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This group is for organizing an Open Source version of FriendFeed.
✔ Crino
* fixed error on posting entries with unicode chars * fixed deleting entry * fixed entry detail layout commands * minor fixes - ✔ Crino
I already crashed this new version once. O_o - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
@Zulema FF's spicy cocoa: let me know if you get crashes again ;) - ✔ Crino
April Russo
"Someday, we will all have a gotdamned "appreciate" button on our whatever-comes-next-after-websites-and-social-media-profiles, and micropayments will flow like milk and honey." - Marianne
Screenshot - 5_1_2013 , 10_46_41 PM.png
Screenshot - 5_1_2013 , 10_52_13 PM.png
A friend of mine once said something similar...then he took his dream, wrote a forum mod, and made that dream a reality: - April Russo
And now I have an "appreciate" link at the bottom of my profile, here: - April Russo
And each and every post we make on that forum has a little gold coin underneath our avatars that links directly to our own personal donate page, where you can donate amounts as small as a penny. So now, if we want to give someone on the forum a penny for their thoughts, or butt in with our two cents, we can...literally. Or we can be much more generous, if we want. - April Russo
I guess what I am trying to say is that we don't really have to wait for "someday" for some entrepreneur with access to a ton of VC cash to make our dreams come true, and exploit us for profit at the same time. Where there is a will, there is a way for us to build it! And we can keep it pure, no exploitation for profit, automatically taking only a small amount from each user's deposits and placing it into a fund, just enough to keep the site going and pay its bills. - April Russo
Maybe it's time to wake this group up and pick up the discussion, where we left off. - April Russo
Considering that now, all these years later, we could start with basically a BuddyPress site and add features. Doesn't takes near the chops it did back in the day. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
And if its for us, to keep the community going, that's a much lower bar than to be an actual startup that looking to make folks rich. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
April Russo
"About The Locker Project A Locker is a container for personal data, which gives the owner the ability to control how it's protected and shared. It retrieves and consolidates data from multiple sources, to create a single collection of the things you see and do online: the photos you take, the places you visit, the links you share, contact details for the people you communicate with, and much more. It also provides flexible APIs for developers to build rich applications with access to all of this information. Our Vision As we go through our lives we create vast amounts of data. Emails, phone calls, social network posts, photos, utility bills, health monitoring devices, text messages, browsing data, purchase receipts and more are all born out of the regular course of our actions. It's more than just data. It represents our actions, interests, intentions, communications, relationships, locations, behaviors and creative and consumptive efforts. Currently, our data is scattered... more... - April Russo from Bookmarklet
Has anyone heard anything about this before? This is being billed by some as an open source, decentralized, (soon to be) P2P powered, friendfeed-like desktop application, that puts you in control of your data, rather than some big company that wants to exploit it. Being on Windows at the moment, I can't really experiment and mess around with this to see what it's all about. I wish I could, though. It sounds interesting. - April Russo
Serkan Karaman
Richard King
Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability.
New project: PHP7 Framework. Free download at The PHP7 Framework provides a hybrid API for easier Web application security. It adds an exceptional filter feature on the superglobal input variables.
Weak Consistency and CAP Implications - -
Weak Consistency and CAP Implications -
Weak Consistency and CAP Implications -
Weak Consistency and CAP Implications -
"Migrating your web application from a single node to a distributed setup is always a deceivingly large architectural change. You may need to do it due to a resource constraint of a single machine, for better availability, to decouple components, or for a variety of other reasons. Under this new architecture, each node is on its own, and a network link is present to piece it all back together. So far so good, in fact, ideally we would also like for our new architecture to provide a few key properties: Consistency (no data conflicts), Availability (no single point of failure), and Partition tolerance (maintain availability and consistency in light of network problems)." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Websocket + Tornado + Redis | Thomas Pelletier -
