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Found One Minute More by Capital Cities with #Shazam.
RT @AceballStats: At 40 years 19 days old #Yankees Jeter is the oldest player with a multi-hit #AllStarGame, formerly Yastrzemski at 39.329.
Jeter goes 2 for 2 while Robinson Cano strikes out twice. Ah, feels like old times for the #Yankees in the postseason. #AllStarGame
Weird Al Murders Pharrell's "Happy" With Hilarious "Tacky"
Which Shakira World Cup Performance Is Best? (She can sing the phonebook and it'll be fantastico!)
3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes | TechCrunch
Re: Wunderlist 3 is coming -
"It's been a year since the last major release. It seems like Wunderlist development and iteration have slowed to a crawl as it's grown in size along with its major funding. Yes, it still has the best looking UI but it's missing so much. It's clear that they aren't interested in giving us paying customers what we need/want. Look at the top requested feature on their own Uservoice account with over 19,000 votes over 2 years....Calendar integration and google cal support.... . It says under review since April 2013! I've long ago moved to Trello. But I keep hoping Wunderlist will deliver the goods someday when it learns you can have beauty and brains. You can have style AND substance." - paisano
History Repeats: 1990 Germany defeats the great Maradona & Argentina 1-0. 2014 Germany defeats the great Messi & Argentina 1-0. #WorldCup
The 2006 #WorldCup champs #Italy were only team in history that didn't give up a competitive goal. 1 was an own goal the other a PK.
What's a normal tip when you get curb side pickup?
Why does Ronaldo get a pass from critics for underachieving #Portugal but Messi gets ripped after taking #arg to #WorldCup finals?
Yes! Look what arrived today! The 2006 FIFA #WorldCup Film! I get to relive Italian glory
What do we do now without any #WorldCup matches to watch for another 4 years? How do we satisfy our rabid footy hunger?
Europe has claimed 4 of the last 5 #WorldCup titles: #Germany (2014), #Spain (2010), #Italy (2006) & #France (1998). #Brazil (2002)
The name is spelled Messi, not Messiah. But he sure came close to taking #Argentina to the holy land. He needed an Angel (Di Maria).
The future of #USA is golden because our coach Jurgen Klinsmann was the mastermind behind this #WorldCup winning #Germany team.
How far is the #USMNT from winning the #WorldCup? We lost 1-0 to #Germany. That's how close we are!
Total #WorldCup titles: Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (4), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2), France (1), England (1), & Spain (1).
#Brazil (5) #Italy (4) & #Germany (4) have won 13 of the 20 #WorldCups ever played.
I have even more respect for Messi for bringing his #Argentina so far in the #WorldCup and battling #Germany so tough.
Hey @Jason your doppelganger Gotze won the #WorldCup for #Germany today.
#Argentina went 455 minutes without giving up a goal until that #WorldCup winner by #Germany. They only scored 8 in 7 matches. Gave up 4
#PaiDea for a new #WorldCup @Tostitos commercial. Luis Suarez watching the big game and Mike Tyson asks "Wanna grab a bite?"
“when it comes to penalty kicks, it's a tragedy.Football is a team sport & PKs are not for a team, it is the individual.” @SeppBlatter
*Updated* The Ecstasy and the Agony of being a fan of #Italy.
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