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Open Source,Open Minds,Open Future
Görkem Çetin
"SimpleHRM is an open source human resource management solution for SMEs. It provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for HR departments, with many features including employee management, leave management, benefits, reminders and more." - Görkem Çetin from Bookmarklet
Nanda Kumar
An interesting site to find best open source products
Mustafa Musa Ülker
Ovi SDK davetiyesi olan yok mu? Mobil uygulama geliştiren firmalar hadi bir güzellik yapıverin.. - Mustafa Musa Ülker
davetiye gerekmiyor diye biliyorum?? bende gerekmedi? zamanında? - mehmet t. akalın
OVI SDK için gerekiyor. OVI uygulamalarını kullanmak, OVI Store'a erişmek için gerekmiyor. - Mustafa Musa Ülker
nedir bu? yeni bir telefonum var içinde ovi de yazan menüsü var :)) ne işe yarar haberim yok - fatmazehra
hemen o zaman açıp karıştırıyorsun :) iphone appstore veya google market gibi ovi de nokia'nın ücretli ve ücretsiz uygulamaları barındıran uygulama marketi diyebiliriz.. - Mustafa Musa Ülker
:) ovi mağazaya tıklıyorum faturaya yansırsa tahsil ederim senden o zaman - fatmazehra
3g bağlantısıyla çıkarsan gprs ücreti gelebilir. wifi kullan varsa telefonunda. ücretsiz uygulamalar için gelmez, ücretli de satın alırsın senin sorumluluğunda :) - Mustafa Musa Ülker
@kadri ne kadar çok SDK, o kadar çok para:))) - Mustafa Ferhan Akman
ovi sdk nedir bilmiyorum ama nokia symbian telefonlar için uygulama geliştireceksen qt nokia sdk indirmeni tavsiye ederim - Bora
Michael R. Bernstein
"Wait, wait. Let me repeat that and make it a little bigger, because in the brevity of that sentence you might have missed it’s sheer awesomeness: Matt Jadud is offering up free interaction design for free & open source projects. This is a great opportunity." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
"Should open source look to the organic food business for a model of how to integrate principles and business?" - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
"This year a slew of companies have launched competing Android tablet devices. A lot of rhetoric has been spun about how Android’s open source ecosystem gives manufacturers and consumers an advantage. [...] Unfortunately, the current crop of Android tablets aren’t nurturing open source at all. [...] With the exception of Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, a device that isn’t even really a tablet, I couldn’t find a single tablet manufacturer who was complying with the minimum of their legal open source requirements under GNU GPL. Let alone supporting community development." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
"Android itself isn’t GPL. Its open source Apache license does not mandate that source code has to be made available. However, all Android systems include the Linux kernel at minimum" - If that argument holds, then it would mean that Android's license is irrelevant at best. Which I'm sure it isn't. I think the bigger problem is that Android tablet concepts have preceded the iPad, yet... more... - LANjackal
LJ, what is the 'argument' you're referring to? - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
This is an expanded version of Kirrily's keynote at OSCON about increasing the diversity of the Open Source community. Well worth watching. - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Bump. Just because. - Michael R. Bernstein
Just showed this to someone yesterday. Yep. Still awesome. - Michael R. Bernstein
I've watched a "Women in Rails" panel discussion just yesterday. - Meryn Stol
This is a very strong presentation. Thanks for sharing (and bumping) it. - Meryn Stol
Meryn, thank *you* for pointing to "Women in Rails". Great stuff so far! - Michael R. Bernstein
Looking forward to Kirrily's talks this year on 'Open Source, Open Data': - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
I really like this redesign of the FSF's front page. - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
New project being launched: "Dbasr is a free, open-source content management system. It’s designed to allow musicians and other rich media artists to build, customize, manage and update their own website and web presence using simple tools." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Also, Josh Ellis is here on FF: - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
Open source library that converts Flash on the fly into Javascript + SVG animation. Blown away. I wouldn't have even guessed this was possible! - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
"What's strangely absent from "Thoughts on Flash" is any explanation for why proprietary technology on the Web is bad, or why free standards are good. Noting this omission helps us understand why, though we agree with his assessment of the problems with Flash and the importance of free Web standards, Jobs is led to a solution that is bizarre and unacceptable." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
"If he had said anything about why user freedom on the Web is important, his hypocrisy would have been explicit. In a nutshell, he says, "Don't use Adobe's proprietary platform to engage with information on the Web. Use Apple's." He doesn't want users to freely wander and creatively explore the Web or their own computers; he wants them to move from the fenced-off "Freedom Zone" based in San Jose to the one based in Cupertino." - Michael R. Bernstein
Michael R. Bernstein
