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RT @jonathanmroden: @oraclebase @DBAKevlar @debralilley I think you're on dangerous ground Tom
Photos: Unboxing the Magnus supercomputer
RT @pmsumner: @oraclebase I started out on MySQL & found the patching process for Oracle an utter arse compared to it. I realise they have v diff roots...
MySQL 5.6.20-4 and Oracle Linux DTrace (Wim Coekaerts Blog)
Done my MySQL 5.6.20-4 upgrade. Dead difficult, "yum update -y" :) CC: @MySQL
I love the title of this article. Made me LOL.
I live the title of this article. Made me LOL.
Fat old woman: Please do not scratch me when I overtake you in the pool. I look like I've been in a fight with Wolverine... :(
RT @AdeeshF: good to hear that our efforts paid off. RT "EM Cloud Control 12c : The 24 Hour DBA" by @oraclebase #em12c
EM Cloud Control 12c : The 24 Hour DBA | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
Changes in Oracle Linux 7
What sort of data mining leads Amazon to believe I would be interested in Arts and Crafts supplies? Maybe I'm going to meet someone today?
Swimming felt terrible today. I blame the burrito and Nutella. I take no responsibility for it...
Proud of your religion/country today? My country sells arms to Russia, then criticises their use of them! #NotProud
Getting started with Oracle Database In-Memory Part I (Oracle Database In-Memory)
This "on-by-default" thing is going to run and run!
Note to self: Nutella is not a chocolate pudding to be eaten with a spoon. Remind yourself of this when you've finished...
It's too hot or cold or mild outside via @someecards
Remote Cloning of PDBs and Non-CDBs ( | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
I can see this happening. Windows sysadmins "trust" Azure, but don't "trust" AWS. Not sure…
Day off work today. Went swimming late, then ate a massive veggie burrito. Nom, nom, nom! Pretty much hit my calories for the day now. :)
Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro - Slashdot
Just watched "Knights of Sidonia" on @NetflixUK. Can't help singing South Park's "Let's Fighting Love" :)
The Latest New Features Skinny – Part One (Robert G. Freeman on Oracle)
Or maybe it's this terrible Star Wars film that is making me sick...
The baby sick on my T-shirt is starting to dry. It really stinks. Making me feel sick. :(
My friend said he's fancied Natalie Portman since she was in the film Leon. She was 11 then. Very worrying. :(
I'm totally covered in baby sick!
Oracle Licensing : It’s Your Responsibility to Comply | The ORACLE-BASE Blog
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