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Anand Subramanian
Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders - -
From the page: "Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders" - Anand Subramanian
Sardar Mohkim Khan
Friendster planning for revamped version to make Other Social Networks look Dull -
Friendster planning for revamped version to make Other Social Networks look Dull
seda irengü özmen
The 4 Cornerstones of Social Media Monitoring -
The 4 Cornerstones of Social Media Monitoring -
Managing your reputation is just one aspect of social-media monitoring. You can also use it to keep an eye on your competition, develop and test product ideas and reach out to your biggest promoters. "Monitoring really is a means for discovering your passionate customers. Utilizing those fans and turning them into fanatics can have a huge impact. - seda irengü özmen
ProBlogger Room
7 Questions to Ask On Your Blog to Get More Reader Engagement -
John E. Bredehoft
I know of several cases where people have created two LinkedIn profiles, which can be confusing. Is it possible for a person to merge two LinkedIn profiles into a single profile?
Creative touch ;-) It would be more and more; maybe six. : ) But make one of them top in the greek letter σ axis ;-) - Erhan Erdoğan
actually for the account owner, merging is currently not possible. take a look at the related entry in the faq. "I accidentally created two accounts, Can I merge them?"... BTW, what's the point for purposefully creating multiple profiles? - Berk D. Demir
for the reader, merging can be possible though. LinkedIn uses hResume microformat to display the LinkedIn Resumes of its users in a semantic way. That said, parsing and merging profiles is possible, not trivial anyway. - Berk D. Demir
Berk, I assume that the person may have forgotten the password, or perhaps even forgotten that the account was created in the first place. It doesn't appear that any of the duplicate accounts were created intentionally. - John E. Bredehoft
@John, creating a LinkedIn profile is a tedious and gruesome experience. Many fields to fill-in, the ceremony and the ritual dance to login and customize settings... Oh, my... How someone can just "forget" about that previous experience. OK, anyway I don't want to steer this out of scope. I think I've already answered your question from multiple perspectives (profile owner and reader wise). Did it help? - Berk D. Demir
If you have 2 business/services you offer, should you have 2 LinkedIn accounts or just have it all under one? I do have separate Twitter accounts....1 for each of the biz's and one for my personal. Seems crazy, but then again.....these 2 biz's don't really overlap each other. Or should I just concentrate on one in the "social media" arena? - Lorian Rivers
a colleague thinks that Dalit means under 18... now what do you call it?? :-|
FriendFeed Jabber/Gtalk IM bot -
I think this is the origin of story!! March 26 was when I added the bot to my gTalk..!! - Jigar Mehta
I like having each service as an individual contact. Much easier. Can we see the same for Pownce? - Chris Nixon
Well, IMified has taken bot to a next level.. I even created a customized option to check my google calendar appointments for today (a quick schedule for today) by interacting with bot! Not sure, if they have one for Pownce.. - Jigar Mehta from bTT
One year later. Just bumping this because it's the one year anniversary of the only item on FriendFeed to get more than 400 likes. (452 at the moment) - Ken Sheppardson
Hi i am charles Camil ,i want to know you - charles
Matt Cutts
Firefox may add faster startup & tab open, better file uploading, plus convert web apps to desktop: Nice!
They still need to work on performance, though. Firefox, despite its lean and mean beginnings, is really fat these days. - Chris Charabaruk
Moksh Juneja
April Fools' Day On The Web : 2009 -
Moksh Juneja love this april fool from Kodak!!!
Yahoo CEO likes Google Maps better than Yahoo Maps | Business Center -
"Yahoo’s straight-talking CEO Carol Bartz said Tuesday she prefers Google Maps to Yahoo Maps, and disclosed that she told Steve Ballmer that any future negotiations between Yahoo and Microsoft must remain strictly confidential." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Moksh Juneja
Can you advise about social media if you dont use it? | Tom Foremski: IMHO | -
Can you advise about social media if you dont use it? | Tom Foremski: IMHO |
classic example of Practice before you preach. - Moksh Juneja
Erhan Erdoğan
"Please return back, refresh the page and re-submit form. (Login form hash incorrect. Please contact administrator)" - @barisunver
Same error here... - Burak "cyrus" Bayburtlu
Yes, currently FriendFeed servers have blocked us :-( - AlpB.
yeah, not working for me currently same messages as above - sofarsoShawn
I'm really sorry :( - AlpB.
screw this. I'm not giving my user name AND password! - Brad Williamson
@BradW, it is your choice. - AlpB.
they shut you off, really? - Dobromir Hadzhiev
So...? End of story? - Batu
I'm mostly aware of those who have blocked me because they occasionally like to announce it for some reason. - Akiva
So what'd you do to piss off Glen? - Rob H.
Currently the service is down, we are trying to repair it. - AlpB.
Ahmet, if I can help in anything, please don't hesitate :) - directeur
Jason, I've blocked you. - Akiva
Akiva, and *I* have blocked you too! :) - directeur
Whoo! - Akiva
I'm currently 6th in the queue. - Bryce Roney
Bryce, unfortunately, you have to wait until I move this f..king server. - AlpB.
