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The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
Funny and true. Could have used a maximize on that Google window (and not in a metaphorical kind of way). - shanebe
so tru, just go ask google - Charles Rice
Scott Beale
MD5 considered harmful today -
Did I miss the note that they had worked with the major groups to get this fixed before documenting this can be done and how to do it or did these people just ope up the door and to a new party? - Robert Miller
Robert Scoble
I'm blogging again thanks to a TechCrunch intervention. :-)
I think several people have blogged thanks to TC's attempt at an intervention... - FFing Enigma
I saw that and was wondering what scoble was going to do - Charles Rice
Great - your blog is very good. But the whole idea that thought leadership is only expressed via blogging sounds sooooooo like the lecture the "traditional media" used to give bloggers. You know the one... they are not "real" journalists and just spew their opinions which generally amount to crap. I suppose it is official, we've traded one traditional media for another... - Brian Roy
MA would enjoy it. - Robert Miller
That's good, but you let Mike set your agenda. Be yourself. - Louis Gray
I tend to agree with you Louis. I saw plenty of stats and numbers in the conversation, but I didn't explicitly see what Robert's goals and desires are. Robert, have you defined exactly what it is you want to do? That's going to go a long way in defining where you want to be because it should tell you what efforts would serve your goal. I *THINK* I know what you want to be doing, but I'd love to see a post on it (with no mention of tools that support it). - Kevin C. Tofel
Mike needs an intervention from Twitter. - Jesse Stay
Oh it won't last.... ;) - Nicola Quinn
Robert, fantastic that you are blogging again. I think it helps you think through your observations and I take away more from it. But, *do not* reduce your twitter/FF interaction - that's where your observations are probably getting fine tuned. - The Fat Oracle
Kevin: actually I have. It is to have an interesting conversation with someone smart every day. I am not leaving FriendFeed, so don't worry about that! - Robert Scoble
Brian: hmm, yes but I find the substance here too. I don't do as much feed reading because all of you bring the best blogs here. - Robert Scoble
Hi Robert! Glad you're still here on FriendFeed. :) Yeah!! That "intervention" soap opera was exhausting! - Susan Beebe
Robert Scoble
Did I harm my blog by FriendFeeding this year? -
Even though I knew about you I had never read your blog until I started using FF a short while ago. Because here I got lots of other people´s recommendations to do so, and also saw your views and comments on other stuff I care about that you wouldn´t necessarily blog about (neither now or earlier).. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
not sure. but the conversation on FF is much better! - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Right... distribution of content and engaging a whole other audience is really smart. Mike still doesn't "get" Friendfeed. Notice he doesn't even contribute to FriendFeed yet. Hey's probably realizing that Scoble is way ahead of him on this emerging platform. Yes, Scoble has posted less blogs, but look at all the BUZZ around his work on FF. Plus we're still seing lots of great stuff and we now get to converse with amazing folks in FF :) - Susan Beebe
Hrm.. interesting thought. As someone who just took a FF vacation, I have some thoughts on this that, ironically, i think I'm going to blog rather than paste right here. Shortcut answer? Yes and no. :) - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I think @michael is just little envy ;) - A. T.
I think you advanced it, your Scoble empire, increased your profile for sure, time to reign it in though maybe, and consolidate it? - sofarsoShawn
Robert - I read both posts (well I only read the TC post beucase you linked it) Both sides are well warranted and very well presented. IMHO, V-logging is the next wave and you are already ahead of the crowd! Remember what Tim O'Reilly said about you? Whatever you decide, I wish the best for you. And congratulations on your eighth year mark! :) - Mona Nomura
No, you just made me aware of your current work, which so easily can get lost amongst a sea of blogs! Thanks - Michael Fidler
The crappy useless answer, yet true answer is it requires balance. Twitting and feeding are seductive because they are easy. They are reactive. They are in-flow. Blogs are harder because they take more substance. More introspection. More time to write. And we all know by now saying wise insightful things on a regular basis is just damn hard. So it's a balance. Tweet and feed to converse. Blog to pontificate. And since balance is so easy to achieve I expect you'll be just as successful as everyone else :-) - Todd Hoff
I assume Robert's blog isn't his primary means of making money so why should he care. The blog is just one feed of many sources. Selling the Robert Scoble brand rather than just scobelizer doesn't sound all that shabby. - Rodfather
In my opinion, you harmed your blog when you started twittering :). Your blog has effectively become a medium for really long posts, so unless you're stirring up controversy, a lot of the interesting conversation just doesn't happen there anymore. - trextor
Did I harm my writing letters home to Mom via postal mail when I started using e-mail? Why is an evolution seen as a step backwards? There's no downside to diversifying your audience and your activity. - Louis Gray
In politics it's called floating a trial balloon. I get the sense that you try things out here on FF and on Twitter, gage the pulse of the conversation. Your blog is the more permanent form of expression and ideas. Each has its own merit. Love the conversation here though, keep it up. - michael sean wright
I liked your initiative with getting Seagate on FF but they didn't really do much after releasing a boring press realize and a few hard drive photos. If I recall, there wasn't even a website where I could look for more information about the products. - trextor
Why does Arrington care if Robert hurt his blog this past year anyway? - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff: I think he cares because he doesn't have enough Twitter followers. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, the problem with microblogging is good posts can be easily missed. Plus, archiving is nothing like one's personal blog's. When friendfeed and twitter give us a good export mechanism, this will get much better. I wonder, is the RSS stream they provide good enough? - Alexandros Georgiadis
Your activity here has helped promote your blog to me again. I stopped reading it along with many others because it was just too much information. However, now when you do post something on your blog or in a video, I find it's usually of a better quality and worthwhile reading or watching. Also, some of the themes for your posts and videos are started here, so I'm more interested to see how you frame them in a longer format. - Dominic Jones
I defended Robert and FF here - Susan Beebe
"I now have a new news source that other bloggers won’t have: a crowd of 5,400 people who are bringing me the best news from around the web in real time. Already I’m seeing stuff there that will turn into blog posts and insights that other people aren’t seeing." That speaks to me. FF is knowledge sharing. - Dominic Jones
Nicely done, Susan! :) - Richard Walker
People have more access to you on FriendFeed. You respond fast. People like that immediacy. I’d say that helps you far more than it does harm. - Alex Williams
So many people speak for Robert here, I think that's the gain of spending time in FF/Twitter :) - K.D.
UGC & Conversation are far from wasting time, a Blog or Online You is simply more now. Posts tweets comments video pic's feeds etc, all are 1, aggregated or not. Pros beat the cons when it comes to Twitter and FriendFeed. Honestly, i probably won't revisit your blog if you don't show up, at least on FriendFeed. Robert: FriendFeed is a brilliant modern combination of Forums and... more... - Majento
FF/twitter most like a TV-SET.Scoble & techcrunch's Blog most like a FF/twitter is the platform intergrate all you idea~~i think FF/TWITTER makes Scoble lively to me!not like a media "monster".Scoble's FF and tweets encourage me ahead in the badtimes.hold on,man~wherever you go,we will follow you!But Scoble's blog can't open in china!Who can help me if he start blogging more?BTW,Scoble,merry christmas! - jedorstar
I miss the blog, but you have done some nice video work - paul mooney
I'd never heard of you until I saw you on EVERY person's follow and subscription lists, so I don't think it's been a waste, as you have a new reader/follower/subscriber, FWIW. - James Schipper
Your blog may have suffered a dip in visitors. But your message has found its way to more minds. I found you through twitter initially - KyNam Doan
Yes, and you should apologize immediately, lest it goes off on one of those pouting fits. - david beckwith
I think the groundwork you helped to lay here, in helping these two services, helping the web get SUP running (by increasing demand for it), and giving the real-time web a great start, is more important than your blog. I think that will also be the view years from now. - Christopher Galtenberg
I don´t know, did you? how are your traffic stats? # of comments? incomming links? - jonathan from twhirl
It's evolution. My prediction for 2009 is that all blogs will move to FF -provided it allows longer posts. (but then, who the hell am I to predict anything?) - Jordi Soler
If you had not been a blogger prior to jumping on the FF band wagon do you think the response/conversation would have been the same? My guess is your A-List status as a blogger helped your FF numbers. - Sachin Balagopalan
I suppose my hope/prediction for 2009 is some of the distinctions between "blogging" and other forms of publishing go away. You're generating content, it flows downstream, and your audience just chooses where they're going to consume it. I will pretty much never visit your blog, Robert. Your blog posts are just longer chunks of text that show up in Google Reader for me. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Seidman
MST3K crew appears during the Summer Olympics broadcast? - Engadget -
MST3K crew appears during the Summer Olympics broadcast? - Engadget
Did this really happen? - Pete D
Not sure, but if it did, that's so outstanding. - Robert Seidman
According to the post comments, it was probably added by an affiliate on their stream, so it was only seen by a (comparatively) small audience. It wasn't shown on the main feed. - Brent Newhall
It required some thought, too. They wisely flipped it horizontally so their heads wouldn't interfere with the stopwatch. - Akiva
Loic Le Meur
if you are reading (or going to read) a book these days, what is it? @PenguinSix thanks!
