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RT @notstephan: L'Union Mondiale des Ophtalmologues conseille de fixer dix heures cette image puis de consulter un de ses membres.
RT @mitchellh: Announcing Terraform, a tool for safely and efficiently building, combining, and launching infrastructure.
RT @derekcollison: Like @docker and @golang and want a high-performance NATS server? Grab this 6MB Docker image and have fun!
RT @benkepes: New on Forbes from me.... - Docker Makes Its Move, Acquires Orchard In A Sign Of Things To Come
RT @dberkholz: RT @newsycombinator: Terraform --Compose SW *across* clouds with code. From @mitchellh and @hashicorp.
RT @scottgu: Free ebook that I helped author is now available for download -- Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure:
RT @alexwilliams: Microsoft Azure is Growing Faster Than AWS
RT @CoreySandersWA: Check this really descriptive post on deploying SAP HANA on #Azure VMs. Just one of many Azure certified partners!
Docker book about Docker & config mgt tools: clearly leaning towards immutable infrastructure "With these beha...
RT @cquinn: Why you should build an Immutable Infrastructure -
RT @counternotions: Microsoft, Google & Apple to Jeff Bezos: “Your AWS margins are our opportunity.”
RT @DanielPink: Why Google's Best Leaders Aren't Stanford Grads With Perfect SATs via @idonethis
RT @VentureBeat: Silicon Valley VCs don’t like to travel - made me smile thinking of @davemcclure
RT @epowell101: Fav. quote "Architectural patterns...optimized but not centrally managed." Forbes: interview w/ @adrianco #DevOps
RT @rrhoover: 12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days by @kennethn - Wish I received this advice 5 years ago
RT @gigaom: Amazon Web Services doesn't have the public cloud to itself, which spells trouble for the cloud giant, says @gigabarb
RT @gardaud: “What’s pip?” “A python package manager” “How do I install it?” “easy_install pip” “What’s easy_install?” “A python package manager”
RT @sbykov_work: Another succinct feature description by @richorama. RT [blogged] Using Observers for Pub Sub in #ProjectOrleans
One issue with @Cloud9IDE on iPad: keyboard has no ctrl key, so cannot do ctrl-c in terminal, stuck in top:-)
New release of @Cloud9IDE is pretty impressive, with docker based workspaces, and a terminal. Even works on iPad:-)
RT @gigabarb: Standardized open source products are the key to unlocking the lock-in trap via @gigaom
RT @tcrawford: The Cloud Storage Wars Heat Up. #cloud #storage #CIO
RT @starsandrobots: Asked my coworkers for an explanation of how git really works and literally all I got was (h/t @eqe)
RT @mariofusco: TDD replaces a type checker in a dynamically typed language in the same way that a bottle of whisky replaces your daily problems
RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft delivers OneNote for Amazon Fire Phones, Kindle Fire tablets:
RT @Grady_Booch: I am entertained by those who predict the future, but I more so celebrate those who make the future manifest.
An example of quantum computing impact in @hannu's latest episode of Jean le Flambeur'adventures "From the zok...
RT @Werner: nice #longread by @mappingbabel - Meet the man building an AI that mimics our neocortex [...]
RT @olivergierke: Progress in software industry: moving from #Maven downloading half of the internet to #Gradle downloading half of the internet…
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