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Glen Campbell
Briefcase tacos
Tacos in a briefcase or tacos the size of a briefcase, either one is winning. - Marie
Holly's favorite Anna
I'm looking for someone based in the US who could do a workshop like this one:
Marie? Galadriel? - Holly's favorite Anna
That sounds fun (esp if G and I did it together). At what venue did you have in mind? - Marie
Ooh. Can I get in on this? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Maybe a panel? If so, I would be interested, too. - Joe
we have the best community ever, just sayin'. - Marie
Not a panel. Workshop. No more than two leaders for the sake of logistics and fitting everything into 4 hours with a break, and it would be a post-conference for NASIG in late May. And... I totally understand if G doesn't want to do it, given that. - Holly's favorite Anna
A great community indeed! I love the concept of this workshop, it's really needed and fantastic - I can't commit right now, but will think about it for sure! - Galadriel C.
Ah if only 2 then Marie & G should go for it. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Oh rats, I'll be out of the country at the end of May (hopefully). - Marie
Anna - what's you time frame? - Galadriel C.
I'd like to get a commitment nailed down in the next few weeks, as I'm planning to use our workshops as additional promotion for the call for concurrent session proposals ("come speak at our conference! see, we have awesome content you can add to!). But, that doesn't mean I need a fully fleshed out workshop program by then. Just a commitment to doing it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Jennifer Leffler on Twitter has also expressed an interest. - Holly's favorite Anna
I want to watch!! also: LSW meetup opportunity!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
If you're stuck, please allow me to recommend Taryn Resnick, head of e-resources at MfPOW. She's sharp! - RepoRat
If any of you who have expressed interested can get me a proposal in the next few weeks, do it. :) - Holly's favorite Anna
May I pass this on to Taryn? - RepoRat
Please do! - Holly's favorite Anna
Walt Crawford
For those of you who don't already check NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day daily, you gotta see today's: A full rainbow--the full circle--with most of a double around it:
Wow! - Marie
That's AMAZING! - Iain Baker
In case it wasn't obvious, I'm also suggesting adding that site to your daily review list--the pictures are always informative and frequently spectacular. Even if they can cause an ongoing time sink like my wife's fascination with the live camera feeds from ISS... - Walt Crawford
But... where's the end? Where's the pot o' gold? - Betsy
Where it's always been, I'm afraid. - Walt Crawford
Damn, Gogol Bordello is sexy.
I'm pretty sure that's not a word commonly used to describe Eugene Hutz or Gogol Bordello. Music does amazing things to the brain. ;) - Kristin
My Ukrainian brain. :) - Marie from iPhone
This gypsy mish-mash, me likes. - Marie from iPhone
Mike Nencetti
Taking Beverly shopping at Aldi
Taking Beverly shopping at Aldi
Oh, you have an Aldi! Jealous! - Marie
Yes, my wife loves to shop here. She has very little energy to walk, but finds enough for Aldi. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
How are you both doing, Mike? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
We are well. no falls this week. Family in for the next few days. MRI Wednesday, Chemo Thursday. Tough decision to up steroids. currently a half pill a day. main stress is the fall risk. a bad fall would change everything. - Mike Nencetti
I'm glad things are going well this week. You are both in my thoughts. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Stephan #TeamMarina
I find this strangely entertaining.
I like that you get a sense of the local politics when watching the show. - Marie
Yeah, it's more than just the quest for culinary experiences. - Stephan #TeamMarina
i've really enjoyed most episodes of his various shows. - Big Joe Silence
A few months ago I had this on in a hotel as background noise while working late (what else is there to do). It caught my attention. He has an entertaining way of telling his story. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
That's me facing down the corn maze.
*shudders* - Tamara J. B.
Follow the screams. - Todd Hoff
Nope. - Marie
See, I just figure I'll run into old Black Sox players. - Spidra Webster
"He wants you too, Malachai." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oh gawd, I am pissed. No good day for bike ride at all. Almost got run over, mauled by a dog and now broke down. #fuckity
:((( - Jenny H.
