Re: Update to the Unfollow Experiment -
"Well, it's your right to do whatever you like. Personally, you were the one who convinced me years ago that it was just nicer to follow people back. I was kind of a snob in the beginning with a 10 to 1 follow to follower ratio. Then I noticed people like you and Guy Kawasaki followed everyone back. I started doing the same thing and twitter became better than ever. I merely unfollowed the spammers or twitter deletes them after so many complaints. Then I learned how to use twitter lists to filter the stream which gets out of hand after only about 3000 followers. So dumping over 100k good people to turn your stream into a twitter list doesn't make sense to me but like I said before it's your choice. We are all doing it wrong anyway. :) P.s. I prefer a bigger stream as it increases the success rate of finding gold (great people) while panning for gold." - paisano