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Ignorance isn't bliss. It's merely a miss.
The Health Alert alert was just posted by Doriano on SafeCrowd! Download the SafeCrowd app here:
5 Essential Online Script Libraries For Wannabe Screenwriters
Game of Phones: iOS vs Android. Who shall win this battle to the death? What does George RR Martin use? Blackberry? SkullPhone?
The Enduring Legacy of Terri Schiavo (VIDEO)
Happy 25th Birthday, Game Boy
RT @Boston2024: Meb becomes the first American man to win the #BostonMarathon since 1983. #GoMebGo
This is water #DavidFosterWallace
I don't care who wins the #StanleyCup as long as it's not Boston or Chicago yet again. Pulling for the #Redwings big time.
TGIM Twitterazzi
Michelle Pfeiffer's role in "The Family" is like a sequel to her splendid performance in "Married to the Mob"
I love ending the weekend with #MadMen. Can't believe it's the final season.
Thankful that roasted bunny has never become a staple of Easter like turkey has for Thanksgiving.
On the Road: Ohio boy pays it forward with found fortune
RT @jermjackson5: RT @WifeSwap The Jacksons meet the Baldwins TONIGHT on the season premiere of #CelebrityWifeSwap! Tune in 10|9c!
After watching reality shows with @latoyajackson & Jermaine Jackson it actually makes Michael look like the "normal" one. Heh.
Funny thought popped into me head. Quirky song about Russian leader "Putin on the Ritz"...
Word Count for Famous Novels (Gone with the Wind is 10X the size of The Great Gatsby)
Thrilled about reading all of the works I purchased by #PhilipKDick. Starting with "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (BladeRunner)
I predict #Madmen will turn out to be like Jacob's Ladder. Everything was a dream by dying Dick Whitman (Don Draper) in Viet Nam
I grew up with Famous Monsters in our house because of my oldest brother. I have such found memories
Happy Easter!
"Everything we share reveals more about ourselves but also adds to our enigmatic persona,,,the sweet dichotomy"
Amanda, @TrappedAtMyDesk on Twitter, Dies, Age Unknown — Medium
From 15 years ago. @StephenKing Interview right after his accident. (The driver died a year later)
Couple Of 70 Years, Who Never Spent One Night Alone, Die Hours Apart
C.S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) died on 11/22/1963. Why is that date of interest? It was the day JFK was assassinated.
Happy #Easter Eve! Why isn't the day of His Resurrection (Rebirth) as popular or important as the day of His birth?
Some of my best tweets were the ones I never posted because I felt they were too raw and honest.
"What do you wanna do tonight?" "I don't know, Angie. What do you wanna do?" Watching MARTY. Boy that Paddy Chayefsky sure can write!
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