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i'm part of the librarian mafia. also, my desk is clean.
Loving this MNF.
"This is not competitive." - Marie
One of the pita breads I made slid off the edge of the rack when baking. It looks like the clock in that Dali painting.
Dear international travelers: Is it important that I get a passport protector, to ensure that my identity info on the RFID chip is not stolen? This seems extreme to me.
You could also put foil in your normal passport carrier, if you use one. I wrapped my passport card because it doesnt close like a passport. - ~Courtney F from Android
Hey, that's a good idea. Thanks! - Marie
My dad is delivering the sermon at his church today in San Antonio. Nervous, excited for him. He should be starting the service soon. *sits on hands*
Did I know you're a PK, too? - Holly's favorite Anna
He's not a P. He's delivering a special sermon, in honor of Veteran's Day. He's telling the story about a guy he assisted in the burn unit when he returned from the front (Vietnam) with severe burns, lost limbs. This guy has gone on to do amazing things with his life and recently reconnected with my dad, his occupational therapist in the burn unit. The guy will be in attendance. I wish I could be there to see it. - Marie
Oh wow. I wish I could, too. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
He and Bobby ("the guy") got a standing ovation. He's so pleased and very tired. :D - Marie
Israeli Couscous and Cheese Recipe - -
Israeli Couscous and Cheese Recipe -
noms - Marie from Bookmarklet
RT @attackerman: "I wonder if there's somewhere that will deliver bagels" is Wife for "go get bagels."
In my house it's hey hubby go get bagels - A Gunny named Slickback
Bumped into the hotel concierge on the way home from dinner last night, walked with me for safety. Charleston, you're alright. #chs14
This kolsch is nothing like a #chs14 conference session.
My trolley driver this morning loves his job. ❤️ #chs14
Email message from IT confirmed that work compy hard drive was failing, needs replacing. Convenient that I'm away from the office this week!
Caviar & Bananas, a favorite Charleston market. Great charcuterie board, also wine.
Caviar & Bananas, a favorite Charleston market. Great charcuterie board, also wine.
I rode the trolley from my hotel to the conference this morning. Charleston is so pretty. #chs14
3.5 hour dinner, goodness.
Humidity. Killing. Me.
Taking a slice of cake for an evening stroll.
When we moved to LA 9 years ago I registered to vote and volunteered to be a Spanish-speaking poll worker. I've never been called to work a poll but I do get all my election materials in Spanish. #SoRaven #LA
MWAH, Atlanta ff'ers! I'm in ur airport, eating all the Popeye's.
*waves vaguely south* - ellbeecee
*waves vaguely northwest* - LB's never Kippled
I'd never eaten at a Popeye's until I moved here and realized there's one across the street from the commuter train. - bentley
Grapefruit tic tacs are taste explosion!
Today is my six year work anniversary at LMU!
The ASIS&T Handbook and Directory from 2004, going once, going twice, gone! *recycle*
That could be a collectors item some day. - Joe
Do I need my ASIS&T membership card from 2004? *shreds*
yes! you're going to lose a scavenger hunt without it! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I wonder the same about my Blockbuster card from 2005. - Just another Bubba
Artist Carol Milne Knits with Glass | Colossal -
Artist Carol Milne Knits with Glass | Colossal
Artist Carol Milne Knits with Glass | Colossal
ff knitters may appreciate this? (found on twitter) - Marie from Bookmarklet
Taught myself how to blind hem stitch pants on the sewing machine. #ShortGirlSkills
grabbed a morning run while it was still chilly outside.
"The zone will be one of danger."
A serving size of these multigrain Club crackers is 4. Four crackers. C’mon now.
I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures of the sunset tonight in LA. It’s amazing out there right now!
I know. I wish I'd been able to get to a good promontory to take one. - Spidra Webster
Victor came through for us over on Instagram. - Marie
I bet the #mydayinla hashtag will turn some good ones up, too. - Spidra Webster
RT @TrolleyParker I'm still in the bunker. Did @instagram survive the #LA sunset? #filters #clouds #sky #smog - Spidra Webster
Wait, are those RAIN clouds?
It's supposed to rain here in Los Angeles tomorrow. We'll see. - Steve C Team Marina
nope, they are candy clouds! candy corn clouds! - Sir Shuping is just sir
We've been getting 90% chance of rain on Friday throughout the week's forecasts (except one day when it went to 100%). So those clouds around here ( a few hundred miles north of LA) sure better be rain clouds--ideally carrying a lot of snow for the Sierras. - Walt Crawford
No rain in the forecast here - just a few clouds, with wind. Probably only gusting when I'm trying to serve. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
It's quite humid here in Sac. Heavy rains predicted for tomorrow & Saturday. I say BRING IT ON. - Corinne L
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