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Last night I learnt that Americans don't usually like sauce on their steak... Or butter the bread in a sandwich... Is this true?
Yes to both - for me, anyway. Had quite a shock learning what a bacon butty was. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
So if I made a tomato sandwich (white buttered bread with sliced tomato and a little salt) would this get me weird looks? - Johnny from iPhone
i make tomato sandwiches like that with mayonnaise instead of butter. - kendrak
If the steak is a really good cut of meat, and it's cooked & seasoned properly, then I won't use any sauce. But I have a hard time believing Americans don't like sauce on their steak - what's your definition of sauce? Barbecue, Worcestershire sauce, or...? As for buttering the bread in a sandwich, I don't know that you'd get weird looks, but you might if you buttered your bread then added another condiment, such as mayonnaise. - Corinne L
Do you aussies have miracle whip for meat and cheese sandwiches? - Joe
Corinne... I do. Bread and butter is the base then stuff like mayo gets added on. Joe, no. - Johnny from iPhone
The steak thing doesn't sound right to me, at least for the south and midwest. It's pretty rare to not see someone putting A1, BBQ sauce, Tabasco, or somesuch on their steak, if it comes without a sauce. Also, you do your sandwiches like Uli does. But no, I don't know any Americans who use butter as the base. We tend to start with mayo, mustard, ketchup, and/or pickle relish, depending on the sandwich. - Kirsten
We usually use just mayo by itself - either one provides a good fat barrier (so the bread doesn't get soggy from other ingredients.) The sauce thing isn't uncommon, but it doesn't feel like something everyone does one way or the other. I prefer it without in most cases, but like it sometimes. - Jennifer Dittrich
Depends on the cut. I like some A1 or worcester sauce on sirloin. Mayo and mustard for sandwiches. - Rodfather
I would have said that no sauce is the usual. - Steele Lawman
Don't tell anyone else, but I like to put ketchup (or catsup) on my steak. - Joe
Most sandwich places will put in butter only if you ask for it. - Bruce Lewis
A sandwich is a butter delivery system. No butter and it's not a proper sandwich! - Marina's Godmother :-)
Oh see, Helen, that's butter-bread (as it's called in my family, at least). A snack, sure. But not a sandwich. - Kirsten
Buttered bread for sandwiches: Rare, I think (certainly not for me--horseradish sauce or chipotle, depending on the meat). Sauce on steaks: All over the place, but the better the steak, the less likely the sauce, at least for me. - Walt Crawford
My ex-husband was a butter-then-mayo sandwich person until I said to him, "do you realize you're adding a lot of calories doing it that way?" Never crossed his mind because it was the way he was raised (he was from central Pennsylvania & his mom was Pennsylvania Dutch, which may have had a lot to do with it). - Corinne L
I don't generally put butter on sandwiches (unless it's the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich). Usually it's mustard or the like, depending on the other sandwich contents. I don't generally have sauce with steak unless the steak is really dry or tough. I will eat butter on toast or on bread that I eat alongside a meal. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm convinced that this is why a true Aussie restaurant/cafe in the States wouldn't work. There are tiny fundamentals that would shock a lot of folks but the culture isn't exotic enough for people to embrace it. - Johnny
my mom used to put butter underneath the mayo but then she started worrying even more about dad's health. <threadjack> had a "club" sandwich in UAE in a British bar. so not what I had in mind. It was weird and disappointing. - Christina Pikas
A bacon-based sandwich in the UAE? - Johnny
Johnny, I think you could have an authentic cafe, but not a chain restaurant. Those, by nature, smooth out the edges of any cuisine (even American dishes) so it isn't quite what it started as. - Jennifer Dittrich
oh yeah there and Bahrain - not really observant. when I was there. - Christina Pikas
What Jenn said. Americans love to claim they have had authentic [insert cuisine type here] at some obscure restaurant. - Corinne L
I now butter my sandwiches but that's because I'm attached to someone of British extraction. - Sarah from iPhone
I just looked up the menu for Outback Steakhouse. I literally can't. - Johnny
Oh, yeah. I can't imagine that's anyone's native cuisine. - Jennifer Dittrich
No bloomin onion? - Joe
No. - Johnny
