Bruce Lewis
To those of you who've used OurDoings: Is there another service you stopped using as a result of finding OurDoings?
Not really. Hadn't really come across something I liked until OD. Just dabbled with some services and never really committed. I had photos on my hard disk just lying fallow. I almost started getting into Flickr but just before but something held me back and made me look for something else. I did use the photo hosting thing that comes with Livejournal quite a bit in a non-public account for friends only, and yes, OD made me not want to bother with that anymore 'cause it was feature-packed but sort of labyrinthine and time-sapping - a bit like the LJ blogs themselves really. Not surprising for an open-source project. I did like it in a way because it was pretty powerful and you could fine-grain how things showed up (perhaps like Google+ circles but pre-dating it by years). But ease and elegance tends to win me over every time. I used to have my own ISP-hosted site with manually uploaded photos but stopped doing that long before using any webapps. Things like OD definitely make doing that unthinkable now to me. I don't have any juicy migrating stories because I never got fully invested in any photo site. - empiricist
Somehow I quote the answer above: OD is somehow unique and I see it as a photoblog rather than as a picture collector like Flickr or Picasa. While I still use Picasa (occasionally) for full albums and I have a Flickr account just cause you need one to comment on others, OurDoings is the platform I chose to keep a chronological view of my own photos or of events in my life. - Flavio