sure how many - but my guess would be that this guy is a competitive gymnast (based on the body and the setting) - things like this often come easy (when you have trained for a dozen years to develop muscle, balance and body awareness), - Brian Sullivan
holy wow - Mattb4rd
easy? If you're Jesus maybe. - Mattb4rd
I would love to see the out takes on this - Josh Haley
Otherwise known as the orthopedist's full employment act. - Tom Landini
ZZZOMG! That is such a PHYSICS WIN. A new way to use an exercise ball! - Sean
It was amazing when he did it once, but how does he do it non-stop over and over? I lost count already. - Josh Haley
yeah and how does he teleport back to where he started? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
bah to science, +many for physical fitness, :O - chaz2b
hogeeee! fugeee! fugaaa! - Ken Okabe
WOW! Even I am impressed. - Shawn Whitmire
I can't get enough of this. Of course it should carry the "don't try this at home disclaimer". I'm sure they could run a whole episode of Amerca's Funniest Home Videos of people trying to do this. - Mark Krynsky
Awesome ! - DAL
wow - orionstarr
Is it possible that there are some hidden cables here? His form seems too perfect as his feet swing around at the end. - Brian Sloane
nope. no cables - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I'd like to see the blooper reel - Abbas Haider Ali
i wanna try, it's awesome! - tibetsong
I am going to try this next time I go to the gym wish me luck heha. - Jason
Next time I 'm at the gym, I'm gonna give this a try! :) - burdr
burdr, did you try it out?? 8^) - Chieze Okoye
This thread was discussed on the FFundercats (http://www.ffundercats.com/2009...) - Josh Haley
BTW no longer on YouTube. Bummer. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still awesome - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Ibrahim Evsan
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Thomas Hawk
Flickr User Posts Comments Critical of Obama on the Official White House Photostream and Has His Comments Along With His Entire Flickrstream Deleted Without Warning - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
I was dismayed today to read about the latest alleged case of Flickr Censorship. Censorship (or as they like to call it “moderation”) continues to be a problem on Flickr. The most recent case is that of Flickr User Shepherd Johnson. According to Johnson on the evening of Wednesday June 3rd, he posted comments critical of President Obama on “8 or so” photos on the White House’s official Flickrstream. He said that he posted these comments because he was upset with the language that Obama chose to use in his recent Cairo speech regarding terrorism. Johnson said that two days later his comments had been scrubbed and deleted from the Flickr photos. Johnson shared with me the type of comment that he made and what he shared with me seemed appropriate and polite. On Friday, June 5th, once again Johnson posted more comments on photos in the official White House Flickrstream. This time comments that were critical of the President’s recent decision to try and withhold photographs of detainee... more... - Thomas Hawk
wtf? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Wait, wha....? - Stephen Mack
I won't comment on the acceptability of Flickr's exercising of their right to entirely delete users accounts for any reason they deem sufficient, but I will note that they claim that right pretty clearly in their ToS, even for paid accounts (the pro-rated paid value of the account is forfeited to Flicker as well, by the way). I would recommend anyone who uses Flickr to protect their... more... - Kevin Fox
As owner of my photos, I have the right to delete any untoward or off-topic comments which I do often on my Flickr photos. Always with an explanation of why I deleted the comment. I'm sure the WH or whoever did the same thing. Now with users who come back and repost a similar comment, I block them. My point: I don't care if his comments were deleted. That's a non-issue. But to have Flickr delete his account is overkill. I've complained about a lot of Flickr users and they still have their accounts. - Anika
I think this falls under the category of "Don't like their community? Start your own damn photo sharing site." - Brian Johns
Or defect to Smugmug??? - Roberto Bonini
If you don't feel that Flickr should delete accounts without warning or censor political speech dig this here: http://digg.com/politic... - Thomas Hawk
Doesn't Flickr ever listen to this negative press that they get over and over when these things happen? Any "normal" company would be out of business if they treated their customers like this. - Nils Sandin
Apparently, no. They don't. - Roberto Bonini
I totally don't agree with that, not cool at all on Flickr's part. The White House is subject to criticism wherever they put their name and it should not be censored. Probably not the best forum for the criticism but that doesn't mean they should delete his account. - Jim Graham
Please don't be in a hurry to indict Flickr, where there any other reasons that led to the their decision? - Shakeel Mahate
Maybe multiple users got mad about his comments and blocked/flagged his account, which automatically deactivated it? - Roshan Vyas
I certainly gave flickr an opportunity to respond. I emailed both Yahoo PR and Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ on it. The response in my blog post is what their PR firm sent back to me. They had every opportunity to try and explain their position. These comments as well as comments on my blog post are open as well and they are also perfectly welcome to respond there as well. I sent an email back to their PR agency saying that I'd be happy to publish any additional comment from Flickr on this matter. - Thomas Hawk
Kevin's point is a good one. Certainly Flickr is well within their right to delete an account for anything that they'd like. And I think it is too bad that Shepard lost photos here that he did not have backed up. It's a good reminder not to rely on anyone but yourself to back up your photos. It's still not right though and as the most significant and relevant social photo sharing site in the world I think that they owe their users better than this. - Thomas Hawk
Cecily, I feel strongly that free speech should be allowed on Flickr. I also feel strongly that Flickr needs to revisit their policies and procedures and not make account deletions *permanent*. I think we are owed an opportunity to appeal a censorship decision and even Flickr has admitted in the past that they've made mistakes and apologized of other cases of censorship. I'm not going... more... - Thomas Hawk
Flickr has a system in place to mark accounts and users as 18+ adult. Even if they find things that they feel are offensive I think that they can simply mark the account as such and then all default accounts can no longer see that content. It is not right for them to censor users this way. I'd object to the same thing anywhere. Hell, I was bitching at MSFT this weekend for censoring the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Shepherd Johnson just posted in another forum that he spoke with Heather Champ about the matter and says that she told him that his account was deleted for posting a prison detainee photo as well what Flickr perceived as his "spamming" Flickr. Johnson left a voicemail on the matter on Carol Bartz's cell phone. - Thomas Hawk
From Johnson: "She said that was part of the reason and the other part was that she claimed that I was spamming the forum, to which I asked her if she also gave warnings to the people who posted on twenty photographs the same "That's my President Go bama!" type drivel over and over and over again. I also had her define the word "spam", to which she could not. She seemed very careful to... more... - Thomas Hawk
more in this thread here: http://www.flickr.com/groups... - Thomas Hawk
ahhh By LORETTA CHAO BEIJING -- Some Chinese Internet users criticized a government plan to require personal computer makers to ship Internet-filtering software with all new pcs, after state-run media publicized details of the initiative. - Chad Spacey
Johnson is also saying that Heather said she didn't know anything about the deleted comments which may mean that it was actually the white house that deleted those, not Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
What Anika said; deleting the comments is not big deal. Deleting the photo stream is infuriating. - RAPatton
How friggin' difficult would it be for Flickr to make banned accounts private for 7 days so banned users at least have the opportunity to retrieve their files first? Hell, if Flickr wants to ban accounts, maybe they should offer a DVD of the banned user's pics (for $5 for free accounts, free for pro accounts). That'd go a long way in making them seem a little less horrible toward their users. - Chris Charabaruk
As I've always maintained, it's the web site owner's right to do what they want with the bits they store, but one has to wonder whether the millions of Flickr photo comments made in the name of Bush-bashing would ever illicit such a response? Flickr obviously has the right to choose sides, but they should be upfront with their reasoning in this case. In other words something like "we... more... - Craig Eddy
did Yahoo not jail those Chinese photographers? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Craig, I think that that is an interesting point to consider. If you do a search for Obama on the flickr blog you come up with 30 different posts (many of them quite flattering including extensive coverage of his innaguration). By contrast a search for Bush only pulls up 2 posts. I'm not saying that Flickr staff shouldn't be able to promote Obama over Bush on the official Flickr blog,... more... - Thomas Hawk
Wait, so they CLEAR all photos after your account is deleted?!? - Prolific Programmer from IM
obviously Flickr feels bad about this at least a little bit, otherwise they wouldn't be offering him a monetary credit back. Still, that doesn't make up for the fact that they permanently deleted his photos along with likely thousands of comments and commentary on his photos. @Prolific Programmer. Yes, they do clear all your photos when they delete your account, permanently and irreversibly. Also all your comments, group postings, other's comments on your photos, etc. - Thomas Hawk
so I wasn't being daft by uploading identical photos to smugmug, zooomr and flickr? - Prolific Programmer from IM
I survived political censorship and all I got was this $25 gift card. - Dave
I wonder if there was something else that could have caused Mr. Johnson to be banned, but isn't being mentioned. Maybe he has previous infractions that pushed his account just far enough over the line? Personally, I want to hear both sides before I make any judgements. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
NO DAMNIT FLICKR IS EVIL! - Prolific Programmer from IM
<j/k> - Prolific Programmer from IM
