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Looking forward to getting back into fitzgeralds garden for a BBQ and probably an excessive amount of alcohol :-/ gym first though!
I was out with Geoff in town & there was a coke can on the floor. I dared him to kick it & he literally ran up & kicked it! Such a legend!
Love suits! Louis litt ( sp ) by far my favourite character !!
Works for me, maybe for you??? via @weebly
Day 1 of 3 on morning swims before work for the week ! #omgfitness
Food Choices When Aiming for Weight Loss - OMG Fitness
Morning. Bit of golden balls to wake up to :-)
Michael McIntyre chat show. Thoughts ?
Want this bad boy right now!!!
Few people down frooms this weekend just gone ...
10 weeks till we depart to Vegas. Can't wait!!
Getting some new pillows tomorrow. What's better than fresh new sheets? Brand new fluffy pillows that's what. That's what's bloody what.
Monday night madness. Watching frozen whilst cleaning the flat/doing washing . Absolute bloody madness.
Joffrey is an amazing character and the actor (jack gleeson) is excellent too, check out his talk at oxford union, intelligent chap!!
Can't wait for new game of thrones. April 6th #yeahbuddy
Ordered a roku box. I think it will outshine the Apple TV which is currently doing my head in :-)
"I swear to you my friend, this is how chairs are supposed to be used...!" #micro7 caption contest. ID: sitootis @PokerStars @realkidpoker
"I swear to you my friend, this is how chairs are supposed to be used...!" #micro7 caption contest. ID: sitootis @PokerStars
RT @PokerStars: If this is retweeted 500+ times today, another $500 will be added to the #Micro7 freeroll!
New carpet laid. Now to sort out this sort of stuff - yes that is my sofa in the kitchen. Bathroom is worse.
Freaking well hate being ill. Can't stop coughing. On top of that was sick earlier. Sleep will be tough tonight. Yey.
I really want to see a Harlem shake done by The Office US cast .. Hope this happens. @Wbarsby
Aka don't feel to fruity.
Sliced my thumb. Back hurts. Scratches on my body from play fighting with @ChelseaFeatonby and because of simba (cat). And my throat hurts.
Damned back is still killing me. Struggling to even sit down comfortably. I blame being tall.
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