I'm currently reading Idoru by William Gibson. - LonelyBob
level7 for 4th time and currently picking my way through the Swarm - Charles Rice from twhirl
I read in spurts: when I'm on I go through about a book a day, anything I can get my hands on. - FFing Enigma
"Anna Karenine" by Leon Tolstoï, for the 3rd time :) Too bad, I just can read it in French, I so would like to read it in russian - directeur from NoiseRiver
I'm reading The Chief the biography of William Randolph Hearst by David nasaw. It's great so far! - Morgan
Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino. Haven't tired of the stories even after 10 years. - Marko Bon
I'm reading Quicksilver and Something Rotten, 4th in the Thursday Next series - Steve Lowe
Church Planting Movements by David Garrison - some of the most explosive grass roots / viral movements are found in missiology. - Tony
The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano - CJ
Lightning by Dean Koontz is on its way from Amazon for my reading pleasure. - Todd Jordan
I just finished "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow. Not sure what I want to read next. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
"Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug - - Nathan Chase
"Neuromancer" - Mladen Srdić
The Men Who Stare at Goats - Warner Crocker
@Mladen - Neuromancer is a great read. - Todd Jordan
waiting for advance copy of Neal Stephenson's Anathem; finishing Iain Banks' Matter and Maryanne Wolf 'Proust and the Squid' - Bill Thompson from twhirl
"Shalimar the Clown' by Salman Rushdie - Bren
+1 Marko. I'm currently reading Gass' 'In the Heart of the Heart of the Country' and am still slowly plowing through Pynchon's 'Against the Day'. - Akiva
I read in batches. Currently: "Architecture of Happiness," "On Love," "Consolations of Philosophy" (all by Alain de Botton) + Vol 1 of Proust's "In Search of Time" + "The Secret Life of Bees." All are amazing except for Bees. - Marina Martin from Posty
french women don't get fat :-) I know, old one... - ledretch
the German translation of Latour: Reassembling the Social - Heinz Wittenbrink from twhirl
"The Undercover Econimist" by Tim Harford - Nir Ben Yona
Just started "Houses without Doors" (Peter Straub short stories) - Joanmarie
Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker - a gripping, anecdotal presentation of the lead-up to WW II. - Len Edgerly
i just started reading "it" by stephen king - Timo Heuer
"The Glimmer Palace" - B. Colin - got as swag at BlogHer - but really great book - chronicles Berlin pretty much from turn of century thru WWII thru eyes of orphan/film star. Very well done. - Lucretia Pruitt
wew thanks! now I am going to find myself a book too - Loic Le Meur
Wall Street Sonnets (bilingual English/French) - William, CPU Media
Im reading Ten-Commandments-Business-Failure by Donald R. Keough - Nishant
The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson - JMaultasch
Just finished "The Will to Power" by Nietzsche and then took totally different turn by taking "Then we came to the end" by Joshua Ferris. - Hayk
Reading the "Barsoom" series from Edgar Rice Burroughs. Fun fantasy read. - Dave Ploch
I've just finished Wolfgang Flür's story about being a member of Kraftwerk, called "Kraftwerk: I Was A Robot"; my little review is here: - Niklas Pivic from twhirl
Jason Calacanis
spacex launching rocket in 1hour! very cool last time they made it to space,wonder if they orbit this time
T-1:17 minutes. - Percival
Thanks for the tip. I love space launches. Going to FL in October to watch STS-125 launch. - Michael Tefft
looks like it was put on 'hold'... - Percival
Robert Scoble
5 Desktop Wallpapers that will increase your productivity -
Google Calendar + Remember the Milk + ActiveDesktop = geektastic awesomeness - Derrick Burns
great ideas I never thought of doing that before might be cool to mix and match a pretty picture and one of these other alternitives - Charles Rice from twhirl
I'll stick with your nightime shot of the Whitehouse (currently parked on the big design display) and the Ester Dyson shot (on the MBPro). Thanks btw for open sourcing your photos! :) - Gerald Buckley
Great find... just got started on the GTD path, so this + your last WorkTV segment were very timely. THX again - Jericho
Great idea! - Ronald
I'm not a fan of wallpapers. I generally have black or some cool nasa image, currently of a hurricane from the space station. I do like to use an app called sideslide on the pc, for most of the same reason people put icons on their desktop. - Shawn McCollum
Finally proper use of the desktop! idea - Susan Beebe
Anthony Farrior
No says the girl who used the last of her beans this morning only to have the coffee maker spew them into the pot. I may or may NOT have strained said pot through a sieve into my cup. I may or may NOT be wearing some of the coffee as a result. I will NOT, however, try to suck the coffee out of the shirt. Probably. - Cyndy
yes. - Thomas Hawk
Hmm. I have drunk one (1) cup of coffee in my entire lifetime. I'm thinking of trying more. Agree/Disagree? - Yuvi
No I'm not addicted. Not at all. Not addicted. Just because I stop at Wawa for a 24 oz coffee every weekday doesn't make me addicted - does it? No of course not. I'm not addicted. My head hurts, I think I need to take a nap - or just get more coffee :D - Bryan Hunter
I don't like coffee, in any shape or form... and I get weird looks all the time, because I'm from Colombia :) - Juan Pablo González
Yes, but everything except hot coffee. - David Cook
It isn't just the coffee, the Diet Dr. Pepper works just as well - I am beyond addicted, I get headaches if I don't maintain a certain level in my system. - Paula Hawk
Yes. - Eric P
Hell yes. Bad headaches and other withdrawal symptoms when no caffeine present. Five-shot latte gets me to lunch. No effect on sleep habits. But it helps to be bipolar! ;-) - Stephen Pierzchala
I'm one of the few... no coffee, no soda, very little sugar. Once cup of coffee puts me into light speed, which is helpful for the few situations where I need it. - Tom Harrison
Yes. Coffee in the morning, Iced Tea or Diet Coke in the afternoon. There are worse vices. - AJ Kohn
I switched to tea years ago, but every now and then I have a coffee eclair, and I'm on the verge of switching back! - Rubin Sfadj
Absolutely - Always a cup nearby - Charlie Anzman
You ask if we're addicted like that's a bad thing. - Jack&Cleo
Used to be but kicked the an addiction automatically bad? I'm addicted to breathing and eating - Craig Thomler
Nope, I'm off it for 10 months now. - Jim Kukral from twhirl
no doubt about that - Dobromir Hadzhiev
no... of course this coming from a guy who owns a Senseo system with coffee at the touch of a button - nick carrasco
Whenever i step into the main office i quickly head to the cool looking coffee machine and mix the flavors with the leftover hot chocolate packs! I used to drink a power drink everyday but I weened myself off them and I threw my coffee machine at home away. Just fell off the wagon lately when my wife bought me a case of mountain dew with ginseng... - Anthony Farrior
Every summer I go 2 weeks caffeine free. It's hard for the first 3 days. Which is the 72 hr period during which all physical addictions face the worst withdrawal symptoms. Yes, we're addicted. But so? Addictions can be broken. I managed a whole 8 months w/o caffeine while pregnant. It's not like it's not doable, it's just not desirable. - Lucretia Pruitt
its funny the masses of parents who would never entertain the thought of using illegal stimulants but attack their local starbucks with all of the enthusiasm of a fiend at every possible opportunity - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Completely and utterly addicted, yes. May be found soon sleeping on the St. Mark's sidewalk with a cold, stale cup of cheap bodega coffee clutched to my chest. - Robert Stribley
Yes, absolutely - I went without it once for 3 straight days - nearly died from the headache that caused. I would need a patch or something to quit - Sarah Perez
I kicked the habit too. It was quite easy after a few days. - James Rishabh Mishra
Yup - I'd even drink what's in that picture you have there. - Hutch Carpenter
I just got a special cup that gets me free coffee from a particular brand of gas station for the whole year. Naaaah, no addiction here. :) - Daniel Bruce
i can neither confirm nor deny any accusations against me. - Nathan Eckenrode
We're probably addicted to caffeine because we stay up way too late due to our addiction to the internet. ;-) - Cathryn Hrudicka
ahhh, that's what I'm missing this morning, my first redbull, heading to the fridge where I have a large stack of them :-) - Duncan Riley
I'm not an espresso addict -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it. - Sean McBride
Thomas Hawk
California to Legalize Weed for Everyone -
California to Legalize Weed for Everyone
This initiative will amend the Constitution of California to defend and safeguard the inalienable rights of the People against infringement by governments and corporations, providing for the lawful growth, sale, and possession of marijuana. Marijuana will be taxed through a system of stamps and licenses--a $5 stamp will be required for the sale of an eighth ounce of marijuana and a $50 annual license will be required for the growth of one marijuana plant. To protect participants and encourage participation in the system, such licenses and stamps will be available anonymously in stores where marijuana is sold. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Oakland is hemorrhaging death right now from a territorial drug war that's been going on in the City for the past few years -- a tremendous amount of blood and violence. It would be nice to take pot away as one of the crops that they are dealing out on the streets and give people an alternative to fueling more gang violence. Won't make gang violence go away, but could take a major drug away from their economy. - Thomas Hawk
I'm not sure it will never happen Steven. That's what they said about gay marriage too in California and it's happening. California is a progressive state. I could see California voters getting this on the ballet and approving it. They already passed an initiative decriminalizing medicinal marijuana. This would be the next logical step. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas - agreed with your last comment. I saw that flash site recently (sorry for no link) that showed deaths on a map over a sliding time period. Very grim. - Phil Glockner
The federal govt will never allow it. This is unfortunate as there may be plenty of legitimate medical purposes. - Ryan
I would like to see more "Green" states. All kidding aside, I think Thomas raises some great points not only about the voters but about trying to reduce 1 of the forces driving street violence. Julian: I have been prescribed Marinol and it just doesn't do anything for my physiology (nausea, weight, etc). - Mathew A. Koeneker
LEGALIZE IT! for shits sake. Republicans support this too. Obama are you listening? - NoahDavidSimon
it wont happen due to quality controls and not any way to really tax it unless they implimplented more jobs for the farms. thou if they did they could also make cord from the stalks(hemp) and just think how the economy could rise from that!!! - Charles Rice from twhirl
This is amazing news! A good friend of mine is rotting away in federal prison right now for running a medical marijuana enterprise out of Oakland, something that is currently perfectly legal under state and local law. This helps to exert pressure on the feds to get them over the tipping point on this issue. Be nice to see the corrupt and morally reprehensible "drug war" end once and for all, in my lifetime! - Eddie Codel
