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Justice Seeker
Bored staff, even the ward clerk at the desk is bored; if what they claim was real she would be swamped with data that needed entered into the computer system . Interesting pics no longer available. ER At 4:15 On 4/15 NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE
mgh bogus er board on 4 15 2013.png
MGH ER  415 pm.png
According to Michael Bosse, deputy superintendent of Boston EMS,the first critically injured patient was transported to hospital within nine minutes of the blasts; the last within an hour. - Justice Seeker
good job rebel - liza
Dr. Alisdair Conn, chief of emergency services at Massachusetts General Hospital. Video! How ironic; his last name is Conn. LOL - Justice Seeker
"Don't wash that wound, you might wash evidence away" Video RIGHT AND THAT HAPPENS IN THE REAL WORLD! THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ONLY CORRUPT THEY ARE FREAKING NUTS!! - Justice Seeker
Mass. General Hospital Staffers Describe Day Of Marathon Bombings Video Oh good, this version they cleaned wounds! - Justice Seeker
Mass. tries to retain $250 million for hospitals. Massachusetts congressmen said they are prepared to lobby their colleagues to preserve the status quo, citing the extraordinary care Massachusetts hospitals displayed following the Boston Marathon bombings. Background > - Justice Seeker
Art Kellermann, an ER Physician from the RAND CORPORATION, testified before Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs . I watched the "show" hearing. I tweeted him a picture of the bilateral traumatic amputee in the wheelchair and stated ER Doctor who thinks this is real scenario NEEDS HIS LICENSED PULLED; he then disappeared from Twitter. - Justice Seeker
Hospitals less than 8 minutes away from the blast site with ambulances on scene capable of advance cardiac life support: defibrillators, external pacemaker application and intubation for respiratory support but they take a victim in cardiac arrest to a medical tent AND then the corrupt praise what by any standard if real would have been labeled gross incompetentence. UNBELIEVABLE! - Justice Seeker
When I do a nurse license verification with the name of the nurse in the article the results come back blank. EDIT: interesting, now 3/12/2014 and the nurse has been located with the verify a licence search. Perhaps they were trying to hide that this particular nurse was on probation! I wonder if his participation in defrauding America helped him keep his license. - Justice Seeker
so they had **trainee** nursers looking after fatal and life threatening injuries at th e Rac. You think they would have got real nurses.A Bit like them getting non gradauted cops for the manhunt - cath unwin
the nursing and LE staff don't have many morals...They sign the Hypocracic Oath and swear on the bible. I thought we could trust LE and medical folks... sadly.,,,we can't - cath unwin
Krystle Campbell is ALIVE!! More PSYOP > Without question the American people have been terrorized and defrauded by their own government! - Justice Seeker
Government and Corporate Globalist in collusion to terrorize and DEFRAUD. The Boston Marathon 2013 "Bombing" is a LIE!!! - Justice Seeker The Krystle Campbell blast site scenario is a fraud. In the video you see her alert and capable of sitting up. The pictures that show the severe trauma she purportedly suffered with a leg nearly completely severed shows her to be in a different spot than what we see in this video and then there is video and pictures showing her on a gurney with the leg appearing attached. This fraud was very poorly executed and anyone with a brain that processes what his or her eyes see knows it; the continual carrying of this fraud by the government, the legislators and the corrupt USDC in Massachusetts is part of the psyop to psychologically beat down and frustrate the population! The aforementioned is an action that only psychopaths would allow to continue. These taxpayer supported criminals ALL need brought to justice - Justice Seeker
And she sure as heck made sure she kept her iPhone nearby so she wouldn't lose it! - Ralph Hornsby