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before you all bury FF - just because one company acquires another doesnt mean one product will eat or kill the other, or that the product will hugely change for the worse. Don't run for the door or mourn yet!
of course I use both in different ways for different purposes (fb to stay in touch with old school friends and colleagues loosely around old topics of past interest, ff to interact with new/future friends and colleagues within my current topics of interest) so I am not as horrified (although my 2 networks of people do not overlap - except the few ff'ers i added - and would not mix much). But frankly fb is not the plague and it will not destroy ff just by touching it - there's great tools and ideas on both sides that can improve both products (and FB's infrastructure!) - Iphigenie
people really are behaving as if someone pissed on their cornflakes... very odd! - Iphigenie
A bit of tribalism (and "entitlement" (per Louis Gray)) going on. What amazes me the most is how many people seemingly know exactly what's gonna happen next. And a lot of them are disagreeing. :) - Meryn Stol
First I can see FF being a "lab" for ideas that can get moved into fb - and perhaps a door towards having a more professional facet to facebook, so you might consider adding your full professional and influence network to it (most of us don't now). People like me don't add their wide professional/interest network to facebook because frankly many of the people we went to school who are... more... - Iphigenie
Let's assume for now that they are not daft at FF/FB and that they wait for the integration until FB has evolved the kind of selective circle overlap I mentioned above that enables it for less noisy (the toy apps really annoy me at fb, i want a "no quizz ever" setting), more flexible and more professional use. When that happens we might like the result (provided the T&Cs are to our... more... - Iphigenie
Veronique: very good point, I hate it if they move my cornflakes while I am eating, so hopefully they won't be daft and will do it in good time, without rush, in a well thought way... cornflakes moved, with fresh fruit and freshly baked croissants on the side - Iphigenie
Biggest unknown is what Zuckerberg exactly envisions for Facebook... I think he should somehow embrace the new paradigm of asymmetric following popularized by Twitter. I hope the acquisition is partly with this in mind. Not just for some extra talent to marginally improve the Facebook UI. Facebook may go into a kind of split-identity. One part open (FF style) one part closed, as it was. - Meryn Stol
I'd be *much* happier if google were to win in this space. The "don't be evil" mantra means a lot to me. - Nathaniel Thurston
Except that Paul Buchheit, who now works for Facebook, invented that phrase :) - Jesse Stay
Cool, I didn't know that. But it seems that Paul hasn't made the mantra stick at the top-most levels yet. - Nathaniel Thurston
Louis Gray
DandyID Provides a Path to Social Identity Management - http://www.louisgray.com/live...
Reading your post now since I'm looking for a way to get social media badges on my WordPress site. - Spidra Webster
Ken Sheppardson
What the Apple Tablet Will Mean to Photographers « Photofocus - http://photofocus.com/2010...
What the Apple Tablet Will Mean to Photographers « Photofocus
"Apple’s new tablet may be just the ticket for serious photographers. Like all things Apple, it’s cool, well-designed, pretty and yes, expensive if you order the top-of-the-line model, although the entry-level product is very competitively priced and in my opinion, downright affordable. But imagine how hot for you the photo buyers will be when you waltz into their offices with the new tablet and ask, “Care to look at my portfolio?”" - Ken Sheppardson from Bookmarklet
That's my Number #1 feature. I show my portfolio on my iPhone but it's a little tiny for grandma - Johnny
I think the iPad becomes the remote professional "clipboard" - a single tasking device with very good presentation advantages. Catalog viewing, order taking, detail updating - a sales person's dream. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
With the SD port adaptor, you can store and view your JPEG photos in the field. Not sure about those RAW photos yet tho. That is a big plus for me. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
wat. why would you waltz in with this thing and not, oh, a laptop? - Richard Lawler
Richard... Have you ever handed over a laptop to show photos? - Johnny
I'll explain. My uncle's partner is a professional photographer. When she shows hard copy photos, she mounts them on black card or in a portfolio. This is your photos mounted on that black card. This is a portfolio. This doesn't have a dirty, great big crumbed filled keyboard in the front. You can rotate this easily... You can touch the photos. I show on my iPhone... I will NOW show on this. - Johnny
I've heard of more than one wedding photographer that includes an iPod Touch as part of their package. Delivering one of these as a frame, device for browsing and playing videos, ordering prints... could be interesting. - Ken Sheppardson
I thought clipboard too. The portfolio idea is really great, didn't think of that one. - Martha
hmm, I guess I can see that use, but there's still some chrome (not the browser, the UI elements) getting in the way of it being perfect for a portfolio replacement (though you might be able to get rid of it? who knows). Also, I'm curious about the how good the color reproduction is on this (word is that Dell's Mini 10 -- or one of Dell's netbooks -- walks all over the MacBooks in that regard). All that said, I think that the author of this article is being something of a victim to hyperbole. - Chieze Okoye
Am I in bizarro land? You would use a $600 device to do what a $20 photo frame can do because... - Richard Lawler
How many $20 photo frames do you have in your bag? - Johnny
Ditto Johnny. - Roberto Bonini
The same amount as the $600 photo frames i have in my bag. - Richard Lawler
Can you post a link to the $20 digital photo frame? I want to buy it - Johnny
3.5 inches? LOL... If I walking in and showed my photos on a 3.5 inch screen my ass would get laughed out the door - Johnny
Your clients prefer to view their photos on a 9 inch screen? Again, am I in bizarro land, if I was going to pay top dollar for pics, I'd want to get a look at them on a larger screen. You people are actually suggesting a photographer would deliver one of these as part of a package, instead of something that would do the exact same thing for less than a tenth of the cost. - Richard Lawler
Good points Johnny and Cristo. - Roberto Bonini
As a photographer myself... Yes. As a person who knows many photographers, many who do weddings... Yes. - Johnny
Richard: The initial suggestion was that you'd simply carry it with you to let someone view your portfolio... vs a photo album. I mentioned later that some folks are currently delivering iPod Touches *as part of a package*. Particularly those who do both stills and video. You'd get an album/prints, a DVD, and a portable device you can use to view both stills and video, e.g. an iPod or iPad. - Ken Sheppardson
As a person who isn't a frothing at the mouth Apple fanboy, if you showed me this and said it was fine to evaluate my pictures on, I'd show you the door until you came back with something larger with better resolution. - Richard Lawler