Heh. I never really thought of Outback as a place to eat Australian cuisine. It's just where they give you a fat piece of steak and a huge gob of mashed potatoes. - Rodfather
The fact they have opened Outback Steakhouses here in Australia should tell you all you need to know ;) - Johnny
Heh, totally reminds me of the random Taco Bell restaurants you see in Mexico. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm a mustard-only person when it comes to sandwiches, though as a child, my favorite sandwich was peanut butter and butter. When it comes to steaks - I guess I'd have to ask what your definition of steak sauce is. Are you talking like a brown sauce or a BBQ sauce? Or do you mean something like bordelaise or au poivre? Because depending on the type of cuisine under which I'm ordering my... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I tend to marinade my steaks so they don't usually call for any sauce after the fact. But I haven't heard of buttering the bread of a sandwich...might have to try that >.> - Chris Topher
I might also clarify, it's only a small amount of butter. More like a scraping than a thick layer ala mayo - Johnny
I'm beginning to be a fan of rub. I used this stuff on some filet mignon and it was awesome. - Rodfather
#random The closest I got to Miracle Whip in London was "salad cream," but it's not the same. I do love me some HP Sauce, though. - The First NoeLB from Android
My favourite steak sauces are chilli and lime, mushroom, blue cheese, sweet chilli, creamy pepper sauce and sometimes sweet caramelised onion. If I have a good piece of steak then I tend to go plain but a good balanced sauce in combination with the sides can bring up the whole plate. - Johnny
OK so you're talking proper sauces and not just bottled crap made by Heinz. :D This is why I love you. - Hookuh Tinypants
We have that too, but that's usually only used on the cheap cuts that end up on steak sangas or at BBQs on plastic plates :) - Johnny
I still love you. - Hookuh Tinypants
Caramelized onion? Oh, yes! - The First NoeLB from Android
I never heard of butter and mayo together on a sandwich until this one time in Canada. I got off the 401 at a small town somewhere between Toronto and Detroit, found a small sandwich shop, and ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. She took a slice of bread, spread something pale colored on it, then asked me if I wanted mayo. !!! I'm thinking, that wasn't mayo? So I said yes, and then she added mayo on top on what turned out to be butter. - bentley
(silently judges Joe for the ketchup thing) - Marie
I put a patty of butter on my steaks as I grill them. I like sauce on my steak too but then I'm sorta addicted to mashed potatoes and gravy so its more collateral. #gravyoneverythng Butter with mayo is just weird. Butter or mayo slathered on heavy and thick.... #okaymaybeitsjustme - WarLord
I need Melly in on this thread #Alone - Johnny
Butter on a sandwich brings back some middle school memories from when I lived with my mother. She would pack me lunches of salami & cheese sandwiches with butter instead of some other normal type of condiment on it, because she doesn't like mayo or mustard and refuses to buy any. - April Russo
No to either one for me. Why ruin a good steak with sauce of any kind? People in this part of the country (Southeastern Pennsylvania) often butter their bread for sandwiches if they are from a Pennsylvania Dutch background. - Friar Will
Butter on sandwiches is reserved for necessity (PB&J, needs it to help reduce the tacky starchness of the peanut butter and you can't do a proper Grilled Cheese without using butter to fry it), otherwise not really. Sauces, sometimes if the meat isn't great or wasn't already seasoned well, which could be with chili and lime or a good pepper baste. Caramelized onions don't count as a sauce. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cubano sandwiches need butter on them. - Steven Perez
Growing up, the only sandwiches I had with butter were tuna fish with diced pickles. Random, I know. I used A1 on steaks until I learned that it's a waste of a good piece of steak to sully it with steak sauce. I've had a few proper sauces on steak that were pretty good. The norm at steak houses in the US is to get a "plain" steak (marinated and seasoned) and have a few bottles of steak... more... - Jenny H. from Android
"Bread with stuff on it" is still one of the best phrases ever. :D Also - an excellent use for A1 sauce? Tater tots. Yes, I'm a heathen but I'm totally down with it. (C'mon, I'm the person who once stored their russet potatoes in the ice chest while camping; I've earned the right to be a potato heathen!) - Hookuh Tinypants
