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The nineteenth edition of Uncertain Dots with @rjallain: Includes links to posts we talked about.
The Pip: I like seahorses and elephants and cats. But not Pokemon.
RT @mhoye The part of parenting where you have to add an extra 15 minutes to everything to allow for "I do it myself".
Question for bio types: what insect made these tubes on a wall in VT?
SteelyKid was particularly enthusiastic about catching tadpoles that were nearly frogs in the swimming pond.
Spent the day off the grid in rural VT with SteelyKid.
RT @_jacobward_ Thinking of Neil and Buzz today, but mostly of brave Michael Collins, who at that moment was circling the moon alone.
RT @BoobsRadley According to a recent Pew study, lasers still make a sick-ass noise.
The only Apollo 11 anniversary coverage anybody really needs:
The Tennis/ Soccer Ball Trick -
The Tennis/ Soccer Ball Trick
The Pip insisted that we all get purple stamps on our arms, so I've spent all morning thinking I have a bruise, or incipient plague.
MT @mhoye I am always a fan of breathless articles discovering that maybe, possibly, on average, young people might not be terrible.
MT @SFriedScientist: I F'ing Love Science is less frustrating if you assume they're playing an elaborate game of "Two Truths and a Lie."
#WriterProblems RT @byharryconnolly: You know, if this copy editor hadn't found so many mistakes, I'd be done with this right now. #logic
SteelyKid's bedtime reading tonight was D'Aulaires' rendition of Heracles. Man, there's a lot going on in that myth...
Had to upgrade iTunes about four versions after the iOS patch. Jesus, the new implementation of shuffle play sucks.
Have I really been so busy it took me over a month to get the new Bob Mould record?
MT @aatishb: Favorite card trick: ask someone to pick a card and then randomly guess. It almost never works, but when it does it's amazing.
If there's a fork on the table I'll most likely use it, but if they ask, I feel sort of obliged to use chopsticks.
Always conflicted when waiters at Asian restaurants offer me a fork. It'd be easier, but chopsticks have more liberal street cred.
Dropping a tennis ball on top of a soccer ball is a mind-blowing physics demo for a four-year-old.
MT @fmarciuliano: If it were "Dawn of the Planet of the Pandas" the humans would give up with a confused but sincere "Aww."
The depth of the neckline depends on the observer's speed RT @pourmecoffee Albert Einstein patented a blouse
Image searching for a talk turns up Norman Ramsey with distinguished @WilliamsCollege physics alumni:
MT @mhoye: Somebody please patent stacking airline passengers like cordwood and never let anyone else do that that'd be great thanks.
If you're in the UK in mid-August, I'll be giving a public talk in Bristol on the 13th:
Well, that discussion degenerated in a depressingly predictable manner...
Of course the weather is thoroughly gross on the day when my car is in the shop and I have to run errands on foot...
Looking for a large car that also gets good gas mileage: Also a magic pony, but mostly a new car.
I'll be presenting the debut version of my new-book talk in Bristol, UK on August 13:
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