No offense but I'm kind of glad FF blocked you. Asking for a users password only increases their willingness to put their passwords on other sites, which will eventually end up being a phishing site. Password security is not something to be taken lightly. /me steps off soapbox - EricaJoy
Erica, this is not a phishing site. We do not store your passwords! - AlpB.
So says every phishing site. Not saying that yours is, just saying that it is not good to encourage users to enter their passwords when asked for it. - EricaJoy
Erica, please wait for tomorrow. Meanwhile we are going to correct mistakes in the service and complete all the requests. We need only time. We have not stolen or changed any passwords... - AlpB.
@directeur, currently I need support from friendfeed team (their servers block us because of our requests). Otherwise, I need a subdomain and ftp user and 1 mb disk storage on any domain to continue that. FriendFeed has a protection on their servers, but if they can make an exception for us such as allowing high number of requests, that will be really great. - AlpB.
@Jason, please wait and give a chance to us. We will fix all problems and that will be really great. - AlpB.
Ahmet, please give me one good reason why I should trust your site with my FriendFeed password. - EricaJoy
@Erica I don't have a reason for that. We can not do it with remote key, we have to login your profile and visit thousands of people around you one by one. It can not be done with remote key. If you still do not trust, you don't have to use it. - AlpB.
@Erica: Due to the nature of blocking process, services such as friendfeed mostly dont want to give "who blocked you" information. So when you are using such services likve ffblockr, you step into the dark side. After this point, I believe it is ok to take such risks :) - denizoktar
@Jason, thanks ;) - AlpB.
I'm a big fan of the dark side - sofarsoShawn
Currently @erhan and @denizoktar took this risk and I do not change their passwords... - AlpB.
@Ahmet Now you see my point. If I present a webpage to you and ask for your online banking password while promising that I'm going to show you the average account balance of everyone in your zip code, would you put your password there? You probably wouldn't because you have no reason to trust me, right? Likewise, there is no reason for anybody to trust your service with their password so its bad form to ask them for it. You probably aren't going to do anything bad with it but what about the next guy? - EricaJoy
lol, i just went to FFBlocker and they even suggest tools for revenge, rofl... - chaz2b
@denizoktar This is where I disagree. It is never ok to be risky with your passwords. - EricaJoy
When you receive e-mail titled "FFBlock Result", your password is immediately removed from our database automatically. - AlpB.
yes, we used ffblockr and ahmet doesnt use our accounts. everybody please trust ahmet, give ahmet 30$. I am a.. I mean He is a very handsome boy... - denizoktar
"Please again note that, we DO NOT STORE your password." ...but... "your password is immediately removed from our database automatically." So you are storing passwords for the life of the transaction. So when you store the passwords in the database for the life of the transaction, are they clear text? - EricaJoy
does it REALY work? - NoahDavidSimon
@erica; you dont have to use this tool, if you dont trust. Thats clear text i guess. - Yusuf Yıldız
I won't be Yusuf, however, I find it distressing that developers are taking such a lax attitude toward password security. - EricaJoy
@Noah, it works... But not now, try it tomorrow. - AlpB.
It's kind of a weird concept anyway. Why do you want to know who blocked you? - Jason Wehmhoener
In defense of devs, were at the mercy of APIs. This was true before Twitter implemented OAuth, and it's true now if FF doesn't provide certain functions or data sets that devs require. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter, I totally understand that. However, I don't think that devs should resort to insecure measures if the data isn't provided in the the "approved" ways. - EricaJoy
It seems like data devs *shouldn't* require. - Jason Wehmhoener
I trusted Ahmet andd It works for me. Little funny thing :p - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
So.... No one here used a Twitter client before OAuth? Really? - Carter ♥ JS
Carter, I used twitteriffic since its a client based app with data stored locally. I used Spaz (an Air app) because I trust its developer (funkatron). - EricaJoy
Right, which is the real point: trust trumps norms. - Carter ♥ JS
Indeed but this goes back to my original question: Why should I trust here? - EricaJoy
Erica, but really nothing can guarantee you that twitteriffic won't send your credentials to a central server actually. So it's all a matter of trust and maybe this is a UI issue. I've seen an article by jacob nielsen, I think, about this very subject and if I remember well, it's all about how stuff are presented. Anyway... I REALLY understand your worries and they are JUSTIFIED, and I can TRUST Ahmet (though I feel no need to use this service honnestly) because testimonials do count too... my 2 cents :) - directeur
@Erica, as you said, you again trust a developer. And imagine that he stores your password in a database and hackers hacked his database. In such situation, you are going to lose your account. However, we do not store your password permanently. So there is no risk at all. - AlpB.
@erica it should be something like this: I trust ahmet, somebody who trusts me will trust this site(also ahmet), and with very high probability, this chain reactionn will reach to you, IF ffblockr starts working :) So your original question: Why you should trust? : You dont know ahmet so you wont yet. But soon you might, with the help of your network. - denizoktar
And here is a good reference which is result of Robert Scoble (scobleizer) : , thanks Robert for using our little toy! :-) - AlpB.
