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RT @OracleBlogs: Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (12.1.3)
I got applause in a meeting because an app stayed available during the 2-day-per-year busy period for the first time in 6 years. Funny/Sad ?
RT @bstern: Oracle will enter the cloud when Larry’s good and ready. Uh oh, he’s ready - great read! :)
The spider that lives in my bathroom keeps watching me and giving me stage fright :
RT @ddelmoli: #Kscope14 Oracle Magazine Peer-to-peer interview where I talk about @ODTUG
Automatic Diagnostics Repository (ADR) in Oracle Database 12c | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
I think we should have a baby to see if we're ready to take care of a dog. via @someecards
Automatic Diagnostics Repository (ADR) in Oracle Database 12c -
Just saw some people taking their dogs for a walk. Their cat was following in a mildly disinterested manner. :)
Kid: Mom, I've joined a suicide cult. Mom: Thank God! For a moment I though you had started #CrossFit
Swam. Grass cut. Shaved. Hair cut. Bald patch inspected. Weekend starts here... #knackered
Please Stop Asking Me to Speak About Women in Technology |
Why You Should Stop Stalling and Start Presenting |
For those that didn't understand the Asymmetric Man-Thong :
RT @someecards: The only reason you have to leave work early:
BGOUG Spring 2014 : Summary | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
ORAchk 2.2.5 – New Tool Features & New Health Checks for the Oracle Stack (Oracle DB/EM Support)
RT @OracleGraham: @oraclebase Thank you! You can keep the present until next time we meet. No need to send it.
Happy farther's day @OracleGraham ! Loads of love from your son!
RT @KamranAgayev: Someone else is happy with less than you have.
RT @pdevisser: #BGOUG was Good! Dense, High-Quality info; and Very Well Organised. No fluff, no sales. @milenagerova @BGOUG Still digesting info.
BGOUG Spring 2014 – Day 2 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Just ordered one for the OOW bay swim!
Finished teaching the Bulgarians their national dances. Smashed it! :) #bgoug
BGOUG Spring 2014 – Day -1 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
BGOUG Spring 2014 – Day 1 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
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