LOL @ "frothing at the mouth Apple fanboy". This is the world photographers live in. Apple has a high ratio with visual arts. If I could get the same functionality of this for less cost I would. If HP have a tablet with all the features and the same screen size for $200 less I would choose that. - Johnny
"If I could get the same functionality of this for less cost I would" This is the key sentence. - Richard Lawler
Is there anything you can show me? - Johnny
Nothing with an Apple logo on it. When I show you it exists, you'll invent a reason not to buy it, we've gone in this circle. It's ok to show your photos on an iPhone, but not a photoframe that's bigger,e because it's too small. Ok. - Richard Lawler
You showed me a 3.5 inch photo frame. Let's be serious here. - Johnny
Your iPhone has what size screen? - Richard Lawler
I already show on my iPhone. I don't WANT to show on my iPhone because it's to small - Johnny
I'm assuming you don't get laughed out the door, so why did you say you would? - Richard Lawler
What's your best recommendation for a device in the 10" range that does both stills and video, Richard? - Ken Sheppardson
Because amongst my friends, it's fine. Even with some people I have shot with for money it's 'OK'. If I want to be A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I need more than an iPhone. - Johnny
I wouldn't recommend anything in that range Ken, I'd want something bigger with more format compatibility. There's nothing in that range that would be worth the sacrifices. - Richard Lawler
Define 'sacrifices', particularly in terms of the professional photographer (that's what we're talking about) - Johnny
Why don't you? You have a device that doesn't live up to your needs right now in the iPhone, why don't you lay out its shortcomings compared to what you want to be able to do. - Richard Lawler
I want a bigger screen. That's all. The iPhone (and the iPad) fits into my work flow, my formats and they way a majority of professionals work. It's just a bit small to hand to clients. Your turn - Johnny
So you already have chosen only formats and a workflow that will work with your iPhone, even though it doesn't satisfy your needs. Surprising then ,that this device would be the optimal choice for YOU. Because you've circled your work around what the iPhone can do. You probably don't even remember what formats it doesn't support, do you? - Richard Lawler
I'll say it again. I'm a photographer. This thread is about photography and the professional. It reads JPG. That's all it needs to read. If you want to turn this into a big thing about how restrictive Apple is with DRM, formats and the App Store, that's super dooper... but that's not what we are talking about - Johnny
Why would this thread be about DRM and the app store? I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that most professional photographers don't shoot in JPG. Also, i don't know what video format you use or whetther its natively supported on the iPhone /iPad. - Richard Lawler
They don't. They shoot in RAW. They then export in JPG. It's extremely rare for any device to display RAW natively, especially your Sears device. My Workflow: Shoot > Import Into Lightroom > Post-Process > Export to JPG. That's pretty much it. As for video, most video programs now have an Export to H.264 function. - Johnny
Since when did I own a Sears device? I thought you wanted to buy one, i found that just for you Johnny :(. So, Mr Professional Photographer, who already carries his cameras, lenses, phone and laptop, adds this to his lineup even though it doesn't replace anything. He's now out $600 for something that won't be in his pocket when he wants to show off photos, and still needs everything... more... - Richard Lawler
You did read the article, didn't you? No really... "But imagine how hot for you the photo buyers will be when you waltz into their offices with the new tablet and ask, “Care to look at my portfolio?"" You do understand what the conversation is here. It's about presenting photos to a client. Showing off photos to friends. No where did I declare this a device for processing my photos, nor... more... - Johnny
i'm pretty sure I addressed that above. We've circled back around, again. - Richard Lawler
So you are saying I am just buying something else, with no practical value other than displaying my work? - Johnny
No, you should buy this which apparently has no practical value other than displaying your work. - Richard Lawler
So your issue is with me paying all this money for no value. I should just get a screen and use that? or a Laptop? - Johnny
Actually I'm going to be use this in the field. The SD port adaptor will let me view, sort, store and delta my photos. It's much bigger and better than the LCD on my Nikon. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Roberto, I made as post about that earlier in the week. If I could have a tablet (any brand) that would let me remote control my camera, adjust settings and review on the fly, it would improve my studio shooting 100% - Johnny
Um, aren't there laptops (read: software for full operating systems) that do that currently? Now I'm really confused. - Chieze Okoye
Definately. There is already a USB port adaptor to plug your camera in. So I'm sure that you could write an app for that. If not, Apple have missed a huge Market. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Chieze, yes there is. But I want to standing near my model, not crouched over a laptop. - Johnny from iPhone
'...Apple’s new tablet may be just the ticket for serious photographers...' <- i seriously doubt that this moment! I may be wrong, but don't i need the iPad Camera Connection Kit? Still happy with my Macbook - Ronald
My point, and I think the point that Richard is trying to make is that if you want to just show your pics to clients, then a dedicated frame or even a MacBook is more than sufficient. Just because it's a tablet form factor doesn't make it automagically better. Also, if you want to do remote control, laptops can do it now (and in my opinion are already plenty light enough to carry around and not "crouch over.") - Chieze Okoye
That said, I do see the appeal of touch controls for the pictures, but again, there are laptops that do that, too. - Chieze Okoye
Agreed. There are other devices that use that. My point was that handling a laptop is ok, but a larger iPod Touch would be cool. You can rotate it. I have watched people scroll through heaps of photos on my iPhone. Touching them gives a different type of response. It is all about standing out and presenting in a new way. This is a cool way. Apple hatred aside, this is a very real, proven (small scale) way of displaying photos. - Johnny from iPhone
OK, I can see where you're coming from. - Chieze Okoye
Scott's follow-up article shared here - http://friendfeed.com/kshep... - Ken Sheppardson
also, johnny - you totally missed out on the 8 inch photoframe for 30 bucks on woot this morning, i wanted to grab you one but I was too slow. - Richard Lawler
They have the Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock for $3.99 right now. That's basically the same thing, right? :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
ehh, 1.5 is a bit small don't you think? - Richard Lawler
Richard. That sounds interesting. What's the resolution on it? - Johnny
Lifehacker - Don't Clean Dishes Before Putting them in the Dishwasher - Dishwasher - http://lifehacker.com/5270197...
