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Robyn Pollman
All teared up and mushy b/c my mommy just wrote and said, "I am so freaking proud of you I can’t stand it." I don't get those often. *sniff*
Hulu now has LOST - currently 5 clips, all of Season 1, and a few from Season 5. -
Hulu now has LOST - currently 5 clips, all of Season 1, and a few from Season 5.
Hulu New
Zero named tropical storms through July for Atlantic but most active part of season is just now starting.
Clemson Tigers
Wesley Scott Williams
~ Sorry but this is completely BRILLIANT!
NHC says there is only a low chance of the disturbance off NC coast developing into tropical or subtropical storm.
Jesse Stay
@jonmikelbailey FriendFeed is my central hub for all my social network activity. Most of what I read from Twitter is from FriendFeed.
I agree with that :D - Enrique Flores
Bing! That is correct! - Louis Gray
Bing is correct? - Jesse Stay
yes mine too - Thomas Power
Robyn Pollman
link courtesy of @orangejack - "Organizing FriendFeed with Lists and Groups"
Mike Whaling
Twitter isn't about *more followers*. Go for quality, not quantity. You'll be surprised at the relationships you'll build here.
Got to baptize my little angel today : )
Mara Triangle
Jill Whalen
ok i'm easy. bought and am installing thesis.
Merrin Donahue
Sonny Gill
Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites -
Merrin Donahue
Started posting pictures at Flickr. Go check 'em out!
trey pennington
Congratulations to @brainsonfire @genochurch @spikejones for the publication of their manifesto at Change This:
@noaa says El Nino is here. It can help suppress Atlantic hurricane activity. @noaa will issue revised Hurricane Outlook August 6.
trey pennington
Congrats to @thebrandbuilder for Upstate SC press: His advice? "Let go of fear and jump in [to social media]"
NOAA says El Nino conditions are forming in the Pacific Ocean - may suppress Atlantic hurricane activity this summer.
Mara Triangle
Tracker dogs have found four out of five poachers! Following the fifth now. Already this is an amazing achievement. We're very happy!
Mara Triangle
Thank you everyone! Poaching in the Mara Triangle just became a whole lot more difficult. Hurray for the Tracker Dogs!!
Jayson Whelpley
Excited to be headed to Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park today.
Mara Triangle
Signs of poachers down by Maji Ya Ndege: Rangers bringing tracker dogs from Ngiro-are to scene.
Google Chrome OS: Will It Kill Windows? -
Don't think it can kill windows? However, it will definitely be an interesting competition and we can only hope that everything will get better for the consumers. - Guru Panguji
First Google Wave and now Chrome OS! I'm loving it! - Garmon Estes
From an increasingly "Google world," we're about to enter the "Google Universe." At the very least, the wave and Chrome OS will offer significant competition to Microsoft and Apple, keeping the latter two honest and benefiting consumers greatly. Hurrah! - Lyndon
If Google & the Open-Scorce community can make a instant-on OS environment with sand-boxed applications & ZFS file-system, They may be able to shift notebooks from Premium OS to Freemium OS installs. - Michael Mooney
It needs to be born (released) before it can kill anything. OTOH Windows is probably like roaches in nuclear winter. If anything, it might slowly die out rather than be suddenly extinct. I'm hoping for the latter, albeit unlikely. - James Williams
If it works it will make sure that OSX and Windows will be reasonable in price. And that's a plus alone. Hoping it will be Linux based so we can get some more mainstream apps and drivers. And a game or two maybe :o) - Tony from fftogo
Michael Mooney good point. If Google could use ZFS that would be a hugh win for Chrome OS. Not formatting of disks? Wow! - Tony from fftogo
Hulu New
Hulu New
Jennifer Thompson
248 steps to the top of Hattaras lighthouse.
Mark Krupinski
is using chrome more and more and more and more and more............
Ryan McReynolds
Headed to Boston Pops concert dress reh with Neil Diamond. 1812 Overture with cannons.
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