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Oleg Ilin

Oleg Ilin

Oleg Ilin is an executive at successful internet marketing and web design/development business
Just checked my settings - there were 20 apps that shouldn't have access to my Twitter account! Some sites are dead, others changed policies
My dear followers, if you want to ask me a question, preferred method is reply on twitter, not DM. I receive too many DMs each day.
Is IZEA Going into Bankruptcy? IZEA Shoots its Golden Goose...
Is IZEA Going into Bankruptcy? -
Hmmm... 100% of ALL Members earn commissions every 6 days?
If You Ever wanted to Get Cheap Hosting, Now is the Time! Click this link to get 40% of Hostgator:
A controversial opinion. Not sure I agree. However Facebook currently is overloaded with irrelevant apps which considerably clutter the flow
Forbs Writer Thinks Twitter will Live and Facebook will Die:
Updated Graph Shows the Complex Terrain of Social Media Marketing:
Disturbing View on General Purpose Computing from Cory Doctorow:
Application Development Is Now a $9 Billion Industry:
Remember, the name of the game is a meaningful engagement and communication, not auto-self-promos.
But if u send 3,4 or more auto-DMs, u'll be considered a spammer.
The Concept of “Real Time” in Online Marketing -
7 Tips for Creating the Right Mobile Experience for Your Website:
2012 Salary Survey for Developers and Managers:
Google Offers Free 'Massive Online Crash Course'
Are you company's CIO? Great community w/ app modernization, security and cloud info -worth checking out - sp
If you're saying 'you're cool. Let's connect on FB', & I receive 1000 similar messages per day, do you think it'll be easy to remember you?
A piece of advise - say something original in your welcome DMs. Or at least uniquely identifiable.
Is Google Stock Going to Skyrocket?
Another Social Network Development Success Story: Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2 Billion:
Kudos to Google for Launching The Endangered Languages Project:
Reddit Cofounder Says that Site Was Built By Creating Tons of Fake Accounts:
Social Media Can Play Positive Role in Online Marketing:
China's Twitter-like Service Gives an Idea of what Twitter would be like if it Choose Premium Model
Twitter Choose Advertising as its Revenue Model.
Can Social Media Save the Planet? [via Mashable]
Facebook Introduces A New Way To Target Specific Users in Real-Time: (via techcrunch)
Sure, Skype Hopes that here the power of social interactions will come into play, yet it might just annoy the customers...
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