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Sex, beer, tits and bacon. The circle of life itself. GV: (773) 442-2823
OutsanityDotCom on Is there a way to convert Twitch recordings directly to gfys? -
"More likely you would have to download the highlight or past broadcast, convert to a video file like MP4 (or WebM), edit or convert to a gif and then upload. It may be possible to convert the FLV file with [**FFmpeg**]( with the command line into a gif but, I'm not that 100% sure." - Outsanity
OutsanityDotCom on Ten Little Roosters - Episode 4: And Then There Were Six 4K -
"That would seem possible but, would they make it that obvious? My guess, maybe overthinking, was Gus (my choice but I could be wrong next week) gets killed by an actual red herring." - Outsanity
OutsanityDotCom on Chichiiro Toiki Full Series (Episode 1 and 2) -
"Never heard of Vanilla Hentai before. ^^^^^^*bookmarks*" - Outsanity
OutsanityDotCom on Hey Reddit, Thanksgiving Mega Thread Giveaway! Win a Nexus 6, LG G3, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Mega, and much more! -
"Count me in... tho, I'll lose." - Outsanity
OutsanityDotCom on Is there a "Chatty"-Plugin for Chrome? -
"As far as I know, no. Normally if you want to open Chatty to a channel you might not be following, the connect menu should show you something like this: On load, you can put the channel name in the space and click Connect or add it to your favorites. If I remember the irc command of "/join #channel" should work in Chatty" - Outsanity
OutsanityDotCom on What are some tips to get people NOT to like you? -
"Shit on them and everything they love. You can replace shit with any other bodily fluids." - Outsanity
7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2) -
7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2)
Gotta Love That Sweater Weather <3 -
They just want to be free! -
Hard at work, or hardly working? (Sorry for the poor quality) -
Bellybutton and nipple piercings -
A nice view to wake up to ;) (F) -
Winter Anime Chart 2014 [Atxpieces v3] -
Winter Anime Chart 2014 [Atxpieces v3]
Brought a tear to my eye too -
Pro Counter-Strike player Adren shows how broken CS:GO's hitboxes become when jumping -
Who else is feeling insatiable tonight? ;) -
Relaxed working environment [Original / Self-portrait] -
Do I belong here? DDD. [f] -
Hard at work or hardly working? (Sorry for the poor quality) -
As promised more pics and as requested new angles -
Dirty Bits - Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #297 -
Dirty Bits - Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #297
Annika Albrite's perfect, jiggling ass -
Making sure my JJ are nice and clean -
Pulling open her shirt -
Almost my birthday, figured I'd keep gifting y'all all week ;) -
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