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RT @transifex: Really pleased to announce the general availability of Transifex Live. It'll change the way you think about #l10n
RT @jsantell: If you're on the latest @firefox release (v32), the web audio tools have just landed in your @FirefoxDevTools!
Why can't just everybody stop sending email while I'm on vacation?
RT @timdream: The @Boot2Gecko Gaia Keyboard now works on WebKit browsers. Can someone wrapped it into “native” apps?
RT @appear_in: Nice! #FirefoxOS keeps improving - here testing between an #iPhone and a FirefoxOS phone :) #webRTC FTW!
RT @jryans: WebIDE enabled in Nightly @FirefoxDevTools
RT @jruderman: Friend showing off an Android wristwatch: “OK Google, what time is it?”
RT @robcee: Profiler in @FirefoxDevTools with System Data in action:
RT @smashingmag: Ah, debugging. Good tips on advanced front-end debugging by @pastith (Talk, 37min + Slides).
RT @asadotzler: Apple's bigger iPhone, #FirefoxOS devices "are the only major threats to Android's continued growth at this stage."
RT @janl: The @PouchDB team is *killing* it: <3
RT @vvuk: Preliminary CSS and VR integration in experimental Firefox build! More details at
RT @asadotzler: Tossed my #FirefoxOS #Flame phone from 2nd story balcony onto sidewalk. Only minor scuffs, still fully functional.
RT @asadotzler: Tossed my #FirefoxOS #Flame phone from 2nd story balcony onto sidewalk. Only minor scuffs, still fully functional.
RT @canuckistani: The App Store, and every other thing: 'Irrational exuberance about business models'
So it turns out that scanning a multi-page pdf doc is easier in Ubuntu than in OS X. Who knew?
RT @dancwilson: Released #firefoxos version of my game two days ago… already has more downloads and reviews than the android version released six months ago
Event listeners popup, @media sidebar, Cubic bezier editor + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 33
Improving Malware Detection in Firefox
RT @mfinkle: Wow! Slimmer/Faster JS strings in Firefox
RT @LegNeato: "Tests aren’t needed because there’s a great community." Hhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahaahaha. Oh man.
RT @ratcliffe_mike: DOM Event inspection in Firefox Developer Tools:
RT @es6rocks: ES6 interview with David Herman (@littlecalculist)
RT @ashk4n: Surprised how little coverage this got today: India CCA issued unauthorized SSL certs for several Google domains
RT @fitzgen: If you'd like to come work with me on @FirefoxDevTools, we're hiring!
Timelapse: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta -
Timelapse: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
This is what I was dreaming of when I joined Mozilla and now I'm psyched about it! WebIDE Lands in Nightly
I can't wait for this future to arrive! Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web
Expanding its reach, Mozilla touts Firefox OS apps running on Android
RT @fstama: I'm hiring! Contract Software Developer at Electronic Business Systems - EBS - Greece #jobs
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