Erica I saw you didn't trust and questioning in all your posts. The answer is simple for me. I follow Erhan and trust him, if Erhan trusts Ahmet thats enough for me. - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
Directeur, fair point but there is less risk with a client app (that may be incorrect). However, I don't trust many services/sites with my passwords (actually none as I don't use any clients that post to twitter anymore), nothing against this one in particular. - EricaJoy
Ahmet, there is no risk until a hacker very quietly attacks your site and doesn't do anything but dump the table that stores the passwords every 60 seconds. - EricaJoy
approx. 129 mins (this may increase) (There are 126 users on queue and you are at position 21.) ...better - NoahDavidSimon
I'm so excited... I'm going to blog my shit list - NoahDavidSimon
@Jason I do not recommend you to do that. For eliminating the aggregation on the queue, we're running on multiple servers and there may be a confusion or disorder. - AlpB.
@Noah, It is done! You're at #1 :) Congrats. - AlpB.
Holy shit, Noah! LOL You've been blocked by 25 people. :) I've only been blocked by one, but I kind of knew it already. And he's a toolbag so I'm not going to QQ over it. - Hookuh Tinypants
PS - I love how the results page says "Please do not fight the people blocked you." But has a widget that gives us suggestions of useful tools for revenge. :D This is a fun service. Thank you for it, Ahmet! :) - Hookuh Tinypants
@Amanda, you're welcome ;-) If you liked, please help us spreading it. - AlpB.
your service must not work. I am sure I have pissed off and been blocked by more people then 25. I'm very disappointed no one has more strike outs then a home run hitter. now about Gay Marriage. Batter UP! - NoahDavidSimon
The "...More" link below the "Top 10 Blocked People" list is broken, gives a 404 error. - @barisunver
wow impressive stats Noah - Dobromir Hadzhiev
yeah... I'm disappointed. 25 isn't a huge number. I'm very active here. I was shocked to not see a bunch of people there. a lot of the people that I thought blocked are just on a private feed. - NoahDavidSimon
Congratz Noah :D Also FFBlockr says [Learn who "'most probably'" blocked you..] - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
I'm kind of shocked that the woman (my professor from CMU who got fired for accusing the head of the dept of sexual harassment and also sent a cop to my door) is not on the list. what does a heterosexual pro zionist have to do to prove he isn't liked around here? geeez - NoahDavidSimon
Is FriendFeed still blocking the service, or are they now permitting services to circumvent their API authentication? - Ken Sheppardson
is it going by twitter blocks? Cuz that would be Ceebee, & there's other such examples - sofarsoShawn
@Ken, currently we got rid of the block you have said. It is working. - AlpB.
That's unfortunate. It really has nothing to do with trusting individuals, people just shouldn't be sharing passwords with third parties when FriendFeed has gone to the trouble to implement a dedicated API authentication system. - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken, even Robert Scoble, Louis Gray shared their passwords and they're still using their accounts :) - AlpB.
Ken, don't even bother to try here. It is a road paved with frustration. - EricaJoy
You can't judge the quality of a decision by the outcome. I could empty my bank account and max out my credit cards to buy lottery tickets and win $100 million, but it was still a stupid thing to do. (EricaJoy: Yup) - Ken Sheppardson
Isn't there a way to do this by using your FF key instead of your password? - Lindsay
Why are you asking for people's passwords when FF allows authentication with a key? - Victor Ganata
I keep hiding this but keeps popping back up. WHY? - Mona Nomura
Giving your account credentials to an unknown entity? Has everyone forgotten the Twply misadventure of just two months ago...? - Sprague D
This works so they pown yr login detailz. One day they might work out that crap English grammar kind of gives it away. - David Petherick from twhirl
Sprague, See how rumors and sensational news are sometimes stronger than the truth? Twply didn't sold the database. - directeur
@Lindsay: currently, no. As @directeur said, we will not sell the service or database. Your passwords are 'immediately' removed from database after you receive the mail entitled "FFBlockr Results". - AlpB.
I tried FFBlockr. It said I had no people blocking, which I strongly believe is not true. That said... I am not concerned about the password issue. Settle down, folks. :) - Louis Gray
Louis G, of course it's true! Silly!!! - sofarsoShawn
Who would block you, Louis? You're one of the least offensive, most quality-content-producing and friendly people on FF. That would just be silly. - Lindsay
Loius: Settle down?! SETTLE DOWN?!?! ;-) I guess if we're going to start building FF apps that bypass the API and just take your password to screen scrape, there's some interesting stuff we could do related to Imaginary Friends, i.e. creating them automatically from outside feeds/services... - Ken Sheppardson
@Slippy 2.0, what do you mean? - AlpB.