"Here is a simple example of a Websocket + Tornado + Redis Pub/Sub protocol interaction. The principle is very simple: when your user loads the page, she is automatically added to a list of “listeners”. An independent thread is running: it listens for messages from Redis with the subscribe command, and send a message through Websocket to every registered ”listener”. In this example, the user can send a message to herself with a simple AJAX-powered form, which calls a view with a payload (the message), and the view publish it via the publish command of Redis." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
Facebook alternative Diaspora eyes launch date - BBC News -
Facebook alternative Diaspora eyes launch date - BBC News
"An open alternative to Facebook will be launched on 15 September, the developers of the project have said." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Looking forward to this, been looking forward to this for a while now. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
"So I'm giving Cliqset a real go this weekend. I can see this can easily be a replacement (if we ever need one) to FriendFeed. It's the most natural replacement to my favourite service. So why don't I use it? Because no one else does. But things might be changing, for one the Google Buzz commenting syncing is a massive new feature and now allows me to use Cliqset as my Google Buzz client (well kinda, if the people you can following on Buzz are not on Cliqset then it, of course, doesn't work." - You can find me here btw: - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
That was last weekend, this weekend was Amplify: - Kol Tregaskes
I for one welcome our FF replacement. - Absentee
Yep, and Darren is easy to talk to and will take in your comments and fix problems there and then. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm sure this is very straightforward but how do you search on Cliqset? Becoming more important since FriendFeed's search seems, putting it kindly, to be on life support. Edit: Panic over, found it. Edit2: Search sucks compared to FriendFeed. - JSLeFanu
Yep, FF wins on search, even beats Buzz, which is surprisingly poor at this. - Kol Tregaskes
@Junebug is back I'm sure that's right. - JSLeFanu
PubSubHubbub for Private Feeds (implementor's guide) -
PubSubHubbub for Private Feeds (implementor's guide)
Bret TAYLOR :: on Social Networks . [Gillmor Gang 08.06.10] -
Bret TAYLOR :: on Social Networks . [Gillmor Gang 08.06.10]
Facebook CTO (and Friendfeed co-founder ;-) shares his thoughts given recent developments: Google Wave shutdown, Twitter UI, location-based services, social content via "like" and search, contact update apps, analytics at Facebook, etc. - Adriano from Bookmarklet
And anything about the recent developments around Friendfeed too? - Egon Willighagen
Serkan Karaman
July 30, 2010 - Comments disabled - Share
Yasin Yanardağ'ın ilkogretimim diye bir sitesi var - Tolga Ozek
Hali hazırda eğitim blogu sahibi olanları mı arıyorsunuz yoksa bu işe hevesli olanları mı :) - Pınar Karaca
Aslında Hali hazırda eğitim blogu sahibi olanları, sürekli yazanları arıyorum. Hevesli olanları da bulursam bir yere not ederim, fena olmaz aslında :) - Serkan Karaman
Kişisel gelişim Nurdan Gencel - Tolga Ozek
Tamam o zaman beni de not edin o vakit :) - Pınar Karaca bir göz atmanızda fayda var kolay gelsin - Tolga Ozek
Oradaki blogları not aldım. Alternatiflere, bilmediklerime bakıyorum - Serkan Karaman
Serkan Karaman
Bir sorum var: Yetişkinlere içinde yabancı dil, finans, hobi vb konu başlıklarında onlarca online eğitim olan ve aynı zamanda sosyal paylaşım platfom da olan bir ürüne ne isim verirdiniz? Bu eğitimleri tamamlayanlara sertifikalar verilecek, kariyer yolunda avantajlara sahip olacak. Bir isim...
gelişkin ( yetişkinden türeme :) ) - Mahmut Çanga
beleşkin (ismi beleşe getirmeye gönderme) - Ahmet Karakurt
@Ahmet Öyle bir maksat yok. Ajansımızdan öneriler geldi, bizi kesmedi. Yenilerine bakıyorlar. Keşke bu mecradan çıksa da biz de her türlü değerlendirsek... - Serkan Karaman
basamak bence güzel bir isim olurdu. sonuçta kariyer yolunda birşey katacaksa bana benim için bir basamaktır o ürün. - Pınar Karaca
Değerli fikirleriniz için teşekkür ederim. İnanın bu 2-3 entry benim için güzel bir deneyim oldu. İsim konusunda araştırmalarımızı sona geliyor. Yakın bir zamanda da ismi ve ürünümüzü sizinle de paylaşacağım. - Serkan Karaman
Paul BUCHHEIT :: Tornado: Facebook's real-time Python Web Framework . [f8 video] -
Paul BUCHHEIT :: Tornado: Facebook's real-time Python Web Framework . [f8 video]
"Tornado is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server and tools that power FriendFeed." \\ Comment directly to @paul at -- thank you very much, Paul, for your presentation. - Adriano from Bookmarklet
22 July 2010, announcing Tornado 1.0 - Adriano
Kol Tregaskes
Early adopter alert: miio is here, and it’s looking really slick. -
Early adopter alert: miio is here, and it’s looking really slick.