Lifehacker - Don't Clean Dishes Before Putting them in the Dishwasher - Dishwasher
I'm gonna have to disagree with this one. Dishes that aren't cleaned during the wash cycle can have the grime baked onto them during the drying cycle, which is even worse. At least try to loosen the grime before you put the dishes in IMO - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
We tried this as well and it didn't work. Maybe because we have a cheap dishwasher. - Oliver Bouchard
Follow up: this really doesn't work. Neither does the suggestion of using powdered detergent instead of liquid detergent. The former leaves unsightly residue and doesn't clean as well IMO - LANjackal
Thomas Hawk
Do You Find This Painting Obscene? - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
Do You Consider This Painting Obscene?
Ask yourself this — do you find this painting obscene? There are no warnings regarding it’s placement in the museums all ages gallery. And why is it not ok to show the backside of painting of a woman in a museum, but it seems perfectly fine for people to show full frontal nudity of the famous statue of Michelangelo’s David? isn’t it a double standard for Flickr to say that great art of females ought to be treated differently than great art of males. The basic problem is that the Censorship Division at Flickr is unchecked. They’ve been given unlimited power over who sees our images and who does not. Flickr relevancy to our culture is too important not to resist these intrusions. Censoring great works of art is an insult to all photographers and artists. Like the Victorians of yesteryear who ruined many sculptures by plastering fig leafs over their private parts, Flickr wields the censors sword flippantly and seemingly without consequence. This is bad for morale, bad for Flickr/Yahoo’s... more... - Thomas Hawk
the latest image of mine that Flickr has censored. - Thomas Hawk
Of course not. - Todd Hoff
Obscene, no. An example of why painters should study anatomy, yes. (This is one of the many reasons I'm weaning myself off of Flickr.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Not obscene. Who are they protecting anyway? This reminded me of something I heard the on NPR about people in Seattle being upset that their kids maybe exposed to a nude cyclist from time to time at the park or a local festival. GET OVER IT. Kids are not scared by nudity. Behavior yes. So as long as the naked people are minding their own business... not an issue. This surprises me from Flickr, how do they justify this? #puritancolonyethics #liveuptothefoundingfathersintentions - SAM
nudity is not obscene unless sexually explicit - kids certainly are not traumatised by nudity - never understood that anglo saxon hangup - Iphigenie
Flickr currently has this image censored in my photostream. They censored it behind my back. I hate it when they do that. Thousands of children view this image every year as it hangs in an all ages gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago. - Thomas Hawk
SAM, they justify it because the Censorship Division at Flickr seemingly has no accountability to anyone. - Thomas Hawk
Exactly Joelle. Thomas: They don't even email you to let you know they feel some of your content is objectionable? - SAM
Not obscene enough ;) - Jemm
Perhaps it's some poorly paid student doing rapid mass-checks? - Lech from BuddyFeed
that's beautiful! Of course it's not obscene...jeez, what's next, just showing the wrists or ankles on a woman is going to be considered obscene!?! - Kamala Whitaker
Pat, so why does the backside of a painting of a woman by a famous artist violate the Flickr TOS while the front side of Michelango's David seems perfectly fine? Isn't it a bit of a double standard to try and enforce a policy whereby hundreds of (use your own favorite euphemism for male member) are allowed unfettered on Flickr while a female's behind is not? Both are great works of art, why censor one and not the other? - Thomas Hawk
I'd be fine with that Pat, I'd appreciate the publicity. But you've neglected to answer the question as to why it is ok for flickr users to photograph and post Michelangelo's David statue showing full nude male frontal genitalia while a photo of a similar work of famous art is censored when it depicts the backside of a female. - Thomas Hawk
Absolutely not obscene! Pathetic that some might think it obscene. In school I learnt about the great painters and most of them had nudes, some a lot more full frontal and yet it was about the art, not about the nudity. I would have no problems showing these type of pictures to my kids who are all under ten. The human body is amazing and beautiful and should be glorified! - travispuk from iPhone
Nup - Amy
No. Wow Pat, nice attempt to derail the convo. Did you know STUDENTS in EUROPE frequently spend DAYS at museums stealing from the Great Masters -- by making illegal copies of paintings! Not photographs, actual paintings! The horror! Think of the dead artist's great great grandchildren! Now, if you want to contemplate something worth while, what if I were to make an oil painting of one... more... - Richard Walker
I dont find it obscene. There are many paintings, like you said, hanging in art museums all over the world that have this kind of scene. - Shevonne
I'll give a hint to what I think is the correct answer: How much you "borrowed" depends on how much interpretation that person put in. Since Thomas interprets quite a bit, that would be the problem. That you used an ARTISTIC photo without permission. However, making a single fine art painting is unlikely to "damage" Thomas or make the photo less valuable. The litho series is where it becomes a serious violation. Mass production. - Richard Walker
There is literally more explicit nudity on the walls and ceiling of the Vatican than that. - Alex Scrivener
