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RT @tsimitakis: Today a Greek court found innocent the strawberry fieldowners who shot Pakistani immigrants wounding many after they demanded 6 months wages
RT @PhilosopherMail: There is a direct relationship between the significance of an idea and how nervous we become having to think about it
RT @susie_c: Why is everyone suddenly excited about Uber ratings? Oh because it's not about the workers, it's about you. Got it.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Good job Israel. Those dozens of dead Palestinian children are no longer a threat.
RT @MiaFarrow: The temporary truce #Gaza Photo by Mohammed Abed via @AFP
RT @panosharitos: Jon Stewart Learns What Happens When You Talk About #Israel (Good one)...
RT @gblock: My name is Glenn Block, my family is Jewish and I #supportgaza. Not #hamas
RT @bencubby: ISIS has ordered all women and girls in Iraqi city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, UN official says.
RT @dabeard: Updated, interactive: Who has been killed in Gaza: combatants, adult civilians, kids
RT @Firebase: Check out this temperature logger powered by Firebase and @resin_io built by @ShaunRMulligan:
RT @Apigee: By 2020, market for #InternetOfThings will be greater than one trillion $ via @Forbes @madgreek65
Check out Developer Economics Q3 2014: State of the Developer Nation via @deveconomics
RT @paulg: UN Chief Calls IDF Operation In Shejaiya ‘Atrocious Actions.’
RT @hirdstephen: Traumatised children sit in #Gaza hospital. Their mother had just been killed and their house destroyed. #c4news
RT @markhachman: @levie Perhaps we'll then move to a Netflix-like monthly plan. Or even annual. We can call them "servants".
RT @zzbar: @levie uber does not create net job gain. It simply takes away traditional taxi drivers's jobs. Don't believe the hype.
RT @adiasistos: Για τα λοιπά Αραβικά κράτη οι Παλαιστίνιοι είναι χρήσιμοι μόνο για να πεθαίνουν.
Re: Η Αθήνα την δεκαετία του 1960 - Φοβερές φωτογραφίες -
"Ποια συνέχεια μωρε; Τι βαυκαλίζεσαι με το παρελθόν; Οι Ελληνες δε διαβάζουν καλά καλά ένα βιβλίο το χρόνο και αδιαφορούν και για τα κοινά και για το σώμα τους. Τι κοινό έχουν με τους Αρχαίους; Το ίδιο οικόπεδο μόνο. Χώρια το σκοταδισμό του Χριστιανισμού.." - PanosJee
Re: Start Ups: Γέμισε ο τόπος από... μέντορες! - ΑΠΟΨΕΙΣ - -
"Μεγάλη απώλεια" - PanosJee
RT @fanisKout: "@intale is featured as SME of the month by Microsoft Europe #CloudSME #MicrosoftEurope #Intale"
RT @jkowall: IBM + Apple > Locking in people across the enterprise and consumer ecosystem, and charging extra money for the privilege.
RT @voxdotcom: These harrowing tweets show what life is like in Gaza under Israeli bombing right now
RT @evankirstel: Microsoft exec admits new reality: Market share no longer 90% — it’s 14%
RT @newsycombinator: Horizon 2.0 gets 2K horizontal video recording, 120FPS, and more
RT @ArchesNPS: Supermoon rising at Delicate Arch. (kt)
RT @panosharitos: It is interesting that the ppl in #Gaza they can recognize the sound of a drone, Apache,Black Hawk, F16 but not the one of Boeing or Airbus
Τα λέμε στην άλλη πλευρά @Contrabbando! RIP
RT @Contrabbando: Ρε, μην γκρινιάζετε. Πάρτε ό, τι σας δίνει η ζωή. Αν μετρούσα τι έχω χάσει στα 5 χρόνια καρκίνου, θα με χαζεύατε σε ελεύθερη πτώση από ψηλά.
RT @ClassicPixs: Map of the Internet in 1969
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