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#TGIM Twitterazzi!
One Of The Most Beautiful, Accurate And True Cartoons Ever! A Masterpiece! #Gaza #MiddleEastMess
The 12 Most Overused Business Buzzwords
"Finding Vivian Maier" looks amazing. She was a nanny with a hidden artistic gift.
"Finding Vivian Maier" looks amazing. She was a nanny with a hidden artistic gift.
Sunday is never as good without #MadMen, #TheWalkingDead or #GameOfThrones.
19 Reasons We All Want To Be BFFs With Mindy Kaling
Good news for electric cars: New battery tech uses peroxide to boost energy density by 7X
Checkout all the Full-Length Movies on Youtube:
RT @MiliusDoc: For anyone that thinks Oliver Stone and John Milius didn't enjoy or respect each other - watch this!
Clicking the follow button can literally change your life; Not instantly, but over time, the new connection can lead to big changes.
"Why would you want to prove that ALL is for NOTHING!" Qohen #TheZeroTheorem
I had an amazing meeting with the folks at @Marvel about some exciting projects. Can't wait to reveal it all soon.
Improved drug testing helped me win the #TourDeFrance, says Italian Nibali
The Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Review of #BlueJasmine which was just on.
Ever wake up an hour late and rush to get ready for work and then realize it was Sunday? Yeah, I hear it happens to some people.;)
Malcolm Gladwell on Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Troublemakers |
Getting fired by Buzzfeed for plagiarism is like being ousted from a street gang for being too violent.
I'm all thumbs at work. Love me some flash drives.
Strategies For Winning In Today’s Hypercompetitive App Markets by @ThinkMariya
What jihadists are doing in Syria and Iraq while Gaza grabs the headlines - The Washington Post
Now this would've caused a bigger stir in Alabama if @PrincessBMM took this one instead of the #AuschwitzSelfie
The other side of the infamous #Auschwitzselfie involving @PrincessBMM
17 Of The Greatest Responses To An Ex Text Of All Time
Weird Al hitting number one proves that you can make a career out of jumping the shark over and over again.
The Middle East is a complete mess.
When ordering my favorite 6 cheese bagel with cream cheese at @EinsteinBros my 11 year-old said "shouldn't it be 7-cheese bagel now?"
Gerard Butler is a favorite actor of mine but this dude clearly has never met a script he didn't like. So many bad choices lately.
After watching TombRaider 2: Cradle of Life (don't ask me why) I understand why there was never a TombRaider 3. Love Angelina though!
Saturday is God's way of saying You're welcome after all the Thanks for Friday.
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