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i'm part of the librarian mafia. also, my desk is clean.
Day drinking with the Wine Girls. ❤️
IDK the Wine Girls, but I approve. - LB: Unable to Can
Lunch this week: green chile posole with black beans (the Homesick Texan cookbook).
Ah, now I understand #Clemsoning
Dinner was a disaster but that bread is GOOD. And there's wine, so...
Official #teamharpy Statement on the case of Joseph Hawley Murphy vs. nina de jesus and Lisa Rabey -
Suing for 1.25 million dollars. What a fucking douchebag. Hope he gets hit by a truck. - Steele Lawman
I just saw this on Twitter and wondered when it would get posted here. What Steve said. - Catherine Pellegrino
He claims that the statements by the two women "have caused him to be regarded with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear, dislike, approbrium or disesteem." Joke's on him, as most people I know have ALWAYS felt that way about him. - Steele Lawman
This is utterly outrageous. Any guy who has a whole internet joke to himself ("nice shirt!") can't really say that he's innocent of causing contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem. - lris
Dude. I hold him in contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem JUST for calling himself a "library futurist." The rest is, I don't know, icing on the cake? - Catherine Pellegrino
does anybody know the ultimate origin of the "nice shirt" meme? can we date it? I think that might help the defendants. - RepoRat
I do not know. However, I know that it was a meme in 2008 when I hung out with library friends in Chicago for ALA Annual. He even looked me over and said "Nice shirt" in some hotel lobby or other that year.I remember almost nothing else about that encounter except that I fought the urge to laugh because of his reputation for saying just that. - lris
I remember it from IL in 2008 and CiL in 2009. - laura x from iPhone
I was just about to post a link to this (comment: Really?) but I'm late to the party. Still, damn. Nice suit. - Walt Crawford
Hee hee. Nice one, Walt. - laura x from iPhone
They are looking for witnesses. I hope they find some - maʀtha
I hope so too. I wish I could be more help to them in that way, except that I'm actually really grateful that I don't have anything useful to offer them, you know? - Catherine Pellegrino
Well, any of us who can honestly say that we learned about Joey Digits's conference behavior from FriendFeed (where AFAIK neither defendant has participated) may have a role as a character witness. - RepoRat
lisa just posted to code4lib with links to their page and saying that soon they'll have a link up for donations, as well as requests to continue to spread the message - Sir Shuping is just sir
Lisa's posted to FF --but only in the past 6 months. - Hedgehog
I believe I was first nice-shirted at SLA in 2008 (twice at that conference). - Meg VMeg
Unfortunately, isn't "nice shirt" rather innocuous? I mean, I know it could still be creepy, but it's just the kind of thing a smart creep would say, because it doesn't say anything about the person's body or anything. - Steele Lawman
Yes, it is very savvy, Steele - maʀtha
Sure, but at the same time, if he's pretty much the only person to have told all of us we have nice shirts (excluding people we actually knew at the conferences) that's kinda weird, and we all found the encounters weird and noteworthy, which is also important. I don't think it would win any of us a settlement if we sued him for harassment, of course, but it also does nothing to defend his thought that he's totally wronged by people who mention that he harasses women. - lris
He must be being counseled to remain silent. This is the quietest I've ever seen him. I'm still wondering about his quick stint and departure from III. - Mary Carmen
MC I kinda wondered as well. And I'm wondering if that was III silently acknowledging that there were things outside of work going on that they didn't wanna touch anymore - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met Joe once at CIL in...08? 09? and I know that there were several different people then that told me that....well he was basically someone to steer clear of because of how he treated people. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met him several times when he was science librarian at Yale. Only thought was that he was an energetic new librarian who hadn't been ground down yet. Didn't see the behavior mentioned but hat means nothing. The shirt thing is odd. Did he ever say that to a man? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Never heard him say it, but I imagine that as an innocuous opening line he had used just to talk to someone. I first met him around 2007 or so at SLA, and he seemed ambitious and fresh outa libschool in HI. - Joe
It may have been intended as innocuous, but it was pretty tone deaf. It's weird because the phrase itself is utterly innocuous, but the vibe of the interaction wasn't. Whatever his intentions, his reputation wasn't helped by that particular conversational tick. - lris
I would argue it was intended to /appear/ innocuous. - Joe
That is my suspicion as well. - lris
It is a line with possible/plausible deniability of a sexual advance. - Joe
Yes, and it accomplishes a wonderful end, which is that I feel stupid saying "that made me uncomfortable." - lris
I am still disappointed that I was on an elevator with him and did not get nice-shirted. (CiL 2009) - laura x from iPhone
I remember you noting that at the time. :) - lris
Today's kitchen experiment is Parmesan cheese-herb bread.
