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If you're only going to read 1 near-future SF thriller, read @tobiasbuckell's. If 2, add @scalzi's (PM repost)
Editorial #hugoawards are well deserved, and the dramatic categories as well. #LonCon3 Can't really speak to the others.
I'm pretty "meh" about the short fiction winners, but then I was underwhelmed by the slate in general. #hugoawards #LonCon3
Would've been amusing had Wheel of Time won, but Ancillary Justice was far and away the best work on the #hugoawards ballot. #LonCon3
RT @rakdaddy: @orzelc How To Teach Quantum Physics To Your Duvet
Target length for talk was 45 minutes, practice run 39 min. Of course, the hotel bedding tends not to interrupt with questions...
That awkward thing where I check the timing of a physics talk by delivering it out loud to an empty hotel room.
I'm very impressed with the #LonCon3 exhibit area, which I was told is largely a credit to @effjayem. Hope it sets a precedent.
RT @AstroKatie Want to hear me talk about our place in the cosmos, dark matter & dark energy? --> #loncon3
Very nice talk by @AstroKatie on the "dark age" of the universe, before the first stars, and attempts to study it. #LonCon3
GSV Nobody Violates Health and Safety RT @NelC #LonCon3 If ExCeL were a Culture Limited Systems Vehicle, what would its full name be?
Going to be a little light on #LonCon3 today-- @AstroKatie's talk, then prepping my own talks for Stockholm.
That said, both of the panels I moderated went very well, better than I thought they might. Which is nice.
Of course, the incident I had to report was far from the worst thing they had to deal with on Saturday.
Moderating panels today, so I'm wearing a dress shirt despite British ideas of comfortable temperatures not aligning with mine.
Watch @theafghanwhigs find the creepiness at the center of a cheerful Police song:
Half-heard Dutch (say, from the loud boor at the next table) sounds remarkably like English, but fails to resolve when I focus on it.
Small observations about our trip to London: Plus links to photos of tourism stuff.
Today I learned that the basic prescription is similar between my left and right eyes, but the astigmatism correction is very different.
The best process-of-science SF novels I've ever read are on sale cheap: In honor of #LonCon3. Buy them. Now.
Would be nice if the Android app for the #LonCon3 schedule synched with the web version. If that's an option, though, I can't find it.
Anybody at #LonCon3 know if there are beverages provided at the Kaffeeklatsches? Should I grab something from the Green Room en route?
RT @PhysicsWorld Are you missing your inner scientist? @orzelc reveals how you too can get that eureka moment
Now, that's more like it... #PubLunch
If you're at the con, and want to argue college fantasy (or anything else), come to my Kaffeeklatsch:
End of lengthy tweet series about college fantasy novels. Off to do a little more sightseeing before Worldcon this afternoon.
I absolutely understand why Dean's Tam Lin is much loved by people whose experience of college was very different than mine.
Not to say that Dean's characters aren't recognizable types; they're a loving depiction of people who kind of bugged me in college.
Quentin Coldwater is more dissolute than we ever were, but I have much more sympathy with his arc than, say, Pamela Dean's Tam Lin.
"Ironically," because I'm a small-college alum and now prof, but my friends in college would be villains in most college fantasies.
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