I think what is starting to trouble me more is that according to Johnson, Flickr was not aware that his comments critical of Obama had been deleted before they deleted his account. This leads me to believe that there is a good possibility that the comments were actually deleted by the White House itself. If the White House is going to engage social media, they need to do it honestly and... more... - Thomas Hawk
TeraDyne, Johnson is now saying that Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ called him on the phone and talked to him for about two hours after he left a voicemail on Carol Bartz's cell phone. He is saying that she told him that the reason why his account was deleted was because he posted a prisoner detainee abuse photo and for "spamming" flickr, without defining what "spamming" flickr... more... - Thomas Hawk
Yes Thomas, the WH involvement would be most disturbing. - Craig Eddy
Thomas: Here is my speculation WRT the White House engaging in social media. You've probably got some hyper-liberal new grad or still in school intern running these accounts. Those types don't like people speaking against anything that has to do with what they believe to be right and haven't learned that its better to just accept or engage those with opposing thoughts, rather than just trying to force them to go away. Thus, the comments get deleted unless they are "on message." - EricaJoy
Thomas, the problem is that Johnson is the one telling both sides, therefore, we aren't really getting both sides. While he might be trustworthy, it's never a good thing to hear both sides from one party. I agree, though, that Flickr should come out with their side, but I'll leave my judgement and opinion up in the air until both parties have given their viewpoints. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Erica, that would be really sad if it were indeed the case. I'm personally interested in authentic real conversations with regards to social media and always had assumed that the various social media sites maintained by Obama's team were in fact uncensored. I don't know how to get comment on this officially from the white house, but I'm going to try and call them and see if I can at least get a no comment as to whether or not they censor their comments on their flickrstream. - Thomas Hawk
TeraDyne. I totally agree and think it would be good for Flickr to be more forthcoming in this case. Unfortunately for us at this point, it's up to them whether or not they are going to explain any more on this than they already have. - Thomas Hawk
In previous generations/administrations Shepherd Johnson would likely have been deleted, not just his account. Seriously though, Flickr needs to implement a ban rather than delete. - Andrew Smith
@Pat: totally agree, but the moderator (whether Flickr or the WH) needs to be TRANSPARENT about *WHY* there doesn't seem to be any "negative" comments. The reason isn't that no one disagrees, the reason is that we scrubbed them. - Craig Eddy
@AndrewSmith: that's a totally ridiculous assertion, unless you believe in Arkanacide - Craig Eddy
Pat, I'm not saying that Flickr is not allowed to censor. It is their soapbox after all. But flickr is a large public square, even while owned by Yahoo. People invest thousands of hours there and it is a *huge* space for public discourse, similar to our own FF here. Certainly neither FF or Flickr "owe" us a soapbox. But I think that it's respectful given the time and energy that we... more... - Thomas Hawk
Deletion shouldn't be irreversible if Heather's promises 17 months ago, when another account-scrubbing caused some outcry, have any value. See: http://www.flickr.com/help... and http://www.flickr.com/help... - Edward Coffey
Another update from Johnson: "Update #2: More from Johnson: "Heather only mentioned that she deleted the comments concerning the Abu Ghraib photo, when I asked her about the original comment on the Obama Cairo Speech she had no idea what I was talking about. I crafted my dialogue with her to find out exactly what she knew and when she knew it. That means that somebody connected with the Whitehouse, one of Peter Souza's staff or an intern, deleted my comments originally." - Thomas Hawk
Well, if the comments were removed by the owner of the stream, it sucks but I think all flickr account owners are entitled to removed comments on their photos. It's a bit silly, since the Obama administration pledged openness, so it does against that. I still can't understand why his account was deleted, though. That seems very extreme for what this man did. Shame on you flickr. - Jason Hill
Truly some great photos and history being recorded by them on the White House Stream. As for as the comments go, everyone has the right to say anything they want...on they're own stream. - John D Reasor
Alleged. Sounds like spin. - John Blossom
interesting. I'm glad I didn't do that trick yet. - NoahDavidSimon
There are a couple of questions that come too mind, were his comments the only ones that were deleted from the comment stream. Why can't flickr simply make the offending person flickr account private, then notify them that they are up for account will be deleted and give them 10 days to retrieve their pictures. It can't be that hard, to do some like that. - Kim Landwehr
I have always believed that Flickr needs a 'safe harbour' where an account can be parked while the issue is worked through. - Mel Buckpitt
Just sent the following flickrmail to the official Whitehouse Flickr photostream account. Hopefully they respond: Hi, My name is Thomas Hawk. I am a blogger and Flickr photographer. I'm writing to officially inquire as to whether or not The Official White House photostream censors or removes comments from the images in this stream. Recently a flickr user, Shepherd Johnson, had his... more... - Thomas Hawk
We used to be able to make fun of Bush all we wanted and not have our accounts deleted. Well, this is "change". - Morton Fox
It's horrible that this would happen without ample warning and yet, I pay flickr $25/ year... - Jeremy Kunz
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? is wrong with Flickr? Don't they have any sense?? wow - Susan Beebe
I've said it before. it is legal. I would be a hypocrite to say otherwise. my arguments with twitter isn't an argument for free speech, but merely that they take the interests of it's users seriously. I may not like Obama as a leader, but that is irrelevant. private property is private property and this is why we have to make sure no private company can monopolize API standards or... more... - NoahDavidSimon
I know that I am showing the wackiness that is I but I really don't care. It isn't censorship by the definition of the word. TOS. The guy was attempting to make a point by threadjacking. Folks on the interwebs used to call that sort of thing out. I might not agree with flickr deleting his stuff but once again the onus was on him to back up his own content. It is not as if there are not plenty of other places that he can post hist material. My 2 cents. - Mathew A. Koeneker
thanks for pointing this out Thomas - NoahDavidSimon
This has nothing to deal with the first amendment. It's their site. It's a customer service issue. Just start a boycott. Post a message: "I am moving to <your favorite gallery site> because Flickr deleted Johnson's account". Once you reach a million people threatening a boycott, they will do something or maybe they don't need users anymore. - Antonio Piccolboni
Antonio, I couldn't imagine living without Flickr. It's such an amazing and unique place. I'd rather try to stay and change it than boycott it. I think they made a bad censorship call here and would like to see them publicly apologize for it to Shepherd. More significantly though I think that they owe us as users not to make account deletions immediately permanent and to provide warning... more... - Mrsth
sorry that last comment was from me, I was accidentally logged into mrsth's account. - Thomas Hawk
Certainly Flickr made a bad call by completely deleting his account, but its their right. But why make critical comments about Obama's speech or policies or whatever on his FLICKR site? Unless his comments were about what he didnt like about the photos, it seems like the wrong forum to me. - Manny
Manny, I can think of few other forums more relevant for talking about releasing the prison detainee abuse photos than on an actual official Govt. photostream. To me it seems like one of the most appropriate places of all. The fact of the matter is that Obama did in fact flip flop on this issue and this was a way that an American could offer his criticism of that fact in a public forum.... more... - Thomas Hawk
And I certainly recognize that Flickr is owned by a private company Yahoo and Yahoo is well within their legal rights to delete this account. As I am within my legal rights to criticize their decision as loudly as I'd like. I just think that as a private company that they owe us more than that. Flickr is a jewel, an incredibly important piece of the cultural landscape. I'd like to see them handle their stewardship of it more responsibly. - Thomas Hawk
Sure, Flickr is privately-owned, but so are airlines. Flickr should not be allowed to get rid of your account any more than an airline is allowed to get rid of your luggage. If some stewardess decides you're being a jerk and kicks you off the plane, the airline isn't allowed to throw away your bags! - Gabe
Amazing to see all the Obama apologists endorse positions they condemned in Bush. I remember people jumping all over me when I noted back during the primary that Obama's super-cool social media campaign apparatus would very soon be a *government* apparatus with formidable censorship power. Looks like that day has arrived. - joneilortiz
wish i could read the actual article, but firefox 3 on the mac crashes every time i try to load the page. - dannysullivan
The details that I've seen on the reproduced image of this post seem to indicate that it was not just comments but reproduction of the controversial photos. Is it censorship? Yes. Is it what the White House wants? Yes. You take it from there. - John Blossom
danny, I'm not sure why that is. I'm able to open the page in firefox 3 on a mac no problem. - Thomas Hawk
John, yes it is my understanding that this user posted an image that is widely available via Google Image Search and other channels of detainee prisoner abuse along with comments objecting to the recent passage of legislation blocking release of additional prison abuse photos. It's my understanding that the image posted was not from his photostream but actually from another user's... more... - Thomas Hawk
Yet everyone still continues to use Flickr for some reason. - Dave Roth
Dave, because it's an amazing community, perhaps the single greatest community, of photographers on the internet today. There is so much that is so good about Flickr and there really is nothing else quite like it anywhere else on the web. That said, Yahoo Management has largely allowed flickr to abuse their users and repeatedly engage in censorship and refuses to allow safeguards to be... more... - Thomas Hawk
memo to new search engines. everyone ego searches. just hard code & folks like @loic http://www.loiclemeur.com/english... happy.