Dang. - Marie
Boo - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Ugh. I'm sorry it wasn't a good ride. :-( - vicster: full-bodied
Thanks... guess it's par for the course to have days like that. Tire is dead, and the shifter needs some serious work. Will be done by Monday, so no ride tomorrow. Just very thankful for Kirsten coming to pick me up and drive us to the shop. - Uli
Hope the rest of the day is a big improvement. - Anne Bouey
We're at one of the small airfields in the area to see a 1929 plane and by coincidence a guy here's flying his 1950's Navy plane as well. So Uli's day just got a whole lot better. - Kirsten from Android
Anne Bouey
High-flying CEO quits after daughter writes list of 22 milestones he missed - -
High-flying CEO quits after daughter writes list of 22 milestones he missed -
"The head of a $2 trillion investment fund has revealed he quit his job after his 10-year-old daughter wrote him a note listing 22 special moments in her life he had missed. California-based Mohamed El-Erian shocked the financial world when he announced his resignation as chief executive of PIMCO in January 2014. Mr El-Erian, who made $100 million 2011 alone, said in a recent essay for Worth that his wife and daughter were at the heart of his decision to quit." - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
Wow. - Joe
Just like Urban Meyer. But then he un-quit. - Marie
I think he received a wake-up call - Mo Kargas
Why am I getting all this window and door sales spam. Are others getting this, too? "Move the squeegee blade across window devoid of quitting until you reach hunan references renette carvingg significance ornl-ddsun another side."
In email... - Joe
i get it, too. - Marie
That's important stuff! If you quit before you reach the hunan references renette carvingg, terrible things can, for example, a distant acquaintance being held up in Paris and needing $2,000 to get back to the U.S. - Walt Crawford
Shannon - GlassMistress
....and we let her go...
:( *hugs* - Kevin Johnson
Sorry, Shannon. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
:-( *hugs* - John (bird whisperer)
Oh dear. *hugs* - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm sorry, Shannon. - Anika
*hugs* - Katy S
I'm sorry, Shannon. *hugs* - Betsy
I'm so sorry, Shannon. *hugs and hugs* - vicster: full-bodied
Thanks all! I can't say we were surprised, she's been on 'palliative care' for some time. I didn't think letting her go would bother me much as she's 16, been ill for a while, and has interrupted our sleep consistently for 6ish years (senile - wakes up 'lost') but I find I'm surprisingly crushed. go figure. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I'm so sorry :( - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
:( - Amit Patel
So sorry! :-( - Jenny
love and hugs to you and your family - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
*big hugs* - Tamara J. B.
I'm so sorry, honey. Hugs to everyone. - Corinne L
{{hugs}} - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
*hugs* - Stephen Mack
(((Shannon))) I'm so sorry. - Anne Bouey
:( Much love. I'm sorry. - Signs Point to LB
Sorry, Shannon. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
so sorry. - MoTO: Team Marina
What a beautiful kitty. I'm so sorry. - Galadriel C. from Android
I'm sorry for your loss. - Marie
I'm sorry for your loss - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
Sorry be well - WarLord
:o( xoxox - Melly - #TeamMarina
off to see a realtor about a house...
PICS! - Meg VMeg
It's cute! - Meg VMeg
Nice! - Betsy
Watch, now somebody else will out-bid me, just when I finally made up my mind - lris
nope they won't. you'll get it. also i've not done homerepair before, but watched a lot of rehab addict and i'll help operate sanders or something :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
You're going to have to hire somebody to do lawn care. And regrade the side of the house around that window well. - DJF from Android
Yep, and yep. - lris
Exciting!!! - Marie
Wow! The airlock is great and the bathroom looks like it was just redone. I also like that the kitchen cabinets have simple, flat doors as I was just noticing how much gunk collects in the grooves of mine. - Galadriel C. from Android
So explain to me the whole airlock thing? I've never seen one before. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
^ - Marie
Love the grain on the built-ins in the bedroom. If you get re-landscaped, you can save on hiring someone to do mowing, etc. (Owen Dell showed slides of a landscape he designed for a guy who wanted to do absolutely NO maintenance. He had pictures from years later and the guy really had done no maintenance and it looked terrific. Good luck! - Spidra Webster
And which room have you chosen as the yarn room? - Hedgehog
Oh, that's cute! Love the built-ins, and that enclosed front porch (totally giggling over "airlock") will be very, very nice in winter. - Kirsten