Louis, you surprise me. Did we learn nothing from the viddyho debacle? - EricaJoy
Well, no blockers yet. At least as found by this tool. Did change the password for this, changing it back now. - Hutch Carpenter
Daryl Pereira
Mashable's list of the top tools for measure brand visibility -
As more and more companies focus their activities online, it becomes increasingly important to understand how your brand ranks. - Daryl Pereira
Robert Scoble
New Twhirl revealed by Loic Le Meur
New Twhirl revealed by Loic Le Meur
cool. i need to retweet this on my twitter book account. Twhirl is getting better - Rodney Rumford
Trying it out again. They need to enable searches to be pulled into other windows or something. One thing I love about PeopleBrowsr is being able to see everything side by side. If I could have this option with twhirl I would use it more often. - Brandon Titus from twhirl
Some good new features. They really have thought about this. - Pete Gilbert from twhirl
Allready tried it out and I love it! I highly recomend Twirl as your Twitter and Seesmic client - Spyros Papaspyropoulos from twhirl
Twhirl is looking good I like the linked comments, tweetdeck layout better though wish Twhirl would have a way of connecting the windows so they all move together like ImgBurn - David from twhirl
I like the new features .... - Live Crunch Blog from twhirl
I couldn't remember why I stopped using thwirl to begin with, and now I remember. It's addicting. With the new features, i fear for the worst. - adam garrett from twhirl
I haven't got it to work yet :( 32bit Vista. It gets installed but when I try to start it the process starts but nothing "pops up". It runs in the background but it doesn't show. Have tried to uninstall twhirl and air, and the install it again, rebooted the computer several times, but still the same :( - @LarsenTweet
Works fine on my machine, seesmic posting and all. :-) - Richard A.
How is this conceptually different than Digsby? - Patrick Moorhead
Awesome! I had stopped using Twhirl but it might be time to try it out again. - Martha
good ol' loic. :P i dont like twhirl with FF (nothing to do with the program, just prefer the webpage) but that's handy. - Terry O'Fee
cool! sorry for reply late & thank you for following me on twitter.i'll try to continually tweet valuable info. for you. have a nice day! regards, - Yasuyuki Goto
Is this video available for download by any chance? I had loaded the Kyte video and started watching it, did something else, and came back to find it reloading/stalled - Paul Jacobson from twhirl
Do you actually use twhirl for FF? - Tim Wright from twhirl
thanks for this. am embarrassed to admit that, thanks to this video, i JUST NOW realized I could access friendfeed through my twhirl client. maybe I'll finally start conversing more here (instead of just posting). THANKS! - amzam from twhirl
Does anyone have it yet. I heard monday but I saw somewhere that someone already had the new twhirl. - Sweyn Venderbush
Maybe someone here has some input for the startup/dissappearing problem many people have with twhirl. Go to this site and see if you can help us: - @LarsenTweet
I just got it and am using it right now... - Tim Wright from twhirl
@sweyn I installed it a short while ago. I am still exploring the new functionality and enjoy the saved searches and Seesmic improvements the most. - Paul Jacobson from twhirl
just checking it and AND replying in it now - Jonathan Greene from twhirl
Did you get it from the email? I haven't gotten mine yet. - Sweyn Venderbush
Hooray, I got the download link! - Sweyn Venderbush from twhirl
Finally found the download link in my Gmail's spam folder. That was a bit frustrating. ;-) - Dan Dashnaw from twhirl
I have gmail too but it didn't end up in my spam folder.. - @LarsenTweet
It seems that the integration doesn't work anymore - Jean-François Amadei from twhirl
Don't mean to seem dense, but what version is this in the video? I have 0.8.7 but can't find a newer one on the site... - Craig Eddy
I wish it had the same option to create a group of people you are following like tweetdeck has. - americanm from twhirl
OK, so I'm trying out the new Twhirl. It's come a LONG way since I used it last. WOW! When will it be possible to POST videos to Seesmic via Twhirl? That would be great to have. - Lisha Sterling from twhirl
Qbat: I have 32 bit Vista Ultimate and working fine so far. - Patrick Moorhead from twhirl
Wow new Twhirl looks killer! - Drew Lucas from twhirl
I still can't abide by the FriendFeed window in twhirl. It almost gives me a head ache for some reason. Too much info/text on one window perhaps. Not sure what it is exactly. But definitely digging the integration and the new seesmic stuff. Also, the big "Exit Twhirl" button on the Accounts dialog, placed right where one would normally find the "OK/Cancel" buttons to close the dialog, has bitten me almost every time I've been to the Accounts dialog. - Craig Eddy
Everything I have ever written on Friendfeed has been from Twhirl. Baffles me why some would prefer the site. New Twhirl features look killer, but I'd be using it anyway because of the Friendfeed integration. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
Good news, Linux users! The new twhirl not only works on linux, it even records video properly for sending to Seesmic. Awesome. - Lisha Sterling from twhirl
thank you all for your good comments and Robert again for making the video! - Loic Le Meur
Yes.. thanx to RObert and Loic =) can't wait for my twhirl to work =) it looks really great and I hear only positive things about it.! - @LarsenTweet
The new Twhirl is great, and might replace TweetDeck for me now. - Josh from twhirl
The new Twhirl still has the same old bugs. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
does it still take up as much memory as firefox? if so, no go. - Richard Lawler
My problem with twhirl not starting is now fixed. Solution to my problem can you find here: - @LarsenTweet
video chopped and then crashed browser... doh - mikepk
I wonder if the two biggiest bugs are fixed. 1, that you can only see a few recent tweets everytime you restart Twhirl & and if you click on someone who has their profile on private, then it prompts you to log in again. - PC Easy from twhirl
cant wait for it to be released. like very much the short searches - natadd from twhirl
Is this released yet? - Jigar Mehta
Robert Scoble
Really great Seesmic and Twhirl! -
Really great Seesmic and Twhirl!
