what are these and how do i eat them?
kumquat? - Mary Carmen
yeah, i think they're kumquats. no idea how you are supposed to eat them, though. - holly #ravingfangirl
kumquats!!! not nice to eat as is in imo. best brewed up into a jam with other citrus too. tho when i was a kid i'd just bite in half and eat whole. the thin skinned ones were best. but clearly i have evolved. =) - Lnorigb
At first I thought they were some sort of egg-shaped clementines - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
i tried to peel one and it didn't work so well, so i tried to nibble the skin. ick! jam it is, then. thanks! - Marie
Kumquats! They're awesome. The peel is the sweet part. The flesh is tart. So you eat them whole. That mixes it up and you get a sweet and tart taste. They also make FANTASTIC marmalade. - Spidra Webster
i made the marmalade and it turned out more like a fantastic syrup with kumquat pieces in it. i'm not sure what went wrong but i am looking forward to getting some ice cream to put this stuff on. - Marie
I've had thin jam over ice cream and it's great. If you want it to thicken, you can sprinkle a couple teaspons powdered pectin into it and reheat it again. - Spidra Webster
powdered pectin. grocery store has this, i'm guessing? this is all new (and fun) to me. - Marie
Yes -- look for Certo or Sure-Jell brands (might be different on your coast?) Look near the canning jars, if your grocery store has them. It'll be in little cardboard boxes, like Jello (that would be another place to look, if your store doesn't have canning jars). Sometimes concentrated liquid pectin is easier to use because you don't have to worry about it not dissolving fully and/or clumping. (has made jam once or twice in her life ------> - Catherine Pellegrino
*sigh* i love friendfeed. - Marie
Yeah, liquid pectin would definitely be better for thickening up a jam you've already made. No lumps. - Spidra Webster can also make your own pectin using the fruit... Hippie Granola Girl. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
That's what the recipe I linked to was recommending. Since it didn't work for Marie, I figured actual purchased pectin was called for. - Spidra Webster
with kumquats you may wanna chop some extra *just* for the pectin making. - Lnorigb
Kumquats must be eaten as is-- fruit and rind together! Separating them is a very untasty idea. Together, they are a tasty experience though - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
in the jam i make with them i use every damn bit. i refuse to eat them raw anymore. - Lnorigb
i made a little cheesecloth bundle of the insides and cooked it with the peels, sugar, and water, hoping that would be enough pectin to thicken it, but alas, no. it was my first time, though, and i'll try again. - Marie
theres a time between the boiling and then adding sugar where you can take out your packet and let it cool enuf to touch and then 'milk it' for lack of a better more yet accurate description. ensuring you get a good set. typically. =) - Lnorigb