Depends on the quality of the steak. A good quality well cooked steak needs sauce like Dolly Parton needs stocking stuffers. - Todd Hoff
Steele Lawman
I'm just going to leave this here:
Eye Massage - Marie
Very second lifeish. - Joe
RT @tranlib: Just what libraries need, another conference extolling the future and asking if we can survive another 5 years. No thanks. #innovateordie
love that hashtag - Marie
JM speaking at it? - Joe
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Found out a guy I know has a client who is @KodyLostroh's aunt and I nerded out bc few people know how much I love me some @PBR. #noregrets
t-ra, come sit over here, next to me. - Marie
*clinks glasses with Marie* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
He knew of Yellow Jacket and Chicken on a Chain and Voodoo Child and all the bulls that weren't Bushwhacker. It was a moment. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
I thought PBR was the People's Blues of Richmond or Pabst. ;) Always forget about Professional Bull Riding - NOT THE CRICKET
It's funny to me because PBR always meant bull riding until recently. The beer was Pabst. Only in the last 5 years did that start to get confusing. Fuckin hipsters. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Also, you like music, and I don't know if you had heard of People's Blues of Richmond or not, so here's one of their songs, They actually ended up playing in my cousin's house a few months back, after their original venue got closed down due to a stabbing. - NOT THE CRICKET
Non-dessert comfort foods that do not involve a significant amount of dairy. Go!
Meatloaf. Mashed potatoes and gravy - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Depends on how you define comfort. For me, cashews, almonds, navel oranges fit the bill. - Walt Crawford
Chicken soup. Beef stew. French onion soup (with or without the cheese.) Hot buttered toast. - Jennifer Dittrich
For me, shepherd's pie, beef stew, chili, pasta with meat sauce... - John Dupuis
Anything noodly. - Marie
Penne with chickpeas, spinach & tomatoes. Homemade tomato soup (only dairy is about 1 T of butter). PB & J on toast. Chips & homemade salsa. Pho. Vegetarian hot & sour soup. (If you want recipes for the penne, tomato soup, and/or salsa, DM me.) - Corinne L
And here, friends, is how we know that Walt does not hail from a cold climate. :) - laura x
Peanut butter and honey on toast. Chili and cornbread. Rotisserie chicken and roasted vegetables. - laura x
Vegan macaroni and cheese ;) Fries and gravy. Mashed potatoes. Soup. - joey
True enough, Laura. Mine were also "or a significant amount of effort." I'm lazy. - Walt Crawford
Fish and chips. Kimchi ramyon when my nose is stuffed up. ...I think everything else involves significant amounts of milk and/or cheese.... - Deborah Fitchett
Fried chicken. - Eric - ill subliminal
Baked potatoes (or any kind of potatoes, really). Not sure if the butter involved counts as "significant." ;-) - John (bird whisperer)
Ramen! - April Russo
Collards or other greens made with lots of pork. Or at least with smoked turkey parts. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Baked beans. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Cheezits (I don't think they really qualify as dairy) - April Russo
Linguini & white clam sauce - April Russo
Be bim bap and udon noodle soup from the local Korean place. At home: roast chicken with mashed potatoes and stuffing. - Elizabeth Brown
Whole roasted chicken over lots of veggies so the veggies have the roasted dipped in chicken fat taste. - Todd Hoff
Matzo ball soup. Latkes. It's possible to make non dairy kugel but I've never had it. (Happy Hanukkah!) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
For my hubby, his diabetes comfort food is a veggie stir fry made with whatever leftover meat that's in the house, with lots of cabbage, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lots of garlic, a little bit of carrot, olive oil, oregano, basil, and crushed red pepper flakes. - April Russo
Walt Crawford
Unwarranted but useful generalization: Non-English OA journals on SciELO generally will have enough English to make sense of. Those on Redalyc generally will not. Those on OJS are a total crapshoot. (I'm getting to like SciELO quite a lot.)
oh, good to know. i haven't explored that yet but will calendar it. thanks! - Marie
Bartender at Bar Bacon is swoon material
It's the bacon talking - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
Is he sizzling? - Steve C Team Marina
Salty language! - Marie
Stop staring at his hickory. - Janet
:P - Shevonne from iPhone
Everybody got jokes. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Meg VMeg
My bedroom is full of gnats.