Many Americans have issues with nudity - often equating it with pornography - and apparently being unable to discern the difference. Silly while all around us media is awash in sexual imagery. The more humans attempt to control something the greater attraction it has. Where nudity is no big thing there is far less pornography just as where everyone drinks wine with meals there are fewer... more... - Gail Gardner
Obscenity laws in America are obscene. - Ankush Narula
Yes, but in a good way ;-) - Rubin Sfadj
whats obscene! we've created in the first place:) - samantha
I like how I can post this image to FriendFeed and don't have to worry about it being censored. Maybe Flickr ought to consider replacing their censorship division with FriendFeed's censorship division. I think it would be a big step forward for them. That Flickr thinks that they have to "protect" their users from images like this is absurd. - Thomas Hawk
Obscene, no; Mature, possibly, but you might see more at a news stand or magazine rack. - Grant Bierman
Pat, flickr doesn't own the image,Thomas does, so if they block him posting to FF, there are other issues they would need to address. The problems with censorship is that you need to be consistent, otherwise you run the risk of being hypocritical, and it's pretty clear that in this case there was a lack of consistency. - Deepak Singh
Pat, Flickr has not removed the restriction. This is the second version of this image that I've posted. The first version is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos... That image is still censored by them. I appealed their decision via email today and received the following reply back from Flickr staffer Terrence: "As per our Community Guidelines, Female breasts,... more... - Thomas Hawk
I sent a follow up email back to Terrence asking him if this prohibition only applies to females and why, for instance, Michelangelo's sculpture (with full frontal male nudity) is not censored, but I have not heard back from him yet. Hopefully I will soon. It is ridiculous that they would censor this image on Flickr and I hope to have this decision reversed. The Censorship Division at... more... - Thomas Hawk
No ...but it's probably NSFW - .LAG liked that
I think Terrence answered your question. You didn't follow the rules Thomas. They are at the least being consistsnt. If you properly labled the pic it would have been left alone. Flickr never said it was obsene they just want those people who are sensitive to the issue to be able to filter it out. - Jason Williams from iPhone
no the picture is not obscene. - Kim Landwehr
not obscene - MiniMage
Not obscene to me, but that of course depends on your cultural background. What I believe the web needs are 'global' standards against censorship and a strong institution to enforce them. Both of which is probably a long way from being put into place. E.g. I think in the US those issues are pretty much left to the companies while in Germany we would ask government or other officials to... more... - Jens Holze
Jesse Stay
Joshua Sorber
How’d You Do That? A Reader Wants to Know How I Got Balanced Light In This Photo - http://photofocus.com/2009...
A few days ago I posted this photo of geese flying in formation at Bosque del Apache. It really is a once in a lifetime shot, because the geese were in great formation with separation against a dark background. But exposure was a bit challenging. I’d been shooting the geese as they took off in the [...] - Joshua Sorber
A few days ago I posted this photo of geese flying in formation at Bosque del Apache. It really is a once in a lifetime shot, because the geese were in great formation with separation against a dark background. But exposure was a bit challenging. I’d been shooting the geese as they took off in the [...] - Joshua Sorber
Joshua Sorber
If You’re Not Interested in Hybrid Video/Still VSLRs – Here’s Why You Should Be - http://photofocus.com/2009...
When the Canon 5D MK II shipped with ability to shoot video and stills (what I am calling a VSLR or Combocam or Hybrid camera) I have to admit. I was non-plussed. At first I thought it was just a marketing gimmick. And it very well may have been. But as often happens, the user [...] - Joshua Sorber
When the Canon 5D MK II shipped with ability to shoot video and stills (what I am calling a VSLR or Combocam or Hybrid camera) I have to admit. I was non-plussed. At first I thought it was just a marketing gimmick. And it very well may have been. But as often happens, the user [...] - Joshua Sorber
Jesse Stay
Twitter killed RSS (and that’s a bad thing) - http://www.cdixon.org/?p=1284
He's wrong. - Louis Gray
Louis, agreed - Jesse Stay
I think a lot of people are confused on what this "RSS" is though. It all depends on your definition of what he's referring to. - Jesse Stay
RSS == Greader to most people. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy, I don't think "most people" even use Google Reader or an RSS reader period, so in that sense he may be right. - Jesse Stay
I subscribe to tweets using their RSS feeds via Google Reader actually - seems kind of backward but useful for ensuring I don't miss select users' tweets - Mike Bracco
*but*, the technology that powers and delivers most of the data we read everywhere else, be it RSS or Atom or XMPP or SOAP or REST is all still very alive and well - Jesse Stay
So in many regards the whole "RSS is dead" topic makes absolutely no sense at all and the writers of such topics haven't a clue what they're talking about - Jesse Stay
Jesse, yeah I think I read a stat that said 11% of internet users use RSS, whether it be live bookmarks or through an RSS aggregator. And I bet quite a large group of those don't actually know what it is or what the acronym stands for. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I still rely a lot on RSS and I'm pleased with Google Reader. Some people are confused on what RSS is, many people still don't know what RSS is. - Jackie
I think the Comment View in Google Reader is starting to be too - http://www.google.com/reader...
