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Feeds: ← Older revision Revision as of 13:37, 18 August 2009 (3 intermediate revisions not shown)Line 49: Line 49: ==Management Structures== ==Management Structures== - ===Users=== + ===Feeds=== - The User structure will contain information about a person or other entity that posts and interacts with posts. This may include + A feed is a stream that can be subscribed to and tagged as a recipient of entries. - *User ID + ;internal id: used internally so that the ID may be changed without corrupting the database - *Display name + ;id ''string'': the URI, e.g. - *Biographical information + ;uri ''string'': An optional external URL, an official website. - *Significant dates and times associated with the site (join date, last active, etc) + ;date ''timestamp'': + ;info ''string'': + ;name ''string'': Title at the top of the page. Display name if author of an entry or comment. + ;theme ''object'': + ;subscribers ''array of users'': - These items will be both used by...