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UNESCO study shows effectiveness of mobile phones in promoting reading and literacy in developing countries:
Customizing Firefox is now easier than ever
RT @zooko: I haven't been keeping up with @perrymetzger's crypto mailing list, but this thread's a good one: “Apple & OpenSSL”
Why Flurry Got It Wrong On Mobile Apps Vs. Web Browsers
RT @iamdevloper: If you watch the Social Network backwards, it’s about a man gaining more friends and a girlfriend as he spends less time on Facebook.
RT @victorporof: .@FirefoxNightly can now have multiple cursors in its developer tools:
RT @davidascher: Also, some misunderstood facts about Brendan's departure:
Compared to the ludicrous WSJ piece on Mozilla, NYT seems like the epitome of journalism
RT @bz_moz: As exhibit A I would like to present Alistair Barr's factually incorrect blog post about Mozilla board members over at the WSJ. Shameful.
RT @bz_moz: Absolutely disgusted by the rumor-mongering and utter lack of fact-checking (or deliberate lies?) in the press during these last two weeks.
News from Brendan:
Those attacking Mozilla from the right better read Gerv's blog:
For the Record: @__davidflanagan sets the record straight on the recent events at Mozilla
RT @sheppy: Very important that people understand that @BrendanEich really did voluntarily leave @Mozilla to let us try to get back to work.
You can tell a great leader from the choices he makes when the shit hits the fan.Huge respect for Brendan for putting Mozilla before himself
RT @FirefoxNightly: New devtools theme in the very latest @FirefoxNightly Update and enjoy!
RT @valueof: OkC is basically saying 'fuck you' to thousands of people around the world—incl. LGTBQ—who work on the Mozilla project. In the name of love.
RT @craigcook: Ironically, if not for the work of Mozilla over the last 15 years, okcupid wouldn't have multiple alternative browsers to suggest.
RT @mikeal: Clearly the solution is to boycott the browser that employs several prominent LGBT community members and offers trans healthcare.
RT @codepo8: To everyone in this list, regardless of belief, gender, or political view - THANK YOU, you create a better place
Generational GC has landed on Firefox
Never seen an organization as open and transparent as Mozilla. I'm so proud of our community today.
RT @planetmozilla: Patrick Finch: The most important decisions we make
RT @dria: "mobile is a big deal not because we use computers more, but because a computer is with us in more places" ::
This is why I'm happy I work for a non-profit: we always put the user first
15 Photos of Greece's Beautiful Underground Graffiti Scene by Eileen Shim
Firebug 2.0 alpha 1 is out!
RT @cpeterso: Enable generational GC on Firefox desktop:
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