i dont mind Mondays
Yeah it's cold
Balling like ballers http://instagram.com/p...
Good to have a night out with the lads. Caught up with Geoff Luke and Jon plus sonny and also saw my bro out Alex !! Legends!! Xx
Off home toot toot
Love it when @ChelseaFeats puts the heating on instead of hot water. Found out after around 2 hours so flat is now hotter than hot. #hot
Not a very healthy weekend food wise but enjoyed @ChelseaFeats birthday celebrations in Southampton! #hangingout
RT @jackbambury: Last working day till VEGAS BABY! 🙌🙌🙌💰💰💰💵💵💵💸💸💸 @BJennings90 @tbone1590 @Wymer09 @OtisOgle @a_l_z @ShaunLadd @chrismousoula #topbrass
RT @tbone1590: Trying to avoid spoilers before tonight! #GameOfThrones
RT @MartinDealeyPT: Should women lift heavy weights? #L4G #gym #fitness #health http://mcdfitness.weebly.com/1... find out here :-)
RT @Stapes: I don't want to say Monaco's expensive, but it's the only place in the world a Lannister can't pay his debts.
RT @ShaunLadd: Damn, I cannot wait for Godzilla. The director's debut was fantastic! Have very high hopes for this one
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RT @tbone1590: 40 days till Vegas!!
RT @MartinDealeyPT: If your looking for a successful diet ... Try my 'C' diet! Incredibly simple and effective #L4G #diet #nutrition #summer #fitness #getfit
Looking forward to getting back into fitzgeralds garden for a BBQ and probably an excessive amount of alcohol :-/ gym first though!
I was out with Geoff in town & there was a coke can on the floor. I dared him to kick it & he literally ran up & kicked it! Such a legend!
Love suits! Louis litt ( sp ) by far my favourite character !!
Works for me, maybe for you??? http://omgfitness.weebly.com/1... via @weebly
Day 1 of 3 on morning swims before work for the week ! #omgfitness
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