Just Mrs. V
As a former teacher, I fielded questions from concerned parents about their children's abilities and struggles. Today was the first time I was on the opposite side. Wrote to Jake's teacher with concerns about Jake's reading and phonemic awareness. He's not recognizing blended sounds and he struggles with vowels.
I've let it go for most of the year, hoping Jake would blossom as the year went on. But now that we're close to the end of the school year and first grade is coming up, I've decided to let his teacher know my concerns and see if we can get supplemental help at school. He loves to read and I don't want something to get in the way of that. - Just Mrs. V
I had to put Isabelle in Sylvan for a year due to her reading. Her teacher and I tried working together for half her first grade year, but she didn't improve. Sylvan was great. - Shevonne
I used to teach at Sylvan and I saw some improvement in some of the students I worked with. With his school having a program in-house, I'm going to try that first. Last year his teachers were on top of things and this year his teacher is more "lovey" and all about making the kids feel good. I'm not against that but I just feel like I need to say something now. Crossing my fingers this helps - Just Mrs. V
I didn't know that Sylvan is also here in the city. Thanks Shevonne. Good luck Katie! - AJ Batac
Thanks AJ. The Sylvan I worked at had some good teachers but also had some lazy ones. So if you use Sylvan, make sure you check in and ask questions and keep on top of things. About 95% of the teachers I worked along side were very good and did a great job. The other 5% liked to sit back and socialize more than support the students. But I think that can be true for any school or tutoring center. - Just Mrs. V
Just got a call from Jake's teacher. Seems that in class he's reading perfectly fine and she sees no reason for concern about him academically. He will bring home extra phonics help. Now my thoughts are that Jake is dragging his feet at home on homework in a power struggle or he's purposely messing up so that he gets that extra attention. - Just Mrs. V
Or the teacher is in that 'lovey' mode you described. Either way, good luck! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Shannon: I thought so too. She has this sing-songy voice and she was telling me how Jake loves to flip pancakes by himself and he loves Thank You notes. I kinda felt that if I see a consistent problem, I have a meeting with the director soon and I can bring it up again. - Just Mrs. V
I know you will keep on top of it. I would still look to see if his school offers study groups or something. - Shevonne