Obama should be talking about this. He is the first major Presidential candidate who has admitted to active marijuana use. Instead he cowers away from it and won't touch the topic. - Thomas Hawk
I would like to add though that this will never work because it will bring the criminal element to wherever it is legal. this needs to happen on a nationalor federal level. Perhaps that is the price we pay for making this illegal in the first place... but I just thought I should warn you. Legalize it anyway on moral grounds. I'm a Republican and I am for the legalization and normalization of marijuana. I smoked it in Amsterdam and I believe in moderation it is a good thing. - NoahDavidSimon
Julian, legalizing pot would not get rid of street violence in Oakland. But it would take a major income source from their economy. Even though it is a low level drug, it is one of the most heavily purchased and consumed. The impact on the drug economy would be substantial. They, of course, would do everything that they could to replace the income, but it would pull substantial dollars out of their pockets for sure. - Thomas Hawk
@Thomas Hawk - That's a pretty good point. He is the only Presidential candidate that could even think about it, but I see where he's coming from. We may stand behind this, but what are our numbers? While I don't partake in smoking marijuana, I used to and I do believe it's less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. Wouldn't it kill his Presidential run? - Damien Franco
Noah, it does need to happen on the Federal level as well, but legalization by the state of California is one step closer to normalizing the acceptance of the drug and makes legalization easier nationally. At present I don't that there is the political support for national legalization, but California could start by getting the ball rolling from a PR perspective. - Thomas Hawk
It still smells like shit, though. - William Beem
I believe that marijuana legalization will only happen through conservative channels. most Republicans I know have smoked it. It isn't like gay relationships... the average American believes it should be normalized... they are just afraid to speak out. If put to a vote... I think it would pass. I still think you should be sobered to the idea of the violence society will experience from legalization... but that will go away shortly and in the long run will stop violence. Like Iraq, it is a sacrifice. - NoahDavidSimon
@Richard: You can't very well get high from Gold, now can you? Unless you're Scrooge McDuck, anyway. - Eric P
Noah: We already have violence and crime as a direct result of the black market drug economy. A horrific one at that! I don't see how legalizing can create more violence? - Eddie Codel
@Noah - Eddie Codel is right. Legalizing marijuana and regulating it could potentially reduce crime by taking away the business model for drug dealers. Or maybe they just start pushing harder drugs even harder... - Damien Franco
This is a good step, although that just means that the state will not arrest or prosecute and the feds can still come in and do their busts. Which will be good for the common user but growers and dealers will still be targeted the same way. It should be legal with all the different uses such as 1 acre of pot can make more paper than 10 acres of trees and it grows annually! - Zach Chisholm
If I understand it correctly, the dutch have a weird situation where selling is legal with a license but growing is not, so the producers have to go through all sorts of weirdness and things stay somewhat shady. If California legalizes without federal legalization, I'm guessing things will turn out to be similarly weird. - Jason Wehmhoener
I do feel that we'd be better served by the legal system if the emphasis was on harm reduction and not imprisonment. Send addicts to rehab, not jail, and leave people who aren't addicts alone. - Jason Wehmhoener
Someone wake me up when they legalize GHB. - Akiva
It is great to get the word out on this potential ballot initiative but somebody has got to find the proponent of the issue and have him better circulate the petition (I'm talking 'bout you, Christopher Springer) -- without 600k sigs or so, this will not go on the ballot. Jack Herer already failed to get the necessary signatures on a similar initiative which expired in early June. - Andy Sternberg
Anyone know how to get a hold of Christopher Springer, the guy sponsoring this initiative? I can't figure out how to track him down through Google. - Thomas Hawk
Chris Brogan
Writing Email That Gets Answered -
Do people still use email signatures? I never have and likely never will. If I think someone needs my phone number then I'll put it in the email. If they want to learn more about me I'm the number 1 hit in Google for my name ssoo it should be easy. - Benjamin Golub from fftogo
One of my biggest pet peeves is crap email subjects that are so indescriptive that you need to actually read the email. And email threads going off-topic without the subject line being updated. I think signatures are useful in business more so than in personal emails. If it contains your job title, department and phone number, it saves people looking you up in the address book / management hierarchy to find out who you are. I hate signatures that contain images and other crap, like quotations, etc. - Tony Ruscoe
with volume of emails' that we get nowadays, its best to keep the main content in the Subject line itself !! Many of the conversations begin like that. Where it begins with a question /decesion and then the meat of it unfolds as to/fr continues..When using central archiving systems that works darn well !! - Peter Dawson
why not treat like Twitter and limit 140 characters in the Subject line - Ivan Pope from twhirl
My job requires that we have a sig line with pictures. For some reason, I can't get the pictures to imbed. ;) IT just has not made it a priority to resolve. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
I was against signatures in personal emails, but you turned me around, Chris! - Rubin Sfadj
My company requires that we embed our lame "slogo" in html format (with colors) in our signatures. I object on the grounds that I was on the internet when the internet wasn't cool. Html email is not the way. What are they gonna do, fire me? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Can I insert a mini-rant about people who email the helpdesk instead of calling? They invariably send stuff like, "My computer has a grey screen with error messages." - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
@Harvery, I normally reply to that type of stuff like "oh dont worry, thats an error between the keyboard and the chair. Just reboot yourself" :)- - Peter Dawson
Scott Beale
It’s 2008. I can’t believe we haven’t figured this out. -
geez, how many things in life could this title apply to.... - Nicķ
And +1 like to Nick's comment - Carla Thompson
That guy is a freaking baby... - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
"Blame the current crop of crapware sites that think everything on the web is theirs to monetize. I do." I think this applies wholesale to anything related to the internet. Where there is shady money to be made there is some asshole with no scruples who will try to do it. - EricaJoy
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Setting up Safari as the default browser on @ponzarelli 's Windows Vista PC. It feels right.
Why would anyone want to use both Vista and Safari? - Rich
What a crappy combination. Safari sucks on the PC. - David Risley
Safari doesn't suck on Windows. It's just the same. ;-) - AJ Batac
Safari has one awesome feature, drag a tab out to make a new window, across to a different one, or merge all windows to tabs. - Phil Glockner
would Safari for Windows be better than Firefox AND Opera - Outsanity
I won't use anything but Firefox. - Aaron Myers
Thomas Hawk
I just put $2 in a special place in my wallet so that I'll always have it there. For the rest of my life whenever I'm asked for money on the street I am going to offer whoever asks $2 in exchange for taking their portrait. I'll also get their name and try to learn a little about them.
That's a great idea - Shey
That is an amazing idea! Absolutely brilliant :-) - Maria Reyes-McDavis from twhirl
Wow! Considering the number of such instances that one comes across; it is potentially an huge number of subjects! I'm gonna steal this idea as well! - Parth Awasthi
idea now officially stolen! Nice one Thomas! - jerry
Technically, not a street, but this is the information highway...can I have $2? You may need a 12,000,000,00mm to get my portrait though ;) - Ace
better not forget the wallet ;-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Ace, if you run into me physically on the street and ask me for it I'll give it to you. ;) - Thomas Hawk
Dobromir, my wallet and 5D go with me everywhere. And since I plan on carrying a camera around with me for the rest of my life this shouldn't be a hassle. - Thomas Hawk
Good idea. - Mary Anne Davis
I've thought about doing this - I think it would be cool if you had 3 set questions you asked each subject. This could turn into an interesting project. - Sam Purtill
I hope you didn't get a patent on this idea cause I may have to still it too :) - Sam Purtill
it was a joke Thomas I carry my wallet wherever I go too, just sometimes it's hard to find :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I would want more than 2 dollars :) - Photo Larry from twhirl
Need a flickr group $1 photos - Yolanda
Some people might want more than $2 and some people might not want to do it at all. But that would be their choice. I suspect others might appreciate the human interaction in addition to the money. I don't mind if a fake panhandler got $2 from me if I got his portrait. - Thomas Hawk
You could create the first location based DB with profiles for panhandlers :-) - Gabriel Biguria
I see a new flickr group in the making... $2 portraits Cool idea TH - gfurry
Beautiful idea, I love it. - Brandon Wood
PayPal me the $2 and I'll send you a photo, save you the bother of getting your camera out :-) - Anthony Burns
Gabriel, sadly that already exists. Will you guys make sure to follow through on this! I want to see these portraits. - Frankie Warren
Will beg for Flickr - TranceMist
When did the going rate for panhandling go up to $2? Now I know why they stopped asking me. I've still been giving a buck. - Kevin Shannon
Check out the 100 Strangers group on Flickr. Here's what they're doing: Step out of your comfort zone to a new level of portrait photography. Start by taking 100 portraits of people you don't know. The idea: The One Hundred Strangers project is a learning group for people who want to improve the social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers and telling their... more... - Lisa L. Seifert
Stupid comment character limit... And the rest: Who are they? What is their life like? Try to tell a small story with each photo you take. This may be a story about the person or how you felt approaching that particular individual. You may have, for example, tried a new approach or used a new photographic technique. Try to learn something from every encounter you make. - Lisa L. Seifert
Lisa, I love the 100 Strangers Group. Trejack was working on this in Las Vegas when we were there. Has anyone done it in a single day yet? - Thomas Hawk
Sounds like a good idea... - Mike Wills
you have a good heart. That's an awesome idea ! And the idea of blogging what they tell you -- that's awesome. Maybe you should put your $2 in the camera phone sleeve ... - General Kafka
Just paid 10 bucks for 24 hours at Starbucks without realizing that they have free 2-hour Wi-fi. Trick is that you've got to buy one of those gift cards and register.