Leo Laporte
Question for you all. I have a trademark for TWiT® - first used in May 2005, trademark applied for May 2006 and registered March 2007. The trademark is in "Entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, and musical, variety, news and comedy shows." http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin...
Up until now there's been no conflict with Twitter itself because the brands were in different arenas. (We have, however, sent out cease and desist letters to companies using "twit" in their name and doing audio or video). But now Twitter is doing a TV show. The confusion between TWiT and Twitter is mounting. What do I do? Defend my mark? Or let my brand be swallowed by the big guy (even though we were first by several years)? I need your advice. What does the community think? - Leo Laporte
Defend your trademark, 99% of people will totally understand, you have to do it, or you'll loose it! - Chris Lloyd
Defend it. People that watch Twit Tv will also defend it. - Jason Rundell
Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. Does TWIT still stand up as an accurate brand for all the new stuff you are doing with TWIT Live? Might be time to find a new visual/brand identity. - BryanSchuetz
At the SF MusicTech conference a lawyer called "tweets" "twits" repeatedly. Let's just say I think you should defend your mark and let TV chew up and spit out twitter. - Richard Walker
Bryan: The TWiT name carries alot of weight in tech circles, it will take alot of money/time/effort to make a completely new name for something that will probably outlast twitter anyway - Chris Lloyd
Incidentally, Twitter just got their trademark approved May 11, 2009 in the following "Telecommunication services, namely, providing online and telecommunication facilities for real-time interaction between and among users of computers, mobile and handheld computers, and wired and wireless communication devices; enabling individuals to send and receive messages via email, instant... more... - Leo Laporte
There is nothing ideal about any aspect of IP law. - Richard Walker
Chris: I think Leo's name carries more weight than TWIT and (for me at least) he IS TWIT so I don't see it as quite such a big deal. - BryanSchuetz
Of course, there's a larger long-term problem because of the way that Twitter has weakened _your_ brand. It might be less expensive (and a better use of your time) to rebrand TWiT into something that strengthens your brand and moves it away from Twitter; avoiding any future problems (and there will be future problems). You can't fight Oprah. - Professor Messer
Leo - your brand, as most evidenced by your show and content is awesome - for a small group of peeps who have had a chance to discover it and enjoy. I'd use the overlap in marques to leverage Twitter in some type of promotional / service partnership, whilst still retaining your brand and the equity you've built. Don't fight em, join em, at least tactically. - Thom Kennon
Never give in to the big guy! - Brian Harper
Defend it Leo. You built the brand and they need to honor that. - Robert
I always thought calling the network the same name as a show on the network was wierd. But it's a recognized brand, and I wouldn't give in. Send some mails to all the twitvid.io's out there. - Anton
Is the BIG guy really that Big? Plus, with the way busines is changing one thing seems to remain the same...protectionism, let's sue someone it's easier. I'm suggesting your desicion is easy here Leo but in light of the landscape changing do you really have a chance? The other question to ponder is this, Twitter is the hot thing now but will it be 5 years from now and will it be true... more... - Owen Greaves
speaking from a british point of view a twit is someone who is a little silly or stupid. I think your podcast can stand up against the everising onslaught of twitter. Why not rise above all this discussion and say what you are This week in technology, a fantastic poscast full of wit and essential information for gadget freaks such as myself. Let the owners of twitter gabble on, in my book baby creatures twitter and you are certainly no TWIT. - Chris Jennings
@ Professor Messer 'You can't fight Oprah' is not totally correct. You can FIGHT her, can you win? Maybe. I think, offline, Leo VS Oprah would go several rounds. Tweetfight says otherwise. - Jason Rundell
Defend it Leo. What's the use in having a trademark if others can infringe upon it. - TechListReport
Sorry to say, my girlfriend recently yelled at my for watching 'Twitter' when I was really watching TWiT live. Confusion does exist for people who don't fully understand what each service is. - Wo
The good thing about trademark law is that it's well established and legally documented. The problem with trademark law is that it's well established and legally documented. You need a brand to create awareness, and you need the trademark to protect your established brand. This one is sticky because TWiT is well established but it's going to be an expensive brand to protect. Twitter's... more... - Professor Messer
@Jason Rundell, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a cage match between Leo and Oprah (who wouldn't?). But it'll cost a lot of time and money. Sometimes it's better to be smarter than the legal system. - Professor Messer
Oh, and I think this is just the opportunity we need to resubscribe our iTunes and take over the top 10 lists. :) - Professor Messer
Can I ask - did TWiT exist before Twitter? Or did Twitter exist first? And - is your name TWiT based on Twitter, at all? - Chris Loft
Chris Loft: TWiT predates Twitter and comes from This week in tech... - Chris Lloyd
I think it's only right to defend your trademark Leo. You were there way before Twitter and just because they have gained significantly increased attention and media coverage, doesn't mean you have to lay down and submit to Twitter. I would defend your mark vigorously if I were you. You've worked hard to build your brand. - Marty McPadden
Chris Loft proves that there is confusion between the two. - Anton
Leo - TWit is an incredible brand and network of invaluable podcasts - you simply have to defend it - Robert Davies
Fight for it. When they try to get additional financing make your move. Asserting your trademark will cause them to settle or buy you out when they go public. - Alan Morris
I think that once you see the Twitter television show, you'll probably want to distance yourself as far away as possible. - Professor Messer
Defend your trademark. I get more intellectual engagement from the TWiT network of shows than I do from most of my Twitter community. - Eric Geller
Use whatever legal tools you have available to defend your brand, especially if Twitter is talking about crossing into audio/video. You have a strong product, and Twitter is creating brand confusion in the market. A hard line needs to be drawn between your product and theirs, and it's clear that they are not going to keep a respectful distance with TWiT. - Jason Miller
You have to rise above the emotion and make a business decision. How much will it cost you to defend versus how much will you gain? Simple cost/benefit. My guess is that this fight will cause you to lose focus on your work, be a financial hardship as you go up against a company with VC backing, and all for the "possibility" that you will win and maybe get some compensation from Twitter.... more... - Tom Sheppard
I thought twitvid.com was the new video netcasts Leo has been talking about, boy was I surprised! - Daniel Rinaman
It has to be defended.Giving up and letting another company take your brand, no matter how big the company or personal feelings toward the owner, can not be an option. You built your brand and should defend it. - David Z
Defend it Leo! - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Don't think you have much choice do you. You either protect it or lose it. If you don't at some point they will try the other way. - nef 919 from Nambu
You need to defend it Leo. You had the trademark first. - imperator3733
How about a name like LeoCast... No confusion there. - Rustic Thoughts
It's YOUR mark Leo and you have worked hard to make it as well-known as it is. Defend what's yours!! - Jim Connolly
Twitter will be virtually gone like Classmates and MySpace in a few years... Keep the name! - Rick Harvey
yes defend your trademark - Alfonso alatorre
Twit came before Twitter I think you should defend it. it is dumb anyways Twit and Twitter is not even the same word, it would be like CocaCola suing Coconut because of COC - URLREVIEWS
Twitter is going to be a realty show based on stalking celebrities. It wont last more than one season. - Rustic Thoughts
I say let it roll. Your a 'big guy' in your own field, but Twitter is bigger. Play off of them. You could be bigger. Look at all the petty stuff that Microsoft did..and where did it get them? Bad Press. - Gene
I think Twitter has the brand and you don't right now. Maybe Twitter should buy it from you or you should collaborate with twitter to monetize and add your TWiT to twitter - Amit 'zyaada' Mittal
I certainly think you should defend your trademark, isn't that why you registered? - dcale1965
I checked Twitter's own site and it looks like Twitter launched March 1, 2006. TWiT was around well before then. Being in tech, I find it hard to believe they hadn't heard of him. It was a big podcast even then. I knew of TWiT well before Twitter. This may seem like a dumb issue to some, but a lot of people I recommended the podcast to now ask me if "it's a Twitter thing." - JeffreyVC
Ev told me that when they were considering names for Twitter they knew about TWiT and decided it didn't matter. In their defense, they had no idea what or how big Twitter was to become. We talked about trademark early on and both agreed there was no conflict _as long as we were in different spaces_. And therein lies the rub. - Leo Laporte
Apple Computer and Apple records recently went through this -- what was the outcome there? - Brian Sullivan
I thought it wasn't clear infringement when Twitter came out but now that there is Twit video the infringement is very clear. I would defend. - Robert Scoble
Lawyers are expensive. Legal fights are draining. You could spend the rest of your professional life fighting this battle. I don't know what's been going on in the back channel, and you probably shouldn't say publicly, but if you haven't tried approaching the Twitter board members privately, you might want to. Lay out the facts carefully, and if you're open to a settlement, say roughly... more... - Dave Winer