I think the Comment View in Google Reader is starting to be too
I think the Comment View in Google Reader is starting to be too noisy. And I am only following around 340 users.. - Svartling
I kind of gave up on Google Reader. Especially in Comment View since there was no easy way to Mark as Read the articles I wanted to skip over. Having to open them up and track down the end of it just didn't do it for me. I know it's probably a small thing to some, but that's how it goes I guess. - That's So CAJ!
I also stopped using comment view. It's much easier to track down comments in the normal friends view (list!) with the bubble icons. - George Moga
George: Yeah the friends view is great to use. - Svartling
Jesse Stay
Google Finally Enables Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile (by @rww) - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
Google Finally Enables Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile (by @rww)
Google Finally Enables Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile (by @rww)
will we see a google calendar/ical sync soon too? - Courtney Engle
Jesse, Nice! But what would would really be neat is: do they allow multiple calendar (within Gcal) sync? Haven't read up on this yet and I need to set my boss up - Melanie Reed
Just me? Or is this royally sucking ass right now? - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
@Otto, cool! Thanks! I'll definitely check it out! - Melanie Reed
Yes, multiple calender sync. Must be iPhone 3.0 or better i think. - Roberto Bonini
I also wrote about push-syncing calendars and address books here: http://staynalive.com/article... - Jesse Stay
Jesse, thanks!! Will read! - Melanie Reed
Google Sync Available for iPhone and Windows Mobile, Featuring Push GMail - http://www.intomobile.com/2009...
Alright, show of hands, who wants push GMail on their iPhone? Go get ‘em at m.google.com/sync. (Windows Mobile is getting the update too, if you’re into that kind of thing.) What’s Google Sync? Well, it lets you sync up your Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Calendar and Address Book with your native on-device functions, so you’ll always [...] - Sarah
Alright, show of hands, who wants push GMail on their iPhone? Go get ‘em at m.google.com/sync. (Windows Mobile is getting the update too, if you’re into that kind of thing.) What’s Google Sync? Well, it lets you sync up your Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Calendar and Address Book with your native on-device functions, so you’ll always [...] - Sarah
SaHaR Alimohammad
Joshua Sorber
10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer - http://photofocus.com/2009...
Both Rick and I have recently posted on what makes a good photo. But what about the other side? What makes a good photographer? See how many of these traits you possess. 1. You need passion. You need to be obsessed with getting the shot. Not just any shot – THE shot. In other words – [...] - Joshua Sorber
Both Rick and I have recently posted on what makes a good photo. But what about the other side? What makes a good photographer? See how many of these traits you possess. 1. You need passion. You need to be obsessed with getting the shot. Not just any shot – THE shot. In other words – [...] - Joshua Sorber
Mitchell Tsai
Read news fast with Google Fast Flip [Official Google Blog - 9/14/09] - http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009...
Read news fast with Google Fast Flip [Official Google Blog - 9/14/09]
Today we're adding a new experiment to Google Labs: Google Fast Flip, accessible at http://fastflip.googlelabs.com Fast Flip is a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles. Like a print magazine, Fast Flip lets you browse sequentially through bundles of recent news, headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top publishers. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
I like it... Unfortunately we need 300-600-1200 dpi for this to be really usable (like the way I read magazines & newspapers). The type on most of the screen shots is too small for me to read non-headlines on a 15" MacBook Pro (but I can see the pics & get a feel for whether I'd like to click on the article). - Mitchell Tsai
See also "Google testing Fast Flip for Google News" [Tom Krazit, CNET News - 9/14/09] http://ff.im/88t2X and "Google Fast Flip: The platypus of news readers" [Rafe Needleman, CNET - 9/14/09] http://ff.im/88sEV - Mitchell Tsai
Some novelty in news reading. It gives a better feeling while reading news. Waiting to see how it develops. - Wins Fern
Louis Gray
Creative Commons Report on "How the Online Population Understands Noncommercial Use" - http://blogoscoped.com/archive...
Rob Diana
Why Did Intuit Buy Mint? - http://regulargeek.com/2009...
would you say that Mint is more of a personal finance tool, or could it be scaled to serve small businesses? If the latter, I'm thinking that is a reason to buy it ;) - Valeria Maltoni
Valeria, I am thinking it is geared more toward personal finance. QuickBooks is really good for small businesses, so I am not sure if that would be a good fit. - Rob Diana
They compliment each other. - Amit Morson
They offer pretty much the same functionality, so investing in both of them doesn't really make sense in the long term. I guess, Intuit got rid of a competitor with a lot of momentum and now they're probably will have many meetings to figure out what to do with two very similar platforms. - Oliver Bouchard
The History of Google Doodles Design | The Design Inspiration - http://thedesigninspiration.com/article...
Seems to have pictures of all of the Google doodle designs for the last 9 years, grouped by holidays. - Dave
Blutenburg Palace in Munich, surrounded by sunflowers - By JB - http://pixdaus.com/single...
"Blutenburg Palace in Munich, surrounded by sunflowers - By JB"
"Blutenburg Palace in Munich, surrounded by sunflowers - By JB"
"Blutenburg Palace in Munich, surrounded by sunflowers - By JB"
Three´s a charm! - http://pixdaus.com/single...
"Three´s a charm!"
"Three´s a charm!"
"Three´s a charm!"
"Three´s a charm!" - pb:
Louis Gray
John E. Bredehoft
Windows 7 House Parties = Astroturfing - http://technologizer.com/2009...
David Worthington: "Taking a handful of launch parties, and making it seem as if they are a widespread phenomenon would be astroturfing." Me - just before I read Worthington's post, I saw a Facebook announcement from one of my co-workers that HE was hosting a house party. Sounds like there are going to be more than "a handful" of these house parties...or else my co-worker is more connected than I thought. - John E. Bredehoft
Louis Gray
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Posterous to Surpass Earth Population by 2013 IF Only.. - http://www.greyreview.com/2009...