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"Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen quite a few social networks come and go.  The ones that have stayed strong (Twitterand Facebook, primarily) have done so because they focus primarily on a couple of things and doing them extremely well. miio is hoping to capitalize on the simplicity of Twitter, while expanding into features of Facebook and even FriendFeed.  So far, I really like what I see because it appears to be built from the ground up to be a centralized place that you can use feed to Twitter or any site that will accept incoming RSS." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
1. ...... that there was a app like that allowed me to share posts like I can to Buzz and FriendFeed. Posts with excrepts, images, links and media. is for status updates. - Kol Tregaskes
What I wish is that you could bookmarklet an article with it and have it post to my services. The main services I'm interesting in are FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Facebook (though can easily live without this), Twitter (so would have to be a shortened Twitter-formatted version with a link) and possibly, Posterous and the new Amplify. - Kol Tregaskes
I'd like to share the posts I share on FF and Buzz from a central place but formatted to tailor the different services. I have one way to share to FF, another way for Buzz, etc. Amplify is the closest service but, so far, does not post any media. This would work together with point 2. - Kol Tregaskes
2. ...that there was a central place to read comments on posts from all my favourite services, like FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Posterous, Facebook, Twitter, Amplify and A self-hosted blog-type place perhaps? - Kol Tregaskes
3. ..the FriendFeed, Posterous and Amplify bookmarklet features were combined into one. - Kol Tregaskes
Overall I like the FF bookmarklet, you highlight the text you want to share, hit the bookmarklet and it auto-populates the title, the link and highlighted text (to the comment box). You can click up to 3 images to share too. Then post and it CCs to Twitter with e shortened link. - Kol Tregaskes
I like how Posterous picks up the various formats of the page you want to share (though generally not the one you want) and you can cycle through each one. But its fiddly unless you get into the HTML. - Kol Tregaskes
Amplify has a great clipping feature. You hit the bookmarklet, select to clip the page then the orange box appears over paragraphs and images and you select what you want to share then post. Easy as. - Kol Tregaskes
What are your thoughts? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
A max - min amount of updates from Facebook and other services. I want updates until they get out of control. - Liza + = ?
Amplify looks nice, though I already got Posterous. But Friendfeed and its boorkmaklet is still the best place for my updates :) - Citronella still FFing
Right now, I'd be happy if Firefox would use this site's FFavicon. It seems to have misplaced it, today. (edit 6/21: yay, it's back!) - MiniMage
High Scalability - High Scalability - 100 Node Hazelcast cluster on Amazon EC2 -
"Deploying, running and monitoring application on a big cluster is a challenging task. Recently Hazelcast team deployed a demo application on Amazon EC2 platform to show how Hazelcast p2p cluster scales and screen recorded the entire process from deployment to monitoring. Hazelcast is open source (Apache License), transactional, distributed caching solution for Java. It is a little more than a cache though as it provides distributed implementation of map, multimap, queue, topic, lock and executor service." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
We Need an Open and Federated Social Network. Even Facebook’s Paul Buchheit Said So. | Lifestream Blog -
We Need an Open and Federated Social Network. Even Facebook’s Paul Buchheit Said So. | Lifestream Blog
"I’ve been somewhat following the whole Facebook privacy debacle over the last few weeks with some interest. The very passioned outcry I’ve seen from so many is something I didn’t expect. I agree that any social network that offer layers of both public and private sharing needs to adhere to some basic principles. They need to be very clear about what information is public and make it very simple for people to adjust their privacy settings. For the most part I think sites have done a decent job of this and the reason Facebook has been criticized is because it started as a defacto private network that slowly, and in many people’s minds sneakily, opted its users to being public. You need a giant infographic nowadays to help navigate your way through the current privacy settings. I did come across this great new tool you can use to check and reclaim your privacy settings." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Why aren't OStatus (formerly OpenMicroBlogging) or SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) mentioned? - Mike Chelen
Diaspora seems to be getting a lot of attention. What do the OpenFF guys think of this? - Kol Tregaskes
It amuses me when people make calls like this. "Open" and "federated"? All web services/apps need $ to run. The money has to come from somewhere. This requires a business plan. The most important product a social network has to sell is its users. The status quo with Facebook is just a natural consequence of all of this. - LANjackal
LANjackal, if what you say was true, there would be no AGPL web services out there. But there are... - Marcos Marado from fftogo
LANjackal: Any web service can be funded by a variety of income sources. The servers can be operated by individuals, organizations, businesses, government agencies, non-profit groups, and even families. If the software is kept secret then each potential host has to start their own server from scratch. - Mike Chelen
"Jisko is a light-weight open-source microblogging system that allows you to stay in contact with the people you want." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Evan Prodromou
It would make a lot of sense to use Laconica as a base for this software and build the Friendfeed-like functionality as plugins. I think it could be pretty awesome.