In my world, airlocks are mudrooms, if that's a word you know -- they give you a space in which you gear up and gear down for the outside weather, without bringing said weather into your foyer/house. So you go out into the airlock/mudroom to put on your boots and snowpants and coat and mittens and hat and scarf, all of which can then, later, be taken off there, and dry, before you open the door into your house. When it's -20F outside, and you're covered in snow, this is AWESOME. - Jenica
It is the bane of our existence that our house here has no mudroom/entryway/airlock (this is new to me as a term-always used mudroom) of any sort. Not even a hall closet. Yes, it's Virginia but yes, we have weather and clothes. Stupid, stupid builders. - Julie Kane
Huh, in my South Dakotan side of the family, a mud room includes a shower, because they're farmer stock and they come in from the hog farm or the fields and need a shower before entering the house proper. - lris
Justin and I dream of a house with a workshop for him that connects to the house via a mudroom with the laundry and a shower in it... Work with nasty chemicals and metal filings and sawdust, then drop all your dirty clothes and take a shower before coming into the house proper. PERFECTION. - Jenica
The house I grew up in had a breezeway that attached the garage to the house. The first room after that was a hallway that had, on one end, a full bath, and then the laundry area. We definitely used that area to divest ourselves of filthy barn clothes, coveralls, etc. Horse muck did not belong in the house. - Katy S
Oooooo. All of those things sound amazing. Our long-term plan is to expand and cover/enclose our deck, add a mudroom there, and an open deck off of our bedroom. And finish the basement, with bathroom. Sigh. Someday. - Julie Kane
Oddly, out here, laundry rooms are sometimes called mudrooms--e.g., ours is between our "breakfast nook" and garage. I like the airlock idea for climates where it's more frequently needed... - Walt Crawford
Creeping charley is very good at holding soil down. I'm all for it. - maʀtha
I like the closets and cabinets very much - maʀtha
so much wood! i see lots of potential in the sun room. it's cute! - kendrak
you're gonna love that screen porch!! it's also cat heaven!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've read through this three times trying to find your post that your offer was accepted. Well? (The house is really, really nice, so I hope that it was.) - Mama Lawson
I don't know yet if the offer was accepted, and the realtor expects we won't know until early next week. The suspense is killing me. - lris
Monique Judge
"YOU DON'T EVEN GO HERE!" RT @TheRoot: So this awkward party is happening: #ScandalThursday
"YOU DON'T EVEN GO HERE!" RT @TheRoot: So this awkward party is happening: #ScandalThursday
lolwhut? - Marie from iPhone
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @badbanana: I like that Lincoln commercial where Matthew McConaughey is driving a carload of souls to the banks of the River Styx.
HA! - Marie
I mean, it's totally true right? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
have you seen the ellen version of the new commercial? - Marie
iPhone hoax: No, you can't recharge it in the microwave, LAPD warns - LA Times -
iPhone hoax: No, you can't recharge it in the microwave, LAPD warns - LA Times
lulz - Marie from Bookmarklet
WeberBBQ.jpg (JPEG Image, 425 × 640 pixels) -
WeberBBQ.jpg (JPEG Image, 425 × 640 pixels)
that's commitment to a brand. - Marie from Bookmarklet
it's alton brown right? oh wait never mind, his probably says "charcoal forever" - Sir Shuping is just sir
Can't go wrong with a Weber. - Eric - It's My Thing
Is that your arm, Marie? - Joe
Nope. - Marie
that meeting i was just in was BRUTAL. omfg, i had nothing but expletives in my heart. -
that meeting i was just in was BRUTAL. omfg, i had nothing but expletives in my heart.
what was the topic at hand? - RepoRat
the mis-use of a MARC field in our catalog records. - Marie
Guilty! (runs for cover under a desk). - Jen
yikes - Rachel Walden
run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! - RepoRat
Oh that is downright terrifying. - Galadriel C. from Android
Just horrible. - Joe
Eric - It's My Thing
What you don't want to hear, "Mom I can't breathe". What you don't want to do, book it to the ER. What you don't want from the doc, "it's not getting better, we'll need to check you in." What you don't want the ER to say, "you'll have to take an ambulance to the other side of town and check into the PICU." Where we don't want to be. Here.
:( - Heather
Oh no! :-( - vicster: full-bodied from FFHound!
:( Sending good thoughts your way! - Katy S
:( - Janet from FFHound!
Oh no. Thinking of you and Elena. I hope your kid recovers well. - Anika
I hope they can get everything worked out quickly. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thinking good thoughts! - Victor Ganata
*huggle* - Alix May
Ooof. Thinking of you all right now. I hope they're able to get everything sorted quickly. - Jennifer Dittrich
Praying for you and your family, and hoping the docs get things sorted out quickly. - Jim: with more caffeine!
Looks like we will be overnight guests at the Children's Hospital PICU. Swelling hasn't gone down and no diagnosis as of yet. - Elena from FFHound!