I've set up a vinegar trap. Two fewer gnats so far. - Meg VMeg
wine works better imo - jambina
I'll try it next! - Meg VMeg
Is there anything wine CAN'T fix? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Doubtful - Meg VMeg from Android
What's the current gnat situation? - Marie
10 dead, at least 1 still alive that I've noticed. I didn't have a chance to buy wine today, so this is all with the vinegar. - Meg VMeg
Go, vinegar! - Marie
John Dupuis
In case people haven't seen this yet, the Scientific American blog network is in the process of "revisioning" and booting off about half their bloggers:
Including Bonnie Swoger and Hadas Shema who ran the LIS Information Culture blog: - John Dupuis
It's their right -- they own the space -- but they are surely not being transparent about why the dumpees are getting dumped, and I think that's a strategic mistake on their part. Even being explicitly mercenary about it e.g. "we're keeping the highest-hit-count bloggers" would deflect a lot of my sideeye. - RepoRat
Also, based on your tweetstream and Bonnie's -- just me, or are they dumping an awful lotta women? - RepoRat
<troll> It's because girls don't get science. </troll> Asshats. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Hard to say without a list of the blogs that are leaving, but so far mostly women. They've posted in a comment the ones that are staying but not an actual list of the ones that are leaving. I believe when Bora Zivkovic set up the network it was at least 50% women (yes, irony). - John Dupuis
Bora has some stats as of the launch here: - John Dupuis
thanks, that's a useful baseline - RepoRat
Where's the comment with the list of who's staying? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
srsly. I will release the dogs of war if they're differentially firing women and/or PoC, but I don't wanna do that until I actually know. - RepoRat
I hope they will keep the past content. - Joe
^ and static URLs of that content. - Marie
The main announcement post with the list of who remains in a comment is here: - John Dupuis from iPhone
guh, so concerned citizens are gonna hafta do the count themselves. - RepoRat
I'm in that "winding down for the year" limbo and looking for some cat vacuuming er I mean contribution to the profession something something so give me a bit and I'll see what I can pull together. - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks, Deborah. If you throw up a GSpreadsheet I'll pitch in, but doing the whole thing is too daunting for me. - RepoRat
Have so far thrown in data gleaned from Bora's original post: - Deborah Fitchett
And added in data from the comment listing who remains. First impression: the vast majority of blogs brought in by Bora are no longer running; a bunch more recent ones are in there. Of the 18 bloggers whose names we have from Bora's time whose blogs are continuing, 10/18 appear to be women based on names. This is a drop in percentage points but probably more data needed. Will try filling in some blanks. - Deborah Fitchett
best list of current (?) blogs seems to be sidebar in - RepoRat
Oh my god Google Docs what the hell are you doing to my dates. :-( Stupid USan month-day-year grumble grumble. (Even when I define it dd/mm/yyyy it won't let me *type it in* that way - converts everything I type to the wrong date.) - Deborah Fitchett
ugh, did it pick up that trick from Excel? I HATE THAT SO MUCH. You may be able to get it to stop if you explicitly define the column as text; at least, that works in Excel. - RepoRat
I want it to be a date so sortable as dates. Ended up defining as eg 13 Dec 2014 so then it's readable by every human. - Deborah Fitchett
Further impressions #1: The information in the sidebar is not consistent with the information in the blog comment and it's hard to tell what's accurate. Have tried to cite in my spreadsheet but if it was listed in the blog comment I didn't note whether or not it was listed in the sidebar. (If I've noted it as in the sidebar, that means it's not in the blog comment.) - Deborah Fitchett
