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Meg VMeg
Merry, I got you something...
Merry, I got you something...
OMG - Marie
Ahhhhh! He's like me when I watch! I love the other dog's face..."I am not entertained." - Miriella
"George, that's a replay." - bentley
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
Well, this could be fairly exciting. Out of the blue, I got an email from a company looking to hire a NOC Manager for their expanding business. And more interestingly, they're looking for someone more process-oriented than technically-oriented. Which is good as the company specializes in SIP Trunking services which I had not heard of before...cont.
...that first email. Basically, they saw my resume and my background of former military and ITIL and thought it'd be worth contacting me. After a decently long initial conversion with their VP of Network Engineering and Operations it appears they're just at the point where they want to grow and need some middle management to assist in keeping the smart guys in line so the VPs can focus on the business side. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
So...I'll be heading into their office on Friday to have a chat with them in person. A chat that may last up to two hours. I'm about to become extremely familiar with VoIP and SIP Trunking in the next two days. Because while I don't know exactly what the hell they're doing, I know I can help them do it better. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
That sounds like a great opportunity for you. Good luck! - Anika from Android
It's yet again another path divergent from my previous IT Management life but I'm actually interested in what they're doing and where they're going. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Sweet. You totally got this. Let me know if you need an assistant. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Good luck! - Jenny H. from Android
Kick ass, caj :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
awesome. VOIP, SIP - fairly complicated protocols, but fairly easy (imo) to learn the basics, as the data headers are a variant on email-style headers. The signaling and gateway stuff can get ugly underneath (we are, in fact, converting an old telephony model to the internet, so some things are *huh?*). When I was doing more VOIP, I set up a Asterisk box in my house, played with the PBX functionality, and used it to see how SIP operates. - Kevin Johnson
Kevin, I'm reading up on it to at least recognize the acronyms that might get used in the meeting. While the position is more a people/process wrangler, knowing at least how to talk the talk will be a good thing. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Well, that was my first ever three hour interview (four people plus a nickel tour of the place). I think we're all in agreement of what the position is and what I'd be doing if hired. Now to see if they're going to meet my salary requirements. (It's in their range per the COO but it's up to the VP of the section hiring me.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
*crosses fingers* - Laurie Boots from Android
*crosses other people's toes* - Julian
ow, quit it, J. - Marie
Fingers crossed! - Anne Bouey
Laura Norvig
"How PAPER Magazine’s web engineers scaled Kim Kardashian’s back-end (SFW)" by @ftrain
"How PAPER Magazine’s web engineers scaled Kim Kardashian’s back-end (SFW)" by @ftrain
Like the car/bus/plane discussion. - Joe
Yeah, I gotta remember that one. - bentley
HA I can so relate to this.... “I reflexively begin designing the architecture in my head. It’s a nerd impulse. Dogs chase after thrown balls, system administrators design to arbitrary traffic.” - Me
neat article. - Marie
Meg VMeg
Remember how exciting it was when they first started selling baby carrots?
Not only was it the first new vegetable in the history of my life, it was a BABY vegetable! - Meg VMeg
Now we have baby kale. - Laurie Boots from Android
I grew up with baby spuds. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Ooooooh, Jenny, I'm jealous. - Meg VMeg
I'll spare you the soul-crushing truth about how baby carrots are made, then. :| - Micah from FFHound!
When two carrots love each other very, very much.... - laura x
What about the little nibbly baby ears of corn? OMG. - Joe
Yeah, forget the "baby" carrots. Give me some baby corn! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
dude, laura - Meg VMeg
C told me recently that baby corn actually isn't corn at all and I was like, "you have just DESTROYED MY INNOCENCE." - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
LSW: Jen
Question for e-resources librarians: for your campus finance system, do you code your Annual Access Fee (AAF) for archive JSTOR collections as content or access fee?
Access fee. Our fund for this is HOSE (stands for "hosting e-content" when we talk to the Controller, stands for "getting hosed" when we talk internally). - Marie
Ha! I've also asked JSTOR if they could itemize our invoice so that it's clear. Our sales rep said that the fee does include content, so it's not straight access. - Jen
Right now, JSTOR annual access fees are lumped in with other continuations/ongoing subscription fees, but this is one of the things I'm looking to change in Alma. - Galadriel C.
It comes out of the subscription serial budget. - Joe
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @petfessions: "How many goldfish can you fit on your cat before it wakes up?" -NC
RT @petfessions: "How many goldfish can you fit on your cat before it wakes up?" -NC
This is brilliant. And it also looks exactly like my cat Steve. - Hookuh Tinypants
And then there's this fantastic news: Walker says UW faculty and staff should do more work -
He's not winning many friends lately. - Marie
"force" is never a good verb. - Hedgehog
At least the comments are trashing him and not faculty, which is a nice change of pace from most newspaper comment sections. - kaijsa
The comments are encouraging - maybe public opinion is starting to turn :) - Jen
"More with less" is getting damned old. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
More with less is complete b.s.. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫ from Android
"More with less" makes sense *iff* the organisation starts off super-inefficient. After decades of being restructured and doing more with less, it's no longer reasonable to think that this has been the case for quite some time. - Deborah Fitchett
And if we try to do more with less, we just prove we had too much money; if we show the pain and do less we will probably alienate and lose students. Tough, tough decisions ahead. - Jen
I just can't even... - Galadriel C.