Thinking good thoughts for all. - Betsy
:-( *hugs* - John (bird whisperer)
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Best wishes to you and yours. - Steve C Team Marina
Oh dear! Hoping she gets on the mend quickly! Thinking of you guys. - SAM
Oh man, good wishes coming your way. - Marie
:( - ellbeecee
Oh, man... I hope everything is okay. My thoughts are with you guys. - Bren
Are you at Children's Hospital at Memorial Hospital in the Springs? If so, I'm about three blocks from you. If you need something, email or call 719-357-5297. - Steele Lawman
Thinking of you and hoping you get some answers soon. - Anne Bouey
Hope everything turns out ok. - rönin from FFHound!
Praying for y'all. - Signs Point to LB from Android
Sending good thoughts! - Galadriel C. from Android
Sending good juju your way. - Kristin
Prayers and good thoughts for you and yours. - Friar Will
Hope everything turns out OK! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
You guys doing better after 6 hours? - Joe
Sending good thoughts too! - imabonehead
Still in the PICU. Good news is the swelling has gone down. Bad news is they still don't know what's causing it. Hoping to be discharged in the AM. - Elena from FFHound!
I'm so sorry you guys are still without answers, but I'm glad the swelling is reduced! You're all in my thoughts. - Jenny H. from Android
How are things this morning? I hope you all had a better night ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
So frightening. Much love xx - Melly - #TeamMarina
Oh no. :( - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
*hugs* - Yolanda
crossed fingers and hugs also from here! - Xabaras (G.O.)
I hope things are much better today. *hugs all around* - vicster: full-bodied
Waiting to be discharged. The nurse says we're going home but have yet to see the dr. - Elena from FFHound!
So glad you guys get to go home. - Tamara J. B.
Home now. Ahhhh. - Eric - It's My Thing
Whew. - Steele Lawman
Wow. I'm glad everything is OK. *hugs* - Monique Judge
Gah! Sorry to miss this. How is it going today, do they know what happened? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
in my prayers... - GRANDMAFORSCARLETT
We've been home for a few hours now and everything seems to be ok. Will follow up on Friday with our regular pediatrician for back to school release and referral to an ENT or allergist. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated :) - Elena from FFHound!
So scary for you all! I hope you get answers soon! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Steve C Team Marina
Jose Altuve literally jumps in the air to swing at high fastball | FOX Sports -
Jose Altuve literally jumps in the air to swing at high fastball | FOX Sports
"On Tuesday night, Houston Astros All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve took a cut at a first pitch from Rangers reliever Roman Mendez that rose to nearly his own height of 5 foot 5 inches. To get there, Altuve leaped from both feet and spun himself around with the swing. Incredibly, Altuve (.345 batting average) made contact with the ball — a play that might have amused Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos had Altuve not drilled the ball into the catcher's thigh for a certain bruise." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
He's so good that they're bound to trade him next year. - Kristin
I'll trade you josh hamilton and albert pujols for him Kristin - Steve C Team Marina
Sarah G.
RT @libskrat: I just taught my students how to Googlebomb. I feel that I have turned them to the Dark Side of the Force!
Random history: went to lib school with the creator of that term. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
really? who was it? - RepoRat
Adam Mathes. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
thanks! - RepoRat
Wait! I don't know what that means! Educate me. - Marie
Googlebombing is manipulating Google rankings by getting a few hundred of your closest friends to put a specific link with specific wording on their websites. The classic political Googlebomb -- SQUICK ALERT if you actually look this up -- happened to Rick Santorum on the urging of sex columnist Dan Savage. - RepoRat
Also "miserable failure" for the gwb site was a classic. I think they may have changed the way linking works though - is this even still possible? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
French military victories was the first one I knew of. - Joe
Google is largely wise to googlebombing now, yes. - RepoRat
What is the term used when you manipulate the google autosuggest? - aaron
Catherine Pellegrino
Hey, y'all, remember this? I forgot to mention that we're doing it. :D
Show all
Dude! Awesome! - Marie
In the run-up to launching this, we learned that a) that printer prints more than any other printer on campus, including the two printers in the 24-hour computing lab COMBINED, b) last year it printed nearly half a million pages, or 377 pages per on-campus student, and c) the library spent $8000 on paper and toner last year. That's half of our non-endowed book budget. Holy crap on a cracker, people. - Catherine Pellegrino
But students like screens. Everything online! We can go paperless! - kaijsa
Tell that to the faculty who require students to bring printouts of each lecture's powerpoints to class... :-/ - Catherine Pellegrino
Yep. I want to lol every time an undergrad complains that we only have an ebook and not a print copy of something they want. - kaijsa
Skip printing the copyright notice page. Like it. - Joe
I came in this morning and the boxes were rearranged into a tall tower. Love it. - Catherine Pellegrino
I hope the tower was teetering. That would add drama to the display. - Stephen Francoeur
holly #ravingfangirl
i need to go do some measuring in my co-worker's area, because i'll be moving over there after she retires next month. she's not there right now, but i feel sort of weird. like going through grandma's things and saying what you are going to take while she is still alive. :P
If she's as happy to retire as I was, she'll help you measure and offer you some of her stuff. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
lol, that's awful. - Marie
My grandma likes to tell us what we're getting when she dies. Has done for years :p - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
I am so, over, the phrase "Google-like interface"
I'm still giggling over feedback on our new discovery layer that it looked too much like Bing - it should look like Google instead. (After discussion, we ended up changing the orange buttons to our institution's shade of green and everyone was happy.) - Deborah Fitchett
Give me google-like funding and google-like staffing and google-like infrastructure and I'll think about making that google-like interface. - lris
^^^ Memorised. - Deborah Fitchett
Ooh, Iris is good. - Marie
Who's got two thumbs and is the newest member of the LMU University Research Council? This gal!