Laconica has 85% of the needed functionality. Big additional code would be feed-scraping and clustering feeds for accounts. Building from the ground up is a big waste of time and effort. Also, as the Laconica creator and lead dev, I can commit to providing resources to make this project work. - Evan Prodromou
Oh, also: why do you hate Laconica? Good information to have! - Evan Prodromou
Evan, how had you imagined building "plugins" for Laconia? Do you simply mean putting the "load" on the client? Indeed, a laconica and or Twitter client could add lots on top of the respective notification services to provide a FriendFeed-like experience. is a good example of this IMO. The threaded comments there look pretty friendfeed-ish imo. - Meryn Stol
Laconica has a server-side plugin architecture already. 3rd-party code can "hook" important events in the main code and enhance or replace the default processing for those events, firing either before or after the events occur. There are hookpoints in the code for UI events (showing the header, showing the sidebar, etc.) database and domain object events (saving a new status, saving a... more... - Evan Prodromou
@Matthew Devries, no, it's not! You need to look a little closer. - Evan Prodromou
Evan, I do not have any experience with Laconica. Does it already support threaded conversations? That would be a start. - Meryn Stol
@Meryn also, you may want to check out our threaded conversation pages like . It's hierarchical, not flat like FF's, and it's based off the same @-reply mechanism that Twitter uses. But it could be customized to work more like Jaiku or Friendfeed (where comments are distinct from other notices.) - Evan Prodromou
Laconica as a base need serious consideration, imho. - Micah
@evan, while I've got you 'on the line', I'd sure appreciate any feedback on my userscript for language translation - I'm close to finishing an adaptation for, but at the moment you can test out the twitter port: Thanks! - - Micah
Matthew DeVries, no, SMS is not the core of the service. That would be crack-addled. - Evan Prodromou
Matthew DeVries: w/r/t 10K of text: not sure I understand what you mean. 10K for each notice? 10K total? What point are you trying to make? - Evan Prodromou
Sure seems like there is overlap between laconica and openff goals. Plugins could be a great way to fill any laconica gaps towards a Friendfeed like feature set - Jason Wehmhoener from iPhone
The Twitter ecosystem is showing sure signs of producing equal capabilities as FriendFeed (except for update speed - that's limited by the speed of the Twitter API), so I think that will eventually happen to Laconica too. If not, then I see not much future for Laconia anyway. Social media will not stop at 140 char microblogging. The future for Twitter - if any - is being a hub in something much bigger, something even more advanced than FriendFeed. - Meryn Stol
At the moment, I have big doubts though if even Twitter will survive. Other ways to do push notification (e.g. pubsubhubbub) pose a big threat. I'm talking long-term of course. But that doesn't make either Laconica or Twitter seem attractive for me as a developer to put time in. I'd rather invest in technologies which seem to have a bright future ahead. - Meryn Stol
@Matthew Devries, 0.8.x versions and below limited to 140 chars/notice. 0.9.x and above will support variable-length notices, from 1 to unlimited. We'll use truncation to deal with channels (like Twitter or SMS) that are space-constrained. - Evan Prodromou
Interesting idea, Evan Prodromou. Does support real time through the web interface? - Vezquex
@Raphael yes it does. We support three different real-time update servers: Cometd (using Bayeux), Orbited, and Meteor. We'll probably have a Strophe-based XMPP update at some point in the near future. BTW, that's all implemented with plugins. - Evan Prodromou
@Meryn Laconica supports a distributed protocol, OpenMicroBlogging, for a federated approach. We also have plugins in progress for RSSCloud, PubSubHubBub, XMPP PubSub, and FETHR. - Evan Prodromou
You may have something here. I'll take a look at the documentation. - Vezquex
Great info. Thanks for dropping by, Evan! - Kevin L
I think comments as separate from notices is a big difference. Does Laconica do groups or lists? - Kevin L
Evan: What I mean is that anything evolved out of microblogging probably won't matter much for the future of the web and social media. I think the future belongs to completely standardized hubs, using the pubsubhubbub protocol or a protocol yet to be invented. I simply don't think microblogging will survive as a core technology. I think it will prove too limited by its past. - Meryn Stol
yes, Laconica does groups. It also has lists. - Evan Prodromou
Meryn, the "micro" part is a gimmick. Once you lift the character limit, there should be no problem. - Vezquex
I don't see much reasons to have laconia hubs when there are "standardized" hubs, willing to route around anything inside an Atom feed. Why register for a particular when people can get push updates from across the web? All a user has to do in the future is produce an atom feed. The hubs will be invisible to the user. They only see their app, a kind of Wordpress or something. - Meryn Stol
BTW This is one of the reasons why I also probably won't be contributing to the OpenFF server clone. I don't think it has much future. I think we can already see the end of the road for centralized services. I still am interested in writing a client which can talk to all different (either centralized or federated) services out there... From a user's standpoint, broad compatibility with existing networks is a big plus. - Meryn Stol