When you have 2 users and you sign up 4 - it takes less than a month to have enough users to exceed the population of the world (assuming that when you run out of people, cockroaches set up accounts). All this means is that not very many people are using posterous. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I do like Posterous a lot. But it's definitely obvious when you use the service that the community is small compared to something like Tumblr. People use Posterous to autopost to their Wordpress & Blogger blogs, which means that the community isn't aggregated on Posterous. I don't think they've found their niche yet. - Tami Baribeau
I find compelling and interesting content in a lot of different places. I don't get the wheel re-invention with Posterous. I don't need a whole new CMS and ecosystem to replace my other CMS's and socnets to find interesting stuff. I already have ways to do that. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins from IM
Paul Buchheit
I'm trying to find a formula for generating the perfect tweet (then I can automate it!). Here's what I have so far: Statement of fact (preferably one that shows how awesome or lame your life is) followed by witty insight or observation.
Apply the formula here, or propose a better formula. This was inspired by a discussion of what my brother's dog would tweet if he had a twitter account (and could tweet). It started with "Just got neutered.", but then we had trouble coming up with the witty insight or observation part. - Paul Buchheit
'RT @scobleizer [whatever he said]'. Seems to work for a lot of people. - Akiva
dim statement = 'Unwillingly, unwittingly sycophantic to a fault, but with backbone. Life is like an ashtray.' ; - Rob Schieber
[Statement or question] + [derogatory or self-derogatory co-fact] + [#ididntmeanit or #itotallymeanit or #spammingthetrendingtopics] - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Personally, I prefer '[excerpt of content] + [http://ff.im link]'. - Akiva
Oh, I read that as [exempt of content] + [http://ff.im link] - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
People seem to be big fans of pithy observations of life phrased as a rhetorical question followed by the phrase "just sayin'" and an irrelevant hashtag lately. Another one to add to your generator would be a 3 sentence verbose response to the topic of the day, but with the vowels taken out to fit in a 140 character tweet. - Mark Trapp
Is this going to be the "I'm feeling lucky" button on FriendFeed? - Jesse Stay
{situation|product} is {overrated|underrated}. It's like {verb}ing in a {place} with a {object}. - Francesco Balducci
best "something" EEVER"!!!! "link" - Chris Hofmann
'Something [awesome|terrible] happened and that's all I'm going to say about that' or some variant thereof. - Akiva
"RT @paultoo [whatever y'all figure out]" - Ken Sheppardson
{oath of fealty to Friendfeed}.{parting words}."That is all." - Josh Haley from iPhone
Rhetorical question? ANGRY SOUNDING ALL CAPS ANSWER, WHETHER AFFIRMATIVE OR NOT. #threewordhashtag - Chris Charabaruk
Here is the issue: A witty insight or observation is not made witty by the creator but by the observer. So, unless your automator will tweet and laugh at itself or somehow guess the minds of your audience, it might have issues. - Aditya Mittal
The problem with a purely structural approach is you can either end up with "perfect" or http://tweetingtoohard.com/top - Ken Sheppardson
Start with Fark.com headline generation rules and then remove the news story subtext ;) - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
I prefer Tweets with links to valuable resources and opinions. - Garin Kilpatrick
i know this is true (this sentence manages to be both parts). - kosmar
For me, the perfect tweet is a link to a high-quality document, accompanied by a terse summary of its core content. Those are pretty much the only tweets I pay attention to. - Sean McBride
Ironic statements are good - CoreyTess Trujillo
My favorite tweets say just enough to make you sooo curious you have to follow the "in reply to" to know what the heck they're talking about! In other words... it's real & witty conversation. =) - Arleen Boyd
Sounds like you have a 50% winner. "How about "I hope you humans are happy with your life!" - Houseofmax
I, for one, welcome our new Twitter overlords! - Bill Sodeman
Jenna Bilotta
@peterdtoit For feedback and conversations about Reader, I usually hang out over on Friendfeed. (friendfeed.com/jenna)
Part of me understands the reasoning for this, but another part just finds it odd. - Tony Miller
Jenna, why don't you hang out on GReader? - Myrna
Myrna, FriendFeed has the best search functionality for finding mentions and it centralizes the discussions. It also enables reactions that are more than 140 characters. - Louis Gray
myrna-i hang out in Greader more than any other app. :) but we don't have a good way to track public conversations right now, and comments aren't searchable yet, so here i am. - Jenna Bilotta
Chris Brogan
I used mine for about 3 weeks. It's cool, but.... I just like owning new technology first. - Ben Hanten
The pen is really cool - I just wish my handwriting was more readable and text-recognizable. - Oliver Bouchard
I've been really tempted by this. My big concern is being tied to proprietary paper - if it stops being produced, the pen becomes useless? - Trent Hamm from iPod
You can print your own. - Ben Hanten
They are very open about that. - Ben Hanten
What's also cool is that they've opened up an API - this is only the start. - Elias Bizannes
Had one for a few months, very useful. BUT - incredibly annoying to write a page full of notes and then realise you forgot to turn it on! Then can't upload those notes. Has happened to me several times now - hard to remember to always boot up your pen! - Anthony
It's kinda bizarre seeing the 7 Stages of Grief play out in real-time before me ~ http://friendfeed.com/friendf...
