If Charo was topless at this present time, would you look?
I would - Outsanity
I wouldn't look if she was topless in my house standing next to me. - Derrick
Outsanity, um, we need to talk. :) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Who is Charo? - Morton Fox
Yes, with no shame. - Rob H.
Charo is like the second known person with big boobs next to Dolly parton, Morton - Outsanity
You don't mean Charo the Spanish singer, who is now in her 60s do you? Wikipedia has an especially flattering picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Phil Glockner
Kinda like how I'd look at a wreck maybe... - iTad
Not purposely. - Aaron Hood
cuchi cuchi - Cee Bee
out, whatever it is you're smoking you need to pass it along so everyone can see what you see! HA! and yes, I would look.... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Just smoking oxygen - Outsanity
HA! ok....oxygen it is... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Sure - Rodfather
Why? - MiniMage
I love you too, cute boobies. I just made that up for you - Outsanity
<3 - Outsanity from IM
Ok but I still think you're cute, boobie - Outsanity
Um, wouldn't I already be looking if I knew she was topless? - Steven Perez