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Tad Chef

Tad Chef

I help people with blogs, social media and search, both in German & English
Why Read More is the New Click Here By @JeremyRiveraSEO
RT @ahrefs: What’s the Tao of #LinkBuilding? Forget the goal when you are following the path of link building! by @onreact_com
The Great to Banned Link Building Techniques Lifecycle - Positionly Blog via @positionly
"#Google is the bloated incumbent, ripe for disruption by new, leaner, quicker startups"
Why Other Bloggers in Your Niche are NOT Your Competition:
Top 50 #SEO Experts via @strydedotcom Follow all 50 here at once:
RT @Backlinko: Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us. via @noahkagan
How Clickbait Restored the Faith in Humanity: You Won't Believe What Happened Next
Happy Easter everybody!
Here's a must read link I discovered for my Tao of Link Building article coming up on @ahrefs The Way of Non-Striving
Thank you very much! Also make sure to follow @WebHostingJerry for web hosting, uptime, site speed advice! CC: @socialmediaschl @lynnterry
OK, @zoho mail is back up. Just enough downtime to bring in the groceries and find a lot of Easer eggs. Happy Easter people!
My Easter Advice: Do not Put All Your Eggs in the Google Basket!
Only 13% Claim Google's Disavow Tool Worked For Them via @rustybrick
A reminder for all those who think they can get rid of links: No links = no Internet. #google
Are you teaching people to ignore your marketing? via @jimconnolly
Extrapolating The Next Decade of Business #Blogging via @ahrefs Can we all get paid like Andrew Sullivan @sullydish ?
RT @WebHostingJerry: How to Clear Your Mind in 15 Minutes via @Inc
Content Promotion Best Practices via @KISSmetrics
How to Deal With Toxic Clients via @jimconnolly
Sick of that white hat #SEO crap Google will penalize you for? Why not take the easy street and buy PR8 links?
Reading the Killer Flagship Content Ebook by @chrisgarrett for my next post "Types of Flagship Content"
RT @BrunoMerin: 91% of mentions come from people with fewer than 500 followers (like most people). Mind them, not just the other 9%
What Content Really Gets Shared via @leverable
User Activation Techniques that Really Work via @jacekblaut
The heartbleed SSL bug has been around for two years. How long has been Google "secure" search around?
Damn, I can't even reach many SSL sites anymore due to the heartbleed bug. Change your passwords now. The Internet is broken. NSA loves that
OMG! You have to change your password everywhere! - Security Bug 'Heartbleed' Hits Up To 66% of the Web
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