Re: Oracle’s cloud licensing practices slammed by industry group -
"Did you even read the letter? It did not slam the cloud licensing at all. The letter was all about how Oracle handle licensing and audits for their conventional product set and suggests that this could harm their future cloud prospects. Of course, that is not sensational enough, so you have quote the letter out of context to make it seem like it is about a completely different subject. Customers have legitimate concerns about licensing and support costs of all products, not just Oracle and Microsoft, and initiatives like CCL are a good thing, but when people take them out of context and write sensationalist nonsense it gets us nowhere. If anything, it does more harm! Before writing your next post, I would suggest you (a) actually read the source material properly and (b) speak to some people involved in the technology at the coal face, rather than making stuff up for yourself!" - Tim Hall
RT @brost: extended support ends in August 2015 says Mike Dietrich #otnapac
OTN APAC 2014 : Tokyo - Day 1 : #ACED #OTN #APAC
Traveling Rule #1 : Try to travel light... Whoops!
This morning my Dalek toilet gave me colonic irrigation, liposuction, amended my investment portfolio and typed up my next three blog posts!
OTN APAC 2014 : Shanghai to Tokyo : #OTN #ACED #APAC
There is a Dalek in my bathroom! #Japan #otn #apac
The Oracle docs have changed the look and feel. Similar to WebLogic docs now.
RT @HeliFromFinland: Hyvää #isänpäivää kaikille isille!/ Happy Fathers' day to all Dads! /special greetings to @oraclebase and @OracleGraham !
OTN APAC 2014 : Journey from Perth to Shanghai : #ACED #OTN
No access to gmail or twitter directly. Can get on to them via work computer only. Limited contact for a few days. cc: @brost
OTN APAC 2014 : Perth - Day 2 : @AusOUG_WA #ACED #OTN
Thanks @connor_mc_d for the lift to the airport. Thanks @brost for getting me in the lounge for free. High class swanky time! :)
Watching Penny Cookson doing a session on the optimizer. @AusOUG_WA #ACED #OTN
Just watched @connor_mc_d talking about 12c for developers. @AusOUG_WA #ACED #OTN
OTN APAC 2014 : Perth - Day 1 : #ACED #OTN @AusOUG_WA
OTN APAC 2014 : Perth – Day 1 -
Loads of really neat visualisation widgets available in ADF. @chriscmuir #ausougwa14 #otn #aced
Whoops. Should have been using the hashtag #ausougwa14 :)
Data Visualization : Most component manipulations happen client side. No server round trips. @chriscmuir #otn #aced #ausoug
Watching @chriscmuir speaking about mobile development. #otn #aced #ausoug
OTN APAC 2014 : The Journey to Perth -
OTN APAC 2014 : The Journey to Perth : @oracleace #OTN #ACED #OTN_APAC14
An Idiot (trying to get) Abroad -
MySQL : What management tools do you use? -
OTN APAC Tour 2014 : It’s Nearly Here! -
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