manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Since Paul Buchheit joined this group's feed, I'd like to know his view on a project of this type. Paul?
The project is fine with me. I've always said that the right way forward for these services (including ff and twitter) is to build open, federated systems, similar to email. Federation is a little tricky (which is why we haven't done it yet), but I generally think centralized systems just aren't good in the long term. - Paul Buchheit
BTW, the easiest way to get started is to understand api ( We put a lot of work into making it simple, and building a smaller scale implementation should be quite simple. - Paul Buchheit
GREAT! Thanks Paul - directeur
Paul, for speaking into this, thank you. - Micah
Federation and simplicity FTW!! (btw thanks Paul for this wonderful service) - Franc, a rememberer
Thank you so much Paul. Honestly I really didn't expect a response but I'm glad that you did and that I posted the question. Together everyone benefits when new services are developed with a combination of things that have proven to work in the past while new twists emerge. Congrats on the Sale of FF and your new tasks ahead at Facebook! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Thanks, Paul. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Paul, that's great encouragement, coming from you - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Thank you, Paul - zsafwan 
Paul: Before the "team" of users and 3rd party devs who are interested in pushing a federated FF-based system forward disbands--either heading off to other projects or starting from scratch--might you be able to give us some guidance whether some of the core FF code could be offered up as open source? - Ken Sheppardson
Federated FTW! This is getting warmer :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Thanks Paul.... - Roberto Bonini