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Oleg Ilin

Oleg Ilin

Oleg Ilin is an executive at successful internet marketing and web design/development business
Is IZEA Going into Bankruptcy? -
Hmmm... 100% of ALL Members earn commissions every 6 days?
If You Ever wanted to Get Cheap Hosting, Now is the Time! Click this link to get 40% of Hostgator:
A controversial opinion. Not sure I agree. However Facebook currently is overloaded with irrelevant apps which considerably clutter the flow
Forbs Writer Thinks Twitter will Live and Facebook will Die:
Updated Graph Shows the Complex Terrain of Social Media Marketing:
Disturbing View on General Purpose Computing from Cory Doctorow:
Application Development Is Now a $9 Billion Industry:
Remember, the name of the game is a meaningful engagement and communication, not auto-self-promos.
But if u send 3,4 or more auto-DMs, u'll be considered a spammer.
The Concept of “Real Time” in Online Marketing -
7 Tips for Creating the Right Mobile Experience for Your Website:
2012 Salary Survey for Developers and Managers:
Google Offers Free 'Massive Online Crash Course'
Are you company's CIO? Great community w/ app modernization, security and cloud info -worth checking out - sp
If you're saying 'you're cool. Let's connect on FB', & I receive 1000 similar messages per day, do you think it'll be easy to remember you?
A piece of advise - say something original in your welcome DMs. Or at least uniquely identifiable.
Is Google Stock Going to Skyrocket?
Another Social Network Development Success Story: Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2 Billion:
Kudos to Google for Launching The Endangered Languages Project:
Reddit Cofounder Says that Site Was Built By Creating Tons of Fake Accounts:
Social Media Can Play Positive Role in Online Marketing:
China's Twitter-like Service Gives an Idea of what Twitter would be like if it Choose Premium Model
Twitter Choose Advertising as its Revenue Model.
Can Social Media Save the Planet? [via Mashable]
Facebook Introduces A New Way To Target Specific Users in Real-Time: (via techcrunch)
Sure, Skype Hopes that here the power of social interactions will come into play, yet it might just annoy the customers...
Questionable Move by Skype. Will This Strategy Work?
Facebook Timeline: How to Face a Challenge - If your company has a fan page, we have both good and bad news for you…. -
Facebook Timeline: How to Face a Challenge -
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