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Computer Screens Getting Bigger (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) -
Computer Screens Getting Bigger (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
"The old recommendation was to make your website look its best at 1024×768. The new guideline is to optimize for widescreen monitors around 1440 pixels wide." - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
Usability studies. - Bruce Lewis
^^^ I have to agree that I hear a lot more about Jakob being a usability expert than I've seen of his actual work. When I heard him lecture I went to the lecture a fan and left skeptical. - Spidra Webster
The world needs more marketers. Too many good ideas die lonely. But ignoring the generalizations about the writer for now, this particular article looks solid to me. - Bruce Lewis
I think he leaves it that way to make clear that when he talks about "design" he means usability, not looks. - Bruce Lewis
Things I find usable: easy-to-spot breadcrumbs. Search. High contrast. Readable text. - Bruce Lewis
There are really good usability people right here on FriendFeed, notably Kevin Fox. But being good at something and being a source of good explanations of something are two different things. Jakob Nielsen is a good source of explanations of usability. - Bruce Lewis
Kevin doesn't specialize in usability testing, but I think he does specialize in UX. - Bruce Lewis
[many comments above were replies to comments that the commenter later deleted] - Bruce Lewis
More from the article: "Screens that are very wide but not particularly tall are well matched with the human visual system. However, they don't fit the way we currently design web pages: most web layouts are fairly narrow and very long. Designers should start experimenting with ways to utilize horizontal screen space..." - Bruce Lewis
The old OurDoings design was optimized for 1024x768. The new design takes advantage of widescreen better. Today I made a dropdown menu (click the logo) that hides navigation to make it even wider. - Bruce Lewis
Not bad. It's certainly better than the black zit that was there before. I think the logo should toggle the sidebar instantly instead of giving you a menu. The first breadcrumb links to anyway. - empiricist
I heard an anecdote about Steve Jobs: apparently, he wouldn't allow Apple's logo on the keyboard (command key) because he felt it cheapened it to have it there and to have people tapping on it with their greasy fingers, so they came up with the Bowen knot instead. But then again, they do have a clickable Apple logo on the menubar at top left, so that's similar to what you've done. - empiricist
Ah, toggling off the sidebar removes the breadcrumbs...well maybe you could have the breadcrumbs permanent. - empiricist
I'm sorely tempted to take your advice on that. Experts say clicking your logo should always take you to your home page but it feels so *good* to easily make use of the entire screen width. Especially on the iPad. Being able to toggle navigation with one click instead of two would have a great feel. My concern is the lack of affordance -- it's not obvious that clicking the logo would do that. But maybe people would discover it and like it anyway. - Bruce Lewis
The "black zit" still shows on narrow displays like iPhone. But if I make the logo "the" way to toggle navigation, the zit can go away completely. - Bruce Lewis
OK, I went ahead and did it. I'll see how it feels tonight. - Bruce Lewis
Nonsense,responsive design first. That is to say, your design should work on small mobile screens first and scale accordingly. - Mo Kargas
Yes, responsive design helps on both ends. The new OurDoings design is responsive. - Bruce Lewis
empiricist: I like it. I'm keeping it until I can come up with something that feels as nice but is more discoverable. - Bruce Lewis
Instead of optimizing for specific resolutions, why not just let the layout flow to use all available screen area? - Morton Fox
In the article, he does recommend ensuring a design scales across screen sizes. But in the next bullet he says you must target something as your best case. What I've done is let thumbnails flow out to use all available screen area, but limited paragraph width for readability. The navigation hide/show functionality also helps optimize screen use. - Bruce Lewis
There's something satisfying about tapping on round, thumb-sized controls on the iPad vs pecking at hyperlinks (I hardly use my laptop now). You have it set up so sites are 'expanded' by default. That's OK, it helps with the discoverability anyway doesn't it? But I'd like it to honour my 'collapse' tap, so if I refresh the page or go to another ourdoings it will keep its current state. - empiricist
empiricist, I was thinking the same thing. I may need a few days to implement that, though. - Bruce Lewis
I implemented empiricist's suggestion. I really like browsing this way. - Bruce Lewis