oooh - ~Courtney F
Experiment means you have to make it more than once, right? - Meg VMeg
Yea! - Marie
How did the Gators end up with that.
Letting go of the ‘like’ button | The Argonaut Newspaper -
Letting go of the ‘like’ button | The Argonaut Newspaper
Dave Eggers was on my campus but I wasn't here to meet him. :( - Marie from Bookmarklet
I had to like this. - Joe
is it bad that my sympathies were not particularly with the author of that piece, who was not at all interrogating the very ugly places prescriptivist linguistics comes from? - RepoRat
No. Not at all. It was, like, a very fluff piece. - Joe
Congratulations! Please view the attachment.
lulz - Marie
but you won the microsoft-cokeacola-amazon lottery for one gazillion dollars!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Does that work as a pickup line in a bar? - Steve C Team Marina
Quick morning roll from Venice to Santa Monica -
Quick morning roll from Venice to Santa Monica
"I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."
Been watching a lot of Nero Wolfe lately, and that would fit right in :) - Jennifer Dittrich
Hey, LA Westside, there's a pretty nice sky out there right now...
The episode in which Ben treats himself to the Batman costume is #thebest .
Good grief, Chopped contestants, when will you learn you can't just sprinkle the ingredient on the plate? It needs to be TRANSFORMED.
Computer says no.
I've been negotiating a license now for over a month. When we sign off on this I am getting a disco ball installed in my office.
Wow, disco balls are actually pretty reasonably priced. - Marie
They get you with the rotator. If you just want the ball to sit there, it's cheap. - Brian Johns
Dangit! - Marie
Sometimes a book should come bundled with a box of tissues.
Which book? - LB: Unable to Can from Android
Tell the wolves I'm home. - Marie
Oh, I loved that book. And, it really does need to come with tissues! - Katy S
That was a fantastic book. - Corinne L
I bawled my eyes out reading that book. - Jenny H. from Android
Added to my "To Read" list... - Melly - #TeamMarina
Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan. #Saturday
What about a cunning plan? - LB: Unable to Can from Android
RT @giffco: OH "I keep my banking passwords on the company wiki, because no one will ever look there for anything"
O.O - RepoRat
Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival. If there's a festival queen it should be me.
Advice: eat the toast first.
now who's posting likebait? :D - holly #ravingfangirl
Haha yep - Marie from iPhone
No horizon (Pismo Beach fog) -
No horizon (Pismo Beach fog)
OH: hold on, let me text you a taco.
RT @marcuscooks: Yes Chef! RT @DodgerFoodie: @MarcusCooks Will you be doing any book signings in LA?
RT @marcuscooks: Yes Chef!  RT @DodgerFoodie: @MarcusCooks Will you be doing any book signings in LA?
Santa Maria tri tip comes from Santa Maria.
PS I'm about to eat some Santa Maria tri tip. - Marie from iPhone
I saw a McLaren (I'm guessing the 650S) on the road today in the marina. First time I have ever seen one of those. Stunning! All black.
Nobody? - Marie
You people are the best. :) - Marie
I don't think I've ever seen one, but sounds pretty cool :) - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
They're awesome. A few years back, I saw an F1 parked at a Ruby Tuesday's in my small town in WV. - NOT THE CRICKET
Mr 7yo would plotz. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Making spicy basil chicken and crispy egg on rice, from Simple Thai Food cookbook.
Frog protection.
I am so sick of that ad. They play it damn near constantly on Hulu. - Corinne L
^^ this so much - Sir Shuping is just sir
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