I got free wifi without registering for anything at the Radisson Hotel Starbucks in downtown Baltimore. - Raoul Pop
Thanks for added details. Wasn't too clear in prior coverage - Rotkäpchen
Will try it in a bit and post results here - Wil
Yep, it works. Just buy a gift card, go to and sign up for the rewards. It will create both a Starbucks and AT&T Wifi account for you. Then go to Starbucks and login. I'm even able to concurrently use the same account with two laptops. - Wil
Emily Miller
I was soooo close to sharing this earlier :-) - Ross Miller
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Amber
Oh I don't know. I'd argue that he's the only cool one in the photo. - EricaJoy
Yeah, looking back for a closer inspection, I'm thinking that pink sweatbands and giant pink panther shirts are not really all that cool. - Amber
Well he is the only one with a pop-able collar... - Ross Miller
But despite his pink panther shirt, his hat is sideways. That is WAY cool according to my cool score matrix. - Bret Taylor
Pop-able collars are key for coolness... - nsnadell from twhirl
Well, basically... I don't get the fail here. Serious - Yuvi
the white guy just dont get it.....he needs some flava if he wants to hang with the real OG's in the pick lol - Charles Rice from twhirl
I don't know. Pink Panther PJs seem like a fail to me too. - AJ Kohn
Chris Messina
Where's the lightning? Crazy weather today, including here in Orlando. There was a tornado sighted quite close to the highway I was driving on. - Mike Reynolds
Louis Gray
Are You the Sum of Your Search Terms? -
Interesting article and can relate to the children medical paranoia. - AJ Kohn
Interesting article. When I would get bored (before FF came along) I used to search for really odd combinations of words. I think that's how I found metafilter. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
some ppls writeing does the same thing - Charles Rice from twhirl
Louis Gray
So what’s a G1 iPhone worth now? -
ha - Anthony
$99 - Eric Schlissel from twhirl
I want one, my life would be significantly enhanced by owning a old school iPhone - Christian Burns
$39, who would want one? But then I would say the same thing about a Q device without high speed data and other amenities. - Dave Ploch
Oh PLEASE let me pick up one for eBay for cheap! $39? I'd buy one for everyone in my family that doesn't have one... there's nothing wrong with G1. Edit: Hmmmm - you kind of have me wondering if that was part of the plan... - Vince DeGeorge
I'm going to be happy with my G1 for some time... wait where did "G1" come from? - Bwana ☠
Easier to type than iPhone Generation Number One, I guess. How about iPG1? - Vince DeGeorge
Depends on the contract period you have to sign. I wouldn't want to be locked into a 2 yr contract for a G1, but it would be a cheaper alternative to the G2 to play with it and see if you like it. $50-100 with no contract extension. - Fred Neil
I was just about to ask the same question Bwana; sounds alright though 'G1' - Gordon Swaby
Although iPods use #G (e.g. 5G) to describe their different generations, that would get too confusing for iPhones. Given the "1G" iPhone would actually be 2.5G and the "2G" iPhone would be 3G (if you get what I mean) I think G1 and G2 makes perfect sense. - Tony Ruscoe
Makes you think that there's going to be a huge market for jailbroken G1's in the near future. If I could pick one up cheap I'd give it a try ;) - Colin Walker from fftogo
a lot less than what I paid for it - Duncan Riley
Robert Scoble
If Facebook had done its job right FriendFeed would never have happened.
The best thing about FriendFeed, besides that it's so much fun, is that it forces Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. to make their services better. Twitter should have added hide a long time ago. Flickr should have shown you more than the last 5 contacts photos. Competition is a beautiful thing. - Thomas Hawk
Yes competition - but more so: open communication - is truly a wonderful thing. Developments here at FF and twitter with respective apps like twhirl, AlertThingy etc. just go to show how quickly last years fad can become extinct (facebook?). Of course it would be even better to find fb add something truly novel. - Alexander von Halem
Early adopters may have moved on but the herd continues to graze like cattle on the hillside at Facebook, MySpace, etc. Eventually, they will learn about other forms of social media and move there, but by then there will be something new that the fleet-footed have mooooved onto while the slow stampede contiues ruminating. - Phil Boiarski
I think it's quite possible that friendfeed has totally superior DNA. If I were to bet on facebook vs friendfeed now, I'd bet on friendfeed, even with facebook's huge headstart. Because, if Altavista would have done it's job right, Google would have never happened... - Meryn Stol
It's like a great brainstorming session where people build on each other's ideas to get to the best solution. So I think it's less about FB doing a better job, then fresh blood building upon the ideas to make the better solution. - Jane Quigley from Alert Thingy
I think it's all an evolutionary process, the good thing is anyway that the idea spreads. Facebook could save some money though and implement open standards right now. They have to in the end anyway. FB won't be a working Passport or anything like that. - Christian Scholz from twhirl
I think the "secret" force behind friendfeed's succes will be the discussion of the tech bloggers here. It looks like unintended crowdsourcing. There are so many feature (and strategy) suggestions flying by. I think some people *want* friendfeed to win, and friendfeed provides a way to let those people help them. It's gonna be a powerful combination. The only question is if they can hire good programmers fast enough to keep up. - Meryn Stol
Still get to the bottom of FriendFeed, but liking it more and more every time - David Orban
Same here @David, @Meryn I like your perspective and also your terminology 'crowdsourcing' more like crowd surfing! - Joe Dawson
For all who don't know, crowdsourcing is quite common jargon. It's what Starbucks (MyStarbucksIdea) and Dell (Ideastorm) are doing. This will beat the crap out of companies who don't. - Meryn Stol
If IBM had done its job right Microsoft would never have happened. etc - Stuart Woodward
great observation about crowdsourcing meryn, friendfeed seems very interested in hearing what people have to say - Chris Jones from twhirl
I don't use facebook anymore, I just pipe my friendfeed stream back into facebook - Mark Ramsey from twhirl
Im going to go on record here with a prediction for the future: Facebook is the greatest hyperbole the web has ever seen. I know it's worth a lot because so many investors put so much money into it, but Im expecting it to earn the title for "Most Inflated Value Ever". - Andrew Baron
@Mark Ramsey, I do the exact same thing - Chris Jones from twhirl
BTW, if George Bush had done his job right, everything would be worth at least twice as much. - Andrew Baron
tut tut ...forgive n forget was what my mum always told me. - viki saigal
I think Facebook and Friendfeed cater to different purposes. FF is great for sharing ideas while Facebook is good for maintaining profiles and contacts. - Vishy
FriendFeed brings the "NewsFeed/Mini-Feed" out of Facebook. Most of my friends are not on Facebook, so this is great! I can give people links to interesting articles/photos/discussions on FriendFeed. Signing up for Facebook overwhelms many of my friends. It's too complicated to set up an account. - Mitchell Tsai
Facebook was never useful for this. Way too heavy. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
this is exactly right. A while ago I had an idea similar to FriendFeed and Pete Cashmore told me, nah, Facebook is already doing it. As it turned out, Facebook had the chance but didn't capitalize on it. - Stan Schroeder from twhirl
i could be wrong, but I don't think Facebook is (a) losing users to FF, or (b) incapable of making this a reality for the masses - Jeremy Toeman
FriendFeed is much more about content. Content and insight defines the "friends" I pick, whereas Facebook has a greater social context. I would not follow by nieces tweets in FriendFeed, but she would be on my list of "friends" in facebook. - Ralph Poole from twhirl
If FF added better mobile access and posting a nice real client, i'd have less and less reason to use Twitter. None at all actually - Michael Gartenberg
Ralph, I agree wholehearted facebook is a different beast all together. A different beast that thankfully doesn't have a zombie game or super wall :) - Doug Brooks
Not sure I agree about Facebook. It was built for college kids, not for people looking for useful information. - Mike Reynolds
Of course Facebook and FriendFeed both serve different purposes. It's also entirely possible to use both. I think we'll have to observe what services suffer due to FriendFeed in order to see what competes with FriendFeed. - James Rishabh Mishra
not everyone is capable of flyfishing in the river of posts that is friendfeed. some folks just want to go out and get sushi with their friends, and then get back to their lives. facebook is for them. - Chris Hollander
But that would break facebook's business model - collect the data we input and sell it back to us.... - Robert O'Callaghan
friendfeed is way better and way simpler than facebook. Andit's app, poke and zombie free. Damn brilliant if you ask me. - DC Crowley
@Mike R "It was built for college kids, not for people looking for useful information." Funny! - Jack Baty
Don't think so. FF is a different site built on a different premise. Its lighter and more agile while being very powerful. Facebook is way more profile centred while FF is more like Google Reader on Steroids. - Roberto Bonini
Robert Scoble
If you see Twitter's database, can you please return it to them? Seems like they are missing it -
:)) - Shandiz
LOL - K.D.
