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Back in DC for a day. It's nice and sunny, but the traffic is deadly. I miss Syracuse already.
RT @TheGoodMonster: @pachecod we are hiring journalists in order to bring their craft to a social environment. Content vs. advertising -
One if my grad students, @victorcsjour, just launched his web site. His resume is pretty impressive -- hire him!
iSchool social media manager @KellyLux gave great feedback to my #nnstart students this morning. Many thanks!
Thanks to Mark Horvath of, aka @hardlynormal, for visiting with my #nnstart class.
RT @hardlynormal: Excited and honored to join @pachecod's Next News Startup class at @NewhouseSU tomorrow #NNStart
I upgraded this phone to Android 4.2.2 Kit Kat today. Have noticed the autocomplete is acting weird. I wonder if its cache got cleared?
RT @dttobin: Dan Pacheco, Newhouse prof of journalism innovation: Bringing great minds together can change the world.
Virgin Atlantic is using Google Glass and smartwatches to deliver faster check-in service. #ntnm
After nearly 6 months of gray winter, I welcome this 80 degree heat.
RT @jseiken: Profile of tech legend Esther Dyson: the woman who plans to retire on Mars - via @Telegraph
When is Twitter going to fix the annoying bug in its Android app that causes random twitter IDs to be injected after user names?
From Age of Context: "The more [tech] knows about you, the more benefits you will receive," but it can feel like "big data is watching you."
I'm reading "The Age of Context" by @Scobleizer and Shel Israel to evaluate for inclusion in some classes.
SF writer @kylebrussell assaulted for wearing @googleglass, ironically after being in an anti-Google rally. #ntnm
SF writer @kylerussell assaulted for wearing @googleglass, ironically after being in an anti-Google rally. #ntnm
RT @themediatwits: You're up late. Looking for a challenge? Register for our J-School Hackathon May 30 - June 1: #EdShift
Great read on how Apple is falling prey to The Innovator's Dilemma without Steve Jobs: #nnstart
.@drickman My pleasure. Thanks for coming! Let me know if you want to be part of this:
"I can imagine no poorer way to aim high and get better than by slowly and incrementally" following peers. Amen! #SUChancellor Syverud
Google is allowing anyone in the U.S. to buy @GoogleGlass on April 15: cc @DR4WARD
Love that @HarringtonKevin has a sense of humor about the Flowbee. Also the CittiKitty cat toilet trainer. Made millions. #ETalk14
I'm at #Etalk14 hearing Shark Tank's @HarringtonKevin share how he built As Seen on TV. Got to meet him too. Great info!
RT @GoSyracuseU: “@DanKlamm: "We want the best unentitled, scrappy, engaged students in the world to come here." - Kent Syverud on @SyracuseU #SUChancellor
RT @tracytilly: What Makes Universities Great, panel at @SyracuseU. (w/ George Saunders, Jim Boeheim, @pachecod & more)
It was an honor to be on the Great Universities panel for #SUChancellor Syverud’s inauguration. Here are my notes:
On the way to work, I got to see new #SUChancellor Kent Syverud after his inauguration day run with students.
RT @SyracuseU: Tomorrow’s Inaugural Ceremony for the #SUChancellor will be streamed online beginning at 4pm:
I don't talk about it much, but in my undergrad days I attempted to double major in music and engineering. Ended up with journalism.
It's a rare sunny day for this perfect photo of my two favorite @SyracuseU buildings: Newhouse and Crouse / Setnor.
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