I just discovered htop, a much more usable version of the venerable top command with an ncurses-based UI. Among other features, it makes it a lot easier to find processes (up and down arrow keys or the mouse) select them (spacebar) and then kill them (k). On Debian based systems like Ubuntu, it is only a simple 'sudo apt-get install htop' away. - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
one of the best! there is also one for networking ipstate for iptables and iftop and atop - take a look - ovigia
htop rulez. also, mtr in place of traceroute - tekNico
Veda Informatics
If you are somehow related to Open Source Technologies , You are invited to Join the group & start informative discussions, Share with your related friends! Have a nice time ! FaceBook Group for Open Source Development :
I adore the Open Source, it permetted me , poor , to use hi tech , as open office and OpenDVD of Turin Politechnic. Thank's open developer!!! ^_^ - Marco Savina from Yoono
Michael R. Bernstein
"Buzzbird is totally free (as in beer and freedom). There are no advertisements, and it is completely open-source. Buzzbird is available for Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows." Uses XUL for the cross-platform UI. - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
It looks... how do I say this ... "open source" ... lol *runs* - Meryn Stol
Meryn, is that a compliment? It sounds like a compliment. ;-) - Michael R. Bernstein
*should remember that some jokes do not go well in diverse groups* ;) - Meryn Stol
i'll try - Wildan Abdat
The main thing that is missing for me is support for StatusNet/ - Michael R. Bernstein
I agree Michael: StatusNet/ support crucial. - Bill Anderson
Mine wouldn't autheniticate - sofarsoShawn
I'm trying it out because I'm a freetard - sjjh
"So, what happened with the Android kernel code that caused it to be deleted? In short, no one cared about the code, so it was removed. As I've stated before, code in the staging tree needs to be worked on to be merged to the main kernel tree, or it will be deleted. But there's a much bigger problem here. The Android kernel code is more than just the few weird drivers that were in the drivers/staging/android subdirectory in the kernel. In order to get a working Android system, you need the new lock type they have created, as well as hooks in the core system for their security model. In order to write a driver for hardware to work on Android, you need to properly integrate into this new lock, as well as sometimes the bizarre security model. Oh, and then there's the totally-different framebuffer driver infrastructure as well. This means that any drivers written for Android hardware platforms, can not get merged into the main kernel tree because they have dependencies on code that only lives in Google's kernel tree, causing it to fail to build in the tree." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
one might read it as if Google has not kept promise of GPL license of Linux kernel... :) - A. T.
A.T: I don't agree. The code is available for anyone to use and abuse it, the issue is another, way more deeper... - arnaldostream
"Fan-made render? Very possible, but we're intrigued by the notion. The gang at Mobile01 have laid out two more photos of what is being called the Motorola Shadow (not to be confused with the T-Mobile Shadow), which in a nutshell looks like Droid / Milestone with a white keyboard and wrist strap. Even more interesting is the assertion that this could be Google's next flagship device, here lovingly dubbed the Nexus Two. Now while there is no way to corroborate at this point, we could totally buy this as feasible. After all, what better way to complement the Nexus One slate than with one with physical QWERTY? And who better than the company whose Android 2.0 device increased the platform's mindshare at supersonic speeds, with a CEO willing to signify support even at the launch event for a competitor's product? Color us curious -- wrist strap-laden render after the break" - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Monitor User Activity with psacct or acct | Linux Server Training -
"An excellent program for monitoring users and applications is psacct.  This program will work in the background of your system recording what all users are doing on your system as well as the resources that are being consumed.  I originally started using this program when a client asked for a way to monitor his developers and what they were doing on the servers that they were working on.  psacct provided an excellent solution which told not only how long the developers were on the box but what commands they were using and how much of the resources they were using.  Another great application for this program is to use it to evaluate the resources that applications are consumed on your server.  So for example you could see the total resources consumed by apache, mysql, etc.  Whether you are a CentOS Administrator or an Ubuntu Server Administrator or a home user wanting to track activity on your machine, this is a good program to explore." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Inching Closer to FreeSWITCH 1.0.5: Pre-release 10 Now Available | FreeSWITCH -
