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Revisiting mrontemp, 3 1/2 years later -
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Ontario Emperor
Finally got around to buying something from a FriendFeed artist -
Re: No, I didn't forget. I'm chilling. -
"Kristynn, I suspect that Doctor Orange had a bad experience with a taco and that he eventually ended up discovering a new culinary delight. Probably Jamba Juice. Jamba Jamba Jamba Jamba..." - Ontario Emperor
Re: No, I didn't forget. I'm chilling. -
"I should probably ask the "taco organizations!" if they know what happened to Doctor Orange." - Ontario Emperor
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Almost -
This is a very early OMD song (the one with the chorus "Happens all the time to a friend of mine"). Minimal without being robotic. - Ontario Emperor
2+ years later, this song is back in my head after re-reading a Depeche Mode biography. OMD preceded DM in popularity at first, though the tables had turned by the time of 101. - John E. Bredehoft
@shawnz i am more elderly. flash and the pan's "walking in the rain" or donna summer's "i feel love" was my high school soundtrack.
dvr'ed one world-johnossi, man must dance, sweden
It's now December 2009, and that song has entered my head for some reason. - John E. Bredehoft
March 2010. Back again. - John E. Bredehoft
@lotd lucy and ramona and sunset sam -michael nesmith
Again based on a comment to the Dave Winer tweet. Back around 1980, a classified ad ran in Rolling Stone which asked, do you know what Michael Nesmith's been up to? So you called an 800 number (no 888 back then). Turns out he was doing sumfin called video, which was going to become huge (yeah right). Then you heard an audio snippet of the song above. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
OK. So I called weird 800 numbers while I was in college. What was I supposed to do, snort liquid pape and sing a song to a porpoise? - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
You Californians are so weird :D - Mark Forman
On Wednesday, March 10, 2010, expect a post in my Empoprise-MU blog that compares Michael Nesmith and Rick James. - John E. Bredehoft
It's amazing how many dozens - hundreds? - of people will subscribe to an inactive Twitter account.
Just had to slip into my old pseudonym for a bit to add a feed to
Back to Clark Kent now... - John E. Bredehoft
Ronettes - Be My Baby -
Ronettes - Be My Baby
H/T RAPatton/pattonroberta - Ontario Emperor
BBC story about the death of Estelle Bennett - Ontario Emperor
Tom's Place (4/5) -
"Since they're part of the Rewards Network, I figured I'd pay them a visit. Similar to Farmer Boys if you've been there - in other words, a combination of fast food and a restaurant. Good bacon…" - Ontario Emperor
P.D.Q. Bach [pseudonym of Peter Schickele] – Toot Suite for calliope 4-hands, S212§, (O. K Chorale) -
P.D.Q. Bach [pseudonym of Peter Schickele] – Iphigenia in Brooklyn, cantata, S53162 -
This piece consists of an Aria, a Recitative, a Ground, another Recitative, and another Aria. I can truly say that the Ground ("Dying, and yet in death alive") is one of my favorite pieces of music. Not just the cello or the singing, but also the double reeds - Schickele notes that many composers wrote for double reeds, but only PDQ Bach wrote for double reeds without using an oboe or bassoon.... - Ontario Emperor
For once, I'm actually listening to music from CDs that I own, rather than just streaming from randomly. This is from "The Wurst of PDQ Bach," which also includes the oratorio "The Seasonings" ("Bide thy thyme" et al), and the excellent New Horizons in Music Appreciation, a play by play of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. - Ontario Emperor
And if V sees this, yes it's a Vanguard album. - Ontario Emperor
pdq++ - Kevin Johnson
I believe that's the one that features the BargainCounterTenor. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed "When PDQ Bach started doing public concerts in 1965, I got together with Russell Oberlin but he was just starting a year off that turned out to be his retirement. I'm sorry that I never got to work with him, but on the other hand it led to my finding John Ferrante, another countertenor with a woderful robust sound, with whom I worked for a... more... - Ontario Emperor
Just scrobbled May 28 2009. - John E. Bredehoft
37 songs on my playlist are no longer available, including Devo's "C'mon," Dilba's "Miracles," and Jerry Harrison's "Man With a Gun." Disappointed.
I think it's Warner Bros. that pulled their licenses last week from Last.FM because they could get a better deal with MySpace Music. Very disappointing. - Dana Franks from twhirl
Spot on, Dana - Michael W. May from twhirl
acck. bummer. the music industry politics suck. - edythe
Found brief article. See my FriendFeed post - Ontario Emperor
Hmm...Talking Heads' "Born Under Punches" and Madonna's "Like a Prayer" still played for me this morning. Interesting... - Ontario Emperor
Hm. I must use in some oddball way; I've never played songs from the site. I just use iTunes, find interesting to view my listening habits. - Phil Crissman
I'm probably the oddball. I've never installed any of's software. I just select items I like, add them to the playlist, and listen away. - Ontario Emperor
I scrobble from iTunes, Pandora and I use the software to listen - Jeff Quinton
I don't usually play songs on the site unless someone wants me to hear something i don't have and has the whole song. - edythe
On May 17, 2009, the Dilba song came up in my I'll re-check "C'mon" and "Man With a Gun." - John E. Bredehoft
Neither "C'mon" nor "Man With a Gun" are available. But at least we have Dilba. - John E. Bredehoft
They change periodically without logic. Also, check for variant names. Sometimes the (album version) or a subtitled track will be streamable. - Michael W. May
Just a reminder - this account is pretty much defunct unless I post something to it by mistake. You can find me at - actually, as of April 6, 2009, at
Bump. The beta has ended. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Elegant Machinery – Cheap Girl -
Re-loved over a year later on February 18 2009 #DYSP day. - Ontario Emperor
The curious case of cheap girl. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
ontarioemperor on Testing Disqus social media reactions -
"Test 5 of Disqus' "social media reactions" capability, which includes Reddit comment support. Or so they say." - Ontario Emperor
I don't have an Empoprises Reddit account. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
I pull a Jim Bakker on the Fun Boy Three -
I was wondering why this didn't appear in my Empoprises feed. i forgot that my journal is a blog feed, not a feed. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Testing Disqus social media reactions -
ontarioemperor on Testing Disqus social media reactions -
"Test 5 of Disqus' "social media reactions" capability, which includes Reddit comment support. Or so they say." - Ontario Emperor
Revisiting Charles Sophy's medical degree -
Checked my old Ontario Emperor stuff and found that someone had commented on this. - John E. Bredehoft
Empoprise-BI: This blog gets personal again - the sale of Motorolas biometric software business to Safran is complete -
Empoprise-BI: This blog gets personal again - the sale of Motorolas biometric software business to Safran is complete
SAFRAN to Acquire Motorola's Biometrics Business - MarketWatch -
Well, THIS was a surprise, to say the least... - Ontario Emperor
And it took over 5 1/2 months to get the necessary government approvals, but they are now done "Motorola Has Sold its Printrak Biometrics Software Business to Sagem Sécurité, a Division of Paris-based SAFRAN" - John E. Bredehoft
Seed corn - David HC Soul
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