"Clear Infringement". How exactly? It's a lose/lose for Twitter if they choose to encroach or even litigate. - Arawak
Yeah but Leo added video later. And now Twitter is adding video. The real issue is that there is no clear separation between a radio/video network and a social microblogging site these days. And our trademarking system is so ridiculous that these kinds of conflicts go completely unnoticed all the time. - JeffreyVC
I'd say it's time to either re-brand TWiT or defend it. Deferring the decision and just living with the confusion and ambiguity is no longer an option. - Ken Sheppardson
Defend your trademark - Lars Clausen
Defend your brand Leo.The World Wide Fund for Nature took on the WWF and made them change their name to WWE. If they can do it, so can you. - BRҰANSAҰS
The big problem with defending it... beyond the unfortunate fact that it's a drain on resources that could be better spent elsewhere... is it's not clear how you'd win. They're not going to change their name. They'll forever be Twitter. Is it sufficient to somehow "ban" them from ever doing anything in video? Enforcing that in perpetuity's would only raise your blood pressure. - Ken Sheppardson
I would take the emotion out of the equation -- find out what it would cost to defend and determine what it is worth to have exclusive/non-exclusive use (maybe some subjectivity here) and make the decision using that information. - Brian Sullivan
I say defend it but only so much as to bring more media attention to your brand... once you have the media's attention you can use that to change the brand identity if you so choose. Your followers myself included will stay fans no matter what you call your brand, but I think you have an opportunity to expand and use twitter as a means of gaining media attention! - Nathan McClain
If you don't do this you wont have a leg to stand on in the future when you need to really protect it. I can piss all over your trademark if you do not defend it. - David Lloyd
Leo: in a trademark fight what is the ROI? I am sure it will be very expensive and not sure you will get much in return but if you forced Twitter to change its name I am sure they would quickly settle with you. - Robert Scoble
I still think Twitter will be as irrelevant as MySpace in 2 years, but it's your brand to protect. - Mike Lewis
Ideal Outcome: A $$$ settlement sufficient to comfortably fund the rebranding of TWiT. - Ken Sheppardson
while bryan lee makes a good point, their battles took a long time to resolve. but, don't let this deter you. i would suggest you defend it. if anything, i see you have a strong case and whatever happens can be in your favour. it's possible twitter can concede in infringing in your trademark and may be even consider licensing through the course of the battle. but be very, very patient for any outcome to happen. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Dave: wrong. Leo is who got me on Twitter. His marks were more popular and predated Twitter's. - Robert Scoble
Leo got me into twitter too! - Jim Connolly
I think Leo has a good chance at wining his case since he did register the copyright first. Twitter is still not a money making business. They are living off of VC money. They will probably not have the funds to mount a case since their money will be tied up with keeping twitter afloat. Am I right? - BRҰANSAҰS
Leo also got me on Twitter shortly after they went public. - Mike Bracco
regarding AMF, Inc. v. Sleekcraft Boats, 599 F.2d 341 (9th Cir. 1979) the battle was very different. one of the things found was that the company had an 'infinity' of other brands to choose. it's a very different situation in detail, although it looks comparable at face value. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Or just have them become a premium sponsor. There used to be so much twitter talk before, I think they really should be owing you some gratitude for the traffic. - Arawak
As part of any settlement, you should demand Ev and Biz concede that individual Twitter entries are "Tweets", as embarrassed as they seem to be by that. They're net "twits" or "twitters"... they're "tweets". - Ken Sheppardson
i'm sure something can be negotiated with twitter. a lawsuit in this case would show you're just defending your trademark because they are encroaching in your territory. you're not taking them on what they are known to do, their core competency. rather, it's stepping into your own grounds. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
not doing anything on purpose may weaken your trademark. many court cases also end up not going through the entire ordeal. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Yep, I agree the day has come where it's either fight or flight. And I don't mean that quite the way it sounds. :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
Defend!!!! - Mark Williamson from BuddyFeed
I don't think you have much choice. Either you defend it or you lose it. - Pascal Sijen
dave johnson: true, there's always a degree of uncertainty; but that doesn't mean giving up in defending one's investment in a trademark. it can be argued pragmatically and it's to the point where leo must defend his territory upon which twitter is encroaching. aye. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I'm not sure you can win, are we aren't even sure what they're going to call it yet. If it ends up being Twitter.TV you have no chance to beat them. - DarknessFalls
There is even a shortening service called: http://twitpwr.com/ - The brand must be defended. - David Z
Leo: You must defend it or lose it. They need to know you also have the muscle behind you. I have the attorney that did all the trademark work for Terminator 1-4, Rambo, old timer who knows every angle. I have him on retainer and would love to join your cause. I can arrange a chat with him at no cost, then you can decide to move ahead, or if the cost seems to steep, I would be interested in partnering with you on the trademark. Fight on Leo! Let me know if you want to chat Thx Chad - Chad Harris
I'm of the opinion that twitter's initial success back in 2006 and 2007 was in part due to piggybacking on the brand name recognition that Leo had built over the years prior. - Chris Heath
I think defending it is what you must do, but perhaps take a different look at it all together and suggest some kind of mutual PR blitz leading into a partnership or new brand identity for TWiT. Just don't call it SyFy! - Aaron T. Harvey
The question here is would a "Reasonable person" confuse the two? I would like to think I am a reasonable person (even though I can't spell) and I would not be confused in the least. I love the Twit network and watch several hours a week, but I don't see the issue. - Rob
I agree that since Leo has been a twitter evangelist all these years, they should be able to strike an accord somehow. Maybe even partnering up on the whole Twitter TV Show since Leo has the video presence online. - BRҰANSAҰS
You have to defend now, or 5 years from now you'll have a weaker case against the twitty podcast network. - Robert Hafer
Rob, the question isn't whether or not you or I would confuse the two, but do the people who watch Oprah and maybe catch Leo on The Tech Guy confuse them...and they do. - Aaron T. Harvey
Aaron...Do you really think they would. Am I that out of touch with the "Normal People"? If that is the case then I guess I would have to conseed that to be an issue. But I am still not quite convenced. - Rob
Funny - I would enjoy the extra publicity - You have a loyal set of listeners - and none of us are confused. If people end up on your site -cause they are looking for twitter, maybe they will take a listen. People who are looking for podcasts on technology though i doubt will find twitter in a search. - Laurence Gold
Rob, I've seen it happen, even with people "in the know". People think that TWiT is somehow connected with Twitter because of the name. It's a mistake that, while not happening with everyone--and maybe not even the majority--can end up costing Leo and co. money. - Aaron T. Harvey
Protect what you worked hard to build - Shawn Hickman
Of course you should perfect TWIT for media and tech. You have the prior art, use. It's an obvious move for Twitter to exploit their 'brand' into media. You must pursue Leo. You have been a crusader for fair-use, but there are times (like this example) where fairness requires accountability. - michael sean wright
The commenter who noted that if you do not enforce your rights they may be weakened is generally correct. I suggest seeking an agreement that is mutually beneficial and recognizes your rights in the TWiT(R) trademark. - erik pelton
The problem with defending your trademark is the public backlash it can generate. Think O'Reilly and Web 2.0 or Apple and Profit Pod. But in this case, if you are indeed convinced that there is some infringement of TWiT by Twitter, I think you'd be doing us all a favor if you could somehow head off their plans for a celebrity-stalking TV show. - Dave
The problem is not really twitter, or a twitter video show, but all the people who says they just sent a twit. Also all the small companies with twit in their name, who are in the video/audio area. Twit radio, twitvid.io etc etc. I see no problem in protecting the brand. However it ends out you'll get a lot of publicity. - Anton
Leo, this could be an opportunity for you to come out ahead. Yes it's an awkward situation and yes you could fight this on legal grounds, but there's no win for you there. Here's a way for you to win. Today your brand is a split brand--split between "Leo LaPorte" and "TWIT." You can win by focusing more on building the Leo LaPorte part of the brand. "Leo LaPorte" doesn't equal TWIT, yr... more... - Michael Metz
man you gotta defend your name and trademark,whats next a twitter podcast network? - cliff whitefoot
I think Ken Sheppardson sums it up nicely. I don't think you even need to retain a lawyer to start with the cease and desist letters, then see if they are amenable to a settlement, partnership or other remedy. It doesn't have to, and hopefully won't ever, come to a legal battle. However, it's clear enough that unless Leo hands them his mark and re-brands on his own dime, he must defend... more... - Richard Walker
Its funny... in a way you helped make twitter the juggernaut it is today.... all the free advertisement that you have given them over the years....LOL.. Maybe they should return the favor - Nathan McClain
Hasn't Leo said he wants to add a second host to the network? Wouldn't it also confuse viewers if they were watching the Leo Laporte Network and the show was hosted by someone not named Leo? - Norm Corriveau
