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i'm part of the librarian mafia. also, my desk is clean.
Me: (It looks like rain but it's not actually going to rain.) Rain: (Heh, a challenge.) Me: *soaked*
you wanted it to rain didn't you? - Sir Shuping is just sir
yeah, we need the rain so bad. - Marie
Goodness, it's the cocktail hour already! Why didn't you say anything?
'Bout to get my ct on any minute now. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Cheers! - Marie
Sharpened all the knives, oiled the wood block. #ChoreDuJour
Bacteria wall decoration.
This is the wall of the plane I'm on. If you're not germ phobic when you get on the plane you soon will be! - Marie from iPhone
Hi Denver!
Hi Marie! Welcome to Denver. - Joe
You sure are bumpy to fly into! *urp* - Marie from iPhone
Bye Joe! Thanks for having delicious mahi tacos in Terminal B. - Marie from iPhone
Good Bye! - Joe
D is making me drink every time they say Bounty Bowl.
The dog of the house wants to eat the veggies. Nope. Mine.
That young man rocked the Star Spangled Banner. Wow.
I made the wafer cookies Martha loves but Dave woke me up before I could ask her if she wanted them smothered in whipped cream or if the cream should go on the side, for dipping.
ff won't let me share this with martha. :( - Marie
That's a good dream - maʀtha
My mother in law would like to know why we're going this way instead of the way she usually goes.
Because she isn't driving and she is no longer the boss! - Janet
Just to piss her off. - Steve C Team Marina
you're feeling ornery - ellbeecee from Android
Copilots only navigate; they do not get to choose the route. - Steven Perez from Android
You should go thata way instead of this way. - Joe
"Where are you taking me?" "Someplace where they'll never find the body." - Big Joe Silence
You people are the best. - Marie from iPhone
"Because you didn't write the GPS software." - April Russo
RT @didthesixerswin: No.
I love the avatar for that account. - John (bird whisperer)
Yeah, it's a good avatar. - Marie from iPhone
It's snowing here, too. - John (bird whisperer)
snowing here, too. big fluffy stuff you get this time of year - Christina Pikas
It's not snowing here. It snowed Monday. - RepoRat
lol B knows - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
You're welcome. :) - Steven Perez
Gonna be a big girl and put on a hat instead of being a wimpy Californian. - Marie from iPhone
Wimpy Californian ---> - Steve C Team Marina
Pinot Noir Walnut City Wine Works, 2012 (Willamette)
Unintentionally confirmed that I am still allergic to mangos. *sadface*
Oh, shoot :( - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Aww. =( - rönin
Me, too. It's a weird allergy, isn't it? - Stephen Francoeur
Me too! - Meg VMeg
I discovered I was allergic to it as a kid when I had to help take care of the mango tree in our yard. I'd get a rash if I brushed against the leaves and branches and got sap on my skin. - Stephen Francoeur
It's a guarantee that when you try to shake out the last bit of cereal from the bag it's going anywhere but in the bowl.
most of it's just dust on the table. make it into lines and snort it up - Steve C Team Marina
Fruit Loop dust in the lungs. Yum. - Joe
RT @thefakeespn: Odell Beckham Jr.‘s catch has cured cancer, solved world hunger and will run for President of the United States in 2016.
The people out in the hallway weren't even sure they were in the right hotel.
Philly. Security came to help them. - Marie from iPhone
Glow stick in my drink.
Sideways - Marie from iPhone
My cocktail has a glow stick in it. #classy
poidh - Meg VMeg
Hello, Philly. Hide yer Amorosos rolls.
*waves across the state* - The First NoeLB from Android
My husband's favorite rolls - Janet from FFHound!
dang it, am i gonna have to go to my philly cheesesteak place? *tummygrumble* - holly #ravingfangirl
^ my work here is done. - Marie
Who are these jokers trying to haggle at the car rental place at midnight.
Did they get a deal on the GPS unit? - Joe
They want the Sirius but don't want to pay. - Marie
Howdy, Houston!
Just passing through. Bye! - Marie from iPhone
The loose powder I bought has a little bit of shimmer in it so I will look like #TeamEdward when I step into the sun.
that doesn't sound good. perhaps we need to find a powder that will make you glower? - Sir Shuping is just sir
My Silicon Valley job title is ''CUSTODIAN OF THE QUANTIFIED SELF'' : http://siliconvalleyjobtitlege...
My Silicon Valley job title is ''CUSTODIAN OF THE QUANTIFIED SELF'' :
Working on a conference proposal for QQML 2015 ( Due in one month. Get on it!
There's that magical split second when a Bartlett pear is perfectly ripe.
I think that's why I loved the ones from my fruit share this year so much - they were perfectly ripe for several days. It was crazy! - Jennifer Dittrich
^ wow! - Marie
And just under three weeks my work computer has been returned to me with a new motherboard.
Three weeks?! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Three fucking weeks. - Marie
Ugh. (A friend recently spotted a "muthaboard" for sale at Goodwill. Here's hoping that's what you got after such a long wait!) - The First NoeLB from Android
^ LOL at "muthaboard" - Marie
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