Do you sleep? - Holly's favorite Anna
I could totally go for a nap, now that you mention it. - Marie
congrats! and i think marie has clones! its how she gets everything done! - Sir Shuping is just sir
barbara fister
That's so funny! It's a joke, right? Right?
*eyeroll* - RepoRat
Liebert Open Access will let you read this article for $424. - barbara fister
ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-- - RepoRat
Also comical: GS alerts says a piece of mine is cited. If so, it's probably by someone who didn't read it. (I wrote a critique of crime fiction using "copycat crimes" in the title, but it was about crime fiction not about actual, you know, crime. - barbara fister
*snort* - Marie
Not to be all wet-blanket here, but I think the "Liebert Open Access Options and Benefits" thing is actually a banner ad, not something that's intended to indicate that the article displayed on the page is, in fact, available open access. When I clicked on it, it took me to a page that explained the publisher's "author pays for OA" model. Not to take away from the horribleness of the... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Only $51 for the article, $424 to sub to the journal. - Joe
Joe: True...but that $51 only buys you 24-hour access! - Walt Crawford
Oh, I thought "unlimited access pay per view" was for the article. Still. It's interesting that this is something that comes from a GS link. It's one of those "we just started publishing 70 journals in multiple disciplines including bioscience, engineering etc etc" outfits. - barbara fister
I'm not too thrilled if those are going to start showing up in GS results. Oh well, teachable moment. - barbara fister
Netherlands: Swets Files For Bankruptcy | LJ INFOdocket -
Dang. - Marie from Bookmarklet
I kind of thought they already had? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
There's a thread over on Serialst about it too. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
what-all does Swets do that I might have heard of? - RepoRat
subscription management. - Marie
usage statistics management (Scholarly Stats) - Marie
Will PQ or EBSCO come out on top in the post-dissolution buchery of Swets? - Aaron the Librarian
oh right, they also have Mendeley Institutional Edition. Jackie, what are they saying over at Serialst? I get the digest version so I don't view the blow-by-blow. - Marie
Elsevier will be announcing soon that they are taking over all aspects of MIE, which shouldn't be too surprising since they bought mendeley a couple of years ago. - DJF from Android
thanks, Marie! - RepoRat
Elsevier sent out an email basically saying to watch out, since if Swets have your payment but it doesn't get to them, they won't fulfill your order. ETA: so the Swets customers are asking each other what to do. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Any Philadelphia area LSWers out there?
So I know an awesome new librarian moving to Philly looking for a first library job. Was hoping to introduce her to some LSWers who could help her build a network. Perhaps the LSW has not yet infiltrated the Philly area? - Jen
I know a couple of librarians in Philly (unLSWified), but I haven't talked to them in years. - Joe
Aaron is in PA, but I'm not sure how far away from Philly he is - ~Courtney F
Holly Tomren and Tom Ipri are there, at Drexel. Forward me contact info and I will connect them to your friend? - Marie
Thanks Joe and Courtney - I'm sending Marie contact info. I really appreciate your help. - Jen
I'm in NJ across from Philly. Email me wawoodworth[the @ symbol] - Andy
Thanks Andy! - Jen
No problem, I hope I can help. I know some Philly librarians that I can pass along to her. - Andy
Monique Judge
There are 100 seats in here. Why would you come sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME?
Cause you're so pretty & you smell good. ☺ - Corinne L
^ - Marie
holly #ravingfangirl
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