Leo, some other people have made good points, if you're going after Twitter your also going to have to go after the other sites with Twit in the name: Twitpic, Twitpwr and Twiteverything or your case will be thrown out. - DarknessFalls
DarknessFalls: he'd only have to do that if they all launched TV shows too. - Martin Bryant
darknessfalls, you're not getting the scope. it's about leo's twit trademark on video and what twitter plans to do that's associated with it. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
If you haven't done so already, explore the Apple case, both the legal and business issues that Apple Corps encountered. And if you DON'T defend your trademark, what's Plan B? Remember that Twitter (or its future owners) may someday sue YOU. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Leo, take your mark and make them all change names. Is this Ustream show even official Twitter? it looks pretty lame, like they just used the word, visual branding like twitter.com. http://www.ustream.tv/channel... - rob
Don't sue unless you can find a business case and a lawyer to take the case on contingency with enough potential gain that it all wouldn't have been a big waste of time for a couple hundred dollars. But I am not a lawyer (IANAL). In fact, the grown up thing for twitter to do would be to link to you with an explanation that they aren't you and visa versa. - Eric Standlee
Defend yourself, Leo. - Devin Baines
Defend your trademark. Why else would you have filed it in the first place? - phil baumann
The best solution would be for Leo to produce the official Twitter show as part of the TWiT network. - Martin Bryant
The brand is big because of Leo yes, but having the TWiT brand is important. There are shows on the network in which Leo is not in. - Anton
Whats the question? TWiT is yours Leo, you need to protect it, the TWiT Army is not only at your back but with 60% of new Twitter accounts not coming back, all you have to do is hold out and wait on it to fold anyways. - Bush Williams
Anton, the band is TWiT - twit.tv? - TWiT netcast network... that is the brand... - Chris Heath
It is totally unfair, but I want to see all of your focus and money going towards content, not legal actions. You will be endlessly sending out C&Ds or worse as long as Twitter is popular. That said, I do think you should squeeze some money out of Ev in order to cede the brand. - invariant
Twitter offers more value to me than TWiT ever could. Sorry Leo, but this just seems like sour grapes. - Shannon
Leo: You should do a This Week in Law on this btw. - Anton
Shannon - how much value you get from either brand is not what is at question here. - Chris Heath
I'm not sure if this was already mentioned in the nearly 150 comments here, but Leo's link doesn't work. Here's a better link that I hope stays active: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin... - Eric Geller
+1 to chris' comment. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
You have a "defend or lose" obligation under trademark law. The TWiT brand has significant value, both from a revenue perspective and and the potential cost of re-branding al your sites, moving twit.tv etc., if you lose it. Protect the mark that secures your brand. Oh yeah, on that whole "big guy" theme: Because of your stable business model vs Twitter's Twitter's evolving one, an... more... - Technodad
Shannon, the post asks for advice on how to be the best caretaker of a network and its trademark - your assignment of personal value should guide your own choices, but is irrelevant to the question at hand. How can it be sour grapes if failing to act now _could_ result in losing the standing of a trademark/brand which preceded those of other players who _may_ be crossing the line to the point of infringement. - Micah
TWiT offers more value to me than Twitter ever could. Sorry Shannon, but this just seems like sour grapes. - invariant
What a conundrum. I can't speak much to any legal considerations. But, on an emotional level, I would imagine that not defending and potentially losing the name must feel like smiling politely as an immigration official pins you with a random Anglicized name because your real, "ethnic" name is confusing to the masses in the new world, and making a fuss is to gamble the welfare of your... more... - Micah
@Ken Camp: Isn't twitter also a common english word which can't be trademarked? EDIT: Or Windows, for that matter? - invariant
invariant -- you mean like Apple? - Brian Sullivan
word, err, I mean Microsoft Word - Micah
So I think we've established that common English words can be trademarked. So what's the criteria? Has to be a noun? - invariant
of related note, i realise that twitter is indirectly facilitating twit offshoots upon registration. this is how: registering anything with 'twitter' in the username is *banned*. so, for a user already having their heart set on using twitter as part of their 'brand' might think of using 'twit' instead. this opens up a new can of worms figuring out who is using the twit name and doing video. like how they are doing now with 'twiter', they can stop it at registration to avoid further confusion. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I say defend it. If they are doing a TV show, they're definitely stepping on your toes. Nevermind that I can't imagine their show would be any good, but that's a different story... :) - Jan Ole Peek
What about TwiTips? If that isn't entertainment then what is? But seriously I own several trademarks myself and I know if you don't take action then you could lose the Tmark. You have a conundrum because Twitter is so popular. So I would recommend seeking a compromise so that you won't lose your mark and appear like the bad guy with the public. Perhaps a clearer definition of the terms... more... - BLOGBloke
Other than I think he needs to see a surgeon to fix that lean to the left he has,... I love the guy and have been listening to him for about 15...16...dang probabaly close to 18 years about tech news I love the guy. And to top it off! He knows what he is talking about!! Leo makes am radio worth a listen on the weekends! - John Apostoli
TWiT is a network providing audio and video broadcast covering issues related to the tech field. Twitter is a social network used to connect people using the basic SMS tools. While people *may* confuse the issue by referring to Twitter messages as "twits, there is no evidence that Twitter has used or endorsed the term. Unless & until Twitter (as a company) starts using the term "Twit"... more... - David J. Garcia
I've said this privately, but I guess I will say it publicly.Defend your mark. It is your livelihood. There WILL be confusion if it gets to TV, where people are not tech savvy and have no idea who you are - Francine Hardaway
Yes, it may be expensive, and yes, these fights are draining, Dave, but until the laws are changed (an entirely different question), Leo could lose part of his livelihood through the confusion, especially since he has advertisers who would probably want him to defend. Everything in the universe doesn't happen in Silicon Valley:-) - Francine Hardaway
David - until now that has been the case, but Twitter is planning on doing a TV show (which would definitely be infringement), which is why this debate is happening. - imperator3733
I would certainly want you to defend it but i don't think its gonna be possible for two reasons. First Twitter is a bigger, more powerful and certainly more loved brand with more money. and you were first to infringe the unofficial agreement by hosting Twit Army. in that perspective you might not be able to defend it legally.besides the audience you've built ain't gonna be affected by what twitter does.So consult a legal advisor & take best course of action. Best of Luck - Abhishek Sharma
I think if you approach it in good faith--initially without lawyers--you have a very good chance to work something out. Ev seems to be a very reasonable guy. Perhaps it's best to draft a strategy with counsel before any discussions though. What's really in your favor(perhaps legally, perhaps not) is that Twitter can't deny how your support and promotion for it was incendiary to the... more... - Gregg Scott
What's the point of a googlefight here Nate? - Chris Heath
Sorry but the Google fight site is loaded with pop-ups that even show through popup blocker. - Usman Bashir
Usman, I didn't get any popups (using chrome on winxp) but still it's a hideous site - Chris Heath
Twitter has a lot of investment, but I'm not sure all of that is liquid money. You may be even in the money spent defending your Trademark. I say go for it. Do it now though if you do. - Jesse Stay
Leo must Defend! - Jim Mahon
If it was me, I'd defend it. While Twitter is still worth something! Talk to a lawyer first and see if you have a valid case. - John Frazer
I can't believe how long this thread has gotten! - BRҰANSAҰS
Seems like you are getting a lot of FREE promotion as a result of twitter. My bigger concern would be not having the twit.com URL to go with your brand name. That's a big issue! - Craig Shipp
@Craig, twit.com was registered in 1997, and it's parked. - rob
Defend it Leo. Things may get ugly, but sometimes they just gotta. - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Fight for you trademark! Especially since they knew of your prior use and now they are doing a TV show which they should know is stepping on your trademark. - russellcoleman
Leo, FriendFeed community, let's get practical here - Twitter has more resources and probably a decent case defending against what you could file. It would be a blow to your image, to TWiT's image, and be bad press overall. You have a far greater chance of losing credibility than gaining trademark protection. You need to look into other strategies. - Ben Parr
There is no such thing as bad Press - Jesse Stay from email
I would thin kthat the thing to do is to gently but firmly convince them that they are infringing on your brand, that litigation would be damaging to both of you, losing community goodwill over the fight, and that it would be simpler, faster, and cheaper for both entities if they were to pay for your rebranding effort. Be prepared to present them with the estimated costs of litigation,... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Defend your Trademark. It's the responsible thing to do as a buisness. - Donald Forth
what Kyle & guruvan said. Does anyone else think we need threaded comments for conversations like this right here? - Richard Walker
I'd defend the TWiT trademark. - Jonathan Bloom
I'm not as thunk as you drink I am - David Lloyd