I went to the Twhirl site and tried to install it, but the install program said it was the same as the one I already have. Is the new version the one that's currently on the Twhirl site? Maybe I have to uninstall the old one first. - Michael Fidler
When Iinstalled it, it just said "replace". Perhaps I just had an older version of Twhirl than you did... - Seth Greenblatt from twhirl
I tested and I like it, would seesmic an answer but at the moment I'm at work. - Richard A.
you'll have to register 1st here : and you'll receive a link to download the new version (0.88) - Stephane Zibi from twhirl
Thanks - Michael Fidler
I'm running the new twhirl, and I it's time to take it for a quick spin around the block! Leather Donut, the emails are specific to each account. There are several few steps involved before you get the download link. Tryit with another email acount. - Michael Fidler from twhirl
@Michael F. Same here... - Live Crunch Blog from twhirl
Hamas Fires from Gaza Foreign Press Building - English Captions -
Hamas Fires from Gaza Foreign Press Building - English Captions
duh... no bitch I just farted - NoahDavidSimon
my first karwaachauth fast :)
Muthu Ramadoss
AJ Batac
I ♥ FriendFeed!
tads ff meme.jpg
"Really felt like ‘community’ at FriendFeed today. Thank you for taking time to pull together the album. Onward, upward in this webOhboy2.0 world of ours." - Michael Sean Wright (via my blog) ;-) - AJ Batac
★★★★ - michael sean wright
[golf clap] - Anika
this pretty much seals it. - Bren
♥ we love you too! ♥ I dig this collages!! neat! - Susan Beebe
i'm so sad I'm not on it :( - anna sauce
don't see me neither, anna - Rahsheen
I don't feel so bad, now. - Bren
Anna don't feel bad I'm not in it either. It's ok :) I don't mind. - Colide81 (James)
You all should be here -> it syncs on my Picasa album ;) - AJ Batac
thanks AJ ...this is a great idea! - Susan Beebe
I didn't make the cut, time for me to walk the plank. - Andrew Trinh
likewise andrew -- we fail - Shey
I feel so strangely insecure for only looking for myself and not just enjoying all of the cool photos. OK that is over. :) Doesn't this remind you of the first day of school? So much friend potential!! - anna sauce
I can add mine soon if it's not too late. I've been busy. I do have a couple pics on my feed already, though. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
ChaCha Fance
Top 10 Week | Facebook Applications For Social Media Lovers | Social Web Tools -
"You may or may not have heard or use some of these applications but I just wanted to highlight the "Top 10" Facebook applications that I think are best for social media users (in no particular order). Agree? Disagree? Is there one I'm missing?" - ChaCha Fance from Bookmarklet
ChaCha Fance
Top 10 Week | Social Aggregators | Social Web Tools -
My own little list I put together. Nothing fancy, just my own opinion. Feel free to share your own opinion as well! - ChaCha Fance from Bookmarklet
The Black Book
Watch Batman: The Dark Knight movie | Trend | Full Streaming, Music, News, Download.. -
Skin Deep - Hey, Mom, the Rabbi Approved My Tattoo - -
Skin Deep - Hey, Mom, the Rabbi Approved My Tattoo -
one of the worst pieces of journalism I have ever seen. when did the NYTimes become the rabbinical authority. none of the names mentioned have any respectable authority. I don't have a problem with tattoos myself, but I don't like being bullshitted either. I can justify pork if I want to, but that don't make it kosher - NoahDavidSimon from Bookmarklet
I see the semantics here! It looks as parody at first but can be seen as racially motivated as well. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
just another sensationalist piece by the old boys on the left - NoahDavidSimon
But you are right about semantics! Maybe being dyslexic allows you to pic up the nuances better than others. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
ROBERTA KAPLAN, 71, has never been a fan of tattoos. “I’m a very Jewish person,” she said. “I was told from way, way back that you’re not supposed to desecrate your body.” quote from this article. I would like to add that Christians are not suppose to tatto our bodies either, but alot of us do.. - Geraldine Copywright
Maybe has something to do with being a marked man like Cain? - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Stan Schroeder
GoDaddy Offers .Me Domain Names. It’s a Big FAIL So Far. -
Re: Jason Baer's comment - so it's true that "GoDaddy was registering domains that people researched on their site"? - Joey Lo
Robert Scoble
@chriswallace says a ton of .me domains were taken today. I gotta get me a few of those!