There there................no stop.......please............ look you are getting me started.......sniff...............now come on stop.................sob.......................and so on........ - Kevin J Hatton
1. SHOCK & DENIAL - You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks. - CannonGod
2. PAIN & GUILT - As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs. You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn't do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase. - CannonGod
3. ANGER & BARGAINING - Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion. You may rail against fate, questioning "Why me?" You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair ("I will never drink again if you just bring him back") - CannonGod
4. "DEPRESSION", REFLECTION, LONELINESS - Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be "talked out of it" by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving. During this time, you finally realize the... more... - CannonGod
5. THE UPWARD TURN - As you start to adjust to life without your dear one, your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your "depression" begins to lift slightly. - CannonGod
6. RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH - As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life without your loved one. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life without him or her. - CannonGod
7. ACCEPTANCE & HOPE - During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward. - CannonGod
The fun part about the Kubler-Ross stages of grief is that it isn't a linear progression, you can experience multiple stages all at once, and you can always go back to another stage even if you're already reached acceptance. - Victor Ganata
fun? - Chris Heath
Fun, meaning, not very fun at all. :) - Victor Ganata
I would have a little compassion and hug this child. - NANCY DALRYMPLE
this could be a dissertation. - shaun mclane
They really are. I've been going through them since 3:30 PM EST. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Suggestion to FF Devs: Since FB is splitting you guys up and FF will probably no longer be your priority, and FB will most likely let it languish, before it dies a slow painful death, release it as Open Source and let your motivated developer users (there are many, BTW) run with it!
Do the FF community you've built a huge favor by way of gratitude for the time investment we've all put into FF. - Lindsay
I think that an OpenSource FF could be a boon for lots of people. I know I'd LOVE to implement this as a communication framework at work. - Lindsay
Lindsay, yes a FF instance for work would be EPIC and a dream come true for me. (fewer emails is always good) - Ryan
Bump! Anyone else think this is a good idea?? - Lindsay
sure, i think it would be great. But it's highly improbable. Like nearly impossible. If this was going to happen, it would have had to been part of the sale, and if that were they case, they likely would have announced it by now. What makes FF great, and hard to just re-implement, is the real-time features. But those are a big part of what FB has paid for. - Ben Reierson
What about all the infrastructure to support it? Where will that come from? - Kenton
Which infrastructure? If it were made open source we could see what the requirements were as far as a hosting environment, database backend, etc. Right now it seems as if it is a pretty hefty web app and those don't usually have particularly difficult support requirements... (well, at least for people who are used to working on web apps) - Lindsay
and if it was open source, people could host their own versions of friendfeed - Imabug
@Ben - I always forget about RT because I never use it... That would probably be the biggest hurdle, yeah. But the rest of it seems pretty straight forward. - Lindsay
If it was open us devs could look at it, see the real requirements, and adapt! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Exactly, Capn'! - Lindsay
@Lindsay - RT is central to FF now. How do you use FF? Do you have your main feed paused and hit F5 all the time? - Ben Reierson
Yup, Ben. I hate RT. As soon as I get interested in reading my posts scroll off the page. I hate chasing them. I keep the stream permanently on pause. I forget that FF even does RT. - Lindsay
As for RT. I see 3 aspects. 1) The feed itself was always pretty much RT - we just had to refresh manually before we had 2) RT Push. there's lots of neat push things out there tech-wise, XMPP w/Bosh, comet, etc. FF Push is "new" tech to the FF app, not new tech in general. and 3) RT search. that is the bleeding edge stuff. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
@Lindsay - Well it auto-pauses now if you are mousing over a post, but the other side of the realtime coin is how quickly FF imports your other feeds like Twitter and pushes them out to the various means of reading FF like IM and the desktop app. Again, this is valuable tech, and any re-implementation of FF without those features is not going to be very attractive imo. - Ben Reierson
"the other side of the realtime coin is how quickly FF imports your other feeds" - that would be 1a) in my list. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
@Ben - even when I have scrolled to post a comment on a post in RT, I have had a "flood" come in at the same time and push my post right off the page before I can finish my comment... THAT is really annoying... I just quit using it. I'd rather take my time and absorb the posts on the page. I can catch up on anything interesting I missed later with my filters. - Lindsay
@Lindsay - Fair enough, it clearly could be better at determining when to pause itself. I just like the ability to leave it open on my second monitor and know that whenever I glance over, I see the latest. - Ben Reierson
I WILL say that I've always found the comment system on FF lacking (as compared to digg, for example), and I'd love to see an open source project take up the challenge and aggregate the best of all the social sites. Maybe just use one of the open comment systems that's already out there. - Ben Reierson
@Ben, F5 works great for seeing the latest too. :) But I understand that a lot of people really love RT. It's just not my cup of tea. - Lindsay
What about Laconica/Identi.ca? Why doesn't anybody use this? It's an open and federated system. If there are truly that many willing developers, couldn't they work on adding additional Friendfeed-type functionality? - Vaughn
@Vaughn - that's an idea but those are more modeled after Twitter. It would be nice if FF just went open source and then we could have everything that FF has today. - Lindsay
@Lindsay I totally agree. As nice it would be, I doubt it's very likely. - Vaughn
Maybe it's not occurred to them as an option... I thought I would throw it out there to see if the idea gets support and maybe they'd consider it. You never know what might happen if enough people get behind something. And the worst that can happen is they say "No.". - Lindsay
Sounds like a plan. - Kol Tregaskes
Making this open source isn't going to achieve another Friendfeed. You're all forgetting this is available to everyone everywhere. Given even 10% of existing users migrating from here the bandwidth costs involved in hosting it would be quite, well actually very, large. Who's going to pay that? - Gilbert Harding
@Gilbert - I'm not assuming that there would be one site that would replace FF if it became open source... There would be smaller splinter communities all using their own instance of the FF codebase and the bandwidth would be whatever the project leader would support. I can see it being used behind firewalls in a corporate environment, and for smaller communities such as are currently... more... - Lindsay
Kol Tregaskes
So what are your thoughts on #Facebook's acquisition of #FriendFeed? Do you think it's a good thing, bad thing? What do you think Facebook will bring to FriendFeed, and vice versa? What changes do you see happening to FriendFeed? Will FF be integrated into FF?
