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NYTimes: Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed
RT @dskok: This should provoke your experiential reporting imagination: Virtual reporting using Oculus Rift ht @pachecod
#ejsummit In the real world, startups, and also non-business open source projects, happen first because some people decide to mess around.
Google didn’t like my short URL. Here’s a direct link to my #ejsummit presentation on Oculus Rift for journalism:
Here are notes from my presentation at #ejsummit on Oculus Rift and VR for journalism, for those interested.
There’s also more background on my ongoing research with Oculus Rift and journalism at @NewhouseSU here: #ejsummit
Everything I’m talking about at #ejsummit re: Oculus Rift will be covered in detail at my Holodeck panel at #ONA14:
I couldn’t make the #ejsummit in person, but I’m joining by Google Hangout soon to talk about Oculus Rift & opportunities for journalism.
Big tech companies have been marketing smartwatches for years, but do consumers want them? Good read from @CNet:
An adult Osprey off the Chesapeake prepares for flight as its young stays in the nest.
NYTimes: Mixed Predictions About Wearables Like Smartwatches and Google Glass
Exploring Second Life's forgotten worlds with an Oculus Rift, via @Gizmodo #ntnm
Nice! MT @adampopescu: Help support #realjournalism & pledge to this story about the invisible people of #Everest
RT @adampopescu: Help support #realjournalism and pledge to this important story about the invisible people of #Everest @BeaconReader
Google Releases Cardboard VR Glasses via @NBCNews
The real disruption will be for those TV streaming apps to be unbundled. Aereo wouldn’t have done much to help with that.
Live TV programming is already moving into the cloud through multiple apps. It’s just not free.
If @Aereo does have a plan B after all, I would gladly pay $15/month to stream broadcast channels vs. their current $8.
RT @ezraklein: The arguments broadcasters made against Aereo could easily be made against Google Music and Dropbox:
To stop Aereo, the #SCOTUS would need to rule that DVRs "are different from a VCR or DVR in the home."
Looks like Google got the memo about the importance of fashion in wearables. Pricing? Not so much. #ntnm
As ads chase the growing Hispanic market, media portrays us as criminals, law enforcers or "hypersexualized beings."
RT @YahooTech: WATCH: Elderly people try on Google Glass
RT @Drone_Life: 4 Ways to Use Drones for Good (None of Which Is Amazon Delivery) via @YahooTech
Swimming at the Treman State Park near Ithaca, NY.
Until recently I thought wearables were the Next Big Thing. They're part of a much larger canvas, where information & experience converge.
The first decade of my career was about the Internet. The second was community & social. Next up: immersion and body-responsive interfaces.
Each decade I've been lucky to work on something that defined the next decade. History is repeating itself with VR and responsive tech.
Love this! MT @jathaw: @pachecod You must have seen this! What do you think?
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