Just Mrs. V
Money has become an issue with Jake. He wants things, asks for them then argues when he's told no. So I thought why not make learning about money fun? I found this board game, one I remember using in classrooms I subbed in, so make it fun. Jake loves board games
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My parent's probably would have liked that for me. Every time they said something cost too much I told them to go to the bank and get money. - Heather
Yeah Jake's growing up in a credit card world. I rarely have cash or change and just charge with my ATM so his concept of money is that we have enough ALL THE TIME and I just swipe to pay. - Just Mrs. V
What a great idea, Katie. - Stephen Mack
Thanks. Might make me start using cash for things like grocery shopping so he can see the money being used. Might be better for me too. Budgeting wise - Just Mrs. V