I hope it's a good thing, but I'm pretty sure it will turn out to be a bad, bad thing. - Morgaine LeFaye
bad thing. I have a feeling FF will slowly disappear. Facebook will get marginally better. - Dusty Edenfield
what I have to say? I just hope that nothing will change for the users and that FF continue to improve our experience - Roberto
Ask me again in 6 months--if you still can. - Steve Lowe
It will be a great thing. With more people the FriendFeed experience will explode - Marcus
I share Roberto's opinion... - Chiara
Facebook was looking to implement more of a public twitter-style thing, but a lot of users didn't like that it seemed to be making private conversations more public. If they could keep them separate in some ways, this could solve that. This could be the public facing side of Facebook. I think its a good thing. - Ryan Massie
Not sure how my friends on Facebook will appreciate all the added stuff in my stream if they decide to integrate like that. I wouldn't mind as long as the core friendfeed functionality is there. Along with the search, filters and group features. We'll see, though - Fox
FriendBook? Facefeed? What will this new marriage be called? - Manu Ullas
Well, it can only help FB. I don't know what is going to happen to FF. Guess that is what is worrisome. I liked this place. - Yolanda
It would be great if FB promote FF a lot as FF would get the millions and millions of users from FB. But surely FF will be integrated into FB at some point. I feel very sad atm. I hope I'm wrong. - Kol Tregaskes
Not sure what comes out of it. Hopefully both services are kept separate as I use them for separate purposes. - Oliver Bouchard
Yeah, I agree Oliver. I use them both for separate purposes too. Not sure all my friends on facebook would be interested on all my shared stuff on friendfeed. - Dan Smith
Personally, I think it is the beginning of the end of FF from user perspective. From FF team perspective it is the end of the beginning. - Dilip Dand
Bad, bad, bad news. - Louise Bolotin
thumbs down .. I would have had it the other way around :) - Peter Theill
The only good news is that we'll see the end of "Show X new posts" in facebook soon when they adopt friendfeeds real-time feed - Oliver Bouchard from IM
I agree with Oliver Bouchard. That's something that Facebook has been lacking for quite a while. And I hate having to reload the whole pig of a Facebook page. - Manu Ullas
I'm happy for the FriendFeed team, it's great news for them but I can't help think that we can't have the two sites running side by side for too long. - Kol Tregaskes
I don't like the news, I preferred the two being separate; as far as I was concerned they were 2 separate networks for different groups of people. - Arthur Guy
congrats to the FF team. They made a great service! - Peter Theill
I just hope we can export the data before the site closes... that's going to be the biggest sadness... so much content that would be really disheartening to lose if the site closed completely - Nathan Chase
congrats to FriendFeed! facebook tried to mimic the service with real-time profile updates but the FF technology is apparently too good and UI too smooth that they had to buy it! I'd imagine facebook integrates the technology without using the Friendfeed name so as not to corrupt the native FF community with n00bs - Andy Sternberg
@cavlec Friendfeed doesn't have privacy problems, because it doesn't have privacy. But it will be a challenge for fb/ff to merge their streams without making the ff stream too private and the fb stream too public. - Oliver Bouchard from IM
I'm worried that FriendFeed will turn into a walled garden like Facebook. I'm also worried by Facebook's repeated attempts to take ownership of users' content. Plus they don't really have a reputation for responsiveness to user concerns. - John (bird whisperer)
John I agree with you. The public outcry to the change in their ToS was what made them back off. - Manu Ullas
Too early to have an opinion... - Rasmus Lauridsen
logicalextremes: that's true. But friendfeed doesn't by far have as much private information as facebook. - Oliver Bouchard from IM
Not sure just yet, I think it will bring more users, but I love the tools that FF provides, not sure that FB will be able to integrate FF into FB interface and still provide access to all the great features that FF offers now? - Brian
if FB bought FF is because they want to make money out of it. Therefore even if they keep it separate they will put ads on FF. But what I am most scared about is the proliferation of stupid applications and silly games with the only puprose of doing aggressive marketing. - gibilix
I think it's a bad idea. Twitter is full of automatic spam and Facebook is full or redundant apps. We need an independent platform somewhere to hide from the clamor of social circuses - Houseofmax
Not a good thing for FriendFeed. - Bryan R. Adams
:( - edythe from iPhone
bir yastıkta kocasınlar - Şafak Otur
As far as technology, I think they need it mainly for their Social-TV initiative to work, besides the obvious other services they offer. Most people are unaware that they have been continually upgrading their interactive/socialTV service over the last six months. They have already had two pay-per-view events which sold out at $66 a ticket. Facebook kept $22 and the balance went to... more... - Michael Fidler
I'm not very happy about it, but as long as Facebook leave it alone I'll be fine. Where else do we go? - Simon Tracey
Eh things like this mostly bad. - MR A
Wish I knew what they were up to. What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall in that room! - Toyota of Bellevue
Don't really know what to think. I use FF and FB for completely different things, so I don't want FF to go away. On the other hand, if FF disappears I'll have a bit more free time until I discover the next cool site. - Elizabeth
Elizabeth, well said! That's how I feel too. - Michael Fidler
RIP FriendFeed! http://bit.ly/fhOux - Ali
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