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i'm part of the librarian mafia. also, my desk is clean.
Aw, Scott Pelley is a wreck reporting the news about his colleague's death.
I bought myself flowers on the way home because I made it through the whole work day.
I've done that occasionally. - ellbeecee
Take all my copyrights, my love, yea, take them all. #ElsevierValentines
CVG to LAX by PHL.
It's a perfect day for eating one's weight in Garrett's caramel corn with almonds.
Drinking a beer at the airport.
Mail ka-imp?
I've lost some weight and my pants are loose in some areas and still fitted in others. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING.
wait until the panties start sliding around. #FridayAfternoonTMI - ellbeecee
THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! *runs* - MoTO Boychick Devil
I had that frustration after I started bicycling daily. Waist and hips shrunk to the point I MUST wear a belt, but the thighs replaced fat with muscle, so biking went back to being uncomfortable in pants. :-/ - Half Pint
Library sleeper triggers burglary alarm and hides in wheely cart | Grand Forks Herald -
Sharing mainly for the headline. - Marie from Bookmarklet
The church in S1 of The Good Wife is not in Chicago, but on Crenshaw here in LA.
RT @irdlonline: DEADLINE EXTENDED: Submit your proposal by 10PM, FEBRUARY 14, 2015.
Oh good. I was so mad when I realized I had misremembered the deadline - Hedgehog
Yeah, we realized ALA was this weekend, so it made sense to extend. - Marie
#SaturdayFF I can never eat at the Corner Bakery ( Here's why: when I worked at USC Med Library my commute would take me by the back entrance to the LA County Coroner's office. One day I happened to glance up as the Corner Bakery truck was backing out of the office driveway and I read the sign as Coroner Bakery. -fin-
"Try the priest..." - Prairie & I Know It from Android
Nibbling the end of my sweatshirt drawstring, watching tv. What are you up to?
Dude! - Marie
you're freaking me out - Meg VMeg
RT @irdlonline: For those about to submit (your IRDL proposals), we salute you! (deadline is 2/1)
Dude, the crunchy cheetos, xxxtra flamin hot are serious business.
you must share - Kevin Johnson
my wife is addicted to them. i'm grateful she can only find them in snack-size bags. - Big Joe Silence
Game over, plate's gone.
I am weirdly disappointed. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, me too. *sigh* - Marie
I miss that plate. :-( - Joe
The plate with the fork (and spoon?) has been sitting on top of the book return bin since before the winter holiday. I wonder when someone will take it away? I can see it from my office so will report back.
you need to set up a video camera so that people can watch it! maybe people will come by and preform with it or something :D - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm sure some tidy soul will kindly place them inside the bin. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
you could put a placemat under it. Then if no movement add a glass, etc. - Elizabeth Brown
I keep expecting it to get covered by snow. And then I remember where you are. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
put a little art-installation label thinger on it - RepoRat
I'm at the point in the research process where everything is a mess and I feel like I don't know anything.
You can doooo eet! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Just remember the mantra: "Carol Kuhlthau. Carol Kuhlthau. Carol Kuhlthau..." - Catherine Pellegrino
^^^ - lris
omg Kuhlthau yes! - jambina
that made me snort root beer out my nose. - RepoRat
I love y'all. - Kirsten
So who is going to design the 'Kuhlthau Fh'tagn' shirts? - Pete
^ I would wear one of those. - Katy S from iPhone
Oh damn. So would I, and I don't wear stuff like that, generally. - Kirsten
^Yes. - Marie
I'd design it in a heartbeat except she's a living person. I'd want to know she's okay with it. - RepoRat
How about 'I Predict A Briet' ? - Pete
Wide awake and ready for my 6AM conference call.
Morning. Happy Trails. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
West coaster. - Joe
*hands over the extra big mug of tea* - Kirsten
D just delivered a coffee. All is well. Today we are discussing proposed new book reports, and they're great. Worth getting up while still dreaming. - Marie
A Scavenger Hunt Exercise to Teach Research Methodologies – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education -
teh lulz - Marie from Bookmarklet
I was going to comment "oh how cute" but then I actually read the article, and it's a bit better-designed than I'd initially given the author credit for. And I do appreciate how the first comments jump directly to "and please consult with a librarian, at least as a professional courtesy..." - Catherine Pellegrino
My guess is that the resolution was to tell the customer to stop using WordPerfect.
Ow, my face. Even my teeth ache. *tiny whimper* #SantaAnaWinds
Aww. Hope you feel better once they die down. Tonight, maybe? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
MvM, do you still live in that place where the front door froze shut? Should we fast-ship you a blow torch? I am concerned about the upcoming weather in your area.
Didn't she just move ? And me too she's supposed to get 25" - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Ha! Yeah, I moved. I AM SO EXCITED, Y'ALL. - Meg VMeg
The Santa Ana winds are killing my sinuses. Somebody pat my hair and sing me Soft Kitty?
I just meant to close my eyes for a second, I swear.
Prepping for meeting later with the National Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education. Yikes. *nibbles fingertips*
Oh, you will do just fine. Don't pull out the almond fangs, though. - Joe
yeah, those folks are all about the Cheerio teeth. - RepoRat
*puts away cheesesteak hat* - Marie
This was my year to be less of a hand talker when speaking to large groups. I am not doing well so far.
Aw, what's wrong with being a hand talker? Embrace the hand! [half-Sicilian, rendered mute if her hands are tied behind her back ------> ] - Catherine Pellegrino
What Catherine said. As long as you avoid heavy amounts of Kermit flailing, I see no problem here. - Corinne L
Hey, I actually Kermit-flailed at my boss JUST TODAY. - Catherine Pellegrino
Hee! Did it help get your point across, Catherine? Then it is a WIN. :-) - Corinne L
I am a massive flailer while speaking. It's honestly never seemed like a problem! - RepoRat
Well, she pretty much Kermit-flailed back at me, so I guess that counts as a win. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
Indeed it does! - Corinne L
We discovered it when my husband took pictures of me during a conference presentation so that I could put an action shot on my blog. Except every picture was like I was doing magic or conducting an orchestra. Ugh. - Marie
First time cooking with kohlrabi (mulligatawny soup)! -
First time cooking with kohlrabi (mulligatawny soup)!
Thank you, email rules (from X to Trash).
such a lifesaver. - RepoRat
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