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
here you go my lovelies... The Big Chop of 2015
Very cute! - Kirsten
Adorable! - vicster
Cute! <3 - Jennifer Dittrich
you are killing it. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
thanks y'all. I think it suits me. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Oh, my. :) - Steven Perez
indeed it does, Ms. t. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Imma married spud. Imma married spud. - Big Joe Silence from Android
So very cute! - Anne Bouey
So adorable!!!! - Janet from FFHound!
I love it. Sassy! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Ooh! - Marie
sophisticated yet casual - how'd you do that? - Laura Norvig
it's in the eyes, I think. Something like: "come hither, but I brook no foolishness." - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Va va voom! - Spidra Webster
I seriously want to do the same. #offwiththehair - Yolanda from Android
Y'all are too kind. Thanks. I'm having fun with it. People be like 'you cut your hair?!' - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Game over, plate's gone.
I am weirdly disappointed. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, me too. *sigh* - Marie
I miss that plate. :-( - Joe
Anybody here from Georgetown?
Used to be (six years ago). - Julian
Did you work in the library there, Julian? - Marie
I worked at the law library. - Julian
~Courtney F
anyone ever seen bylaws (or other docs) that state who can or cannot attend meetings of a particular body? if so, can I see them too?
are you interested specifically in library-type organizational meetings? - Marie
My state has an open meetings statute. Not the same as bylaws, but interesting. ACRL also has an open meetings policy: - kaijsa
not really. it's related to my work on our faculty senate, but pretty much any robert's rules governed body would probably work - ~Courtney F
California home owner's associations are bound by Davis Stirling. Here's the rule about regular meetings: Annual and special meetings have different rules. - Marie
holly #ravingfangirl
tell you what, you don't shake your pompoms at me, i won't set you on fire. #onlyslightlyexaggerating #needcoffee
*hides pompoms* - Kirsten
gracious - MoTO: #TeamMarina
*lights candles* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
*retracts the disco ball* - Marie
I'm at the point in the research process where everything is a mess and I feel like I don't know anything.
You can doooo eet! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Just remember the mantra: "Carol Kuhlthau. Carol Kuhlthau. Carol Kuhlthau..." - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ - lris
omg Kuhlthau yes! - jambina
that made me snort root beer out my nose. - RepoRat
I love y'all. - Kirsten
So who is going to design the 'Kuhlthau Fh'tagn' shirts? - Pete
^ I would wear one of those. - Katy S from iPhone
Oh damn. So would I, and I don't wear stuff like that, generally. - Kirsten
^Yes. - Marie
I'd design it in a heartbeat except she's a living person. I'd want to know she's okay with it. - RepoRat
How about 'I Predict A Briet' ? - Pete
Wide awake and ready for my 6AM conference call.
Morning. Happy Trails. - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
West coaster. - Joe
*hands over the extra big mug of tea* - Kirsten
D just delivered a coffee. All is well. Today we are discussing proposed new book reports, and they're great. Worth getting up while still dreaming. - Marie
A Scavenger Hunt Exercise to Teach Research Methodologies – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education -
teh lulz - Marie from Bookmarklet
I was going to comment "oh how cute" but then I actually read the article, and it's a bit better-designed than I'd initially given the author credit for. And I do appreciate how the first comments jump directly to "and please consult with a librarian, at least as a professional courtesy..." - Catherine Pellegrino
Just Cuz. the kitty cat dance.
Just Cuz. the kitty cat dance.
And I meow meow meow. - Marie
My SiL found this treasure of a cat video. It has been around a while. - Joe
It's a classic - Marie
Thanks for the earworm. >.< - Katy S from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
Today, I have been weepy and in need of a nap more than once. Who's the grownup?
Aw. *pats* - Marie
Prepping for meeting later with the National Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education. Yikes. *nibbles fingertips*
Oh, you will do just fine. Don't pull out the almond fangs, though. - Joe
yeah, those folks are all about the Cheerio teeth. - RepoRat
*puts away cheesesteak hat* - Marie
This was my year to be less of a hand talker when speaking to large groups. I am not doing well so far.
