Wow in just two session, many many PDFs to read ... hell
Half Of Used Phones Still Contain Personal Info ::
Reddit user amends claim against Rep. Anthony Weiner. (via @EFF)
Watching #FLOSS Weekly::158 Hosts::Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch “The 2600hz Project” via #VLC ;)
Cool! Google Charts API does GraphViz now: (via @merlyn)
Really, how could even think two ugly character ;* could interpret such sweet ;) --cus normaly I hate asterisk after bash and vi regex ....
Qualitymanagement, process design and follow controlling ... thanks to POL which made me perfect in this way ;)
چند روزه همه غلط می‌کنند نغ می‌زنند، منم غلز بکنم پیشنهاد نقد یکی رو ول کنم به نسیه بچسبم.
Donno why, but like FriendFeed twice Twitter, many times more than FaceBook
any CTAn mirror in #Sweden?
Why every other job is related to Exchange?! I thought having many many many problems with Exchange would change some minds!
Ok, new lesson, Pizza will OVER BURN after 30 minutes on 300°C -- lesson learned
The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers
21Gb Documentation! What's wrong here?
21Gb Documentation! What's wrong here?
OpenSRS API Specification for XML version 3.0 march 17 2008 ... really! just 2 years?!
Cleaning old documents ... removing IBM System Storage TS1120 ... never forgot you dumbass \./
befor restarting system, I dont like #oovoo and dont like #OSX which make me restart my sstem to use bluetooth.
#oovoo is not working on #osx , I appritiate stupidness of their developers, but it's defective dudes..
Vision is not enough; it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs. —Vaclav Havel
I hate people when can't use even a office suite, I hate Microsoft which made human stupid.
Lazy or stupid? send us powerpoint, i prefer to have #pdf or #slides without fullscreen (slideshow) at the start
Scammers using Internet phone calls over the #Skype to trick unsuspecting users into downloading their fraudulent wares.
Found a middle solution for managing Task based on #GTD and #Android #Shuffle
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