Also there is this guy who has a "beef" with twitter http://twitter.co.uk/ - rob
@rob friedman - That guy says Twitter doesn't require you to validate your email address. Wow, that's ripe for abuse! - invariant
Defend. - Tony Meyer
Talk to a lawyer. - Zian Choy
More than a hundred comments, the community is twitting even on friendfeed. A legal action would be very difficult. You should first define your objective in doing so. Do you really want to protect your brand or settle for a lucrative compensation? Even if you get some sort of legal protection limiting Twitter to use or endorse the word "twit" to some extent, people will still be... more... - Cem ARGUN
Maybe a dead issue? At least as far as the potential fight w/ Twitter, Inc. Mashable says Twitter responds no official Twitter TV show http://mashable.com/2009... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And now for something completely different... watch the meetup room if interested in seeing Spamalot in SF as a group... - Richard Walker
I would say defend it. Of course, I'm just a Twit.tv fan and not a lawyer. - Joey Gibson
You lose so much credibility with all this nonsense. - PC Easy from twhirl
'all this nonsense'?? wtf is that supposed to mean? - Chris Heath
Just leave it alone until they manage to make some real money off it, then litigate. That's how it's done you know. - Will Higgins™
Yeah this is nonsense. If you think you really have a case, then don't make a big stink about it on Friendfeed. Just go take them to court. - PC Easy from twhirl
Leo, I am a long time fan and constant listener to all of you work. You are a more than fair and wholly honorable man. You have had TWIT long before I ever heard of a twitter. Go with your heart Leo. I am behind you. I understand you would impede progress of any positive kind. But a cease and desist letter. Seems harsh. I think you have a winner. Let them buy the TM. Power to the people. Go Leo, you deserve it. You do only good. You are one of a kind! RodneO - RODNEY OLIVER
PC Easy: I don't think Leo's making a big stink. The idea that twitter would get into the tv/video business would be a big thing since they have a verbal agreement with Leo not to get into that business. This may be all for nothing, since the mashable article guruvan linked above states that twitter will not be doing a show. Leo was doing the best first step (imho) in asking the community for guidance in the event that the original reporting was correct (which it does not appear to be now). So moot point - Chris Heath
I think if I was you Leo I would try to license rights to them and get some mula out of it. Remember "Leo Laporte" goes a lot farther than TWIT does and most importantly ever will. - Eric VM
there's a current backlash on twitter trending topics right now w/ hashtag #notwittertv. the examiner has an unfavorable article here: http://www.examiner.com/x-264-C... even alyssa milano is against it: http://twitter.com/Alyssa_... - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Its going to suck and bomb... guaranteed. - Rustic Thoughts
Maybe just sell it to them Leo for a gazillion dollars and retire. Keep the leaches out of it..meaning the lawyers. What the heck, Leo you are great at trend setting, you practically put twitter on the map. They owe you something.for all the pub you have given them since their inception. - John Apostoli
Defend. There's really no reasonable alternative. - Jason Clarke
You gotta defend it Leo. What's the point of trademarking in the first place. - Joel Lovato
You have to defend what is legally yours. - Michael Hansel
Twitter Responds: There is No Official Twitter TV Show- Mashable (May 25th, 2009 | by Pete Cashmore) -- http://mashable.com/2009... -- There is no official Twitter TV show—although if there were it would be fun to cast! In dealing with networks and production companies we sometimes have simple agreements. Regarding the Reveille and Brillstein project reported today,... more... - Chris Loft
Leo, suggest you go "open source co-branding" on this. Monetize your "twit" brand through creative brand licensing with emerging entertainment and multimedia microblogging companies that want to ride the "twitter" bandwagon. I can see creative corporate and individual co-brands like, TwitSounds, TwitFilms, TwitMedia, TwitCats, TwitBitch, TwitMechanic, etc... - Mike Schmidt
I don't want to over simplify this but if Twitter do branch into video and even streaming TV, surely the content would have to be substantially different to what TWiT already provides, otherwise they are at risk of spoiling their brand identity. Stay strong and true to the Tech news content and let Twitter, well do what ever they may do. Personally, I think it would be a mistake for them to go down this road. Time may be better spent further improving the existing service. - Kevin J Hatton
the mashable news is taken directly from the twitter blog: http://blog.twitter.com - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Maybe it's a good time to Re-Brand. Twit has unfortunate connotations in some areas of the English speaking world. On this side of the pond a twit is an idiot. Until I became aware of Leo I gave TWiT a very wide berth. Branded simply as This Week in Tech it would have got my positive attention a whole lot sooner. Time to move onward and upward. - Gilbert Harding
This was copied and pasted but sums it up so well : Of course, there's a larger long-term problem because of the way that Twitter has weakened _your_ brand. It might be less expensive (and a better use of your time) to rebrand TWiT into something that strengthens your brand and moves it away from Twitter; avoiding any future problems (and there will be future problems). You can't fight Oprah. - Professor Messer - Fragtastic
A very worthy point - "I think that once you see the Twitter television show, you'll probably want to distance yourself as far away as possible. - Professor Messer" - Fragtastic
I'll admit to being a little slow on the uptake to both TWiT and twitter and it took me some time to figure out that they were different things. I was listening to TWiT before I found twitter, and at first I wondered if I was mixing the names up in my head. I think there is real potential for confusion between the two names. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, Leo. - Rick Reynolds
You could ride the wave of popularity Twitter is experiencing by allowing that confusion to blossom. Perhaps more people could start listening and watching your netcasts *because* of that confusion? - David Hepworth
You need to defend your brand, however since you know the guys at Twitter maybe you can come to some sort of agreement that is the best interest of both TWiT and Twitter. - Jim Lavin
I say defend the brand. I fully believe Leo and TWiT will outlive Twitter. It would be a shame to surrender the brand only to see it disappear in 1-2 years. - Martin Johnson
I say defend it, if you don't the that opens the door to other infringements. - Hunter
since you clearly took your name from This Week in Baseball, which deputed in 1977, should MLB defend their trademark with you? - glenn simmons
Defend it! definitely, the trademark is rightfully yours and you need to hold on to it...I like twitter, but I like TWiT even more... - Raymond
Glenn, you are wrong. There are many registered trademarks that contain "this week in" - russellcoleman
See what you have started Leo? Twitter TV is not a patch on what you do. Now if it was professionally done, with great audio then maybe, - Kevin J Hatton
Dealing with a similar issue (though not as big as dealing with Twitter). I say throw out a warning shot to protect your brand. Worst case they ignore you and you have to spend gobs of money to defend it. Best case they make you a $$ offer. - Brian Niles from Nambu
russellcoleman, exactly so why is Leo crying about twitter - glenn simmons
Glenn, because "Twit" is Leo's trademark in the area of entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, and musical, variety, news and comedy shows. - russellcoleman
Defend it! - Kiran Patchigolla
Sorry Leo, does that mean I can't call people Twitts? Does it mean no one in a television or audio show can use the word twitt? I mean Twitter...TWIT...they have 3 more letters and their brand is based on communication not entertainment. Give up the ghost against Twitter by now dude. IF they were doing what you were doing MAYBE but what you are saying is noone can use the letters T W I or T .... don't become the next Monster. - Sidney
Defend. No retreat. No surrender. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
Sidney, it means they can't use twit as part of their brand if they go into the areas Leo's trademark covers. We are talking about branding here. - russellcoleman
Again, Twitter is a communication company looking to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component...Nothing that TWIT does...so no infringement. Leo has always had the axe to grind with Twitter...if he was going to do something he should have done it immediately... - Sidney
My understanding is that Twitter is going to have a TV show and that may infringe. My point above was to the suggestion that no one could say the word twit. - russellcoleman
@Christopher Carr, I meant that twitting has become a generic expression going far beyond Twitter. Here on friendfeed we are twitting, an these lines are in fact twits... :) - Cem ARGUN
As an anecdote, until now I thought TWiT was something twitter related, and I basically ignored it for that reason. I have learned over time that I'm often not a good representative of anything, but there was certainly brand confusion in my case. - Robin Barooah
At first, yep, I thought Twit spawned Twitter. But in a few nanoseconds, I knew otherwise. But in the mind of 'ordinary' (horrible term, sorry) user coming at Twit from Twitter surely they'll get the idea. But Twitter is SO pervasive, I'm glad that you've decided to take advice. I know nothing, but I feel you should protect your brand. Don't change your name. Change the game. On another tack, you checked out http://audioboo.fm ? - John C Wesley Barker
"Again, Twitter is a communication company looking to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component." - Sidney That is exactly what Leo's doing - Anton
