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RT @IAmEricRoberson: TONIGHT! Pandora will be premiering my new album #TheBox at 9pm (est) 6 pm (pst) be sure to tune in to preview the album...
"Uh oh I'm in the office by good can come of this. Cranking Pandora's 90s Hip Hop and jamming #longhairdontcare." @victoria_brah
RT @Squinterwinter: Listening to comedy on Pandora makes the day go by so much faster. And also makes me spit out water on my desk, but those are minor details
RT @miami__305: That moment when ur favorite song starts playing on Pandora .RT
RT @sharonvanetten: .@yifat78 Melodies come first. I find a chord progression and just sing until I hear something...
At 1PM PDT join us and @Stubhub for a live Twitter Q&A with @SharonVanEtten! Submit your questions with hashtag #AskSVE.
At 1PM PST join us and @Stubhub for a live Twitter Q&A with @SharonVanEtten! Submit your questions with hashtag #AskSVE.
#MusicMonday This week's highlights include Norah Jones' new band, LA Latin soul & more! Blog:
RT @kristendelcurto: “@pandora_radio: What song is giving you life this morning? #MusicMonday” good question. I need something happy. Recommendations, anyone?
RT @DaleJr: A cold beer. Lil beef jerky. The Police on @pandora_radio. 1980 World 600 DVD on the tube. #sundaynight #DontStandSoCloseToMe
"Listening to Britney Spears station trying really hard not to dance or sing "Oops I Did It Again" at the top of my lungs." @noreaster_alexa
RT @BoyceAvenue: We rocked the @pandora_radio Ping pong table today! Tweet us screen shots of your Boyce Avenue pandora playlists!
RT @McNorfin: Sometimes instead of therapy, I just make a pandora playlist of my exes favorite songs and thumbs down them for awhile.
RT @TheMattEspinosa: Songs sound so much cooler to me when they play on pandora.
What songs are on your soundtrack this weekend?
"You can't help but desk dance when Bad Fish by @sublime comes on Pandora." @jamiemaraviglia
RT @Jones_Drew32: Hey everybody check out my Friday mix on @pandora_radio!!!! Here is the link
.@madidiaz's afternoon performance made our day! Enjoy her pop-folk music here:
"Self-discipline (n): not breaking into "Gangnam Style" when it came on my Pandora station." @MattCWill
What acoustic song hits the spot for you?
"#Joy is when there's that unidentifiable mental infection song that Pandora plays the second I hit play." @kramlich
RT @RAIDERS: #RaiderNation - make sure to check out the refreshed @pandora_radio "Raider Nation Station":
What song do you wish you had written? Blog:
#LiveItUp w/ b-day girl @JLo by dancing to her music that ft. elements of Latin pop, dance, R&B & more. Listen here:
EDJ @edjjams from Fruit Bats rocked an acoustic set at #Pandora #Oakland. Listen to him here:
Happy b-day to iconic Guns N'Roses & Velvet Revolver guitarist, @Slash. Bring out your air guitar & shred w/him here:
In recognition of @AlYankovic's album 'Mandatory Fun' hitting No.1 on Billboard Charts, we want to know what is your fav parody cover song?
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