Dave Winer
How about an app that implements the FriendFeed API and nothing more. Simple, manageable, achievable, boring (meaning it might get done). Open projects for things with user interfaces end up in religious battles within nanoseconds, imho.
Unfortunately without a better way to filter the types of content being displayed, the content display would be rather uninteresting, I'd think (or overwhelming). Might be a good place to start, however. - Chris Messina
That was my suggestion as well: http://friendfeed.com/clonefe.... There's already a ui demo that runs on top of the api: http://friendfeed-api.appspot.com/ - Paul Buchheit
I think it's the right way to go. Plus it would incentivize lots of experimentation on UI. Further, I would be more comfortable building on the realtime API (which is very nice btw) if it were open source, more so than when the future of FF was uncertain. - Dave Winer
Now comes the obvious question -- Paul -- would you guys be willing to release your implementation of the API under an Open Source license? That would get things going really fast. Not sure if it makes sense, perhaps the implementation isn't easily separatable. - Dave Winer
We're looking into open sourcing some parts, but I don't think it's possible to open just the api because it's too integrated with everything else at the moment. Maybe after some refactoring it would work -- I'm not sure. - Paul Buchheit
How dependent is that on server infrastructure? - Amit Morson
Somewhat missing the point of why its being talked about in the first place. - Michael W. May
Jason- I'd assume Apache, just because that's what they used with V1 of the API - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The potential of this is very exciting! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Yeah Paul just said that in the comment here: http://friendfeed.com/clonefe... - Roberto Bonini
Once a core API is in place it would be easy enough to have multiple UI projects. Without the API there is nothing. - Eoghann Irving
A client API is a great start, but what we really need is an open source server that emulates the backend of Friend Feed. Then...we can do whatever we want to expand the protocol. - Gary Burge
But there could be multiple back-end implementations. You could have everything from a new, stand-alone Python engine to some sort of weird Ruby system that tries to use Twitter as a datastore to some PHP glue added to Drupal or Wordpress. For a distributed, federated system to truly thrive, IMHO, the group needs to concentrate on how the parts interact, and then teams can break off and build components. - Ken Sheppardson
BTW, I agree with your original thought, Dave. It's hard enough for groups to agree on a common data bus system/format (ala RSS vs Atom), let alone on some collective vision of a GUI. - Ken Sheppardson
In fact, if there were a sort of "stack" of components for implementing FriendFeed-like systems in muliple languages, it might encourage other teams to build compatible systems. You have any sort of architecture diagram you could share, Paul? :-) How bout you and Bret and Benjamin just quit your day jobs and come help out ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Wave federated protocol.... people can write thier own servers, or even use other WFP clients..... - Roberto Bonini
Now you're thinking like good programmers! Modular programs that interact, independent of underlying language or OS. This stack idea is worth developing, I think. - Kevin L
Roberto, Wave is only a method for communicating changes to objects in real time. It doesn't relieve us from having to define data structures and how they relate to each other. - Kevin L
Kevin: My point is that as long as clients and server agree on the saame protocol, the underlying implementation does not matter. This means that A) Anyone can write thier own server in what ever language they so please using whatever data store they want B) People can write what ever Ui they so please including web and desktop based clients and C) it means that we can interact with other Waves, seeing chages to those waves IN REAL TIME as part of our FF stream. - Roberto Bonini
Sure, building a federated social network on top of Wave is a pretty slick project, and Google's going to be pushing that effort, I would think. The only problem is there are currently no public projects that support Wave, let alone FriendFeed. Trying to "clone" FriendFeed starting with a Wave engine confuses me. - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah - exactly ahsan - Roberto Bonini