Reminds me of that line in Snatch when someone went missing,"Not like it's a set of car keys or pack of cigarettes. What do you mean it's missing?" - Mark Forman
Where in the world is the Twitter database? Is there a reward for it's return? - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl
@MM yeah the reward is good karma at Plurk :D - Mark Forman
@Mark Indeed. Karma is good. I need good Karma. - Michael McGimpsey
Plurk stole it. - Mark Frost
usual-swap copy ready to go. - marty nickel from twhirl
twitter = killer concept, stinky execution - marty nickel from twhirl
I think I saw it floating down the street here in Minnesota. Oh Wait that was my server I'm being told. Hey wait come back here I didn't say you could float away server. - David Newberger from twhirl
OUCH! - Susan Beebe
I think it might be over here? --> - Susan Beebe
more like Plurk destroyed it and have a much better one. - SolidSmack from twhirl
ROFL - Mitchell Tsai
If they can keep track of their things, they don't deserve to have any. ;) - Steven Van Tilburg from twhirl
somebody pass the bong - Duncan Riley
I think I saw it show up on Craigslist... - felix
+1 Like for Duncan's comment - Hutch Carpenter
giggles...somebody load the next cone "with the database"...giggles - martin ollman
Could you describe the database, sir? - Tim Hoeck
Tower? Rackmount? Blade? Dell? Hp? Sun? You gotta give us somthing to look for. - Roberto Bonini
@martin so smoking hash tables is legal in California? - Karim
Do a post on Twitter Whale Fail Dead Fish Floating upside down in the water! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
pass them a bowl! or better yet tese them with one see if they get it done faster - Charles Rice from twhirl
Captain Ahab, there she blows! The Sinking Twitter Whale! Get you Harpoon ready and strike! I beg you Strike! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Oh! I just gave it to a kid to normalize it.. let me see if he is still around! - Jigar Mehta
Lets see.. 100th Normal Form??? - Roberto Bonini
Twitter's down? really? I'm shocked... - Michael Gartenberg
talking about this last night: CMS system != messaging system - anna sauce
Escaping the Scobleverse -
you cant. as soon as your near the gates a scoble clone snipes you with a nerd nugget. - Anthony
Need to run to work but I like this thought.. very similar to the RSS Reset plan Corvida, Caleb, Jeff and I are trying out this month. - Phil Glockner
J. Phil, definitely very similar, just a little less drastic! I'm not brave enough to handle the RSS Reset! @Anthony - nerd nugget. Gross! :) - felix
Good thoughts on this on felix. I don't mind being in the scobleverse because he consistently brings good stuff. But I'm constantly looking out for the other universes that pop up. I don't subscribe to a lot of the other popular guys like Arrington, Bucheit, Taylor, etc. because their good stuff is bound to pop up one way or another. - Shey
I've actually unsubscribed from Arrington and Scoble, myself. Like Shey said, you don't have to follow the popular guys to catch the good stuff - it always pops up somewhere. - Nathaniel Payne
Heh! I'm not saying it's bad to subscribe to those guys, they're big for a reason! But I'm trying to slow down my river of news a little bit so I can see some of the smaller waves. If you see what I mean! Anything big I'll get anyway via FoaF. - felix
Just to define the Scobleverse, here's a good feed: -- this is the feed of everyone I'm reading who I've "liked" and/or "commented on." I am watching thousands of people, so touch quite a few people here. To get outside of the Scobleverse you'd really need to make sure you don't follow anyone I comment on. - Robert Scoble
Trying to avoid Scoble is like trying to avoid air. He is everywhere! :) - Mike Doeff
This is fascinating - and yes absolutely no offense intended for Scoble, et. al. I suggested this with tongue-in-cheek myself a little while back on FF ( I got spanked by some echo chamberlains - tho Scoble himself agreed. - Noah Carter
I´d like to see the the definition of the new word: "to scobleize" in Wikipedia! xD - Dieter Schwarz
Just to be clear, I'm not trying to leave the scobleverse, I'm just trying to make it easier to see some neighboring universes. :) - felix
Felix: Find any intriguing non-Scoble universes yet? - Mitchell Tsai
@Mitchell - well... no, if you don't count the friendfeed universe. :) but I'm still optimistic! - felix
Phil Glockner
The 6 Best Ways to Rock FriendFeed -
lists always work on digg. this one should put up big numbers... - Anthony Farrior
I'm hoping a digg heavy promotes it. I'm so out of the digg loop, I don't even know where to begin. Also, I have a busy day at work starting in an hour. - Phil Glockner
nice artical - Charles Rice from twhirl
Jott: Jott Reads Feeds to Your Cell Phone -
Jott: Jott Reads Feeds to Your Cell Phone
"Voice-to-text service Jott has up and reversed their game a bit with their latest service offering—having custom-picked feeds read back to you, over your phone connection. If you're already a Jott member, you should see a feed notice when you log in starting today, where you can choose highlighted feeds (including Lifehacker) or give Jott your custom feeds. Call into Jott, say "Jott feeds" when asked "Who do you want to Jott?" and you're on your way." - edythe
That gentleman is clearly not using a "cell phone." - Karim
You big dork :) - Heidi Moon
and can twitter as well been playing with the servise for a short time and still dont use it effectively - Charles Rice from twhirl
yeah, i was thinking of that gadget, too - edythe
I've tried this and it works. Very useful if you have unlimited minutes on your phone (I don't yet but might with an iPhone2.0). - Mike Reynolds
Tyler Gillies
i need more noise!
yay! - Tyler Gillies
MOAR NOISE! :D - dgw
Click on the "everyone" tab. The noise is pretty loud over there. - Robert Scoble
thats bad noise though. i can't even read it because its in differerent language. i need noise i can at least parse - Tyler Gillies
You need diversity... not noise. English is my 4th language, and I never understand how someone needs "noise" :) - directeur
i need some noise too - Palin Ningthoujam
*pops balloon* - Joe Dawson
... you got it... - john conroy
Here, check this out --> - Scoble is the *noise master* - Susan Beebe
@Susan agreed, his feeds feed feeds! - Joe Dawson
Susan, Iike this one better: because it's all YOUR noise that I liked or commented on. :-) - Robert Scoble
Folks, you DEFINITELY have to explain the word "noise" for me :) I'm not English, not us, or british, I'm better at french and 2 other languages... Tell me: by "noise" you "bruit" in french? I'm deeply confused with the need for noise :) - directeur
Noise is hard to define but I know it when I see it. - Robert Scoble
w00t! - Hacker News
@directeur noise is defined here as the "chatter" of other peoples thoughts i.e. twitter, flickr, youtube, and ant thing else that plugs in to FF @tyler follow more people - Charles Rice from twhirl
@directeur: I think it comes from the phrase "white noise" explained here: (a meaningless or distracting commotion or chatter). - Tony Ruscoe
Is more noise like more cowbell? - Stephen Pierzchala
Thank you all! Then if this is what noise is, I'm for it... @Scoble: et ça c'est du bruit pour toi? Ist es genug? hal anta said? i wakka thezhidh? :D - directeur
Go over to Plurk there's _plenty_ of noise there when it gets going - Pete Gilbert
Wrrrraaaaaaaaaaaw (<---roar) - Ginger Makela Riker
people use plurk? i thought they just opened up an acct then ran back to FF to post jokes - Anthony
I WILL never use plurk :) - directeur
i will also NEVER use plurk! my promise! ;) - Dieter Schwarz
Here is some White Noise (that rocks) - RAPatton
There are different types of noise. On one hand, you can get highly redundant noise. On the other hand, if you look for it, you can get a wide diversity of noise. I went on a noise diversification search over the weekend and subscribed to 24 people from all around the world who were quite different than the typical peolpe I've been following. - Mike Reynolds
Robert Scoble
@johnconroy I follow early adopters wherever they go, even if they go to services I really hate the design of, like Plurk.
