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Oh my word… @JessMeuse just had her moment on #AmericanIdol. She can win this thing y’all!
(@pattonoswalt dude!) RT @StephenKing: Thanks to Patton Oswalt for that beautiful piece in Vulture. I owe you a big manly bro hug.
Even though I LOVED reading @StephenKing's On Writing years ago, I love it even more as an audio book with the macabre master's voice.
RT @StephenKing: DOING HARM, by Kelly Parsons: best damn medical thriller I've read in 25 years. Terrifying OR scenes, characters with real texture.
I highly recommend that #AmericanIdol get rid of ALL judges next season when they get to the top 20 stage. Please. We don't need them.
As much as I love the iPhone, I refer to mine as the DIEphone as that is what it does best. So tired of its voracious hunger.
This is where @GoDaddy and other hosts will swoop in and steal away scores of unhappy @hostgator customers.
RT @HorrorTalk: Sorry folks, HorrorTalk is currently down thanks to sub-standard hosting from @Hostgator. #unacceptable
It’s a special #HumpDay because we’re off on Good Friday so it’s more like Thursday and closer to TGIF or TGIGF.
Police destroy 2 backpacks at #BostonMarathon site (Are you kidding me?)
My only complaint of JOBS the movie is that they didn't even mention Pixar, the iPhone or iPad. Pirates of Silicon Valley was better
I don’t know why the movie JOBS got such bad reviews. I’m finding it much better than I expected. @aplusk is an excellent Steve Jobs
there's humpday for Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and TGIF. Plus Caturday. What do we have for Tuesday? or Sunday? I use TGIM BTW.
The Rise and Fall of AIM, the Breakthrough AOL Never Wanted
I wanted to build The Stephen King Universe Flowchart but someone already did it. Awesome job too.
Teen’s Video About Wearing Suit & Ties To Defy Black Male Stereotypes Goes Viral | Word On Da Street
Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW #USAirways Tweet (I think @VirginAmerica is envious)
The PR & marketing team behind #heartbleed is rather impressive if you ask me.
College student loses $1 million on 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle with all letters revealed
#TGIM Twitterazzi
Patti Labelle Arrested After Fist Fight with Aretha Franklin (So much for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. huh?)
#Yankees take 3 of 4 from the #RedSox. Still feels so weird not seeing Mo closing out games anymore after all these years.
The rush a writer gets when facing the blank page just before embarking on a new story is just as exciting as meeting someone new
I don't smoke but I feel like a cigarette after a most satisfying return of my favorite show #MadMen. Maybe a stiff drink too?
Don Draper enjoys playing his #GameOfThongs on #MadMen despite having the most beautiful wives ever.
Not sure how but Megan has won me over on #MadMen despite me being a major Betty fan. Big overbite and all.
Oh My...Mrs. Draper made such an entrance on #MadMen tonight. Perfect song too.
The cast of #ThePerksOfBeingAWallflower all said they had the Best Summer Ever making this film. (video)
Watching Bubba Watson putting live to win the 2014 #Masters here
I love that a golfer named Bubba leads #TheMasters by 3 strokes with 3 holes left!
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