Daniel Mietchen
Sciflies: Microfinancing for science - http://sciflies.org/
Launch planned for Aug 15. Competitors: http://fundscience.org/ and http://eurekafund.org/ . - Daniel Mietchen
Cool idea! - joergkurtwegner
Nice idea. Caveat: won't be able to put large projects (which can appeal to the imagination of the public) there because too costly, but at the same time any small (sub)project will be more difficult to connect with the public. Also: it's a popular vote, so much depends on the field you're working in. Am curious where this will lead to. - Jan Aerts
What's the ballpark of funding that we're talking about? - Björn Brembs
On the order of 10k. - Daniel Mietchen
See also http://flattr.com/ looks like micropayments are getting *really* popular - joergkurtwegner
Hi Everyone! My name is Terri and I work for the Sciflies.org organization. I wanted to clarify on the micro-funding amounts you all have been discussing. Our initial launch is estimated to be mid- August at Sciflies.org. The projects are going to range from donations asked of $5K - $100K. We are aware that now many projects are not just done by one individual researcher, but many researchers who are trying to accomplish big things. "Sciflies is not looking to make a limited impact in the world of Research and Development, but make a long lasting impact on all areas of Science Research." We believe that with the help of civilian donors and corporate partners that we will be successfull in accelerating Innovation in society. I would appreciate any feedback you would all like to contribute to us and hope that you will be apart of our network. - SciFlies.org
I can't even read the "about" section without registering an account? Fail. - Bill Hooker
Looks like a Google Docs permissions issue. Try this link instead: http://docs.google.com/filevie... - Mike Chelen
@SciFlies.org, I agree with many others, you guys should work on the (lack-of) transparency issue, please do not assume everyone wants to register immediately without even knowing what you are doing! - joergkurtwegner
We all totally agree with transparency. However this is our first BETA Phase. When the launch does occur A user will be able to come to the site and NOT have to register unless they want to select a project or make a donation. Then you will be asked to register. The info on who we are and what we do will be available on our site. I have forwarded some information to a couple of you through a direct message. We are diligently working on getting the site going and trying to answer everyone's inquisition. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. The voice of you all will allow us to be more successful in our mission! - SciFlies.org
Maybe public comments or a forum would help gather community questions and responses? - Mike Chelen
I am very new to this board, so perhaps if I created a Sciflies group info board I can continue to update you all on any questions, concerns, etc and you will be able to voice your opinions? What are your thoughts? - SciFlies.org
That would be great! Everyone here would certainly appreciate it. The group can also be embedded on another website with a widget. - Mike Chelen
That or simply create a blog somewhere,what about one here http://www.science3point0.com ... spoiler alert I am not unbiased on suggesting this platform since I am on the science community board ;-) Please check the newcomer intro http://www.science3point0.com/wiki... and if you can identify yourself with the mission statement http://www.science3point0.com/writing... and site policy http://www.science3point0.com/wiki... - joergkurtwegner
It would also help to have a simple "Contact" page, and be it a form for now. Also, I contacted Larry directly after the talk via the email address he had given there, but no response since. Setting up a blog would be a good first step in really engaging with your audience - you might even get some help this way. I just created http://friendfeed.com/sciflies and can configure it any way you want (within the limits of Friendfeed), especially in terms of importing any feeds your site or blog may produce. I am happy to hand over administration of that group if you prefer. Update: Though I had created the group as http://friendfeed.com/sciflies after checking that no such group exists, it was renamed automatically into http://friendfeed.com/sciflie... because you had already taken that label for your user name. - Daniel Mietchen
Daniel, thank you for all the interest you have taken in our organization. Here's my contact information if you want to talk about the group you set up, etc. TKhemraj@sciflies.org We are well on our way... slowly, but surely. I appreciate everyone's feedback and again, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and concerns. I know Larry has been on travels and then back home, I know he has his plate full, so I apologize for him not getting back to you right away, but feel free to address me with any questions and concerns :) Thanks everyone for all your time and support! - SciFlies.org
I have renamed the group into http://friendfeed.com/sciflie... , added a simplified version of your logo (the slogan was simply not readable at that size; hope that's OK) and imported one feed. Of course, it would be more interesting if there were feeds from your site or blog to pipe in. I will forward to you the mail I sent to Larry. - Daniel Mietchen
Aug 15, the date of the official launch, is now over, but nothing seems to have changed on the site. - Daniel Mietchen
Hi Everyone... @ Daniel yes the August 15th proposed launch date has past. Unfortunately our site is not being built by a member of the Sciflies organization, but a hired agency. Due to this our timing is a bit out of our control. However our date according to the information I received should be August 28th. In the meanwhile we are actually working on a simplified version of our site to share with the public. We know that it is very important to keep everyone abreast of what we are working on and doing, but sometimes the way we plan things as you all know sometimes doesn't happen the way we want it to. So at this point we are still moving forward in launching our BETA site no hesitation there, but just a bit of a time delay. I do appreciate all of your support and your interest and hope to share some latest and greatest news with you all soon! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. - SciFlies.org
@SciFlies delays are always possible, but I think you will understand that all the problems mentioned in this thread so far point to heavy communication problems at your side. For the record, I just received your reply to my mail of two weeks ago. - Daniel Mietchen
Hi everyone! Just to keep you posted our site should be up and running tomorrow in BETA phase. This should be more transparent for everyone.. cross our fingers. We will plan a fundrasing launch to support Sciflies and would appreciate all hands on deck passing our information at everyone's leisure. Like you all, I am very excited to see what our site will look like live and will be ready and open to answer all questions, concerns, etc. Thanks everyone as always for your time, support and patience... :) - SciFlies.org
Apart from a bit too much marketing speak (e.g. "Welcome to this awesome new website."), the site now finally offers content, and that looks promising. - Daniel Mietchen
Some information about the format of the application would be helpful. When I clicked on the 'application' link, I landed at a form for registering. - Björn Brembs
So, we have launched a mini video about Sciflies.org http://www.youtube.com/watch... . Please take a look and let me know what you think. As we are approaching the end of the Fiscal Year we are looking for crowd funding and sponsorships to continue the acceleration of Innovation throughout the world. - SciFlies.org