news of twitter tv just hit the local abc news. they mentioned there's already direct opposition by celebrities ashton & demi who (according to their tweets) will quit twitter if this reality show sees the light of day (paraphrasing). this could mean -as they say & putting it lightly- 'my enemy's enemy is my friend?' odd yet amusing opposition from the hollywood. however, no mentions of twit and leo. :-\ - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Twitter can look to capitalize on providing television content the ability to have immediate interactive component all they want. But I don't think they should do it in a way that can cause any confusion between them and Leo's network. - russellcoleman
Sorry the only confusion people have had is what Leo has brought to the table himself. He should have stepped up long ago if he felt Twitter was going to create confusion and admittably it has and TWIT and Twitter don't even cross streams. I know for one if Leo wastes his money on litigation I for will be disappointed and believe it will harm the TWIT brand. - Sidney
i know this thread is too long to read for many. re-quoting what leo said here for those who keep saying he should have stepped up long ago: "Ev told me that when they were considering names for Twitter they knew about TWiT and decided it didn't matter. In their defense, they had no idea what or how big Twitter was to become. We talked about trademark early on and both agreed there was no conflict _as long as we were in different spaces_. And therein lies the rub. - Leo Laporte" - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Very tough choice. I think these comments provide you with a fairly good sample of public opinion from people in tech, but it would be interesting to get input from the rest of the world on Twitter who have never heard of TWiT. It certainly won't cost much to send in a warning shot so they take notice and to demonstrate defense of your TM, but I would follow that up with a request to... more... - Phil Ashman
If he fights and loses, at least he defended it, which is required to keep it. If Leo does nothing, he could lose it. - Bwana ☠
How do people feel about Monster Cable suing companies that use the word Monster in their name? I feel the same here...except that Twitter just happens to have the same four LETTERS as Twit, as the beginning. They arent using Twit as a standalone word. C'mon. - Andru Edwards
The only justification I can see in Leo going after Twitter is so that he can at least show he is defending his TM so he doesn't lose it as Bwana said...otherwise I think it is a losing game that will be a waste of resources that TWIT could utilize in other productive pursuits. - Sidney
The Monster Cable example doesn't really work. They were suing companies that were in different spaces. Now with Twitter doing a TV show, that is in the same space as TWIT and Leo has the trademark for it. - Mike Child
Everyone should read this: http://blog.twitter.com/2009... It has been linked a few times in this discussion up above, but bears linking again based on recent comments - From what I can tell, it doesn't look like twitter will have a tv show - so this whole point is moot - leo may have to defend his trademark against these 'other' shows if they use the word twit in their name, but i don't think they will - Chris Heath
Leo -This is a battle that will be HELL. Yet, it is critical you fight it. I had a couple situations very much like it in telecommunications late '80s early '90s. I should have fought. Give them a run for their money. It will cost you $$ and resources. But, with Twitter's new direction - man - you're a journalist at heart... You already know - you've got to fight for your right! - Arleen Boyd
Man this is a tough position to be in. Honestly, I can't see TWiT or Twitter changing brands/names. However, Leo, you were first and you have the trademark to back it up. I say defend it! - Doug Jones
Biz responds to the Twitter TV show on the blog: http://blog.twitter.com/2009... - Doug Jones
not reading the thread befire i comment... but seems to me that TWITTER does not equal TWIT. what else is their to know? - sull
Leo, I think the law is very clear, if you don't defend your trademark you may lose it. - David Angel from twhirl
Leo a firestorm is brewing over twitter tv http://www.nydailynews.com/tech_gu... - dday
Make them pay you a million in cold hard cash for the TWIT name and change your name to TWIG - This Week In Goodness :-) - Richard Bitting
When you see such services as "TwitThat" (http://twitthat.com/), with that spelling of "tweet", there is an incredible amount of confusion waiting to happen ! - arnaudt
arnaudt, good point. and again... TWiT does NOT = twitter - so leo has no case. twitter themselves dont use 'twit' in any way. they barely if at all use 'tweet' in any way. they began as 'twtr' in like 2006. twitter is NOT an abbreviation for anything as TWiT is. twitter is not solely behind producing an entertainment property.. they are granting rights to others to do so and in some... more... - sull
sull, TWIT does NOT have to = twitter for Leo to have a case. People just have to be confused enough to adversely impact, or even potentially impact, Leo's business. - Chris Gardner
Chris, i think it does for him to have a 'good' case. You cannot prevent Twitter from letting media entities use twitter as part or their 'shows', even if twitter as some levell of partnership. In the end, it will cost Leo money to lose a trademark case. Proving, for example, that an MTV show tentatively named 'what you're watching' that uses twitter and facebook etc as fundemental components for audience interaction has any negative effect to the TWiT podcast. - sull
sull, there just needs to be a likelihood of confusion. The Court there announced eight specific elements to measure likelihood of confusion: Strength of the mark - Proximity of the goods - Similarity of the marks - Evidence of actual confusion - Marketing channels used - Type of goods and the degree of care likely to be exercised by the purchaser - Defendant's intent in selecting the mark - Likelihood of expansion of the product lines - Chris Gardner
Oh, and TWiT is not just a podcast. It is a live streaming net video network. There are on and off talks to take to cable also. - Chris Gardner
Chris, thanks for pointing those elements of liklihood. Still, i think that even for the case to have a leg to stand on, twitter would need to have a 'show' specifically named in a way that may cause confusion. That has not happened. Trying to prevent the word 'twitter' from being used at all in marketing and branding via "visual and audio performances" because of the TWiT trademark seems a stretch and will prob result in negative publicity for Leo. Anyway, maybe we'll see. Interesting. - sull
sull, agreed interesting. Also, this will probably not go anywhere near the courts. Ev Williams and Leo know each other and get along (not many in the industry that Leo does not get along with). They will work things out. - Chris Gardner
For those who are unaware, people have to take action to protect their brands otherwise they lose their trademark. My suggestions and observations: 1. Look for win-win 2. It all seems moot anyway http://blog.twitter.com/2009... tho this is a fascinating thread 3. If twitter did ever go ahead with this it would be a fairly simple compromise for them to... more... - Isha (Marysia)
You need to defend it. I don't know that you'll stop twitter from launching their show but you have to fight it to keep your trademark valid. You for sure need to go after twitvid.com and twitvideo.com! - The Griff
Defend the trademark. It could make the difference on winning a future trademark case with another company. - David Ebaugh
Defend it. It was your long before Twitter was even around. Like someone else said what is the point of calling your network that if as soon as a bigger fish comes along you cave. Don't give in to the man Leo! - Mr. Thomas
Leo. I am not a lawyer and don't play one on the Internet. It sounds like you have no real case against Twitter, but the producers of the rumored tv show are a different story. Even then, it depends on what they are doing with the subject matter. Is it *about* Twitter, or simply about people who use Twitter? Will they ever use the term, "twit" in the show? It certainly couldn't hurt to... more... - Jake Overton
Let's not forget that use of anything in an editorial context is considered fair use. - Ryan Brodkin
I also feel that you have an opportunity for even more publicity if you can work the TWiT shows into the TV show, joining them rather than fighting them. You will get publicity either way, but there seems to be a high road and a low road (or perception thereof). Good luck and keep up the great shows. - Jake Overton
Leo fight them. - johnny
we neec to fight for TWIT - Richard Thomson
So far I don't think there is a conflict with Twitter, unless there is a Twitter TV show. Although you should fight sites like http://twitvid.io . Plus if you win, you could have an awesome domain for video downloads when you want to offer them. - Mister IQ
It seems your problem isn't with Twitter but with the other companies. As you said, you have sent out cease and desist letters to them already. You should definitely defend what is yours. You might be able to address Twitter, but I would say go through the companies. If they continue, you can take them to court. Elisa Jed | http://www.djtgiftshop.com/default... - Elisa Jed
Erhan Erdoğan
Geburtstag 2.0 - Der kommunikative Selbsttest | Ibrahim Evsan - http://www.ibrahimevsan.de/2008...
Geburtstag 2.0 - Der kommunikative Selbsttest | Ibrahim Evsan
Geburtstag 2.0 - Der kommunikative Selbsttest | Ibrahim Evsan
"Für den Moment habe ich mir passend zu meinem Geburtstag ein spannendes Experiment ausgedacht: Ich sammle im Blog alle Glückwünsche, die mich über Social Networks und Web 2.0 Services, Chats und Instantmessages, Kommentare im Blog oder klassische Mails erhalten und diese Live jetzt, um 14 Uhr, 18 Uhr und 24 Uhr updaten." - Erhan Erdoğan from Bookmarklet
Erhan: Kannst du Deutsch? - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
Und für İbrahim: Alles Gute und Liebe zum Geburtstag.Wünsche viel Erfolg! - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
Burcu: It's very easy to read with translate.google! But also I'm understanding some of words/verbs in German. ; ) As, I understood your question "kannst du deutsch?" :-) - Erhan Erdoğan
Update: "Zeit SMS: Telefon: Mail: Facebook: Xing: Twitter: Skype: sevenload: 10.00 Uhr 04 03 05 17 12 04 11 06 11.45 Uhr 08 06 08 37 22 35 12 09" Interesting numbers, see in blog. - Erhan Erdoğan
Ich glaube ich kenne Ibrahim nicht aber ich werde mich mal der Türkisch Deutschen Komune anpassen und auch gratulieren... Hoch sollst Du leben! - Handem
Comment on Neu für Dienstleister - Wie ihre Kunden Sie jetzt weiter empfehlen! by Matthias Matthes - http://blog.ormigo.com/2008...