Matthew, huh? I think the first goal is to build something very much technological the same as FriendFeed. Federation is the next step. But peer to peer is not even on the agenda (at least for the openff project as I know it). And as I said, I don't particularly like that roadmap. It does not really excite me. - Meryn Stol
I kindly invite everyone who want to think on more broad terms about "feed technology" to join :) - Meryn Stol
Evan, I learned some interesting things about laconica from this thread and will be taking a closer look - Jason Wehmhoener
As this is a community open federated project I suggest to use open source Jaikuengine with pubsubhubbub running on Google Appengine. Reasons: Dealing with scalability(twitter has Big DDOS issues) Google infrastructure is the best, Real time push and pull based on pubsubhubbub (community hub is available). Jaiku threaded conversation is cool.It has Channels too. Regarding Macro (not... more... - Srini Vemula
You don't need to adapt laconica to that when NoseRub is so much close to what Friendfeed is. Actually, there are only a couple of features left in NoseRub to be a friendfeed clone (feature-wise, not presentation-wise). A running service using NoseRub is (Identoo is to NoseRub what identica is to laconica) - Marcos Marado
Marcos, does Noserub have some kind of plugin and/or theme architecture so that changes to Noserub can be made without coordinating those changes with the core Noserub development team? I ask because when I look at it doesn't look/work much like Friendfeed, so it's possible the Noserub team has different goals. However, if Noserub supports plugins and/or themes it's possible that different goals can be supported without any issue. - Jason Wehmhoener
If somebody wants to build plug-ins for that make it more FriendFeed-like, or join the NoseRub project and add more FriendFeed-like functionality to that system, or just work on other projects that connect FriendFeed proper with with NoseRub instances, I say more power to them. My impression to date has been that all that's distinct from the OpenFF effort, the intent of which is to build an OSS "clone" of FriendFeed as a new and separate project and code base. - Ken Sheppardson
BTW, I've spun this off into the Feed Tech group as - Ken Sheppardson
Matthew: The kind of distributed messaging that would be ideal for OpenFF is exactly what OpenMicroBlogging (now OStatus) provides. Users on different domains may subscribe and reply and each other, even on entirely separate server instances. - Mike Chelen
Evan: Where are lists in StatusNet/Laconica? Never seen how they can be used. - Mike Chelen
Can't wait for it to be implemented! Great to see so much progress has been made already, thanks :) - Mike Chelen
Kol Tregaskes
"There's been a lot of buzz lately about Diaspora, with its being called "the new Facebook alternative" and getting treated like some sort of social networking Holy Grail for privacy. It even set a record for start-up fundraising site Kickstarter by raising over $170,000 in pledges. Everyone seems pretty excited about the prospect of some magical new social network that will be private, secure, and "owned" by the users instead of evil corporate monsters. And who wouldn't be? I mean, it sounds great in principle, but with all of the excitement stirred up over the last week, nobody's bothered to talk about the harsh reality that it's all nothing more than a pipe dream." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
An 'open version of x' will never be better than 'We're gonna take x and make it so much better'. They shouldn't make the open Facebook, they need to do to Facebook what Facebook did to Myspace - Johnny from iPhone
MongoDB : The implementation | Scalable web architectures -
MongoDB : The implementation | Scalable web architectures
"I was at the MongoSF conference few weeks ago, and 10gen just hosted one at NY as well. In spite of See full size imageblogging about it, because its a NoSQL/cloud thingy, I was taken aback by the simplicity and the hope MongoDB provides. I’ll have a more detailed post about what I think about it in a few days, but until then chew on these slides from who also uses it to power its backend datastore." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Episode 162: Project Voldemort with Jay Kreps | Software Engineering Radio -
"Jay Kreps talks about the open source data store Project Voldemort. Voldemort is a distributed key-value store used by LinkedIn and other high-traffic web sites to overcome the inherent scalability limitations of a relational database. The conversation delves into the workings of a Voldemort cluster, the type of consistency guarantees that can be made in a distributed database, and the tradeoff between client and the server." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Open Source App Combats Facebook's Ever-changing Privacy - Linux Magazine Online -
"In news that will surely make our own Rikki Kite very happy, a pair of open source Web applications have been created to fight back against Facebook's recent redefinition of privacy. allows for simple, quick identification of where your Facebook account exposes or shares your personal information to the Internet at large." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
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