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#usa #nato #stateterrorism #israel: Prison Planet.com » Report: Ground Invasion of #Libya Within Two Weeks
"Israeli intelligence-gathering outlet claims NATO is planning final “coup de grace” to eliminate Gaddafi" - ovigia from Bookmarklet
"A hawkish pro-Israeli news outlet scorned by many as a Mossad propaganda front yet proven accurate in its forecast of future geopolitical events claims that the war in Libya is approaching a “coup de grace” and that French, British and American troops will land on Libyan soil within the next two weeks to spearhead a full ground invasion." - ovigia
US and NATO prepare final assault on Qaddafi. He threatens terror http://www.debka.com/article... - ovigia
"“The coming coup de grace, expected in the next couple of weeks, is the hottest topic of discussion in the corridors of power and high-level military and intelligence get-togethers in London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Oslo, The Hague and Rome. It is expected to start in a couple of weeks with French and British troop landings on Libyan soil, to be followed in its last stages of by American forces,” states the report. In military terms, “coup de grace” is a synonym for ‘death blow’, and Debka views France’s announcement that it is providing weapons to anti-Gaddafi rebels as a precursor for a ground invasion and “the opening shot of the final act in the scenario for removing him.”" - ovigia
"In addition to Israeli sources, Russian Envoy Dmitry Rogozin told RIA Novosti on Friday, ““I think that now we are witnessing the preparation stage of a ground operation which NATO, or at least some of its members… are ready to begin.” According to a report in the Pakistani Observer, US, French and British Special Forces arrived in Libya on February 23 and 24, weeks before the UN “no fly zone” was even announced. More recently, Al Jazeera broadcast footage showing armed western military officials in Misrata appearing to converse with and instruct Libyan rebels." (...) "If these reports turn out to be accurate and an invasion force is dispatched to topple Gaddafi, Obama could leave himself open to impeachment proceedings because of his brazen lie to the American people when he publicly stated that a land invasion was “absolutely” out of the question." - ovigia
No one seems to have noted that Colonel Kaddafi is rather resiliant. Good or bad, he is still holding on, weeks later. Which is interesting because of the contrast with Tunisia and Egypt. And what about Algeria? The common denominator is Algeria and Libya have oil wealth, whereas Tunisia and Egypt did not. And there are probably many other things, as I don't know anything about North African political economy. But look how long it has been with Libya. Kaddafi has not capitulated. - Ellie K