Plurk just sounds like a noise I make when I am sick - Joe Dawson
I wish it was plukk so we could call the plurkers "plukkers" - acedanger from twhirl
damn... nabbed. re: unsubscribing in ff: (don't know if this works, just saw the link) - john conroy
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed is NOT taking off ... why? (I gave some reasons over on this blog post but wonder why we aren't seeing a LOT more FF activity?) -
I've been showing FriendFeed to tons of people and most try it out for a few minutes and then leave. It's clear to me it's not really taking off the way, say, Twitter did. I am getting pretty consistent feedback from people who say they don't see the value in it -- I left my ideas of how to get FriendFeed participation to go to a new level on the post I linked to on this cluster here. How about you? - Robert Scoble
wlai: yeah, the desktop client is tough, because of the two-level commenting system here. But if they implemented XMPP that'd solve that pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
does everything come down to being as banally simple as Twitter? - Ivan Pope from twhirl
@wlai i'm using MySocial 24x7 Sidebar. a pretty good firefox extension, but still not as convenient as Twitter IM bot. - Jansen Lu
Why hasn't FF added any new feeds in several weeks? There are plenty of sites they could add. - Elliott Plack
Has Robert found a new toy? Is it Plurk? ZubHub or whatever? lol - Aviv
I made FF my home page but still struggling with it. I could just about keep up with Twitter but on here I get to see what the friends of my friends say on a tricky to navigate webpage. It's too time consuming for people that have normal jobs (no Robert, you job is not an average normal job). - Gerard van Schip
No, FF is THE toy for me right now. I just want to get other people in here and I'm getting a LOT of resistance when I sit down with people and watch what they want to do with it. - Robert Scoble
I think all these social apps need beter interop - Charles Rice from twhirl
Cyvros: links work in Google Talk. Just convert them to URLs. - Robert Scoble
Cyvros: mostly I want XMPP for listening to the system. Not for posting. - Robert Scoble
The value in FF is the potential of personal relevance and engaging in discussions without feeling overwhelmed or lost. Threads with 30+ comments are becoming more common these days, and so are 50+ likes. The thing is, Robert, I think super-users such as yourself with 2000+ friends expose individual entries to... too many people. Some complain that FF is fragmenting the conversation. Quite the contrary - I think FF will need to find ways to fragment it even more as it grows. - Aviv from ffreader
Cyvros That's the part I don't get. FF seems quite intuitive to me -- whereas other tools don't. That's not to say some refinement is not in order, mind you.... I need to give this some more thought (i.e. WHY is FF intuitive to me?). - Joanmarie
Robert, I actually like how Friend feed is right now and understand people's dislikes about it but I think it still has some potential that we will see in the coming months!! - Paul
Aviv: if you read my feedback, being able to hide completely some users is very important. The fact that I am able to "leak" into every conversation here is a huge negative for many people. - Robert Scoble
Aviv: not being able to control the noise (and the noisiest users) is a major reason why people get turned off when they first see FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
I think part of the reason is that FF is billed as a lifestream aggregator - for people to combine their blogs, twitter, delicious, shared items, etc into one stream. But the average person doesn't have that many feeds that they need a lifestream aggregator to manage, in my opinion. Also, the desktop client thing that you guys have mentioned is important as well. - Derrick Kwa
Well the obvious answer is that for people that aren't on Friendfeed the value isn't all that clear. I'm on Friendfeed and for me it's a tool. I don't like the aggregation aspects of it, but enjoy the discussions that float around. But the main issue with ANY aggregation service imo is that it lacks intent. To me it seems that unlike early-early adopters most people don't really have a need for a constant stream of unintentional shared content. Intentional personal sharing is much more valuable to them - Alexander van Elsas
Paul: of course it has potential! Think about everything that's in the FriendFeed database that we can't yet pull out. Can I show you every item that has "n" likes? No. Can I show you every item that has "n" comments? No. Can I show you every item that has those things but with Robert Scoble hidden? No. So, YES there's HUGE potential locked up in the FF database that isn't yet available to us. - Robert Scoble
Robert, we are very much aware that FF needs a lot more work (it's a young product), and that not everyone "gets" it right away. We are definitely working on making it more intuitive and approachable. That said, the blog post you linked two was written last month, and activity on FF has grown about 3x in that time :) - Paul Buchheit
FF is very confusing - People who don't use many web2.0-sites can't profit from the unification of your web-presences. Using FF just for the coments is simply not appealing enough for the mainstream user. - sdfx
Alex: You are right the intentional personal sharing is much more valuable to them but that makes it that much harder for the unintentional shared content. it makes FF just that more harder to understand. I know they are working on this little problem of FF, and I'm sure it will get fixed but I also know they will have to wait and see attitude!! - Paul
Paul: awesome. I think the reason you are getting this feedback is cause you've built something that has huge value already, it's just frustrating for those of us who are being FriendFeed advocates because we don't have the right tools to convert other people into FriendFeed lovers too. For those who don't know who Paul Buchheit is, he's one of the co-founders of FriendFeed. I'm happy it's growing, but it could grow a lot faster if we had a few more tools to show people the value locked up in FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
I use them both (Twitter and FriendFeed), and I actually see more and more people (among my friends) that use FF a lot more than before. I posted some little stuff that I wish FF to add (here: but those are really simple changes compared to what you ask for Robert :-) - Orli Yakuel
It's two things for me: 1, Twitter gives me all the info I have time to digest and 2, to make full use of FF I'll need to sub to all the people I'm linked to elsewhere. Did I mention time was an issue? - Rod Nicolson
While the room feature is a step in the right direction, we need to be able to create filters, that are accessible easily and are nondestructive to the main page. Perhaps Like Gmail, we could see all of the stuff at once, or just one filter at a time. In this case I'd have one for tech luminaries that post a lot, and people I really know. - Elliott Plack
What would be great desktop clients for FF? Thoughts? - Prakash
Robert, I read your comment on the blog. Re #2 and #5 - I agree that tracking topics is especially important on FF. I personally don't want IM notifications and all that - I want a pure FF interface play. I played with some ideas a while ago, see - it doesn't take into consideration min number of likes or anything like that, but this is how I personally think FF should approach the need for real-time tracking. - Aviv from ffreader
Robert, it's all because of the user base and the ease of use, I'm guessing. I use Plaxo more than FF. And really, use Twitter more than 10x more than either of them. Not just for making updates, but to get updates from others, headline relays, etc. I use BrightKite and sometimes Twitterfone or Jott when I'm sending an update on the go, but they have value for me precisely because they all feed Twitter. Pownce arguably outperforms Twitter in terms of flexibility and reliability, but who uses that much? - mark zero (Jason)
@aviv, is this thing works? or just for you because you built it? - Orli Yakuel
The comments by Cyndy Aleo-Carreira are pretty apt actually; it is actually irritating to see information repeated; i don't like the reordering either; and discussions stripped from the blogs onto itself is understandably annoying to several people. - Parth Awasthi
Since it is a lifestreaming application I believe most people use FriendFeed as a secondary application to Twitter. Also I think it would do alot better if the FriendFeed-is-Clunky-on-Twhirl issue would be fixed. For example, half way through writing those two sentences Twhirl updated the FF stream and everything I typed was lost. I almost said screw it and just didn't comment, but... more... - william douglas watson from twhirl
FF is my all-in-one Web 2.0 Solution and there are enough excellent desktop clients - FF is my new center to the world! ;-) - Dieter Schwarz from Alert Thingy
Orli - it does and is currently being tested before ship day. - Aviv from ffreader
The complaints that FF is too complicated are perfectly valid for a lot of people. Something like FF is geared towards the early adopter, those already on a mutlitude of other services and are looking to pull it all together in to one melting pot with comments. Joe Public doesn't work, think or behave like this - many just want a simple messaging system which is why Twitter clicks and... more... - Colin Walker
Aviv, will be really glad to test it! Robert, take a look at this: - Orli Yakuel
Scoble: I've not built this, this is not Paul Bucheit. I just know that some of this is coming it has to because if it didn't this wouldn't grow. I also know that people will have there problems just like DIGG people didn't like Digg because it had it's own little problem and you see how many flock to be over there!! - Paul
having fun rather than using social networking as a serious discussion tool. We need a change of mindset or to just accept that fact that different services will attract different people and ne'er the twain shall meet. A service has to identify its target audience and then fully understand it, providing those features that audience demands rather than trying to convince those outside of... more... - Colin Walker
Orli: I can't log into I'm using Firefox 3.0 RC1. - Robert Scoble
It's like I'm living in a bizarro universe here. FF is dead simple to me - and was right off the bat. You add services, you add friends and then watch and participate. Pretty easy to me. I also don't know why people bring up twitter all the time when talking about FF. I don't see them as remotely similar or in any kind of competition. They're two apps that have a similar "audience" but that's it. Two different purposes and needs fulfilled. I'm baffled by some of the responses here. - Vince DeGeorge
Cyvros/fyc: I am sure they are going to fix the commenting problem. They probably hear about that everyday they check there emails or watch the FF scroll up and down. I also know that the fixed width is not so bad once you understand that it's to show a comment or a link!! I understand how frustrating it can be and can't wait for the changes that are inevitable because without Change there is no community!! - Paul
Vince: Twitter and FriendFeed are joined at the hip for me. I see them as different things, too, but I'd like to see FriendFeed adopt a few of the things that Twitter showed the world first. IM integration for one. Track for two. SMS capability for three (er, and a mobile client). - Robert Scoble
Vince: I say you've hit the nail on it's head with Twitter and FF, You can't possibly do this type of commenting and discussion with Twitter!! Twitter only allows 150 characters!! - Paul
FriendFeed needs a better commenting system ie Disqus. I have to confess I joined and then didn't use it for a while. Now I am totally hooked. I think some people try it and leave before they truly understand it. It's up to us to convince everyone to stay. - Michael McGimpsey