Aw, what's wrong with being a hand talker? Embrace the hand! [half-Sicilian, rendered mute if her hands are tied behind her back ------> ] - Catherine Pellegrino
What Catherine said. As long as you avoid heavy amounts of Kermit flailing, I see no problem here. - Corinne L
Hey, I actually Kermit-flailed at my boss JUST TODAY. - Catherine Pellegrino
Hee! Did it help get your point across, Catherine? Then it is a WIN. :-) - Corinne L
I am a massive flailer while speaking. It's honestly never seemed like a problem! - RepoRat
Well, she pretty much Kermit-flailed back at me, so I guess that counts as a win. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
Indeed it does! - Corinne L
We discovered it when my husband took pictures of me during a conference presentation so that I could put an action shot on my blog. Except every picture was like I was doing magic or conducting an orchestra. Ugh. - Marie
Meg VMeg
Is it for SCIENCE? - Jenny H. from Android
everything is for science! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I love you, squid sweater. - Marie
holly #ravingfangirl
Distillery tour?
yes, please. - Kevin Johnson
Sure! - Marie
Between Merry saying she's had "too many cookies" - whatever those words mean - and you acting like this is an actual question, I'm feeling like I don't understand English today. Too many cookies is NOT a thing and OF COURSE you take the distillery tour. Especially if it comes with samples... ;) - WebGoddess
(this was actually a bit of a vaguetweet, to be honest. putting a bug in people's ear that will be visiting. ;)) - holly #ravingfangirl
Jason Toney
Nice pick up. "@THR: Ian McShane Joins Liev Schreiber in 'Ray Donovan'"
Nice pick up. "@THR: Ian McShane Joins Liev Schreiber in 'Ray Donovan'"
Love McShane. I've re-watched Deadwood several times just to see him. Wish he would guest on the final season of Justified as it appears Garret Dillahunt is. I'll have to give Ray Donovan a look. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
oh, hello. - Marie
I rather enjoy Ray Donovan. Jon Voight acts like he is in a completely different series but otherwise, the show is of Showtime's best work. - Jason Toney
Mary B: #TeamMonique
New tennies with nearly new @Thorlos! Best socks ever & reason I passed up swag sox at @WPHollywood last night ...
New tennies with nearly new @Thorlos! Best socks ever & reason I passed up swag sox at @WPHollywood last night ...
Oh man, Thorlos are the best. - Marie
Victor Ganata
Video: California Man Walks Into Bear While Texting - 2012 Apr 12 - OutdoorHub
A man walks into a bar (autocorrected) - Greg GuitarBuster
^ - Marie
One of our students walked into my car (which was stopped at a stop sign) while texting, kind of rolled off the front door, and kept texting/walking. - Marie
Congratulations! It’s a Word! | Wordnik -
This is kind of a great idea and I love it. Who wants a word? - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
That is tempting, in a whimsical sort of way. - Deborah Fitchett
I may buy the huz a word for his birthday. Suggestions if you got 'em. Edit: Oh, hey, here's one. - RepoRat
I want a word. - Marie
One more time... fire in the hole. #Justified
IT IS! IT IS! - Julian
I wonder how I can watch online most promptly. - Meg VMeg
Josh and I were just chasing a giant cockroach around the kitchen. We lost it momentarily and Josh went to get a torch so we could look in nooks and crannies.
While he was out of the room it came out of its hiding place and I squashed it with an egg flip. - Melly
Josh returned with the torch, shone it on the dead cockroach, and announced "There it is!" - Melly
"It's playing dead". - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
Be careful, torches can burn down the whole house. - Stephan from iPhone
I am now picturing you and Josh in a giant cave like kitchen, with a flaming, flickering torch, and a cockroach the size of Noah. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm still picturing you running through a cave kitchen and chasing a cockroach the size of noah - Sir Shuping is just sir
It wasn't quite that large... Definitely bigger than one of his ears, though! - Melly from iPhone
Nah, Melly, that particular difference between American and Brit/Aus English is just too much fun to give up on. I knew what you were saying immediately, but *loved* the image of Josh holding this huge flaming torch while you're seeking out a cockroach. - Walt Crawford
"torch", "egg flip" <3 - Marie
This gets put in the "what could go wrong?" category. You now have the basis for the next CBS comedy. - Eric - ill subliminal
The Big Roach Theory - Big Joe Silence
Well, there's a medium-sized black spider making what looks suspiciously like an egg sac on the outside of the kitchen window frame. We're going to have to sort that out sooner rather than later. Can't reach it from the outside without a ladder though. Whatever could go wrong? :oD - Melly
Christina Pikas
today has been gross: boy peed on my lap. boy drooled into my water - I hope I saw the first time he did it. girl threw up all over me. picked up water glass and saw a bug in it. i don't even know. ugh.
One of those days... :-( Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier day. - Stephan from iPhone
Ugh. - Marie
BTDT. Hope tomorrow is less disgusting! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Achievement Unlocked: Had a telemarketer hang up on me because I wouldn't let them go.
He was still able to waste your time, so it's more a tie. - Stephan from iPhone
You and my husband should compare notes. - Marie
I was rendering out a 140mb photoshop file. I sat on the phone messing with him rather than going and finding other work to do. I still win. - Johnny
Johnny: So, what are you wearing? - Mo Kargas
He was probably wearing khakis. *rolls eyes* - Marie
All hail - lris from Android
You win at life. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
BMJ Blogs: The BMJ » Blog Archive » Jocalyn Clark: How to avoid predatory journals—a five point plan -
Glad for Mr. Gunn's comment on this post. - Marie from Bookmarklet
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