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Why do they insist on remaking Godzilla over and over and over again?
Sam is this year's version of the Lazaro and Sanjaya on #AmericanIdol.
We haven't see critiques as riveting as Demi Lovato's since Joe Jonas graced us with his grunts of approval as an #AmericanIdol judge
For the first time in 13 seasons of #AmericanIdol I am forced to fastforward passed the judges annoying and erroneous criticisms
So glad my guido friends from NJ aren’t on twitter cause they’d never stop mocking me for using “y’all”.
Oh my word… @JessMeuse just had her moment on #AmericanIdol. She can win this thing y’all!
(@pattonoswalt dude!) RT @StephenKing: Thanks to Patton Oswalt for that beautiful piece in Vulture. I owe you a big manly bro hug.
Even though I LOVED reading @StephenKing's On Writing years ago, I love it even more as an audio book with the macabre master's voice.
RT @StephenKing: DOING HARM, by Kelly Parsons: best damn medical thriller I've read in 25 years. Terrifying OR scenes, characters with real texture.
I highly recommend that #AmericanIdol get rid of ALL judges next season when they get to the top 20 stage. Please. We don't need them.
As much as I love the iPhone, I refer to mine as the DIEphone as that is what it does best. So tired of its voracious hunger.
This is where @GoDaddy and other hosts will swoop in and steal away scores of unhappy @hostgator customers.
RT @HorrorTalk: Sorry folks, HorrorTalk is currently down thanks to sub-standard hosting from @Hostgator. #unacceptable
It’s a special #HumpDay because we’re off on Good Friday so it’s more like Thursday and closer to TGIF or TGIGF.
Police destroy 2 backpacks at #BostonMarathon site (Are you kidding me?)
My only complaint of JOBS the movie is that they didn't even mention Pixar, the iPhone or iPad. Pirates of Silicon Valley was better
I don’t know why the movie JOBS got such bad reviews. I’m finding it much better than I expected. @aplusk is an excellent Steve Jobs
there's humpday for Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and TGIF. Plus Caturday. What do we have for Tuesday? or Sunday? I use TGIM BTW.
The Rise and Fall of AIM, the Breakthrough AOL Never Wanted
I wanted to build The Stephen King Universe Flowchart but someone already did it. Awesome job too.
Teen’s Video About Wearing Suit & Ties To Defy Black Male Stereotypes Goes Viral | Word On Da Street
Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW #USAirways Tweet (I think @VirginAmerica is envious)
The PR & marketing team behind #heartbleed is rather impressive if you ask me.
College student loses $1 million on 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle with all letters revealed
#TGIM Twitterazzi
Patti Labelle Arrested After Fist Fight with Aretha Franklin (So much for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. huh?)
#Yankees take 3 of 4 from the #RedSox. Still feels so weird not seeing Mo closing out games anymore after all these years.
The rush a writer gets when facing the blank page just before embarking on a new story is just as exciting as meeting someone new
I don't smoke but I feel like a cigarette after a most satisfying return of my favorite show #MadMen. Maybe a stiff drink too?
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