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Here’s more on the immersive VR story I worked on at Gannett Digital this summer. More to say at #ONA14. @ONAConf
If you use Google Maps on your phone, Google remembers where you've been & displays it on a nice little map: #creepy
.@anthonydb Hello from Syracuse!
In this 1988 interview, VR pioneer Jaron Lanier described the experience in today's @Oculus Rift:
RT @WIRED: Strapping a camera to a shark is just as awesome as you'd expect #ntnm
.@jaredpolis Wonderful tribute. Robin Williams did more than make us laugh. He showed how being different is a plus -- starting with Mork.
RT @jaredpolis: Orson calling Mork, come in Mork...Come in Mork...Mork... Thank u 4 making us laugh Robin Williams
RT @KyleClark: Rep @jaredpolis (in full costume) pays respects to #RobinWilliams at the Mork & Mindy house in Boulder
I know Mork & Mindy is fictional, but as late as 2011 I would drive past the show's Boulder house just to see it. RIP Robin Williams.
Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Mork from Ork was my childhood friend.
Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey: VR will go mainstream as VR hardware is commoditized like televisions - #ntnm
RT @michaelmiraflor: (One more from Saint Laurent Paris) Apple's Hiring Everyone In Luxury Fashion
.@JeremyLittau @digitalmediajen @MediaLawProf Great job on today's #AEJglass panel. Especially to Jeremy for moderating. #aejmc14
RT @JeremyLittau: Glass just KILLS data plan, says @MediaLawProf. Also, he observed a surprising amount of fear of device from fellow faculty. #AEJglass
RT @digitalmediajen: We need to turn student journalists into tech futurists to get them ahead in the field. #aejmc14 @pachecod
Glass in the Classroom panel is actually #AEJglass hashtag, not #AEGlass. Regret the error ...
RT @JeremyLittau: Students in @digitalmediajen’s class liked the tech but wouldn’t adopt. Concerned about social norms, distracting interviewees. #aejglass
RT @JeremyLittau: I’ve posted my syllabus and all of my Glass assignments here on GlassJournalism. #AEJMC14 #AEJglass
RT @JeremyLittau: If you want to see more student work with Glass, I’ve posted a ton of examples on my blog here. #AEJMC14 #AEJglass
Here are more notes on my experience with #GoogleGlass in the classroom @NewhouseSU. From #AEJMC14 #AEJGlass panel:
One student in @JeremyLittau’s #GoogleGlass class put it on a woodworker to show first-person video “glassumentary." #aejmc14 #AEJglass
RT @JeremyLittau: Here’s @pachecod’s syllabus for his New Media For Tech course. #AEJMC14 #AEJglass
RT @JeremyLittau: Here’s the example @pachecod shared of the New York State Fair video by Luke Rafferty: #AEJMC14 #AEJglass
RT @JeremyLittau: Another @pachecod example, a day in the life of a person confined to a wheelchair. #AEJMC14 #AEJglass
RT @JeremyLittau: If you can’t make our #AEJMC14 session on Glass in journalism classes, the tweetstream, video, assignment examples is on #AEJglass tag #PJIG
Actually follow along at the #AEJglass hashtag for Glass in the Classroom. #aejmc14
I’m on the Glass in the Classroom panel at #AEJMC14. Follow along at the #AEGlass hashtag.
RT @JeremyLittau: Come join me @digitalmediajen @medialawprof @pachecod for our #AEJglass session at #AEJMC14. Happening at 3:30 p.m. in Salon Musset. #PJIG
RT @Visually: The Most Water-Consuming States Are The Ones In Drought
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