BitCoin An Opportunity for the Isle of Man -
BitCoin An Opportunity for the Isle of Man
Third Thursday – 19th June 2014 – #smc -
RT @spolsky: when you look up "self-defeating" in the dictionary there's a picture of European cabbies protesting uber
Isle of Man moving to regulate on Digital Currencies -
RT @stephenfry: Happy #towelday everyone — never was a towel more needed. towel
RT @codinghorror: Wolfenstein game graphics, 1992 vs 2014
Finally sorted out my Cloud Backup! -
Third Thursday – 15th May 2014 – #smc -
Third Thursday – April 2014 – Social Media Club -
RT @timoreilly: Techies: tired of complaining about government? Want to make it better instead?
Third Thursday – March 2014 – Social Media Club -
How do I set up a webcam at home to monitor while I’m out? -
Info about BitCoin and other cryptocurrency stuff -
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