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"Portrait of the developer as The Artist" Lockheed Architect Workshop -
"Portrait of the developer as The Artist" Lockheed Architect Workshop
RT @benwood: This is insane! Text your LG fridge and it sends you a photo of the fridge contents! #ConnectedHome #InternetOfThings
RT @mdo: Hell yeah, more diff updates—this time way better word highlighting! Shoutout to @aroben!
RT @smithmegan: Honored to join @WhiteHouseOSTP w @AMac. Thanks @Todd_Park for incredible service+legacy. Let's go #InnovationNation!
RT @jboner: Nice one. "@HenryR: What distributed systems theory should a distributed systems engineer know? A new blog post:"
"The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes"Proust
RT @pmarca: Answer: Despite manufacturing (assembling) the iPhone, China only captures 1.8% of the economic value for itself.
RT @kinlane: Everyone Is About To Get An API With The New Wordpress API via @apievangelist @kartar "I hope Docker in five years will be VMware, at least that sort of scale. That would be my anticipation."
RT @ValaAfshar: U.S. GDP split in two regions (50% blue, 50% orange)
RT @ravellosystems: "Migration is for the birds. My VMs are nested" Pssst..awesome tshirts for #VMworld. Please RT & pick up at our booth
RT @mattetti: A good pizza is just like good code: thin & simple. Adding more toppings won't make it better. #hungrytweet
From Dev to Ops in minutes with Docker and Google Cloud - with @alexismp & @dgageot
RT @Dave_Fellows: On Amazon's #cloud position: "Microsoft is muscling in so powerfully that Amazon may have a crisis on its hands."
RT @andypiper: Woah @twitterdev torch passed - @froginthevalley thks for parting gift. With great power comes great responsibility!
The Mobile Web Should Just Work For Everyone by @IEDevChat
RT @SFoskett: Good Read: Microsoft Gains on AWS
RT @shanehastie: Seen at #agile2014 - management wisdom from Deming
RT @cloudpundit: Who's using Docker? < Good roundup
RT @jasonbrooks: Getting Started with Kubernetes / Docker on Fedora... Visual summary of @reidhoffman's "the alliance" book on how to rebuild trusted employer/employee relationships
RT @AndrewYNg: Where is deep learning going? Summary of recent talk on why DL works and on trends.
#BeginAgain, after #Godzilla & #PlanetOfTheApes, it feels good to see a movie where San Francisco is not reduced to cinders:-)
RT @fxshaw: "Microsoft wants everyone to use its productivity software, regardless of the hw or operating system" @nisummers
In the mood for some Jim Morrison "Forget the night, live with us in the forest of @Azure"
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