In Seattle? Don’t miss a rare chance to hear Alex Steffen talk bright green solutions and urban innovation. 11/11-12.
350 Day of Action - a stunning hybrid of new and old media (and organizing). Great post from Michael Silberman:
Looking forward to Copenhagen, four benchmarks for success:
“We couldn't have done this 2 years ago..a beta test for the wired world." @billmckibben. Oh, and the pics are so cool:
RT @WillowrSVP: Would we eat differently if we knew the carbon footprint of our food?
70% of nonprofits don't follow up with supporters & more interesting stuff from the 2009 eCampaigning Review Study:
Our big news. Have you heard?
Almost one-third of the waste generated in the US is packaging. #noimpact week:
Support incentives for quality journalism and 14 more reccos for sustaining democracy from The Knight Commission:
Mini-grants from Salesforce! Sport the logo, get some cash. And you don't even have to be a SF user:
RT @jonstahl: hot popup form action at, thanks to plone's "pipbox popform" nice work @davisagli
RT @kuffelman: Check out this video on CNN and Lou Dobbs Excellent call to action.
RT @kuffelman: Check out this video on CNN and Lou Dobbs Excellent call to action.
If you clicked a video link and logged in your account is now compromised.
Our account was just hacked. Ignore any direct messages from us just now.
Watch out -- looks like twitter accounts are being phished. We may have been affected, our apologies.
Farm to table for all. We just launched a website for the Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network:
Last chance to register for our annual breakfast. Be the first to hear our news--one week from today!
Geek for Green! Come join in the fun at ONE/NW. We are hiring a Salesforce database consultant:
RT @foglio: Web of Change (and ONE/NW ) makes the HuffPo! Kudos 2 @ketye 4 her awesome summary
Let’s rename Cap n’ Trade. How about Pollution Reduction and Investment Incentive Mechanism? Plus, Stewart does pirate.
Does the internet give voice to people who are voiceless?
You know where your vegetables, t-shirts, and sippy cups come from. Are you using FSC wood for all your home projects?
Congrats to our very own David Glick, one of two Plone IRC Superstars! Rock on, David.
Growing up in Cancer Alley: Angelo Logan fights for environmental justice in his hometown of Commerce, CA.
Writing for the Web. Less about you, more about what you can do for your peeps:
The Age of Stupid premieres tonight. Pretend like it’s a comedy and get your less-enviro friends into the theater!
Roll on, Columbia, roll on. We just launched a new #plone website for Columbia Land Trust:
1% of current GDPs to head off climate change vs. 20% in the future? We vote for now:
Imported by @onenw with help from Amazon Mechanical Turk - RT @WTA_hikers WTA's Hiking Guide just got a whole lot better
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