I took: - Mike Shulman
I'll bet was taken - Bob Gannon
you're too late to get much of anything that's a single word now (at least a "good" single word). There's still some phrases to be had. I registered 13 very cool ones this morning only to have them come back failed an hour later. I only managed to get one decent one this afternoon. My excitement has officially waned. - Lindsay
I got - Ryan Kuder
bein' from Maine, I shoulda been all over this. Oh well. - Anthony Citrano
I got "" - Johnny
you totally need ;) - Erica Douglass
Where can I purchase a .me domain? - Joe Dawson
Can think of a few X rated but won't lower the tone too much so - - haha!! - Joe Dawson
Joe, too late, I bet they're taken. In fact most half decent terms were - Duncan Riley
Domize should probably include support for .me domains... Hm.. - Chris Chua
Montenegro will make huge business with .me domain - Aleksandar Cocek
Chris Brogan
50 Blog Topics Marketers Could Write For Their Companies -
Erick Schonfeld
PodTech Sells For Less Than $500k -
The most interesting thing here is that Scoble "liked" this ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Scoble "likes" items to bring them to the attention of those who follow his feed. It's not an emotional response. It also is his only option if he wants to highlight it... and not comment. - Louis Gray
Lighten up Louis - I'm sure Robert can speak for himself - Brian Sullivan
Louis, that type of social behaviour is not alone a scoble thing :)- - Peter Dawson
interesting, scoble "liked" my post but then removed the like. i also think like should be renamed to share to avoid these issues in the future. - Allen Stern
I thought changing it to "mark" would work as well. - Brian Sullivan
I don't Like that PodTech failed, $7.5 million in VC cash and today they were sold for for less than half a million dollars. I know Robert, Jeremiah, John and Vallery, but no one is ready to tell the story - paul mooney
I'm cool with telling the story. I just need a couple of glasses and wine and a lot of time to tell it first. Podtech was screwed up by a number of decisions. Everyone played a part, but I sure learned a lot about how a company can screw up big time. Major learnings for me? 1. Have a story. 2. Have everyone on board with that story. 3. If anyone goes off of that story, make sure they get on board immediately or fire them. PodTech did none of the three and I'm sorry for my part in not making the three happen - Robert Scoble
Not all ventures succeed though. How many 'fail' for those that succeed? It pays to take a pragmatic view. I think it's a hot market, and the impetus to succeed is high, eventually some will break - Mo Kargas
Other things I learned: 1. Make sure people are judged by the revenues they bring in. Those that bring in revenues should get to run the place. People who don't bring in revenues should get fewer and fewer responsibilities, not more and more. 2. Work ONLY for a leader who will make the tough decisions (see above). 3. Build a place where excellence is expected, allowed, and is enabled. 4. Fire idiots quickly (didn't happen at PodTech -- even if you count me as one of the idiots). - Robert Scoble
We get so much coverage of companies when they launch, when they're growing, etc. I'm hoping that someone writes an in-depth piece on what went wrong at PodTech so that entrepreneurs can learn from this. There is so much that you can learn from failures. - Mike Doeff
Other things I learned: 1. if your engineering team can't give a media team good measurements, the entire company is in trouble. Only things that are measured ever get improved. 2. When your stars aren't listened to the company is in trouble. 3. When your stars start leaving (Gillmor and Owyang left before I did) the company is in trouble. 4. Getting rid of the CEO, even if it's all his fault, won't help unless you replace him/her with someone who is visionary and who can fix #1,2,3. - Robert Scoble
My only thought is, how much longer does PodShow have? - Christian Burns
Robert: Thanks for all the insights from the "front". It's no fun being in a business failure. :-( But the lessons there are immense. I learn a hell of a lot from my failures... - Mitchell Tsai
Mike: I'm not going to be the one who writes that. Much of the worst stuff is too personal. Failures of companies often happen around failures at the leadership level. Telling why things failed means telling off investors, executives, and others (and even me). Not likely to happen because that'd mean burning bridges and I'm just not willing to do that. These people have too many friends. :-) - Robert Scoble
My vote is for assimilation into something bigger. They bought it to "right the wrongs" and flip it to someone else. Heck, at 500k, it's a bargain right now...IF things are cleaned up. - Brad @ The Next Web
Brad: almost all of the talent left. What's left now is not much that's worth much. The revenues came because of our social media leadership. That's what Furrier really had in his hands. Owyang. Me. Cunningham. Jones. Gillmor. The rest of the stuff was a pipe dream that didn't lead anywhere, which is really why the company burned through $7 million (plus several million in revenues). - Robert Scoble
@louisgray I've often wondered if there was a better option than "like" and "unlike" would be nice to see "interesting" there are many times when I see something that is interesting but I don't "like" it. - michael sean wright
Although I'm sorry to hear this happened, Robert, I'm really appreciating the lessons you're passing on. Valuable stuff, thanks. :-) - Brian Carter
Louis is correct. I didn't "like" this. I just thought it was interesting for you to read. - Robert Scoble
"burned through $7 million (plus several million in revenues)" ?? wow thats a lot of mulla to burn thru .. net net at least 10-12M ! For what a 10 member team and within like 2yrs ?? you all must have had rock star status... did you have a chauffeur driven car Scobles ? - Peter Dawson
I have Podtech stories, too. - Eric Rice
