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RT @TheEconomist: Wealth of the top 0.1% is about to exceed that of bottom 90%. Time for a Piketty refresher?
RT @weavenetwork: Weave now sets up a network for Kubernetes!
RT @jbeda: I wrote a thing on why #kubernetes was written with #golang: "Go is Goldilocks for systems software" interesting discussion / flannel design goals vs ovs, relevant to docker networking proposal cc @weavenetwork
RT @barton808: Joyent Wants to Be Bare-Metal Cloud for Docker Containers
It's 1:11 am 11/11:-) Positions starts to solidify on the Cloud Go board: @googlecloud seems to bet on @coreoslinux for its hybrid strategy
Docker clustering seems to be on! Nice recursive hangout effect at the end of the session:-) #dockertuesday live review of Docker clustering proposal by @aluzzardi & @vieux: discuss state, plugins, networking
RT @TechCrunch: Red Hat Launches Linux Container Beta With Docker And Google Kubernetes Support by @ron_miller
RT @gigabarb: #AWS partners fight to fill gaps in Amazon's hybrid cloud story #awsreinvent via @gigaom
RT @jeffsussna: Call me old fashioned but it feels weird when the first thing I see on my new TV is "click OK to download software updates"
RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft pushes ahead with its quest to make apps more intelligent:
Sunny in Seattle today: @tutumcloud soon on @Azure! Thx / the hackfest team Tutum & good luck shipping it!
RT @Pem: Citer #Bentham et son #panoptique oui, mais ne pas oublier le #panoptisme selon #foucault : #LBPlive #netexplo "open source is our farm system, & broadening our hiring channel... is playing no small role in our decision here"
RT @newsycombinator: Joyent: SmartDataCenter and Manta are now open source @FernandoMayo is the first person I've seen implementing @vibronet's AAD OAuth workaround B:-)
Great thread between @kelseyhightower & @solomonstre on the path forward for @Docker Cortana to give voice and ears to Dynamics CRM) - mobile + cloud, better together
For the @tutumcloud hackfest in Redmond, @Siedrix carefully picked his t-shirt this morning:-) No blue screen so far!
RT @tejaswiredkar: Microsoft gives out free access to its Azure Machine Learning service via @VentureBeat
Office for iPhone @engadget for non Gdrive users, "Office may have just made every other productivity app obsolete" "If you’re a big company leader & a company that starts with “Zen” gets into your space,you’re not feeling very calm"
Fred Brooks on design "In practice, designing seems to proceed by oscillating between sub-solution and sub-pro... The Sixth Stage of Grief Is Retro-computing, a moving Proustian essay / devs, Amiga as a madeleine, by @ftrain
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