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Re: Watch: One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Chris Martin & More Sing New Band Aid 30 Charity Single -
"They could've changed the lyric to Heal the world... no?" - paisano
Re: Watch Melissa Harris-Perry's Searing Open Letter to Lincoln University's President -
"God bless her. Thank you. Shocked that no one in the audience said anything." - paisano
Re: How Extraterrestrial‘s Directors Made an Authentic Alien Movie On a Budget—Complete With Anal Probe -
"no dinner and a movie first? heh" - paisano
Terminally-ill Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon explains why he's giving away his entire fortune
I love my life more every day
#TheWalkingDead: What the Censors Almost Didn't Let You See
#BigHero6 was even better than I expected. Also loved the #AvalonTheater with recliner seats!
Wow... all I can say about #TheWalkingDead tonight. Wow.
Found Ghost by Ella Henderson with #Shazam.
Bubba Watson’s phenomenal eagle hole out from bunker at HSBC - #BubbaGolf!
I wish Apple would allow keyboards on iPhones and iPads to vibrate when we type like Androids do. #haptic
I LOVE my #iPhone6Plus. Yes, it's big but so are my big meathooks called hands.
Ron Guidry went 27-3 and (including 3 BIG wins over RedSox, Royals & Dodgers) to lead #Yankees to 1978 World Series title.
RT @ClayMatthewsEgo: #Dodgers have released the Kershaw playoff action figure.
Clayton Kershaw will win his 2nd Cy Young... but his legacy will be tarnished if he can't shake his King of the Regular Season title.
Shocked that Clayton Kershaw lost twice to the #Cardinals after winning 19 of last 20 games! #Dodgers disappoint again.
This is what I did to this week..... oh yeah! -
Doctored a photo of a setting sun .... just to amuse myself -
Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back -
Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi -
Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Re: Commentary: Our culture of ‘like’ means there’s no time left to hate -
"Good food for thought. Everyone's a critic now... everything is rated and reviewed...but the system is rigged for profitability usually related to advertising. For example, look closely at how Facebook uses the Like button and how Google uses the Plus button...almost in identical ways...neither dares to include a dislike or Minus button because it would be too negative...they say.... but if you want a true and balanced account of public opinion then you must have both sides of the equation. I've mentioned this to another new service that I like a lot (ProductHunt) and they only allow Up voting...and I asked why we could down vote anything and one of the founders said because competitors would just use it as a weapon against rivals... and there you have it. So in our era where everyone gets a trophy for participating ....and employees rewards for showing up for work....we can't trust people to vote honestly for something, not even art." - paisano
Short film: A lonely robot looking for friends is not what it seems
I created a quick poll on Tally... which is better? iphone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, flip phone?
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