Well dish them up, Eric. The aspect of full disclosure is part of what I love so much about FriendFeed. - Brad @ The Next Web
tell tell Eric.. the topic is hot :)_ - Peter Dawson
I honestly hate to hear of the downfall of any credible social media, especially in the means by which this story unfolded. Glad to see you're in better company these days, Robert. - Brad @ The Next Web
Peter: there were more than 30 people and dozens of contractors working at Podtech. Only a couple brought in any sizeable revenues. - Robert Scoble
Misteps aside, did PodTech have a viable opportunity, or was it ultimately doomed from the start? Clearly any company that's not run as a meritocracy has little chance for success. - Brian Edwards
Although Robert's response to Mike Doeff is probably true (that the backstory to companies that fail are too personal), I agree with Mike that a post mortem of entrepreneurial endeavors would be very useful. Case studies can change the names to protect the not-so-innocent too. - David Muir
grrrrrrrr.. I wish FF has button at bottom of thread 4 ease of commenting..anyhoot @Sean even at 40heads - it still does not make sense. Unless you tell me that all 30 members were getting $100K and dont 4get startups pay less and give more in share holdings !! - Peter Dawson
Do I dare bring up the how did they expect to pay back 7.5 million in V.C. through such extremely niche content question? - Paul Colligan
Sean: engineers in Silicon Valley cost more than $100,000 per year. Podtech had a chance in the Social Media World but spent too much to build its own platform and never delivered on that. We also didn't work together and that is another failure in a startup. - Robert Scoble
I am going to write an in depth post on this story. It's huge. There are many lessons. Scoble's view is from his perspective but there is a big picture that goes way beyond Scoble's view and that has to do with building a company from a zero stage. I've moved on from a year ago after I was forced out by the board. We made some mistakes but directionally correct. Sure if I had a mulligan things might be different but a business strategy, financing strategy, and team strategy are part of the story.. - John Furrier
john: I am looking forward to your post. - Robert Scoble
There are many lessons to learn that I'll post about. PodTech had a great chance and pioneered some of the best practices in social media. One thing that I'll talk about is the difference between self financed growth strategies and venture backed growth strategies. - John Furrier
Looking forward to your posts John. - Thomas Hawk
I'm looking at this from way on the outside. The value of my perspective is that I know nothing about internal management, visions, discussions, factions, or what have you. All I can say is that from afar, I never got any brand coherence from PodTech. Was it news? paid corporate marketing videos? analysis? community? There were some powerful personal brands--I still follow them in the PodTech diaspora--but it felt they never cohered into a PodTech identity. (That doesn't mean losing personal identity.) - Michael Markman
Michael: exactly. We never played together as a team. It is why entrepreneurs need different skills after they start their companies. It is not enough to sell people on a dream. You must coach your way to it too. - Robert Scoble
Great to work with John, Robert, Valarie, Kevin E, Jennifer J, Michael K, Jeremiah. Like many Web 1.0 / 2.0 companies, those in social media face the challenge of business model. There are lots of bigger train wrecks. But unlike PodTech, no one created enough of a brand (good or bad) to even be remembered in this conversation. There are more to come. - Brad Baldwin
Brad, so does this mean you're looking for something new now, or are you still with PodTech's new owners? - Jesse Stay from twhirl
When exactly are people supposed to use PodTech? At work... but too time consuming... people hate slow voicemail and want email. In the car, maybe. At home, may not want to address work topics. At least they had the cojones to cut bait. - Indio Apache from twhirl
John Furrier, I'm also very interested to hear your stories. - imabonehead
I think this is one of the best conversations I've ever seen on Friendfeed or in a blog. The perspectives are great. From my outside point of view, and from the vantage oint of having worked with literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, I think Podtech didn't exactly know what it was doing from a brand standpoint, other than being "cool." It was VERY cool, but so was,There also has to be a viable business model, and I don't believe revenue from sponsorship is enoough. - Francine Hardaway
With all due respect to their "failure", half a million dollars ain't that bad! What puzzled me from the beginning, is what permission do they have to record and publish many of the talks. Did all respectful speakers surrender full "replay/distribute/resell" rights to their sessions? This doesn't apply to interviews, but a lot of recordings are from professional talks and seminars... - Adi Rabinovich
I have been thinking about what Furrier said about me not having a full picture of what went wrong. First of all I don't think he is right, but if he is I will add one last learning: never work in a VP position when those above you don't share a complete picture of the business with you. Especially when that business is a social media one that was pushing transparency and community values. - Robert Scoble
Pathetic that people cheer at someones failure. Regardless, I know - don't go there- just freakin sad. - Rocky Barbanica
What will happen to your videos? You guys did good work there. - Andrew Feinberg
Andrew: our old videos belong to Podtech. I hope they donate the tapes and archives to the Computer History Museum. - Robert Scoble
I'm looking forward to hearing an open discussion of what went wrong. I think startup entrepreneurs like me ca learn a lot from this. - Andrew Warner
Hope the 2-3 hours of video Scoble recorded of CrossLoop way back doesn't go away - Mrinal Desai