This is in fact strange; I am not a twitter user, but I am a FriendFeed user. I really like FriendFeed far better then Twitter. And the community part here in FriendFeed is what makes me coming back and check out what is going on. Twitter has too much noise for me... - Joao
Fred Wilson: patience? Patience? Heheh. Good point. We all want it and we want it now. I don't see where I'm comparing it to Twitter, although, to tell you the truth, if it added a few things it could get me to switch even more of my usage away from Twitter. Twitter is doing that on its own, though, by going down so often. I know FriendFeed wants to be different than Twitter, but it has enough similarities that it begs for a few more. - Robert Scoble
Robert - you keep talking about how you need and like the noise. I guess some people prefer the signal... - jeremy ettinghausen
jeremy: you missunderstand what I'm saying. It's pretty clear you aren't reading what I'm saying. +I+ don't mind the noise. I can deal quite well with FriendFeed how it is. That's not the point. The point is that I'm trying to get other people into FriendFeed. They DO NOT deal with noise as well as I do. They want far better tools to remove noise (remove Scoble is just one of those tools). I want more people here, to get even more noise, but to do that we've gotta have better tools. The tools are for THEM. - Robert Scoble
Fred Wilson: where in this thread did I compare FriendFeed to Twitter. I went back and reread everything I've written about this and I don't get why you are saying I'm doing that? Just because I want IM/XMPP? Is that a Twitter exclusive feature that no other "live web" service should have? - Robert Scoble
Neil: to me comments (and likes, which are just really a different kind of comment) are the signal that the original post or tweet or photo, etc isn't noise and is worth paying attention to. - Robert Scoble
I think a bare-bones FF platform might serve it better in the long-run, since it will undoubtedly result in a bunch of third-party products and add-ons that enhance (or even finally enable) the FF experience for specific audiences or purposes (meme-tracking, desktop photo browsers, etc.). Either way, I think right now we're not seeing much innovation from third-parties beyond basic FF... more... - Aviv from ffreader
>>For you "noise" means something different to me. Here's a definition: NOISE: you talking about lunch. SIGNAL: me talking about lunch. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
>>so that's why I am so interested in getting these discussions pumped elsewhere, like my blog via disqus. Fred: I am totally in agreement here. It's one reason why I put the FriendFeed widget on my own blog (and am evaluating other schemes to integrate comments here and there). - Robert Scoble
@Paul Short - good point. Is FF trying to be too many things to too many people and is this why it doesn't appeal? The information on the About page is minimal and, whilst it conveys what FF is about at its core level, the way the service moves on is determined by the way it is used. I have no doubt that FF would be a completely different animal if it were populated by a different set of people rather than the usual suspects we find here. - Colin Walker
dying already? I thought it will get the necessary traction and kill socialthing before it gets launched. - Palin Ningthoujam
Palin: I'm not using Socialthing, am I? :-) - Robert Scoble
SocialThing is pretty much dead in the water anyway. Scaling back on services supported, too long in closed beta, not supporting the most popular web browser - all bad decisions which caused it to get left behind. - Colin Walker
As compared to Twitter, I get to see more meaningful conversations here in FF (no word limit.. yay!). It's more difficult to follow conversations in Twitter too even with those 3rd party tools like: Quotably etc, and I think I get to socialise with more people on FF. But I agree that it's difficult to sell the concept of FF to friends.. It's either you get it, or not. - Winston Teo
@Winston, there is a word limit it's just significantly higher that's all. - Colin Walker
@scoble: In we have a different approach to aggregation.We organize all the content into personal content libraries where it can be browsed by tags and remixed into collections among other things. - Lars Teigen
@Scoble - I *totally* agree with you. FriendFeed adoption rate is impacted by lack of end-user tools to manage the frenzy of information aggregated in FF. For example, when I scrolled down to "catch up" this morning, I was notice this 1 post had over 97 comments! Holy crap that's way too much information. *Sigh*. This application is geared towards users that have a high capacity for information and can navigate a complex weave of conversations, posts, photos, blogs & other social media widget outputs! - Susan Beebe
I think FF only starts making sense once you get a nice, active network of friends. It's the conversation that makes FF interesting to me. Without it I might not be here. - Benjamin Golub
The Comments is my *favorite* feature! but this is where most users would give me the deer-in-the-headlights look and close the application - Susan Beebe
In my opinion, FF needs to focus on the Feed. Think of the current web UI as a "default" presentation of the Feed that underlies it. This means, make the API the most capable API possible; even at the expense of the UI. Things like import, integration, automatic creation of Imaginary Friends, etc. *Other* people will innovate on the UI, if the API is at least as capable as is. When I import a new service, I would like to carry my network of friends from that service into FF, creating... - Kenneth LeFebvre
...Imaginary Friends as necessary, to keep my network complete. Give me the ability to merge Imaginary Friends, so I can manually make the connections across networks. Give me two-way participation from FF back to all those other networks, and I will use FF as my client for everything. ...just my 2¢... :) - Kenneth LeFebvre
Neil - true. Need a way to "hide" comments as well perhaps for those users who don't want to see them. I will *not* be in that use case! ;-) - Susan Beebe
At the risk of repeating: I think that FriendFeed is one of those tools designed for Mavens, Connectors, and Salespeople (i.e. Tipping Point concepts). Gather and discuss info, form opinions and ideas, crystallize thinking. Is it the best tool for broadcasting back out to the world? Don't know, maybe that's where Twitter/Pownce/Jaiku belong. - Mark Dykeman
@Paul B It was written last month, but the increase in traffic over that month has made the points I made in my post even more obvious. More activity doesn't fix the problems; it only makes them more apparent. It's the main reason why I don't follow Robert, but pick him up on occasion as FOAF. He shares something. Then odds are Louis shares it, or Duncan shares it. Then Corvida shares it and Diggs it. Sarah Perez shares it. Then maybe Steven Hodson shares it. - Cyndy
taking off with early early adopters or early adopters? This seems a tad premature. Twitter is 2 years didn't take off until..what.. a year into it? year and a half? a month ago? - Bwana ☠
@Bwana Twitter is 2 years old, uses a much less "early adopter" mentality for its premise (messaging vs. aggregating), and, well, isn't doing so hot at the limited amount of "taking off" that it's doing. - Cyndy
Is it just me is or are aggregators like FF not going far enough in aggregating? I want to comment to a blog post fed here and have the comment go back on the blog. I want to frigging import my twitter followers/ees into friendfeed without manually creating an imaginary friend for each one that isn't on FF yet. I want to go to one place and not have to worry that i'm missing some part of a conversation. FF is aggregating, it's more of a window on different pieces of different fractured conversations. - S. Charles Balazs
@Bwana - I was just thinking the same thing. @Robert - Not taking off the way Twitter did? Twitter really just hit its inflection point in March of this year. Let's look at where Twitter was at this time in its life to get an apples-to-apples comparison. - Hutch Carpenter
Clay Shirky nails it in the WSJ: "It’s almost universally the case with social software that the software that launches with the fewest features is the stuff that takes off...nobody wants a door with 37 handles. Twitter has six features, and it launched with only one. A brutally simple mental model of the software that’s shared by all users turns out to be a better predictor of adoption...than a completely crazy collection of features that ends up being slightly different for every user." - Michael Nielsen
Michael- but by that logic FriendFeed should be huge and Facebook should've flopped... - Mike
wow this entry has ganied a lot of comments- 90++ , a harvest of users thoughts for FF :)- - Peter Dawson
Have to agree with Hutch. It took Twitter a year to get beyond the techies and early adopters. A couple of weeks in the bigger spotlight doesn't determine whether FriendFeed will make it or break it. Give it a chance. I'm placing my chips on it. - Robert Sanzalone
Mike - Everyone I know described Facebook the same way early on: "It's a way of connecting and keeping up with your friends". I've never heard two people give the same explanation for FF. "It's like Twitter, but with longer tweets". "It's like Twitter, but with other stuff." "No, it's an aggregator for information!" There's no shared mental model, and so the network effects are much weaker than Facebook. - Michael Nielsen
FF's complexity (which is really elegant simplicity to those who get it) is its greatest asset. FF exposes the Z axis in an otherwise XY web. If that were represented visually on FF (as a toggle?), more noobs would adopt - more topics would appear, more friends, more feeds, more goodness. - Noah Carter
FF doesn't seem complex to me, but it does take a bit of time at first to see what one can get out of it. FF seems to be different things to different people - but that's one of the things I like about it. It's useful in more than one way. Aside from the echo effect, the posted link doesn't seem to have much in the way of good criticism. People keep complaining about noise; that's what the hide feature is for. - Tanath
I fully admit that I tried out FriendFeed for a day and quit. It initially wasn't easy for me to pick it up. But, I kept hearing about it on Twitter and gave it another try. I now use FriendFeed much more than Twitter. - Patrick
The thing with Twitter is that peeps can just post and answer any echoes back, it's low intensity. FF however, requires the user to be a bit more ballsy, if you like. To get the most out of it, you have to be prepared to chime in, post and have a debate or convo with a multitude of people you've almost never met. The two are very different. - Sally Church
I like Sally's thinking. I've often thought Twitter is for all people comfortable with chatting/instant messaging. Friendfeed seems geared more towards the type of people who'd post in forums or leave comments on blogs (a smaller group). However, I don't really have a sense for what % of FriendFeed users are voyeurs or what its potential is with people who'd like to view it all (even the conversation threads) without participating. - Robert Seidman
@Parth Thank you, and I agree. Love that it's generated 100 comments, though. ;) @Mark Dykeman I think you have the core demographic nailed there. @Robert I love forums, but forums are WAY more organized and have nowhere near the duplication as FF does. - Cyndy
Feature request - Place a # next to each comment so I can refer back to # x comment above. This is a standard feature on many blogs' comments. This post with over 100 comments in reply is a perfect use case to justify this feature!! - Susan Beebe
Susan: that's called anchors :) - directeur
Main reason I use it: condensing all my feeds into one spot, both those I read and those I produce. Main gripe: no way to quickly highlight what I haven't seen. - xero
Another feature request - Let me subscript my friend's tweet only(not including flickr etc). This can be done by `Imaginary friend` but it would be more useful with one-click feature. - satoko
Robert Scoble
@or1gb1u3 Plurk is too weird to get Twitter sized audiences. Maybe of 14-year-old girls who like Neopets. Not me.
