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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
"Into The Storm" : 2012/Twister ripoff.
"Before I Go To Sleep" : Memento rip off.
Trailer for LUCY looks good...
RT @dschleis: @thatjeffsmith @krisrice @oraclebase Yes, I believe this was the greatest range of emotion I have ever seen Vin portray.
RT @krisrice: @oraclebase Vin Diesel's best performance ever
Hiding my phone in my rolls of fat, while waiting for film to start. #FunWithFat
I am Groot!
RT @alanwill: Moving from SQL Server to MySQL and now spending 1/8th of our previous infra costs
F5 Load Balancer Training Course : Day 1 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Guardians of the Galaxy :
WordPress 3.9.2 | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Just re-read my previous post. "new" = "knew" :)
F5 Load Balancer Training Course | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Upgrade PDBs - One at a Time (unplug/plug) (Upgrade your Database - NOW!)
Arrived at hotel. 3 day load balancer course starts tomorrow. I'm sure I used to be a DBA...
More Oracle Multitenant Changes ( | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
RT @kevinclosson: Example of bully pulpit effect. See comment thread and how this blogger called BS \cc @JoeCurtis_CBR @mappingbabel
RT @HeliFromFinland: @johnnyq72 LOL. Been there done that: he defined me nearly blind. I see but did not understand the questions;) Runs is a family @oraclebase
How to ask a question: The optician edition | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
The Law of Logical Argument… | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Having a rather awkward and unpleasant experience at the opticians. Will probably blog about it later. :(
RT @Know: What British people say and what they really mean...
RT @orcldoug: Hilarious and true of *cough* some ... ;) RT @Know: What British people say and what they really mean... via @tmmdv
Server reboot for kernel updates. #SiteMaintenance
RT @jonathanmroden: @oraclebase @DBAKevlar @debralilley I think you're on dangerous ground Tom
Photos: Unboxing the Magnus supercomputer
RT @pmsumner: @oraclebase I started out on MySQL & found the patching process for Oracle an utter arse compared to it. I realise they have v diff roots...
MySQL 5.6.20-4 and Oracle Linux DTrace (Wim Coekaerts Blog)
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