Further impressions #2: If the sidebar is accurate, then most currently updated blogs are actually staying. Exceptions are: Science with Moxie; PsiVid; Doing Good Science; History of Geology; Information Culture (all updated December); and possibly Oscillator (November) and Culturing Science; Lab Rat (October). Three blogs that haven't been updated since July-Sept are listed in the blog... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Further impression #3: Of those who've posted farewell posts on the 15th Dec, 9 are women, 1 is a man, 1 is a pseudonym. <sideeye> - Deborah Fitchett
oooooooooh, that's exactly what I was afraid of. <3 <3 <3 Deborah! So, how many of the pretty-much-dead blogs posted farewell posts? - RepoRat
Not many - I may have missed some since at once point I wasn't looking for that explicitly but I think only 4: The Scicurious Brain (23 Oct 2013); Science Sushi (14 Feb 2013); EvoEcoLab (30 Dec 2012); Disease Prone (25 Apr 2012). 8 have just trailed off and another (Cargo Cult Contrarian) is still listed in the sidebar though she last posted 8 Feb 2013. - Deborah Fitchett
Correction: Of those who haven't blogged since at least September, 8 have posted farewells (including 2 today); 9 have trailed off and aren't listed as continuing; 3 are listed in the blog comment as continuing; 8 are listed in the sidebar as continuing. - Deborah Fitchett
I don't think scicurious posts anywhere but her employer now so that's unrelated. But very very interesting. Do you mind if I incorporate into a blog post? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Go for it, consider it public domain. - Deborah Fitchett
Sarah G.
RT @libskrat: Everything I read about Pearson lately convinces me to fear them even more than I already do.
They weren't even on my RADAR until I discovered their role in the whole LAUSD/Apple clusterfsck. (Which, for the longest time I couldn't figure out why the hayull Apple was doing what it was doing with respect to textbooks. LAUSD is it!) Then I started keeping an eye out, and sheesh, the evil comes off them in WAVES. - RepoRat
Lessee. Elsevier is the largest scholarly journal publisher (total revenues $7.3 billion, NOT all journals, in 2013). Some think it's the most evil. Pearson, at $9.3 billion, is considerably larger... (The largest trade book publisher, Random House, is small by comparison.) Link: - Walt Crawford
Thank you, Walt. Super-useful link. - RepoRat
Trust me when I say that folks in education know them well. - Katy S from iPhone
yeah, I'm a little ashamed it took me this long to cotton on. - RepoRat
I hadn't "cotton"ed at all, so thank you for this discussion. - Marie
I am considering writing an LJ column about it. May be too tabasco, however, especially after I nearly landed in hot water over the textbook big deal piece. If I do write it, it'll have to be from a <firefly>"That seem right to you?"</firefly> place. - RepoRat
If there's one thing I've learned over the past three years, it's that edu publishing may actually be more fucked up than scholarly publishing. - Sarah G.
I used to work for them. They sent me running from publishing into the arms of librarianship. So, thanks? - Laura Krier
I've seen it from an author perspective and an instructor perspective. Not so good. - Eric - ill subliminal
Kittens are escaping again.
just had a "whose ear is that?" moment - RepoRat
do what now? - Marie
Teh cute - Marie
Everyone is up walking if you need Friday kittens - Hedgehog
Marvel is getting his noms on. - RepoRat
There is a pic of Henry on their Facebook page that is OFF THE CHARTS cute. - RepoRat
YOU get a tongue bath and YOU get a tongue bath, EVERYBODY gets a tongue bath! - Marie
Andrew C (✔)
For Christmas, I'm giving everyone Ello invites.
*wonders if Ello invites can be re-gifted* - Marie
Yeah, that's the right response. - Andrew C (✔)
Marie echoed my own thought on the matter. - Big Joe Silence
Perfect for White Ellophant parties at work. - Spidra Webster
Spidra++ - Andrew C (✔)
Also, a friend on FB: "because everyone has been naughty?" - Andrew C (✔)
I'm very amused by people's attempts to get off of ERIL-L today
lulz. Blake's trying to help with providing instructions. Wonder if it'll work... - Marie
I wasn't paying attention and missed three steps on the stairs at home and sprained my ankle. Idiot.
