Cycling Czar rt @paulhayesman: @kieranhannon @patphelan I'm a fully qualified mamil (middle aged man in Lycra) sadly”
I reckon someone in BIS in CIT put the fear of God in the third years around internships in the last 24hrs
RT @BarryWelshHTV: The inventor of predictive text has died. His funfair will be hello on Sundial
Outside our office, happy Veterans Day
RT @trustev: Payment cards compromised by malware at Grand Casino Mille Lacs:
Goodbye UK online payday loan industry, UK government fixes interest caps
End is nigh for payday loans in UK?
RT @PaulSweeney: “@DelRey: Big scoop: the head of the Google Express same-day delivery service is leaving for Uber” > @patphelan
RT @Recode: This verbal confrontation shows why Walmart will never accept Apple Pay (video) by @DelRey
RT @DavidGQuaid: @jaycee001 @patphelan people have gone straight from the brink of homelessness to buying a new Toyota #JobDone :)
Some times I think we get the government we deserve
RT @jaycee001: @patphelan It’s a cliche but we wasted the recession. Little has changed in the country
When a sign of positivity in Ireland is new car sales we know we need to go back to drawing board
Stunning November morning in NYC
Taxi fares to going up in Ireland, thanks be to God for @travisk @Uber
Global banks saying that's merchants should now be responsible for costs of hacks, replacing cards, secondary costs
Ever wonder why you have trouble with focusing
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