One thing, Andrew, you could learn - don't alienate those about you. Be strong enough and have the courage to bring everyone on the team together and make them all feel that their contributions are appreciated. - Rocky Barbanica
...and be smart enough to put the company on Chemotherapy when cancer is detected. - Rocky Barbanica
Robert was kind enough to take me to Podtech and introduce me to John when I was in town last May. I think it's very sad that it didn't work out. People put their hopes and dreams and very soul into startups. But then, "failure" does have a lot of value, as we can all see from this thread. Hopefully, for everybody involved Podtech was a good stepping stone to something else that's... more... - Dawn
@ Scoble. I am copy pasting a comment from Mathew Ingram's post on this topic. I liked the comment and hope you would shed some insight into its questions. The comment follows: "Is anyone at Fastcompany Inc. reading this? What has Scoble really learned? What is's story? How do,, scobleizerTV, Fast Company Live, WorkFastTV, PhotoCycle, Qik,... more... - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Bilal, perhaps you and anonymous commenters at Mathew Ingram's blog should mind your own business. Demanding revenue and profit numbers, etc., is outrageous. - Dawn
As much as anyone who is 'in it for the tech' hates to admit it, revenues are simply essential for any business. I can't even count the number of times in y old company business development came down and said 'do this and this please' and I was like 'it will take 3 employees 2 weeks of time to do this, how much money will we get for it?' and the answer was 'oh, no revenues, we just think it would look better.' Revenues matter. - Andrew Leyden
Did the rights to the Vloggies go with the sale? I know Irina would love to have her idea back.:) A lot of the talk here is how Podtech was a "social media" company, where it always looked like a "video production/distribution" company to me. Is there a difference in Podtech that I was missing? There is definitely a great case study in how companies interact with creative professionals and communities somewhere in here. - Schlomo Rabinowitz
Bilal: the changes to WorkFastTV actually were made due to community feedback. If it weren't for the community feedback, those changes would never have been made. What is FastCompanyTV's story? We are having conversations with business and tech innovators to understand how the "fastest companies" are building value for their customers and we'll use the most interactive methods around to... more... - Robert Scoble
FastCompanyTV is making our bosses happy (we're bringing in more revenue than is being spent) but we're a private company so we don't discuss our finances in public. About our audience. I'd argue that I know more about our audience than any TV show does and we're soon going to require loging into FastCompanyTV to comment. Who is making tough decisions? I have a boss and he has a boss but the community is really our ultimate boss. - Robert Scoble
Schlomo: no, there's no real difference in the end. That's why PodTech failed. It squandered (didn't listen to, or make use of) its social media stars. I don't know what'll happen to the Vloggies trademark and domain. I assume the new owners will keep those, I'd assume Irina can negotiate with them. Andrew is right. Dawn, thank you, appreciate the support. - Robert Scoble
PodTech and John's earlier work (circa 2005) was why I got into podcasting. It's why I co-founded PodCamp. It's why I thought there was a great opportunity to make interesting media in the tech space. Between PodTech and IT Conversations, I learned tons of larger picture information that saved my company millions of dollars. When all the "cool kids" showed up, I had high hopes like everyone else. But that's also when things diffused in a weird way. - Chris Brogan
What a wonderful discussion. I am waiting for John's post. It will surely clear a lot. I know John personally and I like him. Let's see his opinion and see what the next steps for everybody are. - George Athannassov
some of Those videos that Scoble did for podtech have had huge impact on me - Christian Burns
Posted a longer essay on this, and podcasting as a business. My question: How does the $500k sale price relate to missteps by the company, as opposed to fundamental problems with podcasting as a business? -- - Ian Lamont
I pointed this thread to a friend of mine, not a geek , but a "thinker" and who dabbbles in M&A, Hedging and all that nice fund style mngt. His comments were. "listen there are lesson to be learned everywhere, the founders should be thankful that this is only a 10-12M cost of learning curve. All startups face a risk, all investments have risk. Its only throgh failure that people learn to mature and grow. All good things that flourishs are by-products of many failures" . Oh well, I digress. - Peter Dawson
It was certainly an interesting ride for the almost year I was there. One thing I could never understand is why PodTech felt it needed to build its own media player and distribution platform when there were several potential partners that were already years ahead of PodTech's development. or Castfire could have easily saved PodTech a shit ton of cash while delivering better features and stats reporting. I suspect with an engineering team in place, they needed something to do. - Eddie Codel
Eddie - Can't agree more, but this is just one of the many missteps that appears to have happened. Roberts level of transparency on the topic gives us a great opportunity into what can go wrong in a start-up. The core issue appears to be a lack of leadership at many levels. If an honest post-mortem can be written it will surely benefit anyone looking to build their own startup. - Jim McCusker
It's a wonderful thing to have conversations 'data' still intact and searchable after all this time. FriendFeed still rules. - michael sean wright
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