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Pretty sure my top emailer the past 3 months has been @twitter with the relentless "Twitter for Business" nonsense.
Back to complaining: nothing worse than Verizon in NYC. AT&T in SF a few years back was better. 75% of battery chewed through in 25 minutes.
Also, really thoughtful approach for @TeamLoom users to transition (or not) seamlessly to @Dropbox/@carouselapp
Huge congrats to @TeamLoom on joining @Dropbox - in many ways a perfect combination /cc @GoogleVentures
NYC is a combination of people rushing around oblivious of who they run into and people standing around oblivious, waiting to be run into.
Also up there on my annoyances: Twitter trying to auto-fill usernames after every fucking thing I type.
And because I can't use @mailbox with corp email, I'm forced to still have both, unfortunately.
Not sure which is more broken: search in iOS email client or typing in the Gmail app.
RT @jtemple: One Medical raises $40 Million to accelerate expansion
Empire State going bonkers.
RT @neilbearse: @parislemon even the Plurk logo thinks the Jurassic park theme is lame.
Hard to take the Raptors seriously until they change that logo. I mean, it doesn't have to be *that* ridiculous.
Feels like just yesterday was watching @T_HardJR in the NCAA championship with @umichbball -- now hitting 3s for the @nyknicks. #goblue
First time here. Stating the obvious: pretty amazing arena.
RT @lemonfeed: “And you know what would be great? Not a single email. No emails!”
RT @frankba: The story of California.
Fine all your spoil-sport jerks, I'll watch this week's Game of Thrones now in less-than-ideal circumstances.
RT @lemonfeed: It’s amazing what resolves to…
RT @lemonfeed: Yes, Another "3D" Smartphone, This Time From Amazon
I will never get these hours back - I got to the 2048 tile! @2048_game
RT @darth: *poster* RT @margafret: There Will Be Blood Moon
RT @gruber: Hey dummies, watching Mad Men with commercials is like putting ketchup on a great steak. Wait until Monday on iTunes like a real fan.
Hard to root against @bubbawatson, what a humble, great winner.
RT @stevekovach: Every ad in my Twitter feed tonight has a Mad Men theme.
RT @stevekovach: HBO basically telling you not to use HBO GO tonight
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: No left-handed player won any of the first 66 Masters held. Bubba today would make it 6 of the last 12.
RT @DelRey: "You mean I have to post my all-you-can-drink brunch photo to Facebook?"
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