:( Hope it's not too painful. - Anne Bouey
Ow ! Feel better. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Ouch >_< I hope youre feeling better soon! - Jennifer Dittrich
Ugh, what a shame. - Marie
:( hope it feels better soon - Sir Shuping is just sir
Owie. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
:-( - bentley
Oh no. :( - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks. I have a tennis ball sticking out of my ankle. Worst thing is I'll likely be missing Sophie's Christmas performance tomorrow night. Well, at least I'm not in that Sidney shop. - Stephan from iPhone
:( - Janet from FFHound!
:(( - Alix May
Bastard steps. Does this give you a long Christmas holiday? :) - Eivind
I took the entire month of December off. It's just a bitch hopping around on one leg. - Stephan from iPhone
Garlicky Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe - Jose Enrique | Food & Wine -
Garlicky Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe - Jose Enrique | Food & Wine
the house smells so good. so, so good. really good. - Marie from Bookmarklet
laura x
Dear FF, I kicked off my birthday weekend with sautéed Swiss chard, sweet potato fries with aioli, and a motherfucking local grassfed NY strip steak.
And wine. - laura x from iPhone
I'd eat that. - SAM
Everything is right with this. - Julian
damn girl, you do birthdays right. - Marie
Happy early birthday! - The First NoeLB from Android
I repeat, HUZZAH! - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Happy birthday!! Wonderful celebratory food choices :D - Katie
We're going to need more birthday weekend food updates. For science. - Corinne L
This morning a friend took us out for apple cider doughnuts at the market. Lunch was the tail end of the steak with carmelized onions and a green salad with creamy garlic dressing. Dinner is going to be broccoli and pasta with walnut sauce. - laura x
#toddlerx had french fries for lunch with my mom and is now apparently having french fries for dinner with his dad. - laura x
Jenny H.
Kristin, you wonderful creature! Thank you so so so much for sending me this care package! It was completely unexpected and lifted my spirits tremendously! <3
Now, if I can't find Velveeta in Norway, imma kill a 'weegie. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
Aw, that's sweet! - Marie
Soo cool! - Steve C Team Marina
Yay! I'm glad it lifted your spirits! :D - Kristin
She's the Internet daughter I'd always hoped for. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
It certainly did, Kristin! Micah, that's a fine choice there. :) - Jenny H. from Android
If you look very closely, you can see "koselig" in the background :D - Eivind
if you can't find velveeta, you can make your own (I can't find the first place I saw this, but here's one recipe ) - ellbeecee
aww, care packages are the best! :) Especially when they involve Sour Patch Kids. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Yes! I've tried so many sour candies here and they just don't measure up. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
Often imitated NEVER DUPLICATED. #SPK4lyfe - AHnix (Anna Haro)
LOL, I might have to steal that. :D - Jenny H. from Android
It's my new tattoo. ;) I've outgrown most things from that 'yummy phase' in life. But these? Imma be buried with a bag. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
<3 - Alix May
I currently hate google. Particularly Google Chat/Hangouts. I do not WANT Google Hangouts. *sob*
*kicks Google Hangouts in the nuts* - Marie
Seems there may be a tedious workaround - lris
Because seriously, taking away status messages is a big deal to me. Also, it may sound stupid, but part of the reason I bought a mac for my home computer is that I like Adium. - lris
Boom. Bullseye. #PhillyCheesesteak @ The Worthington Batcave
Boom. Bullseye. #PhillyCheesesteak @ The Worthington Batcave
Congrats! Looks great. - Marie
I misread something in the tweet stream and stuck in my head now: chicken pox pie.
WHY ME, GOD?! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Here, have a lime rickets to go with it. - Spidra Webster
^ - Marie
I'm already regretting this... caesarean salad. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Try the measles soup. - Spidra Webster
Razzleberiberi pie. - The First NoeLB from Android
Hello. Who is going to ACRL 2015?
