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Clute's latest, on Karl Shroeder's Lockstep also seems to be from a universe with different physics.
Which is to say, I sometimes recognize the titles Clute writes about, but he always has a bizarrely different version of the plot.
Every now and then John Clute reviews a book I've already read, but he always seems to have an alternate-universe version of it.
MT @ftrain Commonality between writing and coding: everything you do is in a nightmarish state of total failure until the moment it's not.
Yes, it totally makes sense to sort my credit-card transactions alphabetically by month. Thanks, Bank of America #WorstSoftwareEver
RT @RebeccaTownsend .@SeanMcK413 RT @bmagnanti What's the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
RT @rjallain There's no new Uncertain Dots this week with @orzelc - but here are some old episodes for you.
Trying to write a talk using space travel as a hook to talk about relativity, and feeling like a total killjoy.
SteelyKid, age 5.7, working on her punting skills: Might need to get @ChrisWarcraft in to consult...
SteelyKid, age 5.7, working on her punting skills: Might need to get @ChrisWarcraft in to consult...
RT @Swansontea Manganese. Element with 25 protons. Found in large concentrations in Japanese comics.
RT @Bern_Morley Ominous sub-editing fail of the day
RT @ShutUpAndrosky: a reminder that clippers owner donald sterling has the funniest deposition in the history of law:
"I guess I ought to say something about this..." Is a nearly infallible marker of things I should just let pass without comment.
Spent the morning taking The Pip to Panera and a playground, errand-running in between. Now I need to teach, but just want a nap.
.@FiveThirtyEight's brought a lot of pieces about their failures, but this sort of article makes me happy:
2000-year-old Roman lead used as shielding in ultra-sensitive experiments, because all the radioactive isotopes decayed away #Cosmos
Ancient Roman lead production is important for modern precision measurement, in the form of ingots recovered from sunken galleys. #Cosmos
Is this the first #Cosmos cartoon to feature modern scientists? And thick Southern accents?
I don't know if there's an official record, but I've seen isotopes with listed half-lives in the 10^20 year range. #Cosmos
You'll never see a full half-life of a long-lived isotope, but if you start with enough of it, you'll see enough decays. #Cosmos
Detail being glossed over: we can measure multi-billion year half-lives by starting with huge numbers of atoms. #Cosmos
So, did they record just one slow pan around Tyson looking out his spaceship window, or did they do one for each episode? #Cosmos
All right, time to eat some jellybeans and live-tweet about #Cosmos... #NewEasterTradition
You want cute-kid blogging? Go fly a kite.
Sort of surprised not to see Neil Gaiman's latest on the Hugo list; thought he was a shoo-in. Did he decline a nomination again?
Hugo award nominees: Nice of the voters to include several works that I won't need to read much of...
RT @sterlace: Next year I'll make a student named "Anonymous" in the grade book and give her points for any paper turned in with no name.
My interest in deciphering handwritten song lyrics in album liner notes is pretty well zero these days.
Got the kids' water-powered plastic rockets to work. That Ph.D. in experimental physics pays off. #WhyYesIAmARocketScientist
The Pip: Knock knock. Me: Who's there? The Pip: Nobody. Me: Nobody who? The Pip: Nobody's at the door!
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