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Splunk MINT—A fresh approach to mobile analytics | Splunk Blogs
The Sunshine is a weather network built entirely on mobile. Join the beta list here.
RT @susie_c: I can't wait until algorithms replace TechCrunch writers who write about workers but don't actually talk to them
RT @TheAtlantic: The typical white-collar professional spends 28% of the workweek on email
Go-like semantics in Python interesting cc @graffic @Stavros
RT @mattyglesias: Just to be clear, you have a legal right to record the police:
Re: Πρώτη σε αυτοαπασχολούμενους στην Ευρώπη η Ελλάδα -
"Μάλλον δεν έχεις δοκιμάσει να είσαι Ελ.Επ. Αν βγάζεις 20χ τα 12 στα παίρνει ο συνέταιρος - κράτος." - PanosJee
RT @IsaacHayes3: Officers in Rialto, Ca now wear Body Cameras. In 1 Year "Use of force” incidents dropped by 59% & complaints by 88%.
Re: Πρώτη σε αυτοαπασχολούμενους στην Ευρώπη η Ελλάδα -
"Επιχείρηση του ενός ατόμου δεν είναι επιχείρηση και δε συνεισφέρει στην οικονομία. Τι έξοδα σε R&D ή marketing έχει αυτή η επιχείρηση που θα μπορούσε να απασχολεί κόσμο; Πώς θα γίνεις εξωστρεφής; Είναι επιχείρηση ενός ατόμου που προσπαθεί να βγάλει ένα χιλιάρικο από τους γύρω του. Δυστυχώς δεν μπορεί να προσφέρει πολλά αυτή η μορφή επιχείρησης. Η ουσία είναι ότι στην Ελλάδα λέμε: "Διάβαζε παιδί μου να είσαι ο πρώτος μαθητής, να γίνεις γιατρός και δικηγορός", επιχείρηση ενός ατόμου. Αντί του "μόνο με ομάδα και συνεργασία μπορείς να καταφέρεις κάτι", μεγαλύτερη, υγιής (ας ελπίσουμε) επιχείρηση." - PanosJee
Splunk Introduces the Splunk App for Stream
RT @splunk: We're excited to introduce the Splunk App for Stream! Read about this new way to capture #wiredata:
RT @pmarca: Age of wonders: Machine learning algorithm at CMU can predict heart attacks 4 hours ahead of time: HT @fllordachs
RT @SnapChatTwat: RETWEET if you remember connecting to the internet like this...
RT @iRowan: GOOG's Peter Norvig: The AI scenario that bothers me is the takeover of work. Concentrating income in the hands of a few is the risk #SciFoo
RT @guardian: WHO declares Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency:
RT @andreascon: Apple relies on our @visionmobile European App Economy 2014 research Full report:
Splunk Offers 100% Uptime SLA for Cloud Service
RT @ValaAfshar: By 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer major failures due to inability of IT security to manage digital risk. —Gartner #ciopbos
RT @ShipLives: Ebola has killed fewer than 5,000 people...ever. Measles (which some folks refuse to vaccinate kids for) killed 122,000 in 2012 alone.
RT @nickschifrin: Most difficult thing to see are children traumatized, wounded, killed. More than 400 dead, thousands wounded, countless in need of therapy.
RT @VICEUK: Jews are being attacked across the UK:
RT @billemmett000: Great capacity crowd at #splunklive in #Denver! I'm talking #appmgmt and #APM later today. @splunk
RT @pmarca: 5/"As machines take over production from people, the men and women who are displaced become dependent on minimal government welfare."
RT @cdixon: Putting technology at the core (New title and updated a bit)
RT @pmarca: Addendum: The US economy captures 60.8% of the economic value of the iPhone, despite manufacturing it in China.
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