NeoPets FTW! w00t! ha, ha! - Susan Beebe
neopets pwn you - Tyler Gillies
Plurk is like a game - the more plurks / invites, the more karma, the more pretty toys open up - martin english
What's with the name? Tweet sounds cool, plurk sounds strange. - brian junyor
Couldn't have said it better myself. - Dewald Pretorius
I suppose I'll go be a 14 year old girl then... wait did that come out right? ;-P - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
Whenever I think of plurk, I think of a fish jumping out of its bowl onto concrete...strange. - Jeevan Padiyar from Alert Thingy
My verdict which apparently is so very important - plurk will do more for twitter than anything else recently and will remind us ingratiates why we loved it in the first place. - The Fat Oracle from twhirl
you know, I agreed with you until I used the mobile site on the browser on my treo tonight - then I was blown away... fabulous for conversations - blows FF & Twitter out of the water in that aspect. Seriously - I was kind of surprised. - Lucretia Pruitt
dont underestimate the power of a #plurk - kosmar
@lucretia is right. i use in the sidebar. also check the group feature. - kosmar
Plurk will probably end up being the MySpace of micro-blogging services - and that is not a bad place to be. Great implementation IMHO. - Aviv
Wow, Neopets? Been ages since I've thought about it... Comparing Plurk to it never occurred to me. - dgw
its just who you follow. you wont see the myspacey customized or teeny user part of it, when you dont add them. also ist not likely to browse on anywhere else than your own customized page. - kosmar
Was not impressed with Plurk at all. I must agree it was to weird for everyday use. Good luck Plurk. - Admiral70
I resemble that remark! Think I'll err on the Tamagotchi side, though ... - Ashton
جالبه حرفش,خب راست می گه لوسه خیلی - Shandiz
I had to go back a few times before liking it a nice twhirl-like client would be good though - Sebbe D'Hose
It's hard to say. It might get a different Twitter-sized audience. The audience isn't us, that's for sure. And they do need to take a few barriers to use down though in order to get really viral. The lack of an API is also a major issue. - Dion Hinchcliffe from twhirl
robert is just mad someone took his name - Zach Chisholm
There are more 14 year old girls than 40 y/o geeks - Mark Drapeau from twhirl
plurk me baby one more time - Tyler Gillies
it's called PLURK for god's sake. Surely that ranks as one of the worst web 2.0 names ever? - Sam
I actually think the name is very good. A really good pick imho. - Aviv
It's better than all those names that simply remove the "e" like Flickr did. - Robert Scoble
Robrt Scobl - Tyler Gillies
at least you can conjugate plurk like a regular verb. with twitter i usually felt stupid trying to come up with a verb form ("he, uh, twittered") and there was the whole "twitter/tweet" thing for the noun. whereas a plurk is a plurk is a plurk. - Karim
That's right, considering all the silly names we've been seeing in the past few years, Plurk is a brilliant pick and I think it'll be a key contributor to its [potential] success in becoming the MySpace of micro-blogging services, as well as attracting its intended audience (yes, all those 14 year olds currently populating the service). - Aviv
Robert, at the end of the day, 14 year old Plurkers simply don't have the same expectations as Twitter super-users and tech geek early-adopters. If Plurk goes down for 30 minutes, they'll happily turn on their Tivo and try again after a Hannah Montana fix. - Aviv
There's got to be a better critique of new things than 'Not as simple as Twitter" - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Loic Le Meur
turning off all Brightkite notifications by email and sms, I am not using it so far, I should do the same in plurk but @scobleizer sezwecant
nobody on bkite lives by me so its pretty lonely. someone move to my island! - Tyler Gillies
@Tyler what island where ill come - Charles Rice from twhirl
Maui - Tyler Gillies
Robert Scoble
Plurk gave me my name back. So, now I'm Scobleizer there too. And, I have hundreds of friends there too. Party time! Er, Plurk time!
Congrats! - Joanmarie
he had already joined with robertscoble he just did not have scobleizer - Charles Rice from twhirl
Who had scobleizer and how did you get it back? - mj
I don't know who had it. I asked for my rightful name back and they gave it back to me. Scobleizer belongs to me and no one else and I will vigorously defend it. - Robert Scoble
Wow, are you really that easily bought off? :) - Soulhuntre from twhirl
I'm not so sure that it's your rightful name, Scoble. It doesn't belong to you. The policy is first come first serve. Someone else had it and it was taken away from them which surely violates some kind of neutrality. On another point, do you like Neopets? - mj
Mo: it's my name and always has been. I'm the only one who uses it, and I use it in both personal and commercial contexts. The policy is NOT first come, first serve. You aren't allowed to impersonate other people according to many terms of service. - Robert Scoble
Mo: my niece loves Neopets. It ain't my thing. @Soulhuntre: I'm happier than I was earlier, yes. I hate it when someone tries to steal my name. Do I all of a sudden love Plurk? No. I just wrote on Twitter that it has a goofy name and a goofy UI that I just don't like. - Robert Scoble
There is one Scoble! *gg* ...and there is Scotter, Scoblefeed and Scork! xD - Dieter Schwarz from Alert Thingy
Scoble: From the Plurk TOS "You agree that we may reclaim usernames on the Service on behalf of businesses or individuals who hold legal claim or trademark on those usernames." Question: Do you hold legal claim or trademark on Scobleizer that the Canadian law will honor? - mj
Mo: I hold a legal claim on Scobleizer. Yes. It's my name, always has been and it's legally defendable that it's mine. Want to see where I've used it in print, online, everywhere? Cyvros: I say "Sco bell ize er" (where "bell" is more like "ble", heheh). - Robert Scoble
Now I need to follow Scoble on another Social Network.. How many more are you going to join? =p - Winston Teo
You make em, I join them. I didn't say they are any good. Personally I don't like Plurk. But I can see it'll be popular with a certain crowd. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Why aren't you so defensive over your REAL name. Why don't you care about I don't recall scobleizer on Plurk poking fun at you. Do you own scobleizer at gmail? hotmail? yahoomail? Do you care about the scobleizer that's on any other social network that your friends aren't on? - mj
Mo: I care about that on Twitter too, I should go after those people too. Yes, I own I care about owning Scobleizer on all social networks, yes. - Robert Scoble
Not all social networks. I think you missed Adocu: - Morton Fox
yay scoble! - Tyler Gillies
Wow! Did you register a trademark on the name "Scobleizer" or something? Perhaps I'm thinking too far ahead or being too paranoid, but how can I make sure I have a legal claim to my own nick should anyone try to impersonate me? - dgw
Scoble: If your domain expires at and someone else grabs it, I doubt you'll be able to get it back. Anyways, I have lots to say on this. I'm not a blogger. Somebody write a post about this. This is similar to domain squatting. Except a lot looser. Will OpenID fix this? What's the relation between your login and your username? Scoble, are you special? Does Plurk WANT you? Is it bad for them if you're unhappy? Did they recently change their ToS to add #13 in General Conditions section? - mj
Use it over and over and over again and be the only one who uses it for decades. - Robert Scoble
Oh, great. Now I have to use the same name for decades. :) - Morton Fox
Robert, surely they asked if by any chance Scobleizer is a trademark of yours? - Aviv
I am trying to stick to one single user handle as well on all my social networks: winstonyw - Winston Teo
You cannot be serious about thinking Robert Scoble is not associated with or shouldn't have been given Scobleizer. It's essentially online identity theft, and the right thing to do was give it back. Prior use trumps first mover advantage here, especially given his visibility. - Louis Gray
There's no way Plurk will handle the size of network Twitter has right now. By the time they catch up, Twitter will be all better, too. Guess we'll find out... - Jesse Stay
Louis: You're applying real world logic/terminology to the internet. Let the internet be FREE. It is NOT identity theft. You said: "Prior use trumps first mover advantage", but according to whom exactly? Where is this stated? There is no Internet Law. - mj
Mo: there most certainly IS Internet law. And, anyway, they had a terms of service that doesn't allow this kind of behavior. It most certainly +is+ identity theft of my trademark. Scobleizer is very defensible. - Robert Scoble
@Scobleizer: I guess I already have a head start on it, then. :-) - dgw
Scoble: Kindly LINK to the Internet Law page. - mj
The fake Scobleizer did you a favor then! You didn't have to approve all those friends manually! - Daynah
who did you talk to? same happened to me … #plurk - kosmar
I used the "contact us" feature on Plurk. - Robert Scoble
Congrats Robert! I am pleased that they complied with your request to honor your protected online identify. cool! Now i gotta *friend* you over there too! Although I only login over there occassionally. - Susan Beebe
See? I told you they were reasonable guys! :) - Lucretia Pruitt
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