I am - lris
Me, too. - kaijsa
*raises hand* - Catherine Pellegrino
Me! - Marie
I haven't decided. - Meg VMeg
me! and I'm running a scholcomm camp on the 25th if ya wanna join in! - jambina from iPhone
Of course I am! :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
I'm hoping that I am... - Laura Krier
I have to make that decision within the next week or so, about CiL and ACRL (and? or?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I might go. - Joe
I will be, I believe - Sarah
Trying to decide - maʀtha
Steele Lawman
Mr. 9 at his orchestra concert last night. Photo, as usual, by my dad.
This deserves a frame :-D - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
That un's a keeper. (Well, and the photo, too.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Gorgeous. - Marie
Rockin' the cello! - Elizabeth Brown
This SilverPlatter envelope opener is older than my 14 yo son.
This SilverPlatter envelope opener is older than my 14 yo son.
SilverPlatter! - Catherine Pellegrino
Wow! - Marie
Well, we've dried what we can and are out of towels, so it's back to bed and see what's what in the light of day.
Hope you get some good sleep, and that the damage wasn't too bad. - Kirsten
Oof. Let us know if you need anything! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Evrything will be fine, thanks. I remembered our stash of beach towels! And now we've got the fan going to help dry. - Marie
Petty LaBelle
We'd be sleeping through the storm if that emergency alert hadn't gone off on both phones waking us up.
Yep. - Marie
Andrew C (✔)
Inspirational: a shrimp running on an underwater treadmill to Eye Of The Tiger.
Inspirational: a shrimp running on an underwater treadmill to Eye Of The Tiger.
EYE OF THE TIGER PRAWN <-- so disappointed it took me a month to think of that. - Andrew C (✔)
^ worth the time, though. - Marie
Andrew C will release no wordplay before its time - Orson Welles - Spidra Webster
The straw that broke auto-suggest's back. We've turned it off, we're so frustrated by it.
Yes! - Kirsten
I dunno, I know people who'd watch that movie. - RepoRat
i LOLed here and i had food in my mouth! there should be laugh warnings on these posts... - Marie
So is a penis labyrinth what the kids are calling a vagina these days? - Steve C Team Marina
A penis labyrinth is the pentagon #satire - Pete
you two are just full of beans today, aren't you? Edit: though you are also near the top of your game - MoTO: #TeamMarina
lololol - Rachel Walden
I suspected some of y'all would run with this one. - Kirsten
Somewhere someone is making a porn parody of Pan's Labyrinth with this title... - Pete
Rule 34, Pete - Aaron the Librarian
Do you have bX too? I'd hate to see what it would recommend... - Zamms
"I didn't mean it before, but I certainly mean it now!" - Steele Lawman
Wow. Our Did You Mean hasn't done anything near this interesting, to my knowledge: I'm a little sad. - Deborah Fitchett
This wins, like, everydamnthing. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, thank you! I really needed that ROTFL today!!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
~Courtney F
Dear Excel, Why do you hate me so much?
Excel is a jerk. - Marie
So much. - ~Courtney F
Andrew C (✔)
My bedroom ceiling is leaking and there's a whole other room above it already anyways. #hellastorm
Dang, take care. - Steve C Team Marina
oof, that's bad news. - Marie
If your electricity is still on, be careful. Stay safe, Andrew! - Jenny H. from Android
Guess who from the LSW has "Vision"? "The Program Planning Committee is pleased to announce the Vision Speakers for the 2015 NASIG Annual Conference."
I'm guessing it's not me, since I would probably know if I was a Vision Speaker. - John Dupuis
i'm wearing my reading glasses right now. it could be me? - Marie
Are we really guessing? Is there a prize? - maʀtha
Sadly, there is no prize, other than the satisfaction of knowing you were first to come back with the correct answer. - Joe
Oh, hey, RR! Yep, I'm a cheater and Googled. - maʀtha
Martha is the winner and #winning! - Joe
RR must be wearing the glasses! w00t! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I am always wearing the glasses. I can't see without the glasses. - RepoRat
(This is also that awful moment when I know I agreed on a talk theme with the conference organizers but I can't recall offhand what it is. Oh, well, I know it's in my Evernote.) - RepoRat
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