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WordPress 3.9 Released | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Submitted my abstracts for OOW2014. Got to wait a couple of months for the rejections now... :)
WordPress 3.8.3 – Auto Update | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
It's done. Tiny little filling, but all the nerves in my face a numb now. Think I'm going to sleep for a while...
Having one broken filling repaired. Half of face is now numb. Feel quite dodgy now...
VAT return done. Expenses done. Company year end done. First grass cut of the year done. Next stop dentist. Welcome to my weekend... :(
RT @freekvonk: I will never understand trophy hunting @MelissaBachman, I am disgusted by you. You are sick. Seek help.
RT @kidrac: @oraclebase This week I have been mostly eating youghurt ..... Sorry I'll get me coat
Actually, that's a lie. I'm mostly working on MySQL 6.5, but installing those other things to test other stuff...
Today I'm mostly installing Oracle Linux 7 beta and Windows 7VMs... Mostly
Announcing the availability of Oracle Linux 7 Beta 1 (Oracle's Linux Blog)
RT @yvelik: Look, just landed in SFO & meet a good friend already. On the way to #C14LV with @dbvisit
Back in Brum!
RT @brunoborges: @RoelH and very nice meeting you there! // @oraclebase @OyvindIsene
RT @RoelH: Despite the awesome #ougn14 conference … it’s very good to be back home. Thanks @OyvindIsene and team for another perfect organized event!
I find it funny when people say "banocliars" instead of "binoculars"... :)
Is Schiphol built on a boat. I'm sure I can feel the airport swaying... :)
OUGN : Day 2 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
OUGN : Day 1 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
For those who didn't understand the Cabbage Shagging reference, that's what I did my PhD in. Seriously! :) @DBAKevlar @thatjeffsmith @RoelH
Found out @HeliFromFinland has a last name of "HellSquirrel"...
Taking photos of people taking photos... #ougn14
The Oracle satellite has moved into geostationary orbit over our boat. @OUGNorway cc @oracleace #ACED
Why are my G+ posts not appearing on twitter? :(
RT @connor_mc_d: @JLOracle Yes, but you can download a keynote patch for it :-)
RT @brunoborges: You don't go to the venue at #OUGN14. The venue comes to you, transport you, sails, then bring you back.
RT @connor_mc_d: keynote: farting in a bmw over 50 predicts fraudulent mobile phone use...Maybe I missed something but that seems the gist of it :-) #ougn14
Arrived at hotel in Norway. Nose won't stop running. Started on last plane. :( Going to give the dinner a miss. Sorry. @OUGNorway
Couple opposite me: She is chattering inanely, while he is ignoring her and looking dead inside. Welcome to marriage... #airports
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