Ole Wiemeler
Ormigo » Blog : Neu für Dienstleister - Wie ihre Kunden Sie jetzt weiter empfehlen! - http://blog.ormigo.com/2008...
Andrew Baron
Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning - http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod...
Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning
This will be a photograph in the top 10 of many future lists. - Andrew Baron
Explanation: "In January 2007, people from Perth, Australia gathered on a local beach to watch a sky light up with delights near and far. Nearby, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. On the far right, lightning from a thunderstorm flashed in the distance. Near the image center, though, seen through clouds, was the most unusual sight of all: Comet McNaught. The... more... - Andrew Baron
wow indeed - Michael W. May from twhirl
مثل ساحل لاست میمونه :دی - Mil∂d
wow, Greattttttt - Zahra HB
That is an amazing image - Kreg Steppe
It's worth being subscribed to friendfeed for that photo alone. I wouldn't have found it if you hadn't been a friend of Scobleizer. - James Robertson
So becoming my wallpaper. - Ben Parr
Very nice wallpaper for dual monitors setups! - Éric Senterre
What a spectacular photo !!!!! - Nellie Root
echoing what james robertson said......worth being here for that photo alone. amazing. - carlotta fancypants
I am setting this up as a dual monitor type display between my two work systems! - Joe Dawson
that is unbelievable. astoundingly awesome - Paul Rj Muller
Wow! That's amazing! - Marcus Beagley
That is gorgeous! Check this out: http://www.jeffmccord.org/when-we... - Jeff McCord from twhirl
thanks for sharing, great photo - sean percival
Amazing! - Jiri Fencl from Alert Thingy
Incredible! Thanks Andrew for finding such a beautiful shot. Lovely to wake to up to such beauty on FriendFeed... - Mitchell Tsai
Breathtaking. - James Mowery from twhirl
Wow ... this is incredible - Nick O'Neill
Mind-blowing! - David Fendley
this is really kewl...!! - Peter Dawson
Wow - Aaron Myers
very hip, I've seen this photo before (might have been on APOD) - mikepk
sometimes good photography gives me goosebumps! - Phillip Jeffrey
great image - Pete D
Wow, 153 people 'liked this" so far and almost 30 comments. - Andrew Baron
Absolutely incredible shot! Then again some of the best shots on the web come from NASA, National Geographic, Discovery and, of course, Hawk :) - Charlie Anzman
Not to be too cynical but that shot seems to good to be true -- I wonder if there is more processing going on than the text seems to admit. - Brian Sullivan
I'm enamored with that lightning. - Jason Toney
ahhh good one - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I'm going to side with Brian here. What is right: Comet McNaught was that bright in WA (I use to live there), but I checked my attempted pics, they predate this by over a week. I'm sure the comet was only that bright for less than a week. Second, the main Australia Day fireworks occur in Perth City...which isn't near a beach . Maybe it's Leighton Beach with Fremantle to the left...but it doesn't seem right. I did check the weather records though, there was a storm that night, and it's in the right direction - Duncan Riley
I do hope it is real though...and I forgot how wonderful the environment there is - Duncan Riley
Now the wallpaper on my iMac - Adam Helweh
Duncan, last year both Fremantle and I believe Hillarys held their own fireworks for Australia Day. I myself was trying to guess the location this morning. Being a regular on Leighton beach though it doesn't look familiar so I was thinking it may have been taken to the north of Hillarys. It also made me very nostalgic for Perth :) - Penny
wow, just wow - Mark Douglass
Amazing shot! - Timo Heuer
Unbelievable! - fbrunel
This is for sure a record post for me! 333 people liked this! - Andrew Baron
Congrats Andrew... this is truly a unique share!! thanks! :o) - Susan Beebe
Though I like the picture, I do agree with Brian Sullivan :( - directeur from NoiseRiver
Crazy looking - didn't even notice the comet until reading the site... - George Smith
Kick ass photo. - David Risley
smoke on the water - Harry Myhre
At 302 likes, the #1 most liked post of all time on FriendFeed. Antti Kemppainen Photography - Here's Antti's original picture http://jkemppainen.com/antti... Antti's e-mail is kemppaisantti@gmail.com, and you can scroll through Antti's other photos. - Mitchell Tsai
just incredible! - Geoff K
An absolutely stunning shot. - Brandon Wood
Still lovin this shot days later. :D - Andrew Baron
amazing. I guess the timing for this shot couldn't be better - Dan V
I forget which Greek philosopher said it, but "Right timing is everything is most important." - Great Scott!
Amazing photo!! - Kol Tregaskes
Amazing - Arash
F#$king Amazing! - Michael Fidler
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Valerie Noble
Dave Winer
If you watch one video today, this is the one to watch - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
If you watch one video today, this is the one to watch
halfway through and rotflmao ... - Dan Haley
Is this from the You Suck at Photoshop guys? - Vince DeGeorge
donnie is back today, maybe the competition made him show up again - Dobromir Hadzhiev
That was a good use of ten minutes. I'm smiling again. - Russellreno
Ok, after watching the new YSAP - This is much much better - flavor of the week to be sure. - Vince DeGeorge
I'm crying. The details in this were just great. I don't work in IT but I know this is what people must put you folks through... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
That's hilarious! - fbrunel
that's brilliant. and i'm about ti run out of battery power here, and I won't bookmark, adn I'll probably 4get about these guys 4eva. what a shame!!! - john conroy
You mean he rebooted the webserver without submitting a Change Request Application with work procedure and rollback steps to the Change Advisory Board for review at their next weekly meeting? ;-) - Stuart Woodward
amusing.."how many times did u reboot?" ... - Jaimini from Alert Thingy
I love the part where he deletes all his files and the guy thanks him for putting his desktop back the way it was. - Dave Winer
LOL you can't arrange Icons by Penis - Chris Saad from twhirl
He just kept shooting him in the crotch over and over and over LOL..... - Avery Tingle
this is hilarious! - Michael Stearne from twhirl
Yeah, who hasn't known this IT guy? Too darn funny. - Jim Kukral
and so absolutely true - Jeff Evans
"This is going right onto Boing Boing." Hilarious! - Adam
On the Fedora installation, why is the guy running as root? - James Rishabh Mishra
nice - Anthony
Arggggg! - bill giltner
yup - Marc Canter
:)) I was getting very frustrated with FF's best of the day page, showing mostly meta-links about FF itself all the time. And then this. Once in a while, there is one single link that makes all these page loads worth it :) - Yaniv Golan
Did this win some kind of award? - Dave Winer
That made my day - Greg Goodwin
that video kills! cant wait to show the rest of the techs at work - Mark Schulz
LMAO for most of the 10 min. Will fwd to several IT peeps I know...and maybe a few peeps at Twitter. Wonder if they'll think it's funny. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Excellent.... - David W
makes me want to rearrange my desktop more creatively - Pete D
that was hilarious. wow! - David Adam
Rofl that's a ton of likes! guess I gotta! - Frankie Warren
LOL, really great ! That's why my website's so slow :)) - Heimana
lol. too funny - Alexander Marktl
Way too realistic. :-) - Doug Kaye
you can't arrange by penis - Tyler Gillies
excellent. thanks for the post Dave. - Kevin Doohan
STUPID WEB DUDE. he should have asked the sales guy to check if the website is up on other computers or in a different department. - Hanan Cohen
So funny, I truly have not laughed so much in such a long time. tyvm :) - David Smith
wow!! So unreal!! And I now know what happens with all the network mgmt software I develop! - Shivanand Velmurugan
"Maybe that's not what I meant." - Kawika Holbrook
A Classic - Ken
Igor Poltavskiy
FriendFeed Sewing Up Search Better than Google? - http://mashable.com/2008...
at least Mark apologized in the opening paragraph for continuing the FriendFeed-ing Frenzy. Think we just need to let it play out. After a week, we have FriendFeed taking out Twitter, Google, Facebook and blogging...and I think I missed some. I'm waiting for someone to write the blog post: "Why Microsoft is going to buy FriendFeed and Keep it Closed". - Lou Paglia
i think the important thing is not necessarily the site or service itself but the fact that we have this new paradigm. if microsoft or google or whoever buys friendfeed, there will be a clone that will pop up in its place. - Tyler Gillies
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