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Can't wait to see @marissamayer's live #IceBucketChallenge at @Yahoo HQ! This will be so cool. #ALS
Robin Williams had early signs of parkinson's disease. It’s still no excuse for suicide. Michael J. Fox has had it for over 20 years.
7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now ($18 value!)
Tom Hanks Has a Typewriter iPad App, and It’s Actually Decent
Re: Wunderlist 3 is coming -
"We need folders on the left side to manage all of our lists. Especially a public lists folder to separate those from the rest. We can keep all related lists together this way too and share these groups with groups of people at the folder level instead of sharing many lists over and over again with the same individuals. Without this grouping feature, Wunderlist grows too long vertically." - paisano
Re: A guide to Public Lists -
"I found out what happens with my best picture oscar winners list. I marked off the 46 I've seen of the 86 and the public list then only showed 40 items... the remaining 40. So this means you can't even use public lists to track something as a crowd. So I unchecked the 46 so anyone who downloads the list gets the whole 86 items. They need to fix this flaw." - paisano
7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now ($18 value)
Re: A guide to Public Lists -
"I've been suggesting this for a long time so I'm happy about public lists. Here's a new public list I made for all 86 Best Picture Oscar winners! I've seen 46 of the 86. Download the list to your account and see how many you've seen. I've noticed some flaws in public lists... for example if I use the list myself and mark items as completed then others won't see those items or even get them when they download the list. We need to keep all items visible and available if we are going to make public lists useful. Also need to be able to make copies of our own lists." - paisano
Italian versus American-Italian Cuisine
StretchWrite - Fits like a glove
Square’s search for a viable business model just got more desperate, thanks to Amazon
Michael Brown Family Calls for Name of Missouri Cop in Shooting
Airpnp ... AirBnB for restrooms... oy vey....
The Yo app is getting lots of press. So is the Sup app. Anyone remember Twitter's nudge feature? It was like Facwbook's poke only gentler
If laughter were currency then Robin Williams was the richest man who ever lived. #nanunanu
I love @JaredLeto because his cinematic sensibilities shine through his songs like "Kings and Queens"
I love @JaredLeto because his cinematic sensibilities shine through his songs like "Kings and Queens"
Walking on sunshine view during my evening stroll
Halestorm - I Miss The Misery [Official Video]
The ironic thing about know-it-Alls is that they don't know that they're know-it-Alls
Robin Williams showed us that there's a thin line between genius & madness, euphoria & depression. Wondering how @JimCarrey is doing.
Re: Wunderlist 3 is coming -
"We really need a way to group related project lists together in the left pane view. I see the feature is listed as started so it looks like it's coming but not soon enough. I think using folders than collapse and expand makes sense. Also, we should be able to send invitation to others once via the root folder for the organization and they would then have access to all of the lists in there instead of having to do the same thing over and over again for each list. I'm an IT director so I've been spoiled with using groups for managing permissions. We should have that too on here. We can create read only groups and groups with full access, for example. :)" - paisano
There's massive traffic near my house because of the US amateur golf championship. Why?! They are amateurs!
Looking for Extra Motivation? 52 Quotes on Persistence |
Screen Replay (Free screen capturing tool for the Mac) #MacAppStore
O'Captain my Captain. No better tribute to Robin Williams.
My favorite Robin Williams movie...Dead Poets Society - Carpe Diem scene. Seize the day boys.
Do you support Israel when it comes to what's going on in Gaza? Yes or No via @wedgies
15 Surprising Artists Without a No. 1 Album: David Bowie, KISS & More | Billboard
Get Point kicks serious tail! No more sending links via email. Collaboration & discussions with content.
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