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Particle Fever dilemma: On the one hand, I want to support physics movies. On the other, I'm thoroughly sick of Higgs hype.
How many words are allowed before a story stops being a question with a hypothetical scenario and just turns into grandstanding?
RT @pourmecoffee: Celebrating Bill Belichick's birthday today by resenting every little thing that is asked of me.
Your 2014 Internet in a nutshell MT @bjfr Do more than tweet empty aphorisms....
That is, the shield behaves differently when thrown than when hit by a moving object. Which implies an absolute frame of reference.
The real problem with Captain America's shield, of course, is that it violates relativity...
In which @rjallain: and @ShipLives: overthink Captain America's shield.
Uncertain Dots, episode 12: With bonus photo of beautiful spring-like weather in Niskayuna.
75 and sunny Monday for the Admissions event, and there's an inch of snow today. This is what you get for meddling with nature.
Superhero stories are fundamentally anti-science: (PM repost)
In a very fundamental way, superhero stories are incompatible with science: A reaction to Marvel movies.
Sign me up. RT @philipcball Should there perhaps be a club called "I really like CERN and the LHC, but..."?
MT @aatishb How to lie with data visualization Must be 1 of most misleading figures ever!
Today I did a panel discussion for Admissions, three prospective student tours, and my regular class. Now I'm going home to fall over.
This week's Cosmos scaled things down, ranging from tardigrades to nuclei: (PM repost)
Even when I'm just giving the same five-minute spiel I've done a dozen times before, there's an adrenaline kick to public speaking.
It's Monday, so that means a Cosmos recap on the blog: This week, they get small. Really, really small.
I can imagine Prof. Park doing lots of things-- physics, biting sarcasm, hiking the Himalayas-- but banjo playing, not so much.
Got spam pitching me an album by David Park, which didn't mesh well with my memories of the late Williams physics professor...
In the process of civilization/ from anthropoid ape down to man/ it's been generally held that the Navy/ has buggered whatever it can...
Oh, good, the calendar thing again. #Cosmos
Fun trivia: Pauli proposed the neutrino in a letter read at a conference he was skipping so he could go to a ball in Zurich. #Cosmos
Sort of disappointed by the silent Pauli (who didn't look all that much like Pauli). He's at least as cool as Democritus. #Cosmos
The pendulum of death energy demo is a classic, mostly because it's so easy to screw up. #Cosmos
Pauli! The actor playing him isn't quite rotund enough, though... #Cosmos
I'm guessing that's not the real Super-K cavern... #Cosmos
When a supernova explodes, its lens flare makes J.J. Abrams weep. #Cosmos
Fun fact: the Sun isn't actually hot enough to drive nuclei directly together-- fusion happens via tunneling. #Cosmos #quantum
... The physicist says, "Sure, I'll never touch her, but I'll get close enough for all practical purposes..." #Cosmos
RT @LanceMannion: Whoever's doing the voice of Democritus sounds like he did the additional voices for the Rankin Bass Christmas specials.
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