"Good news! We are marching closer to the official release of FreeSWITCH version 1.0.5. The latest and greatest release candidate is now available for download here. We ask that everyone update as soon as possible. This latest pre-release version is the most stable version yet and is much improved over 1.0.4. Those who are already running SVN trunk should do the usual make current operation. Of course, those running in production environments please update your sandboxes and test systems prior to updating your live systems." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Google should open source what actually matters: their search ranking algorithm – chris dixon's blog -
"Websites live or die based on how a small group of programmers at Google decide their sites should rank in Google’s main search results.  As the “router” of the vast majority of traffic on the internet, Google’s secret ranking algorithm is probably is the most powerful piece of software code on the planet. Google talks a lot about openness and their commitment to open source software. What they are really doing is practicing a classic business strategy known as “commoditizing the complement“*. Google makes 99% of their revenue by selling text ads for things like plane tickets, dvd players and malpractice lawyers. Many of these ads are syndicated to non-Google properties. But the anchor that gives Google their best “inventory” is the main search engine at  And the secret sauce behind is the algorithm for ranking search results. If Google is really committed to openness, it is this algorithm that they need to open source." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Not gonna happen. - Roberto Bonini
Uhhh, Google should open source Page Rank plus all the anti-manipulation measures. For one, Google doesn't even own the rights to Page Rank, Stanford University does and as such it is open for viewing the academic papers on it, however they have an exclusivity contract with Google for rights to use said method in handling the ranking structure of the web. - NOT THE CRICKET
@rbonini my thoughts exactly. - Alex Schleber
"The first mobile phone version of the popular web browser Firefox is "days away" from launch, the head of the project has told the BBC. The browser, codenamed Fennec, will initially be available for Nokia's N900 phone, followed by other handsets. It is currently going through final testing and could be released before the end of the year, said Jay Sullivan at Mozilla, the group behind Firefox." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
"Last week I sent an email to Googlers about the meaning of "open" as it relates to the Internet, Google, and our users. In the spirit of openness, I thought it would be appropriate to share these thoughts with those outside of Google as well. At Google we believe that open systems win. They lead to more innovation, value, and freedom of choice for consumers, and a vibrant, profitable, and competitive ecosystem for businesses. Many companies will claim roughly the same thing since they know that declaring themselves to be open is both good for their brand and completely without risk. After all, in our industry there is no clear definition of what open really means. It is a Rashomon-like term: highly subjective and vitally important." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
"A number of pictures have hit the web now showing the Nexus One, aka the Google Phone, in the flesh. But there haven’t been too many showing its packaging, and it getting unboxed. Today, some Twitpics shared by one user show those. As a bonus, he also shows off a bit of its HTC-innards, and even shared a nice little video of the device in action." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Logikit: What Can Logikit::Framework Do For You?
Michael R. Bernstein
"Kyle Poole, along with the support of countless fans, decided to take on the massive task of bringing Wesnoth to the iPhone. After months and months of work, Battle for Wesnoth is finally available for turn based strategy fanatics on the App Store. If you look at the game strictly with regard to its faithfulness as a port, it's absolutely phenomenal." - Michael R. Bernstein from Bookmarklet
Looks like Warcraft 2 - Zulkarnain K.
Samsung Sponsors Enlightenment Development: New Light for E17 - Linux Magazine Online -
"Korean electronics giant Samsung is helping the Linux-David Enlightenment with development ressources. It's possible that the lightweight and robust window manager might be the basis for Samsung's upcoming Bada mobile phone platform." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
New Open Source PHP 5 Application Development Framework Logikit Hi Folks, Our framework awaits your attention, critiques and contributions. It's only at version 1.0 but already has a quite well documentation full of examples. It's really fast, adheres to MVC pattern and usable.
Apple ceases efforts to bring ZFS support to Mac OS X | MacNN -
"Despite previous efforts to bring support for the ZFS file-system to Mac OS X, Apple has dropped the project. Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz several years ago publicly claimed Leopard would utilize ZFS instead of HFS+, although Apple only provided limited support for the new technology. Even the read-only functionality was dropped with the transition to Snow Leopard." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Michael R. Bernstein
"The FreeSWITCH team is pleased to announce the immediately availability of FreeSWITCH version 1.0.4. (Source tarball available here.) This new version contains many improvements in stability and security as well as some notable additions." - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
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