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RT @viticci: Facebook is now explaining their version numbers. Facebook 13.0
It has gone from "let's try to recreate the front of the building" to "screw it, let's throw up a giant Schweppes ad"
He seems to be cheating a bit on the whole six degrees of separation game at this point.
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: David Price reportedly traded to Tigers. If that happens, Tigers would have last 3 Cy Young winners - Scherzer, Price & Verlander
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Red Sox send Stephen Drew to the Yankees. That's the 1st trade between the teams since Mike Stanley went to New York on Aug. 13, 1997
This is like Snowpiercer. But haven't found the rave cabin yet.
Tweeting from under the English Channel. Where the internet works better than anywhere on Muni in San Francisco.
The view exiting SF. I'll be back.
RT @tomkrazit: Billy Beane just traded John Legere to France for a carrier to be named later.
...and now for something completely different (but not really all that different)
RT @wademvaughn: @parislemon we are living in the McConaissance.
"Rage, rage against the dying of the light." So good. Soooo good.
I think we're going to start needing a purple color soon to display SF traffic.
RT @darth: coinstar takes bitcoin now? MT @parislemon: Favorite day of the year: coin trade-in day.
Favorite day of the year: coin trade-in day. Free money! (Not really, of course.)
I guess that will make it both easier and harder to negotiate. Less herding cats but less leverage.
By the time a new Apple TV actually launches, I suspect the entire media industry will be owned by Comcast.
RT @mitsuhiko: Holy shit. It is happening. The US are finally getting EMV. Is hell frozen over?
Sort of strange that there are no new "dynamic" wallpapers in iOS 8. Or that you still can't set your own.
I've somehow never seen this music video before. But it's amazing.
RT @erictpaine: @parislemon there she goes.
Does this imply a glowing Apple logo backing? Still waiting for that on the iPhone. One day.
24 Fluid Ounces. For America. #mahbeer
My @Uber score: I'd say strong. To quite strong.
What's really mind-blowing is how good Linklater's 'Before Sunrise' trilogy is. And this takes the concept to the next level in one film.
'Boyhood' definitely lives up to the hype. People talk about films with big scope. This has the most insane scope. Unbelievable.
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Buster Posey’s homer was 1st by @SFGiants player on 3-0 count since July 21, 2007 (Pedro Feliz). That was longest active drought by any team
Newly-minted CEO Nadella took the role of VP of Devil's Advocacy to kill a product Ballmer set in motion... (or so it seems)
BTW, worth noting that Microsoft seemed to do exactly this a few months back with the Surface Mini
How many doomed tech products have to launch before we start seeing a VP of Devil's Advocacy?
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