Thermal Christmas Pyramid -
Thermal Christmas Pyramid
The #CometLanding has probably happened, but we won't get news of it until midway through my meeting. Stupid relativity...
Two robot space probes tweeting at each other while #CometLanding would be the cutest thing of the morning, but I have kids.
Race against the clock: #CometLanding vs. the time when I have to leave my office to go to SteelyKid's parent-teacher conference...
I'm not entirely convinced that booting a car for overstaying in the 15 minute zone is accomplishing what you want...
RT @mhoye Actually it's about ethics in played-out jokes about horrible people.
24 more boxes to get to the VOOM! #voom MT @enniscath: "um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well...
SteelyKid has been exposed to strep throat, The Pip to croup. So, basically, a typical fall day with school kids. #CutePlagueVectors
Video: How the history of quantum physics is like a crossword puzzle: (PM repost; direct link to video)
Video: How the history of quantum physics is like a crossword puzzle: (PM repost; direct link to video)
How is quantum physics like a crossword puzzle? Video promoting my new book (T-shirt by @minutephysics).
Exploring spacetime curvature using toddler toys and string: A hastily-developed activity in class last week.
RT @pourmecoffee: I want Aaron Sorkin to follow me around and oversimplify everything in my life in a way that flatters me in realtime.
Pretty sure I would've gotten email from my editor and publicist if Amazon were actually promoting my book on a best-of list...
My forthcoming book is the "#1 New Release in 'Science for Kids'" Weirdly specific, but cool...
At indoor playground for The Pip's birthday party. Morituri the salutamus...
Interstellar has the same flaws as most big-budget movies, but at least it's original and ambitious: (PM repost)
RT @ancientblogger: It's Greek Myth Bingo - (and thus a possible drinking game)
Some kind of road race downtown today, so the market is chaos. #JustWhatINeeded #PaperCutAndLemonJuiceIsNext
Question for astro folks: Fair to say that gas in black hole accretion disk was probably being pulled off companion star prior to B.H.?
We saw Interstellar last night, and I have some thoughts about it:
So, on the whole, a good flick, and I'm glad I saw it in a theater.
Interstellar failed to avoid the mystical twaddle that's the obvious failure mode of SF stories that go cosmic, but good spectacle.
Obligatory kid soccer photo, lest I fall too far behind @rjallain...
MT @skdh: Make a guess, win a copy of @orzelc's quantum physics book. Post your guess in the comments, no tweets
The Pip is the world's worst backseat driver: "We're going toooo FASSSSSTTT!!!" "We're going to crash into those two cars!!!"
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