Esquire digital journalist and @NewhouseSU alum @e_vb_ is talking to our Web Journalism Innovation class today.
Interesting piece in @NiemanLab about mesh networks and possible uses for news. #ntnm attn @agahran
Startups are so likely to fail (70 to 80 percent) that the stigma of failure is disappearing in Silicon Valley.
RT @bonniegrrl: . @GeorgeTakei: Cupcake leads to hunger, hunger leads to a lightsaber battle! My @CNET story
.@hardlynormal Syracuse should be excited about you moving here. cc @SyracuseSeth @TonyFrydBologna @thetechgarden @Syracuse1848
Welcome back, crappy Syracuse winter weather.
Hey @NewhouseSU and @SyracuseU students, registration opens soon for my spring innovation courses:
RT @PBSMediaShift: Highlights from @RJI's “Green Shoots in Journalism Education” celebration: #EdShift cc: @pachecod
Learn about web publishing, dataviz, Oculus, Google Glass, drones & more in my Digital Media 3-Pack: @NewhouseSU
RT @NewhouseSU: So excited! MT @pachecod new 28-foot @noirflux interactive media wall going up in @NewhouseSU
Lorne Covington is making progress on the new 28-foot @noirflux interactive media wall going up in @NewhouseSU.
.@thetechgarden @EngineeringSU #VRstorytelling has 10 seats for devs & designers outside Newhouse. Spread the word:
.@thetechgarden @IDEAcuse @EngineeringSU @MaxwellCitizen More than happy to demo Oculus and how to create content for it. Let me know when.
There are other predictions from local futurists here:, including from @rotolo and @somakc #NTnature
.@RickMoriartyCNY asked me and & some other thought leaders our predictions for high-impact tech. Here’s mine: #ntnm
RT @OswaldoCT: At the #NTNM class with @pachecod we'll be testing new technologies #OculusRift #googleglass #3dprinting & others
Here’s more on the immersive VR story I worked on at Gannett Digital this summer. More to say at #ONA14. @ONAConf
If you use Google Maps on your phone, Google remembers where you've been & displays it on a nice little map: #creepy
.@anthonydb Hello from Syracuse!
In this 1988 interview, VR pioneer Jaron Lanier described the experience in today's @Oculus Rift:
RT @WIRED: Strapping a camera to a shark is just as awesome as you'd expect #ntnm
.@jaredpolis Wonderful tribute. Robin Williams did more than make us laugh. He showed how being different is a plus -- starting with Mork.
RT @jaredpolis: Orson calling Mork, come in Mork...Come in Mork...Mork... Thank u 4 making us laugh Robin Williams
RT @KyleClark: Rep @jaredpolis (in full costume) pays respects to #RobinWilliams at the Mork & Mindy house in Boulder
I know Mork & Mindy is fictional, but as late as 2011 I would drive past the show's Boulder house just to see it. RIP Robin Williams.
Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Mork from Ork was my childhood friend.
Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey: VR will go mainstream as VR hardware is commoditized like televisions - #ntnm
RT @michaelmiraflor: (One more from Saint Laurent Paris) Apple's Hiring Everyone In Luxury Fashion
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